10 Most Durable Mattresses To Buy In 2023

When it comes to mattress shopping, there are plenty of things you need to consider-comfort, motion isolation, pressure relief and many more. However, the leading factor for most shoppers is the expected lifespan. No one wants to have a mattress that breaks down in a year or two. A mattress is a major investment and may be one of the most expensive items you buy for your home. In this article, we will list the 10 best durable mattress brands that last the longest and offer unique features, forever warranty and excellent service.

Top 10 Most Durable Mattress Reviews in 2023

1. Puffy Mattress – Longest Lasting Hybrid Mattress (Editor’s Choice)

The Puffy is one of the best long lasting memory foam mattresses on the market. It’s popular with celebrities and mattress bloggers alike because of its excellent pressure relief and support. Its medium firm feel makes it suitable for all body types in any sleeping position, and it’s a perfect choice for couples and combi-sleepers who shift positions in the night. It features gel-infused memory foam that sleeps cooler than other foam beds you may have tried in the past.

One of the Puffy’s most attractive features is its price. Although you’ll find cheaper memory foam mattresses out there, very few provide the same range of advanced sleep technologies and premium features as the Puffy mattress for a similar price.

Key Features

Supportive Base Layer: The Puffy mattress has a base layer made from 6 inches of dense, sturdy polyurethane foam. This layer is thick enough to provide outstanding back support, even if you weigh more than average, and encourages a healthy spinal alignment and good sleeping posture. It also makes the mattress more durable and provides a stable foundation.

Transitional Foam: The Puffy mattress has a 2-inch transitional layer that acts as a bridge between the foundation and comfort layers. It stops you from sinking through the soft upper layer to the dense foam below, improving your comfort. It features temperature-resistant materials that are highly breathable, promoting maximum airflow so that heat can escape the mattress. This feature prevents you from overheating at night, a common issue with memory foam mattresses.

Gel Comfort Layer: The Puffy mattress features a soft, low-density 2-inch comfort layer that provides a comfortable sleeping surface. It molds perfectly to your body shape to improve your posture and stop uncomfortable pressure from building up. It does a particularly good job of relieving shoulder and hip pressure if you sleep on your side.

This layer contains cooling gel particles that transfer heat away from your body and keep you at a comfortable temperature, potentially improving your sleep quality. If you’re used to sleeping on memory foam, you’ll notice that the comfort layer feels significantly cooler while still providing the familiar contouring, hugging sensation.

Breathable Cover: The Puffy mattress’s top cover features breathable, stain-resistant polyester that feels cool to the touch. You can unzip and wash the cover in the washing machine to keep your mattress clean and fresh.

  • Suits all body types and sleeping positions
  • Offers exceptional pressure relief
  • Sleeps cooler than standard memory foam
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Isolates motion well
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping
  • Forever warranty
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • The Puffy mattress releases an off-gassing smell for a few days after unpacking
  • Only available in medium firm

2.Saatva Mattress – Highest Durability Mattress With 15 Years Warranty (Editor’s Choice)

Judging from this bed’s construction and materials used, it is undeniably one of the most durable mattresses in the market. It contains a dual-layer of coils which should last for more than ten years. In the other layers, you will find quality materials that resist sagging and ensure you enjoy comfortable sleep for the longest time possible. It’s also worth mentioning that the Saatva mattress is an organic bed. This also contributes significantly to its durability.

Besides being the longest-lasting mattress, the Saatva Mattress has many impressive features. For instance, it is available in three firmness options. You can choose from the Firm, Luxury Firm, and Plush Soft options. It can therefore suit a wide range of sleeping positions. Also, if support is what you are looking for in a mattress, Saatva is the right choice for you.

Key Features

  • Back-to-back Innerspring Construction
  • Multiple Firmness Options
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • High-Quality Memory Foam
  • Wrapped pocketed Coils

If you look keenly at these features, you will realize that this bed is made to last. First, there are two layers of coils accompanied by another two layers of foam cushioning. The bottom layers offer support, and the top layers promote comfort. In each layer, Saatva strictly uses high-end materials.

