12 Park Mattress Reviews – Bad or Good?

12 Park Mattress

7.8 Overall Score






Motion Transfer


Pressure Relief


Response Time




Edge Support



Best For

Couples interested in excellent motion isolation

Sleepers that appreciate the pressure relieving characteristics of memory foam

Shoppers looking for an affordable memory foam bed


Not supportive amongst heavy sleepers

Don’t have a sleep trial

They are not responsive

Our Verdict

12 Park mattresses are available in five firmness levels and thickness ranges. As a mattress brand, they have invested heavily in cooling sleep technologies. Even though they don’t have a sleep trial, these beds come with a ten-year warranty. They are sold strictly through third-party sites.

They may not be the most durable mattresses on the market, but they are affordable. Couples who dislike feeling their partner’s movements will appreciate the excellent motion isolation features.

12 Park makes a variety of affordable all-foam mattresses. Its range includes regular memory foam beds and gel foam models with cooling sleep technologies. The mattresses are widely available to purchase at popular brick-and-mortar and online bedding stores, including Macy’s and Mattress Firm. So, is a 12 Park mattress the right choice for you?

In this unbiased 12 Park mattress review, we’ll provide a detailed explanation of the 12 Park mattress range. We will also reveal crucial information about the 12 Park mattress warranty, sleep trial, and terms and conditions to help you decide whether to buy one of these beds.

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12 Park Brand Overview

12 Park makes five gel memory foam mattresses in a range of thicknesses and firmness settings. Therefore, most people should be able to find a 12 Park mattress that suits them. All 12 Park mattresses are made in the USA and carry the Certi-Pur certification. Unlike many memory foam brands, 12 Park doesn’t sell its mattresses directly. However, you can purchase the range online or instore at various trusted retailers, including Macy’s and Mattress Firm.


  • All 12 Park mattresses are Certi-Pur certified.
  • Reasonable choice of thicknesses and firmness settings
  • Decent motion isolation for couples
  • Cooling sleep technologies help to reduce overheating
  • Deep pressure relief


  • Each model is only available in one firmness setting
  • No medium-firm ‘universal comfort’ option
  • Thinner models may not provide enough support for heavier individuals

If you’re thinking about buying a 12 Park mattress, we recommend looking at the Saatva Classic. Saatva sells three affordable yet luxurious foam and hybrid mattresses that offer outstanding comfort and support alongside an excellent warranty and sleep trial.

12 Park Mattress Models

As we mentioned above, 12 Park makes five gel foam mattresses in firmness settings from soft to firm. Mattress thicknesses range from 9 inches to a maximum of 14 inches. While all 12 Park mattresses include cooling sleep technologies, what you get depends on which model you choose. In this section of our honest 12 Park mattress review, we’ll look at each model in more detail.

9” Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The 9-inch 12 Park model starts with a 7-inch high-density polyfoam support layer. This layer provides a decent level of back support and offers a stable foundation. This bed’s comfort system features 2 inches of lower density memory foam. This foam contains gel particles that help to prevent overheating. The comfort layer also has an open cell structure that allows air to circulate, keeping you cool while providing a little extra response. The mattress has a firm feel but can conform to your body shape to help reduce pressure.

This mattress is ideal for lighter front and back sleepers, but it may feel too firm if you sleep on your side. People who weigh a lot more than average may find it too thin to be supportive.

11” Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This bed has a similar construction to the 9” model, with a 7-inch dense polyfoam support layer and a 2-inch open-cell gel memory foam comfort system. However, unlike the 9-inch version, it features a 2-inch transitional layer between the base and comfort layers made from EnduraFlex. EnduraFlex is touted as an alternative to latex foam and offers extra support while relieving additional pressure around the shoulders and hips.

This pressure-relieving ability, coupled with the bed’s medium firmness, makes it a good choice for most sleeping positions. However, it’s especially suitable for side sleepers.

12” AirCool Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress has a four-layered construction that offers a decent balance of support and pressure relief. Like the previous bed, it starts with a 7-inch layer of supportive, dense polyfoam. Next comes a 2-inch layer of EnduraFlex foam for added support and pressure relief. This layer makes the mattress bouncier and lets the mattress conform to your body without feeling like you’re stuck in quicksand.

The comfort system’s lower layer features 2 inches of graphite-infused memory foam. This material can mold to your body while wicking away heat, thanks to the cooling graphite particles. It has a top layer made from AirCool foam with a breathable structure and soft, cozy feeling.

This bed has a medium feel, making it suitable for most people in any sleeping position. However, it’s especially ideal for side sleeping because it relieves pressure at the hips and shoulders. However, heavy front and back sleepers may require a firmer bed.

13” Ultra Deluxe Gel Memory Foam

This bed has three layers that work together to give a pressure-relieving sleep surface. It has a thicker support system than the previous models made of 9 inches of dense polyfoam. Next comes a 2-inch comfort layer made from open-cell memory foam. The open cell structure gives a slightly responsive feel and reduces pressure while cooling you down, thanks to its gel particles.

