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Sleep Aim only has one objective – to help its readers sleep better. This dream is made possible by Sleep Aim’s team of sleep enthusiasts who engage in thorough research and mattress testing to give you comprehensive and informative content. We take a lot of pride in what we do and hope that our guides, reviews, and resources are of immense help in your quest for better sleep.

We Have Helped Thousands of People Find the Right Mattress

A mattress plays a critical factor in your overall sleeping experience. A good bed can promote healthy sleep and vice versa. So, what makes a good mattress? Unlike other things, there is no particular mattress we can consider as ‘perfect’. This is because we have different sleeping habits and positions.

Nowadays, shopping for a mattress is even more difficult because there are thousands of brands in the market. Our goal is to ensure you don’t lose sleep when shopping for a bed. We strive to make your mattress shopping experience as easy as possible.

Undoubtedly, buying the right mattress is a critical decision. There are a lot of things you need to consider. If you don’t know where to start or you find the entire mattress shopping experience overwhelming, Sleep Aim is here to hold your hand throughout this journey.

Through our honest and accurate reviews, you can filter through the many mattresses in the market and find one that meets all your sleeping needs. Other than that, we also look for the best deals on both big and small mattress brands. Using our website will get discounts and save more on quality mattresses.

Sleep Aim is Passionate about Sleep and Mattresses

Why do we do this? This is a question many of our readers have asked us over the years. We always give them the same answer: we are passionate about sleep and mattresses. Gone are the days when it was okay to brag about how much little sleep you usually get. In the past, saying that may earn you some points as a hard worker. But, today, people understand the importance of getting enough quality sleep. People realizing the importance of quality sleep is a big stride society has made.

A mattress is one of the key ingredients when it comes to enjoying quality sleep. Even though there are other causes, if the bed you are sleeping on isn’t designed to meet your sleeping habits. You are going to have a hard time falling and staying asleep.

Many people suffer unknowingly, and we all know how sleep deprivation can affect your productivity. If not dealt with, it can soon affect your health and make it impossible for you to stay alert during the day. There are two options here; either drink three gallons of coffee in a day or find the right mattress.

Coffee can keep you more alert, but it will never offer a permanent solution. But do you know what can solve your sleeping issues? A quality bed that is built to suit your sleeping characteristics. That’s where Sleep Aim chips in.

Our Principles

As much as the Sleep Aim team loves what it does, we are governed by a set of core values that define our company and its objectives. These are the principles that make us stand out from the rest;

  • Curiosity

A characteristic that all Sleep Aim team members share is the curiosity to learn more. This character trait is quite helpful in the ever-changing sleep industry. Thanks to our interest, the team always gathers new data from different sources. If there is a new mattress brand, our team is always the first to review it. Or, if there is a developing story about sleep or mattresses, we will gather information about it and share it with you. With us, you will continuously be updated with the latest in the mattress and sleep niche.

  • Passion

This is what drives us into testing, researching, and reviewing mattresses. At one point in our lives, all Sleep Aim members have been victims of sleeping on the wrong bed. These experiences fuel our passion for ensuring no other person goes through a similar scenario. That aside, we are all sleep enthusiasts, and it’s our goal to help others unlock all the benefits of quality sleep.

  • Integrity

At times, the truth can be brutal, and not everyone may be willing to hear it. However, without integrity then trust can’t be established. This is why Sleep Aim promises to share nothing but the truth with you. We don’t just look at the good things in our mattress reviews. We also include the bad and the ugly.

As mentioned earlier, no mattress is flawless. They all have some faults, even if others have more cons than others. As challenging as it may be, our mattress reviews are honest. If a specific mattress lacks a particular feature, be rest assured that it will be included in the reviews. To ensure that our reviews are honest, we often look at customer complaints.

  • Accuracy

When it comes to mattress shopping, no one likes surprises. We are well aware of that, and that’s why we are very keen on research. Every bit of information you find in our content is factual. At times, we go the extra mile of backing up claims by linking directly to the source. Even though we obtain information from various sources, we try to be as accurate as possible. If you doubt the accuracy of any information posted, here at Sleep Aim, we encourage positive criticism. You can contact us, and we can discuss the matter in detail.

  • Determination

Another thing that you will love about Sleep Aim is our determination. Our team works round the clock to bring you informative articles about sleep and mattresses. The management and editorial team works hand-in-hand to ensure the information shared is factual, honest, and useful. Our content goes straight to the point and addresses the issues head-on. When you go through our posts, you will realize that we exhaust every piece of information around a topic to answer all your queries.