Starting with the topmost layer, you will find an organic cotton mattress cover. It is a removable softcover that features antimicrobial properties. Organic cotton is more durable than its synthetic counterparts, which you will find in cheap mattresses. Beneath is Euro-top that adds some fluff to the bed and quality memory foam which offers pressure relief.

The second last layer comprises individually wrapped pocket coils that offer motion isolation. If you are looking for the best bed for couples, you will enjoy Saatva mattress motion isolation. Finally, there is a thick steel coil innerspring system that provides support. You will find all these features regardless of which firmness option you choose. Another aspect of Saatva Mattress worth noting is the availability of two mattress heights; the 14.5-inch premium option or the 11.5-inch custom model. Please note that these two have the same features as well. The height difference is mostly for aesthetic purposes.

  • It has a robust construction
  • Suits all types of sleepers
  • Available in various firmness options
  • Saatva mattress can accommodate all body types
  • Has a 15-year warranty
  • This bed comes with a 180-night trial duration
  • The organic cotton cover is soft, natural, removable, and looks luxurious
  • Not ideal if you prefer the traditional memory foam mattress
  • Can be uncomfortable for lightweight side sleepers

3. Layla Hybrid Mattress 

If you are looking for the most durable brand at an affordable price, the Layla mattress is worth your attention. The Layla mattress is a flippable all-foam mattress that offers sleepers two levels of firmness in one bed. This means that one side of this mattress is soft while the other side is firm. Simply flip the mattress over your preferred level of firmness.
Product Features:

  • Certified
  • Two in one mattress
  • Copper gel-infused memory foam mattress
  • Thermo gel technology

The Layla is engineered with high-end fabric materials plus copper-infused high-density memory foam so that sleepers can get a soothing and comfortable sleep night after night. The materials used are premium and certified to meet health and safety standards. You will also be pleased to know that this mattress is available at an affordable.

The construction is what determines the longevity of the mattress. Usually, a mattress that is made up of super-premium materials is expected to last. In this case, Layla isn’t an exception.

In fact, Layla is one of the longest lasting memory foam mattresses you can buy. The expected lifespan of Layla is at least six to eight years when used nightly. The construction of Layla mattress isn’t like a standard memory foam mattress. The design and technology are unique. The mattress is created with four different layers, and each layer performs a different function. The first layer is a copper gel-infused memory foam. This top layer is super comfy and antibacterial. The second convoluted layer is to improve the air circulation through the mattress so that you can stay cool when asleep. The third layer is support foam to provide support and bounciness. The last layer is copper infused memory foam. When flipping the mattress depending on your level of firmness, this is the firm layer you will be sleeping on. It is supportive and antibacterial.

Layla can react to your body effectively regardless of your sleeping position. It does excellently in motion isolation and can solve issues with motion transfer if you are sharing a bed with your partner.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Offers 120-day trial period
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Flappable
  • Free shipping
  • Little off-gassing
  • Newer company

3. Nectar 

Nectar is an all-foam mattress competitively priced to offer sleepers with quality sleep. The mattress stays cool, is very durable and caters to all sleeping styles.

Product Features:

  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Tencel cover
  • Ventilated base
  • Certified

The Nectar mattress is technologically engineered with a simple goal- to offer a wonderful sleeping experience.. With free shipping and returns and a year to test it, there is no reason why you should not give this mattress a try.

Numerous features make this mattress a good deal. First of all, let’s look at its construction. The mattress is comprised of five individual layers combined to form a single mattress. Each of the layers is designed to serve a different purpose. These layers are made of top-rated materials certified to meet health and safety standards. The first layer is made of Tencel. This is a cooling cover that is manufactured from strands of natural cellulose material.

The cover is soft, breathable and has holes to allow sufficient airflow. If you sleep hot, this mattress can help keep you cool. As you may or may not know, Tencel is a natural bed bug resistant.