The top comfort layer features a 2-inch plush, graphite-infused memory foam layer. The graphite particles wick away heat to keep you nice and cool. The mattress has a soft firmness setting that’s ideal for side sleeping. However, front and back sleepers may need a firmer bed, especially if they weigh more than average.

14” Ultra Deluxe AirCool Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is significantly thicker than average for an all-foam bed, making it a good choice for people with higher body weights or limited mobility. It starts with a 9-inch, supportive high-density polyfoam base layer followed by a transitional layer made from 2 inches of EnduraFlex foam. The transitional layer improves the bed’s support while relieving pressure.

The comfort system has two memory foam layers. The lower layer is 2 inches thick and contains graphite particles to transfer heat away. The top layer is 1 inch thick and feels soft and cozy to sleep on. It has a breathable construction that allows heat to exit the bed quickly.

This mattress has a medium feel that should suit most people pretty well. This includes people with higher body weights who sleep on their side, although heavier front and back sleepers may need a firmer model.

12 Park Mattress Warranty

All 12 Park mattresses come with a limited warranty provided by Jeffco Fibres, Inc. It is 10 years long, around average in the mattress industry, and entirely non-prorated.

The 12 Park mattress warranty covers sagging and body indentations deeper than 1.5 inches. It also covers splits and cracks in the foam materials. Unlike some other companies, the warranty also includes defects in the mattress cover and faults with the zipper (if you have one.)

The 12 Park mattress warranty excludes the following:

  • Your comfort preferences (so you can’t return under the warranty simply because you don’t like how the mattress feels)
  • Indentations shallower than 1.5 inches
  • Damage caused by abuse or accidents such as burns, cuts, or spills
  • Damage caused by damp, including mold or mildew
  • Minor tailoring defects that don’t affect the bed’s function
  • Infestation
  • Normal foam softening over time

This warranty only extends to the original purchaser and starts from the day you buy the mattress. You must retain your purchase receipt and the law tag attached to the bed to claim under warranty.

If you wish to make a claim, you should contact Jeffco Fibres, Inc at warrantyclaim@jeffcofibres.com. The company will ask for photographs of your bed to determine whether it has a warranted defect. If your mattress is faulty, it will replace or repair your bed at its discretion. Unlike many similar warranties, you won’t have to pay shipping if your bed is replaced. However, you are responsible for disposing of your faulty bed. If your original mattress is no longer available, you will receive the nearest comparable alternative.

Several factors could void the 12 Park mattress warranty. You must place the bed on a supportive frame, foundation, or platform bed. If you use a platform bed, the slats must be no more than 2 inches apart. If your mattress is a queen-size or larger, your frame or foundation should have central support. If you don’t follow this advice, your warranty won’t be valid.

The warranty document also states that you must remove your mattress from its packaging within 60 days of receiving it or risk voiding the warranty. You must also use the cover that came with the bed throughout use.

12 Park Mattress Sleep Trial

12 Park mattresses don’t come with a sleep trial because you can only buy them through third-party retailers. However, many mattress retailers provide a trial period as part of their returns policy. Therefore, you should refer to your chosen store’s returns policy before purchasing to find out about sleep trial arrangements.

12 Park Mattress Shipping

12 Park mattresses come rolled up and compressed in bed-in-a-box packaging. This allows them to ship in surprisingly small containers, reducing transportation costs, and making it easier to move the mattress into your bedroom when it arrives. Shipping costs and arrangements depend on your chosen retailer’s shipping policy. While 12 Park does not provide white glove delivery or mattress removal, these services may be available from your chosen sleep store.

Where to Buy

You can buy a 12 Park mattress from various third-party retailers nationwide. These include well-known stores such as Mattress Firm and Macy’s. However, you can’t purchase a 12 Park mattress directly through the company’s website.

How to Choose a 12 Park Mattress

When choosing which 12 Park mattress to buy, you should first consider your sleeping position. Most people should find the 11-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch models comfortable because they have a medium feel that suits all sleeping positions. They’re especially suitable for side sleepers and combi sleepers. However, some front and back sleepers may not find a medium 12 Park mattress supportive enough.

If you sleep on your front or back and prefer firmer support, you may be better off with the firm 9-inch 12 Park mattress. Side sleepers who like a soft bed for pressure relief should consider the plush 13-inch model.

However, you should also take your body weight into account when choosing a 12 Park mattress. People with body weights significantly higher than average should consider buying a thicker model like the 13-inch or 14-inch 12 Park beds. Lighter sleepers who sleep on their sides may need the additional softness offered by the 13-inch mattress. Please note that there is no thick, firm mattress available, so some heavy front or back sleepers may not be able to find a 12 Park mattress that’s suitable for them.

