Does Nolah Mattress Have Fiberglass? 

For the past eight years, Nolah has been selling its mattresses to thousands of sleepers all over the US. They make two memory foam mattresses and one hybrid model. Nolah mattresses are known to be firm, breathable, and ideal for most types of sleepers. Their mattresses check a lot of boxes. But do they contain fiberglass?

From the many horror stories that are being aired in the news, fiberglass is the last thing you would want to have in a mattress. And today, we will be exploring whether Nolah mattresses contain fiberglass and sharing more information about this dangerous flame retardant.

Does Nolah Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Fortunately, Nolah mattresses are fiberglass-free. Our research started with a visit to their official website where Nolah states that all their mattresses are 100% free of fiberglass. They also mention that their mattresses undergo rigorous testing and are certified for using safe materials.

In the past, we have come across fiberglass mattress brands that have denied the use of this material, only for us to find complaints all over the internet. Therefore, we decided to continue doing more research about the use of fiberglass in Nolah mattresses.

We didn’t find any complaints linking Nolah mattresses to fiberglass. We discovered on Reddit that Nolah mattresses use silica as a flame retardant instead of fiberglass. One of their customers got in touch with them and confirmed that it’s 65% silica and not fiberglass.

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We can confirm that Nolah mattresses do not contain fiberglass. However, they do use silica as a flame retardant.

Where are Nolah Mattresses Made?

Nolah mattresses are made here in the US. One of the signs of mattresses with fiberglass is that they are often imported from China or Asia. In the East, the mattress manufacturing standards aren’t as strict as here in the US. Therefore, most beds there use fiberglass as a flame retardant because it is a cheap material.

The fact that Nolah mattresses are made here in the US under stringent manufacturing regulations is more confirmation that they do not use fiberglass.

What are Nolah Mattresses Made Of?

Since we are looking into the materials Nolah mattresses are made of, it’s also crucial that we list other ingredients you can find in these beds.

In any Nolah mattress, you will find an organic cotton cover. This is used to add comfort and also make the mattress surface more breathable. Cotton is a pretty safe material and you won’t get any allergic reactions from sleeping on it.

Beneath the cover, you will find a silica flame retardant. It’s pretty lightweight and thin. Therefore, you won’t even feel its presence. Next to the flame retardant is AirFoam, which is a version of memory foam made by Nolah mattress. AirFoam is free of viscoelastic materials which trap heat. Instead, it has more channels that promote airflow within the mattress.

Below the AirFoam, you will find regular memory foam. This memory foam is denser and offers extra support and bounce. In the base layer at the bottom, there is a seven-inch high-density foam that supports all the layers on top. In the hybrid model, you will find coils instead of memory foam.

What is Fiberglass and Why Is It Used in Mattresses?

As you try and find out if Nolah mattresses contain fiberglass, you need to understand what this material is and why is it used in some mattresses.

Fiberglass is a woven layer of reinforced plastic and glass. It’s an excellent flame retardant that protects flammable mattress materials. When it was first manufactured, fiberglass was commonly used in construction for insulation. With time, it entered the mattress industry and today, you will find it below most mattress covers.

Manufacturers like using fiberglass as a flame retardant because it’s cheap, widely available, and a good fire barrier.

Is Fiberglass in a Mattress Dangerous?

As long as fiberglass remains woven tightly beneath your mattress cover, you don’t have to be afraid of it. But if you remove the cover of a fiberglass mattress or if the cover gets torn, these particles will escape into the air and severely contaminate your home.

When fiberglass particles escape your mattress, they spread to the bedding and surrounding furniture or clothes. These pieces of glass don’t come off easily and if you touch them with bare skin, you may experience a rash, an itch, or blistering. If you happen to breathe in these fiberglass particles, you may start sneezing and feeling irritation in your mouth, nose, and throat. You are at higher risk of getting these symptoms if you are asthmatic.

It’s these side effects that mattress brands like Nolah have decided not to use fiberglass.