The second layer is quilted gel-infused memory foam. Memory foam is a comfortable material that has dominated the world when it comes to mattress design and construction. The third layer is the gel memory foam. This layer is helpful when it comes to preventing heat retention. The foam works to wick away heat so that you can sleep cool and comfortably throughout the night. The fourth layer is the adaptive hi-core memory foam. This layer is more adaptive when compared to traditional beds. This means it can contour to your body shape effectively. The last layer is base foam. This layer provides support and the foundation of the mattress. The base layer features advanced high-density breathable foam. This layer also is useful in providing adequate air circulation for proper ventilation.

This mattress is very supportive. From a durability standpoint, it is designed to last. This is backed up by the standard lifetime warranty issued by the manufacturer. Expect the bed to last for six to seven years.

  • Free shipping and return
  • Offers 365-day trial period
  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Affordable
  • Weak edge support

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4. Bear mattress

Sleep cool and comfortable throughout the night with the Bear mattress. This durable bed brings all the innovative features you love and puts them together into one mattress.

Product Features:

  • Responsive transition foam
  • High-density support foam
  • Breathable celliant cover
  • Infused graphite gel memory foam
  • Certified

Bear is a family-run business that has been in the mattress industry over the past two decades. With over 25 years of experience, the company has built an unrivaled reputation over providing their customers with durable beds that are a cry from traditional beds.

The Bear mattress is a memory foam mattress constructed for fast muscle recovery and is ideal for active people and athletes. The mattress features celliant technology which improves the air circulation throughout the mattress. The celliant cover is breathable, super comfy and sleeps cool.

The construction of this mattress includes three layers . The base layer is high-density memory foam to provide support and the foundation of the mattress. On top of this is a responsive layer to make the mattress bouncy. The next layer is graphite gel-infused memory foam to improve the airflow throughout the mattress. The manufacturer claims that this mattress is seven times cooler than other standard memory foam mattresses. The top layer is fabric infused with celliant technology, a feature that makes the mattress more comfortable. With this combination of high-quality materials, celliant technology and flexibility, you can expect the mattress to offer a luxurious feeling.

This mattress ticks all the boxes from great contour all the way to effective pressure relief. The mattress has a medium firmness feel. This means the mattress can work just fine regardless of your sleeping position.

If you sleep with your significant other, the mattress offers minimal motion transfer. The mattress’ longevity is on par with other standard mattresses. Expect the mattress to last for a period of at least six to seven years with regular nightly use.

  • Free shipping
  • Although it uses innovative technology, the mattress is available at an
  • affordable price
  • Offers a 10-years warranty
  • Offers a 100-day the trial period
  • Good motion isolation
  • Newer company

5. Purple mattress

The Purple mattress is a great option for those seeking a comfortable, supportive and durable hybrid mattress.

Product Features:

  • Hyper-elastic polymer mattress
  • Non-toxic
  • Fabric cover

The Purple mattress was first launched in 2015 to provide undisturbed sleep to customers. The American made mattress is made using a combination of traditional memory foam and innersprings designed to offer extra comfort and bounce. If you are undecided between memory foam and traditional spring, the Purple mattress could be the right choice for you.

The mattress features high-quality materials during its construction. The top layer is hyper-elastic polymer; a super stretch, recyclable and certified material produced in America. The material is well known for its strength, so you can be sure of the mattress’ quality.

The mattress consists of three layers. The first 2-inch layer is made of hyper-elastic polymer material covered with a non-toxic coating to prevent the mattress from early sagging. The cover also is breathable and minimizes noise. The second 3.25-inch layer is polyurethane foam to provide great pressure relief. The last 4-inc layer is the polyurethane base layer to provide support and the foundation of the mattress. A fabric cover surrounds all these layers making it a 10 inches mattress.

The mattress’ durability is a result of the density of the base layer, which is higher than many other memory foam mattresses. This is a clear indication that the mattress is likely to last for some time without breaking down. However, we cannot determine the overall lifespan of this mattress because it has not been in the market for so long. You can probably expect the mattress to last at least seven years when properly used.