All 12 Park mattresses are suitable for couples because they provide excellent motion isolation. Therefore, you shouldn’t be able to feel your partner moving around or getting up to use the bathroom during the night.

How does 12 Park Compare to Other Brands?

Before you commit to buying a 12 Park mattress, it’s sensible to read plenty of unbiased 12 Park mattress reviews and compare the range to several other brands. In this section of our honest 12 Park mattress review, we’ll compare this range with our two favorite mattress brands, Puffy and Idle Sleep.

12 Park vs. Puffy

There are several similarities between 12 Park and Puffy mattresses. Both brands are relatively affordable and offer a range of supportive memory foam beds with decent pressure relief. Puffy and 12 Park beds both contain comparable cooling sleep technologies, so either brand should prevent overheating pretty well. All Puffy mattresses have a medium firmness, while 12 Park offers a broader range of firmness options.

However, one advantage of the Puffy brand is that the Puffy Lux is available as a hybrid and an all-foam model. The Puffy Lux hybrid may be a preferable option if you like the bounce and support of an innerspring core or have a higher body weight.

Puffy also offers a better warranty. The Puffy mattress warranty provides lifetime coverage, while 12 Park beds come with an industry-standard 10-year warranty. Therefore, you can claim under warranty for a Puffy mattress for as long as you keep your bed. However, the 12 Park warranty is long enough to cover you for your bed’s expected lifespan.

It’s impossible to say which brand has the better sleep trial because you can only buy 12 Park mattresses from third party retailers. While the Puffy mattress comes with a 101-night sleep trial, whether or not you get a 12 Park mattress sleep trial and how long it lasts depends on your store’s returns policy.

12 Park vs. Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep offers more options than 12 Park when it comes to mattress type. As well as a gel memory foam model, it also sells a regular memory foam and hybrid model. However, 12 Park offers the greatest number of mattress choices overall. Which brand you prefer depends on the kind of bed you want to buy.

Idle sleep mattresses are only available in medium and Luxury Firm, Idle Sleep’s term for medium-firm. This could be an advantage if you want a ‘universal comfort’ medium-firm bed, as 12 Park doesn’t make a medium-firm option. However, 12 Park may be a better option if you want a soft or firm mattress.

Idle Sleep has a better offering when it comes to warranty, with a generous lifetime warranty instead of 12 Park’s 10-year policy. While we can’t say how long the 12 Park sleep trial is without knowing which retailer you plan to buy from, it is unlikely to be as long as Idle Sleep’s. That’s because Idle Sleep mattresses come with an incredible 18-month sleep trial, the longest we’ve ever encountered in the mattress industry.

12 Park Mattress FAQs

If you’re still unsure whether or not to buy a 12 Park mattress, help is at hand. In this section, we’ll answer all the 12 Park FAQs to help clear up any queries.

Q: Is 12 Park a good mattress?

A: 12 Park mattresses provide a decent level of support and pressure relief and feature effective cooling sleep technologies. Considering their affordable price points, we are satisfied that 12 Park mattresses provide reasonable quality.

Q: How firm are 12 Park mattresses?

A: Most 12 Park mattresses have a medium firmness that should feel comfortable for most sleepers. There is also a firm and a soft option.

Q: How thick are 12 Park mattresses?

A: 12 Park mattresses come in five different thickness options. The range comes in thicknesses of 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14 inches.

Q: Do 12 Park mattresses sleep hot?

A: Compared to standard memory foam beds, 12 Park mattresses sleep relatively cool. The 12 Park range contains a range of cooling sleep technologies, including open-cell foams and heat wicking gel or graphite infusions.

Q: What kind of mattresses does 12 Park make?

A: 12 Park makes memory foam beds. All the mattresses have all-foam constructions, and there is no latex, hybrid, or innerspring option. 12 Park beds contain cooling infusions of gel or graphite to help you sleep cooler than you would on traditional memory foam.

The Bottom Line

A 12 Park mattress could be a good choice for you if you want to buy a memory foam bed on a relatively low budget. The company sells a reasonably wide range of firmness settings and thickness profiles, so there should be a 12 Park mattress to suit most people. One area where this brand excels is its inclusion of cooling sleep technologies, and its range sleeps cooler than most traditional memory foam mattresses. All the beds in the 12 Park range also feature excellent motion isolation. Therefore, it’s definitely worth taking a look if you tend to overheat at night or share your bed with a partner.

However, there are some limitations to the 12 Park range. Heavier front and back sleepers may not be able to find a 12 Park mattress firm enough for their needs. There are also no 12 Park innerspring or hybrid options. If you like the bounce and support of a spring base unit, you may be better off looking at a different affordable brand like Puffy or Idle Sleep.

Overall, we think that 12 Park offers decent quality at the price you pay. However, it’s sensible to compare the 12 Park range with several other comparable brands before you make a final decision. One of the best ways to do this is to read unbiased mattress reviews like the ones here at Sleep Aim.

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