Our Policies

Honesty being one of our fundamental principles, you can learn more about how Sleep Aim evaluates products in our policies section. There you will also find our disclaimers and disclosures.

While we are still on policies, we must clarify the following matter. Sleep Aim conducts thorough research before making any presentations. However, we are not physicians. If you have any questions about sleep and mattress health, consult your doctor. It’s also vital that you use our content as part of your research.

What to Expect from Sleep Aim?

To help you better your sleep quality, Sleep Aim takes on a wholistic approach to content creation. Below are some of the things you can expect to find on our site;

  1. Mattress Reviews – A considerable fraction of our content leans towards mattress reviews. These reviews are pretty useful when mattress shopping because they tell you the pros, cons, and features of a bed. Using that information, you can make an informed decision. Our reviews are written after thorough research and testing. They are accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased.
  1. Mattress Guides – Buying a mattress can sometimes be a bit complicated. Sleep Aim mattress guides can, however, streamline this process for you. In our guides, we assist you in choosing mattresses depending on your sleeping style, preferences, and budget. Our guides are easy to follow and cover every aspect of mattress shopping.
  1. Mattress Accessories – Because these items go hand in hand, we also touch on various mattress accessories ranging from bed frames to pillows. When reviewing mattress accessories, we follow the same approach as reviews and incorporate the same principles.
  1. Sleeping Tips and Health Guides – Investing in the right mattress is the first step towards improving sleep quality. There are other tips that can ensure your nights are more enjoyable. We also post content regularly about sleeping tips and health guides. These will complement the benefits you get from a comfy mattress.

Other than these three, there are two more programs that Sleep Aim runs on the side. They include;

  • Requests for Video Mattress Reviews

In this program, Sleep Aim REWARDS $100 for video mattress reviews. If you own a new or old mattress and have excellent communication skills, you can send us a video review and earn $100. This reward program aims to educate our readers about various mattress brands. Please note that it’s only limited to US residents.

  • Requests for Mattress Complaints

The other program entails sending mattress complaints to us so that we can reach the brand on your behalf. If you or a loved one bought a mattress that didn’t meet your expectations, you can always use our platform to channel these complaints. Sleep Aim will utilize its resources and try to solve the complaint with the respective brand. Some companies offer limited customer support and may overlook client complaints. Sleep Aim is here to ensure your problems are heard and addressed.

Meet Our Team

The team behind Sleep Aim comprises of more than just sleep enthusiasts. Some have been victims of sleeping on the wrong beds. Therefore you can be assured that we know a thing or two about what you are going through. That aside, they also possess top-notch editorial and writing skills. That’s how we are able to communicate effectively with you.

Faith Kenzie (Digital Journalist) – Professional Mattress Tester, Researcher & Writer

Faith is a certified digital Journalist with extensive experience in mattress testing and research. Before venturing into researching and writing mattress reviews, she was a mattress tester for various brands. As a result, she acquired valuable experience in identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly in a mattress.

Using this set of skills, Ms. Kenzie is capable of seeing past marketing gimmicks used by mattress brands when advertising their beds. Also, her background in Journalism ensures that her content is readable, easy to understand, and useful for consumers looking for the best mattresses.

She is a mattress and sleep enthusiast who is always curious and eager to unearth the best beds in the market. Known to have a very keen eye for details, Faith’s posts will significantly help you make the right mattress choice. Her expertise also extends to the sleeping niche and bedroom interior design.


Email: Faith@sleepaim.com

Hannah Borrett – Content Creator and Editor

Hannah is a licensed kids’ english teacher from United Kindome Hannah is a victim of sleeping on the wrong mattress. Therefore, she understands what you may be going through. For years, Hannah never paid much attention to the type of mattress she was sleeping on. She always bought any bed she would come across. When her back started aching, that’s when she realized that the mattress was the cause.

The torment she underwent fuelled her passion for mattress research. Using her personal experiences and in-depth knowledge about healthy sleep, Hannah is dedicated to providing lasting solutions to Sleep Aim readers.

Mohammad – Keyword Research Expert

Mohammad Maidul is a keyword research expert who helps us find topics to write about. People are really interested in sleep aids and how to improve their quality of sleep even with the distractions of technology. Mohammad helps our company by finding the problems people are facing with quality sleep. He is really an expert in keyword research in the health niche.


Email: maidul@sleepaim.com

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