  • Affordable
  • Sleeps cool
  • Effective at relieving pressure points
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • New to the market
  • Fair edge support

6. Titan mattress

Good sleep starts with a good mattress, and the type of mattress you choose determines the overall quality of your nightly slumber. The great news is that Brooklyn Bedding has just come up with another long-lasting memory foam mattress called the Titan mattress, designed to offer sleepers with every ounce of comfort they deserve. This plus-size solution is perfectly engineered to provide substantial support for heavier people.

Product Features:

  • TitanFlex memory foam
  • Titancaliber pocketed coils
  • High-density base foam
  • Certified
  • Gel memory foam

The Titan mattress is constructed with several high-quality layers to provide extra support and durability. The mattress also has additional cooling features for temperature regulation. The first 1-inch layer is quilted gel memory foam for delivering ultimate comfort when sleeping. The second 2-inche layer is TitanFlex. This is a highly rated material, clinically certified offer sleepers with effective contour. Beneath these layers are 6 inches of encased TitanCaliber coils. These coils help in providing the mattress with extra support. They also deliver well in terms of motion transfer. The last 2-inch base layer is to add extra durability to the bed.

If you have a higher body weight, the Titan mattress is a personalized solution for you. This mattress is specifically designed for heavier people with support as the key feature. A mattress of this kind is expected to last for a long time, even with nightly use.

  • Exceptional firm feel
  • Strong and durable
  • Affordable
  • Free shipping and return
  • Offers a 10-year warranty
  • Comes with 100-day trial period
  • Lighter individuals may not experience much body-conforming and pressure relief

7. Helix mattress

This bed-in-a-box mattress is innovative and offers customization that exceeds expectations.

Product Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Certified
  • Eco-friendly
  • Dynamic foam mattress

The Helix was first launched in 2015 with the mission of providing great sleep to all individuals. Helix is available in all sizes, so you can get a mattress that perfectly matches you. The Helix mattress is constructed using foam and coils, so you can customize it to meet your specific need. The mattress is suitable for all sleeping styles and everyone’s specific needs. Customization of this mattress allows you to choose the cooling level depending on your sleeping preference.

During construction, the mattress is engineered using a combination of foam layers and innerspring to create a luxurious feel. The materials used are of high quality and certified to meet health and safety standards. The internal construction involves four layers surrounded with a top cover made of 100% polyester. The first layer is made of dynamic foam. This is a latex-like polyfoam layer to provide comfort to sleepers. The next layer is transition polyfoam to provide support and bounce. The third layer is made up of innerspring coils, individually wrapped with reinforced edges. The last layer is the support polyfoam to provide the support and the foundation of the mattress.

The Helix mattress has a medium feel between 5 and 6 on the firmness scale. The company offers mattress with soft, medium and firm so you can choose the mattress that best suits you. The manufacturer also provides an online quiz where you can check and identify the type of mattress that will perfectly match you.

If you are looking for a durable mattress for couples, Helix delivers excellently in motion transfer. While on this bed, you are not likely to feel the movements of your partner. The new Helix mattress has an expected lifespan of at least six and a half years with regular nightly use.

  • Great temperature neutrality
  • Free shipping
  • Strong edge support
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Offers 100 days of the trial period
  • Offers 10 years warranty
  • Some models are heavy therefore difficult to move around

8. Tuft and Needle – Best Quality Durable Foam Mattress

Luxury doesn’t need to be expensive, and the Tuft and Needle mattress has everything you need for great sleep on a budget. Based on customers’ feedback, Tuft and Needle mattress have received a plethora of great reviews form satisfied sleepers.

Product Features:

  • Medium feel mattress
  • Gel graphite infused mattress
  • T&N proprietary features
  • Certified

The new Tuft and Needle mattress has gained popularity as a great value mattress that offers durability and comfort. The mattress features the manufacturer’s adaptive foam, a material that combines the qualities of memory foam and latex. This makes the Tuft and Needle mattress one of our top choices in the list of top 10 durable mattresses you should buy this year.

