Avenco Mattress: Does It Contain Fiberglass?

Avenco is a hidden gem in the mattress market. It’s not very popular like Saatva, Nectar, or Casper. But when you look at its features, they are quite impressive. Avenco mattresses also have lots of positive reviews. Whether you are interested in their hybrid or memory foam mattress, it’s crucial to confirm if it contains fiberglass. And that’s exactly what we will be discussing in today’s post.

Do Avenco Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

On their website, Avenco claims that they do not use fiberglass in their mattresses. However, they do go on to explain that their mattresses have a fireproof function as per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations.

When you head over to their Amazon listings, Avenco also distances its mattress from fiberglass and harmful chemicals.

Our mattress testers did more research on Amazon reviews, Reddit, Quora, and other third-party platforms and we didn’t find any complaints related to Avenco mattresses using fiberglass. Therefore, we concluded that Avenco mattresses are indeed fiberglass-free.

But there is one interesting detail. Avenco doesn’t disclose what flame retardant they use in their mattress which is quite unethical. Here at Sleep Aim, we believe that reputable brands should disclose the list of materials used in their mattresses.

What is the Avenco Mattress Made Of?

The materials used in Avenco mattresses differ depending on the type. In their memory foam mattress, you will find a gel-infused foam at the top. This is specifically used to make the bed comfy. Beneath that is a cooling foam layer to assist with aeration. It’s followed by a high-density foam that offers support and relieves pressure points.

As for the hybrid model, Avenco uses pocket coils that are arranged in a five-zone system. It is surrounded by a layer of memory foam for added comfort. And at the outermost layer is a cover made of stretch knit modal fabric.

When you look at the materials used in Avenco mattresses, they are pretty safe. They are also CertiPUR certified which means you won’t find any harmful chemicals.

What is Fiberglass and Why Is It Used in Mattresses?

Fiberglass is a fiber-reinforced plastic that contains tiny pieces of glass woven together. It’s a lightweight material that is commonly used in insulation. Mattress companies use fiberglass as a flame retardant because the glass particles are very good at stopping the spread of flames. This woven fabric is often placed around the mattress layers just before the cover.

A few years back, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission passed a law requiring all mattresses to have a flame retardant inside them. When this law was enacted, some brands like Saatva opted to use natural flame retardants. However, there were others that preferred fiberglass because it is inexpensive and widely available.

The problem with fiberglass mattresses is that they are not safe. As you will see later on, fiberglass particles can escape from a mattress cover and contaminate your home.

What Flame Retardant Does Avenco Use in Their Mattress?

Since Avenco claims that its mattresses do not have fiberglass, as a concerned shopper, you obviously want to know what flame retardant they use instead. Unfortunately, Avenco doesn’t mention the flame retardant they use in their mattresses. All they say in their mattress description is that they use a fireproof function.

There are many flame retardants out there such as silica, cotton, and rayon. Without a specific answer from Avenco, it’s impossible to know which flame retardant is used in their mattresses. And that takes us to the next sub-topic.

How Can You Know If a Mattress Has Fiberglass?

Because Avenco doesn’t disclose what type of flame retardant is used in their mattresses, shoppers need to learn how to tell if a mattress contains fiberglass. Here are a few tips you can use to tell if a mattress is fiberglass-free;

• Read the Label

This is the quickest and easiest way to know if a mattress has fiberglass. In all mattresses, you will find a tag listing the main ingredients used. If you see fiberglass, glass wool, or glass fibers, then that is a fiberglass mattress.

• Go Through the Mattress Description

For clients who are buying mattresses online, you should also look for fiberglass in the description. Mattress brands that don’t have fiberglass will mention that in the description.

• Read Reviews from Other Customers

Sometimes, the best way to know the truth about a mattress is to read testimonials and reviews. On third-party sites like Reddit and Quora, you can find complaints about certain mattresses having fiberglass. Some even go to the extent of sharing pictures and videos. You can also get this information on various social media platforms.

• Check for Red Flags

There are a couple of red flags that are associated with fiberglass mattresses. For example, if the bed is too affordable, the manufacturer may have used fiberglass to lower manufacturing costs. Also, if it’s a memory foam mattress, there is a high chance of finding fiberglass woven under the cover. The same applies to mattresses made in China and non-US countries.

• Ask the Manufacturer

If you can’t find any information online, you can directly inquire from the manufacturer if their mattress contains fiberglass. the problem with this strategy is that some manufacturers do not give detailed answers. Some may avoid the question and send you a generic response. Others can even lie about the presence of fiberglass in their mattress. Therefore, the best place to get authentic information is from mattress reviews like this one.

• Remove the Cover

There is a reason why this method was listed last. It’s unsafe and very dangerous. Even though it’s an effective method of telling whether a mattress has fiberglass, it comes with some risks. When you remove the cover of a fiberglass mattress, these particles will leak into the air and spread all over. You will have confirmed that fiberglass is present but your home will be contaminated. Please stick to the above-listed methods.

What’s Wrong with Mattresses Having Fiberglass?

When you read up about the uses of fiberglass in mattresses, you may wonder what’s wrong with such a material being used in a bed. It is cheap, doesn’t affect the comfort of a mattress, and is an excellent flame retardant.

But the use of fiberglass in a mattress is no different than a time bomb. It will eventually go off. Fiberglass particles are harmless as long as they remain on the cover. But when the cover gets old and wears out, these particles start leaking and spreading all over your bedroom.

As it’s leaking, the fiberglass particles will touch your skin, get into your eyes and you may even inhale them. All these interactions can lead to severe side effects. When you inhale fiberglass, it will irritate your nose and throat. You may end up sneezing for a few minutes and dealing with a runny nose. If fiberglass particles touch your skin, it will itch and a rash may develop.

Fiberglass is even more dangerous to people living with asthma and other breathing conditions. Don’t forget that fiberglass particles don’t come off clothing and furniture easily. You will have to pay a cleaning company thousands of dollars for professional removal. This is why you should avoid fiberglass mattresses.

Should You Buy an Avenco Mattress?

Avenco mattresses are not that bad. They don’t have fiberglass and have tons of positive reviews. These beds have a medium firmness of 7 which is ideal for most people. from most reviews that we have come across, these beds don’t off-gas for more than two days. Their hybrid mattresses have a decent amount of bounce and the motion transfer is better in the hybrid version. The mattresses have a cooling memory foam layer that comes in handy if you are a hot sleeper.

On the other hand, there are a few complaints that have been made against Avenco mattresses. First, this bed isn’t ideal if you suffer from severe back ache. It doesn’t offer sufficient pressure relief. The same applies to sleepers who suffer from hip pain. Also, if you are a heavy sleeper, the Avenco mattresses can be too soft for you. The edge support is mediocre.

Do All Mattresses Contain Fiberglass?

Not all mattresses have fiberglass. There are many brands out there like Saatva who make good fiberglass-free mattresses. You just have to be keen during research to identify the best fiberglass free mattresses. From a professional point of view, we would recommend mattresses that don’t have fiberglass. These options are much safer and you don’t have to worry about the side effects of fiberglass touching your skin or getting into your lungs.


Avenco mattresses have mentioned severally and on various platforms that their beds do not have fiberglass. We have also not encountered any fiberglass complaints associated with Avenco. So, it’s safe to say that their mattresses are fiberglass-free. But they don’t say what flame retardant they use and this mattress has some serious issues like aggravating back and hip pain.

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