About Us

Who Are We?

At Sleepaim.com, we are a dedicated website that aims to improve your life by enhancing your sleep. We have a team of sleep professionals who understand all matters concerning sleep, and they can give you the tools you need to develop healthy sleeping habits that suit your specific needs, lifestyle, and preferences. We take the time to conduct in-depth research and recommend the most suitable products. By using our site, you give us the motivation to continue doing our good work.

What Is Our Mission?

Our main objective is helping you sleep better and comfortably every night. To help you do this, we often create comprehensive sleep tips and guides. This way, you can always wake up rejuvenated and ready to face everyday’s challenges with zeal. Other than creating tips and guides, we also take the time to test and review lots of sleep-rated products such as sleep apps and mattresses, which contribute to high-quality sleep.

Our Team

Hannah Borrett

For the past few years, I wasn’t concerned about my sleep. I didn’t think sleep was an important part of daily life, and I bought just any mattress. A mattress is just a mattress, right? That’s where I went wrong. After several years of sleeping on a wrong mattress, my back started aching, and I would spend the rest of my day feeling tired. I researched and found out my mattress was the one hurting me. I changed it for a better one, my life changed, and that’s when I realized the importance of comfortable sleep. I’m now passionate about researching the various sleep solutions available and sharing them with other people on Sleepaim.

The sleeping position that promotes better sleep: On my back
Favorite sleep helper: Hull pillow

Email: [email protected]

Rachel Stephenson

I had been battling insomnia for around 5 years. I couldn’t understand what was going on because I had already invested in a good mattress, and I didn’t even take coffee before I slept. I decided to research and found out that some people sleep faster than others. I also found that using a sleep mask can help someone sleep more quickly. I tried one of them, and that’s when I started winning against insomnia. I now spend my time testing and review all products concerning sleep to help you beat insomnia like I did.

The sleeping position that promotes better sleep: On my side
Favorite sleep helper: A eye mask

Email: [email protected]

Thomas Collins

We have all cut back on sleep at some point in life, and that was my approach, especially when I needed to work on lots of projects. However, it worked against me and instead of working on many projects, I would work on only one or two. I would spend the whole day feeling fatigued and unmotivated. That’s when I realized I was cutting back on a very crucial element in my life – sleep. I started getting adequate sleep, and that’s when my life changed for the better. To help other people sleep better, I compile research on various sleeping products, tips, and guides and share them on Sleep Aim.

The sleeping position that promotes better sleep: On my back
Favorite sleep helper: A comfortable pillow

Email: [email protected]

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If you have any feedback or need more information, please reach out to us at [email protected] . We have a team that greatly values your sleep and will get back to you as soon as possible.