The mattress is made of a combination of layers to provide universal comfort. The company includes a 3-inch layer of its own Tuft and Needle adaptive foam. This gives a cradling feel and is combined together with 5 inches of enhanced Tuft and Needle adaptive foam to bring a balance of support and comfort.

The new Tuft and Needle mattress comes with a cover. The ultra-luxurious plush cover is breathable to enhance cooler sleep. It is gel graphite infused so it can dissipate away heat and moisture.

This mattress offers good edge support. This means when sitting on the edge of the mattress, you are not likely to feel a roll-off sensation.
The new Tuft and Needle mattress is specifically designed to offer an ultra-cozy feeling while effectively cushioning to your body shape. It is also effective in relieving pressure to prevent sore joints.

The mattress has medium firmness feel. This means the mattress can offer sleepers with the right amount of support where they need it. The durability of this mattress is better than an average mattress. Expect the mattress to last at least six to seven years with regular nightly use.

  • Great motion isolation
  • Free shipping
  • Highly rated
  • Offers 100-night trial
  • Offers a 10-year warranty
  • Limited firmness range

9. Live and Sleep mattress – A Very Durable Cheap Mattress

As the name suggests, Live and Sleep is an another long lasting cheap foam mattress that wants you to sleep and live better. The company is concerned with protecting the environment, and a portion of their profits are donated to wildlife charities.

Product features:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Certified
  • Handcrafted
  • Medium firmness

The construction of this mattress includes three layers of memory foam. The first 2.5 inches are responsive memory foam for a cradling, supportive feel. It also provides effective pressure relief. The second 1-inch layer is made of transition gel-infused foam for a cooling effect. The last 8.5-inch layer is made of high-density foam that forms the base of the mattress. It provides support and durability.

The Live and Sleep has a cover that surrounds all three layers. The fabric cover is breathable, handcrafted and soothing to ensure comfort while sleeping.

This universal comfort mattress has a medium firmness feel. So, you will feel cushioned as you sink in regardless of your sleeping position. If you are sharing a bed with your partner, the mattress does a good job of absorbing motion movements. Due to foam construction technology, the mattress can wick heat and moisture away so that you don’t wake up sweaty.

The durability of this mattress is on par with other foam mattresses. Expect the mattress to last for at least six to seven years when regularly used every night, which is better than the average mattresses.

  • Sleeps cool
  • Great body contour
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Durable
  • Valuable
  • Portion of the profit donated to charities
  • Little off-gassing

10. Avocado Green mattress – Most Durable Latex Mattress

For people who don’t want to sacrifice their green ideals for sound sleep, the Avocado green mattress has everything you need to get a comfortable mattress without harming the environment. If you are considering replacing your old bed with a eco-friendlier organic mattress, the Avocado green mattress may suit you.

Product features:

  • Adjustable frame friendly
  • Mattress-in-a-box
  • Latex foam mattress
  • Innerspring mattress

Avocado is a USA based company founded in 2015 to produce environment-friendly mattresses that meet sleepers’ expectations. The mattress features a two-layer design of pocketed coils and latex. The aim here is to create an exceptional mattress that offers a little bit of bounce and ultra-support. The mattress also comes with a standard pillow for additional comfort.

The cover of the mattress is crafted with organic cotton certified to meet health and safety standards. It is soft, breathable and engineered to dissipate heat away. The top layer is constructed of GOTS organic certified latex. This material is well known for its cooling properties and bounciness. This helps in temperature regulation. The support layer is comprised of a pocketed coil system. The coils are individually to help the mattress conform to your shape and give great support. The support is zoned so you get extra where you need it.

This mattress does a good job at reducing uncomfortable pressure. The Avocado also does well in absorbing movements. This is especially important if you are sharing a bed with your partner. You can expect the mattress to have a longer than average lifespan. Since it is made of latex, you can be sure of the mattress’ durability.