How to Know If a Nolah Mattress Has Fiberglass?

Even after confirming that Nolah mattresses are fiberglass-free, we always encourage our readers to learn the tell-tale signs of fiberglass mattresses. Here are some of the warning signs you should be on the lookout for;

  • Fiberglass is listed on the label – If you see fiberglass mentioned on a mattress label, you need to stay away from it. Some manufacturers won’t use the word fiberglass. They may use phrases like glass wool or glass fiber.
  • Evasive or shady responses from the mattress manufacturer when asked about fiberglass – If you ask a manufacturer if their mattresses contain fiberglass and they give you an evasive answer, it probably does and they are trying to hide that from you. A reputable mattress vendor should make it clear what flame retardant they are using in their beds.
  • Complaints about a certain mattress brand having fiberglass on third-party platforms like Reddit and Amazon – If there are a lot of people complaining about fiberglass on third-party sites like Amazon, Reddit, or TikTok, then you should be careful. What we have come to realize is that these allegations are usually true.
  • Spotting tiny and shiny glass shards on your mattress cover – If you shine a flashlight on your mattress cover and you can see shiny shards of glass. You need to know that your mattress has fiberglass and should be discarded before the contamination becomes severe.
  • Warnings against the removal of the mattress cover – In case you come across a mattress that’s advising against the removal of the cover, that should raise suspicion about fiberglass usage. Otherwise, why would a mattress manufacturer warn you not to remove the cover?
  • Abnormal sneezing and skin irritation – When you notice that you are getting an abnormal allergic reaction on your skin or respiratory system, always check if the mattress has fiberglass because these two are key side effects of this material.

Does Nolah Memory Foam Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Many shoppers these days are afraid of memory foam mattresses because they are more likely to contain fiberglass. Since Nolah mostly specializes in memory foam beds, you may have some fears about fiberglass being used as the flame retardant. We can confirm to you that all Nolah memory foam mattresses which include the Original 10 and Signature 12 are fiberglass-free. They use a hydrated silica fire sock to pass the flammability regulations.

As for the Nolah Revolution 15 which is their hybrid version, it is also free of fiberglass. On the contrary, it contains a bunch of natural materials like recycled plant fiber and organic cotton.

Are Nolah Mattresses Safe?

Yes, Nolah mattresses are safe. First of all, they do not use fiberglass. therefore, you don’t have to worry about the side effects mentioned earlier. The other thing is that Nolah tries to the best of its ability to incorporate natural materials like organic cotton and plant-based fibers in its mattresses. This shows a lot of effort compared to other brands in its price range.

To prove how safe Nolah mattresses are, they are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and CertiPUR-US. These certifications guarantee that Nolah mattresses are free of harmful chemicals that pose a risk to both you and the environment.

Should You Buy a Nolah Mattress?

Nolah mattresses have a lot of interesting features. For instance, here at Sleep Aim, we loved their AirFoam material because its super breathable. Also, the lack of fiberglass gives them a competitive advantage. However, there are a few drawbacks that need to be addressed.

Their mattresses are known to have poor edge support and they are not very comfortable for heavy sleepers, especially if you weigh more than 175 lbs. Some customers also find their Original 10 mattress to be very thin.

The other common complaint people have made against Nolah mattresses is that they are not good for couples. The motion isolation is mediocre and with time, couples discover the formation of a big dip in the middle of the bed.

There are plenty of fiberglass-free mattress alternatives out there that are way better than the Nolah. For instance, if you choose the Saatva Loom & Leaf, you get to experience the breathability and pressure relief associated with Nolah mattresses. And you also get a durable mattress with unrivaled pressure relief.

Even though Nolah mattresses are fiberglass free, they do have some drawbacks you have to consider before buying.


Nolah is doing a great job of not using fiberglass in their mattresses. This makes their mattresses safer compared to other brands. So, if you are asthmatic or have eczema, you don’t have to worry about fiberglass aggravating your symptoms when you sleep on a Nolah mattress.

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