  • Above average durability
  • Free shipping
  • Great edge support
  • Affordable
  • The mattress can be heavy and difficult to move around

Winkbeds Mattress

There are many mattresses claiming to offer a cool slumber, but Winkbeds lives up to this promise. This is a handcrafted hybrid mattress and should suit most sleeping styles and positions.

Product Features:

  • Tencel fabric cover
  • Gel-infused foam
  • Certified
  • Premium materials

The mattress is constructed with six layers. The 1.5-inch base layer is engineered to provide support. The next layer is made of pocketed coils which are individually wrapped. The third layer is a cotton pad to provide lumbar support. The next 2.4 inches are an additional layer of the coil to provide even more support. The next inch layer is gel-infused foam to provide ultimate comfort. The final top layer is made of ILd foam which is soft to provide effective cushioning to your body. The mattress also comes with Tencel fabric cover. Tencel is a material clinically certified in temperature regulation. This means it can wick away any heat and moisture. The mattress does well when it comes to pressure relief. The foam-based layer can provide sleepers with effective pressure relief regardless of your sleeping position. It also does an excellent job of keeping your spine aligned. It offers extra lumbar support to various regions of your body. The durability of the Winkbeds mattress is above the average due to its quality components. A mattress made of innerspring coils is expected to last.

  • Free shipping
  • Durable
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A compulsory 30-night break-in period

How to Choose The Most Durable Mattress in 2023

So what exactly do you need to take into consideration when you are looking for the best durable mattress?

1. Your weight

Every person is unique and has a different weight. Therefore, each mattress is constructed differently to cater to a specific body type. When it comes to weight, every mattress has its own limit. For instance, if you are heavier, you can’t expect to sleep on certain memory foam mattresses because the mattress will break down within a few months. So, it is wise to check the maximum weight limit before you decide on buying the mattress.

2. Maintenance

Mattress maintenance is crucial. It can help the mattresses to last longer. Do you often maintain/clean your mattress? It’s important to check out the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining your mattress as some need to be flipped or rotated regularly.

3. Purpose

You must specifically define the purpose of the mattress. Is it for the kids’ bedrooms, an adult master bedroom or for a guest room? The answer will determine which type and thickness of mattress to go for.

4. The material

All mattresses are made of different materials and each material performs different purposes. The type of material used in the construction of the bed matters a lot when it comes to durability. An innerspring mattress with pocketed coils will tend to last longer when compared to memory foam mattresses. So, ensure you know the materials used in building the bed you are about to buy.

5. The warranty

You should be aware of the mattress warranty before you part with any money. A good warranty predicts the longevity of the mattress. Normally, a long-lasting mattress comes with a warranty of at least 10 years.

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How long does a tempurpedic mattress typically last?

Mattress Durability: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most durable beds for 2023?

The materials, construction, price, and rating are things that make the mattress high quality. The answer also depends on the sleeper’s preferences and specific needs. We’ve provided 10 examples of what we believe to be the most durable mattresses in 2023.

What is the longest lasting mattress type?

There are plenty of long lasting mattresses on the market today. Latex mattresses tend to have the longest lifespan, followed by blended and hybrid foam core mattresses.

What is the best mattress for the money?

There are many good value, durable mattresses available. For an average mattress, expect to pay between $1100 and $2000. This represents a serious investment. However, it’s perfectly possible to purchase a high-quality mattress for much less than this.

What are the top 10 most durable mattress brands on the market?

If you are looking a most durable bed, you need to find a reliable mattress company with good customers’ feedback. The most popular and durable mattress brands that will show you a quality mattress includes Puffy, Idle Sleep, Layla, and many more.

Conclusion on The Most Durable Mattresses

Hopefully we have helped you make the right choice when shopping for a durable mattress that can last long. You can spend thousands of dollars on buying a mattress, so it’s important to make sure the one you choose is durable and comfortable.

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