Does Zinus Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

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Yes. In case you are in search of a mattress without fiberglass, we recommend the eco-friendly Saatva from our top-rated mattress options.

Where is the fiberglass?

Mattress cover



Toxic Chemical

No (CertiPUR Certified)

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People looking for a budget friendly memory foam bed

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Heavy people who need the best support mattress

When you open the inner layers of a Zinus mattress, you will find fiberglass that plays the role of fire retardants. We aren’t talking about just one of their mattress. Zinus uses fiberglass in all of its mattresses. When you remove the cover of your Zinus bed, you may release fiberglass into the air, which can impact your health and lead to a considerable amount of damage to your property.

If you own or plan to buy a Zinus memory foam mattress, you should know that all their beds do have fiberglass. Therefore, never open the cover of a Zinus mattress. When you inquire from their sales rep, they will tell you that their beds feature silicon fibers which prevent the mattress from catching fire. This is just a fancy name for fiberglass. If you are the kind of buyer who reads lots of reviews, when you research Zinus beds, you will find several complaints about the presence of fiberglass in their mattresses.

After knowing the above, one may be left wondering – what’s the big deal with this fiberglass material? Is there a problem if it is in Zinus mattresses? Keep on reading to find out why Zinus uses these materials and safety concerns you should be aware of.

Why Does Zinus Add Fiberglass to Their Mattress?

Before we talk about fiberglass’s safety concerns in mattresses, we must explain why there is fiberglass in Zinus beds. To answer this question, allow us to give you a brief background about beds in the US. The law requires that all mattresses made and sold in the USA must have a fire retardant. However, there are exceptions for those who are allergic to certain mattress bedding materials. Therefore, you can get one without a flame retardant, as long as you have a doctor’s prescription. Seo our conversation with the

Fiberglass is one of the best flame retardant materials available. It is very effective at preventing fire, and it’s a cheap material that manufacturers can easily get their hands on. These are the main reasons why Zinus uses fiberglass in its mattresses.

Initially, mattress brands used chemicals as fire retardants. They, however, had to discontinue using such when these chemicals were discovered to be harmful to human health. That is when fiberglass became popular.

Other than being affordable, fiberglass is an excellent fire retardant. Suppose a mattress containing fiberglass catches fire, the fiberglass melt and do not catch fire. When they melt, they create a sock around the mattress and prevent the flammable materials inside it from burning. The likes of Zinus memory foam beds are flammable. Without a flame retardant such as fiberglass, these mattresses would catch fire in seconds.

How to Identify a Zinus Fiberglass Mattress?

In Zinus mattresses, you will find fiberglass beneath the mattress’s cover. They surround the foam to protect it from catching fire when exposed to a flame. If you buy a mattress containing fiberglass such as Zinus, it isn’t advisable to look for fiberglass. You may release fiberglass into the air as you do this, and the results can be catastrophic.

For the sake of general knowledge purposes, however, here is where you will find the fiberglass in a Zinus mattress. There is a mattress cover that comes knitted over the bed. Beneath it is the layer of fiberglass. It is directly above the foam. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you do not open the cover of your Zinus fiberglass mattress.

Other than opening the Zinus mattress, here are different ways you can identify if the mattress contains fiberglass;

  • If you buy a mattress online, they will indicate how much fiberglass it contains in its description.
  • On your mattress tag, you should see a list of materials used. There you will see if fiberglass is listed or not.
  • A mattress that warns you against removing the cover also indicates that the bed contains fiberglass.
  • Price is also a warning sign that can help you identify if a Zinus mattress has fiberglass. Mattresses that go for relatively low prices tend to incorporate cheap materials such as glass fibers. Rarely will you find this flame retardant in high-end beds.

Research that entails reading articles such as these will also help you know whether a Zinus bed contains fiberglass or not. If these resources don’t answer your question, you can always ask the manufacturer. A reputable manufacturer such as Zinus should openly tell you that their beds contain fiberglass. It is important for you to be able to identify fiberglass on a mattress.

Safety Concerns of Fiberglass in Zinus Mattresses

Without a doubt, fiberglass is one of the best flame retardants found in mattresses. It’s a cheap material, and as a result, it doesn’t affect the overall price of the bed. It isn’t as harmful as the chemicals that were previously used as flame retardants. However, there are a couple of safety issues that you need to know.

If you sleep on a mattress containing fiberglass, it will eventually rise to the surface. When these strands of fiberglass come into contact with your skin, you will experience irritation and itching. Should you inhale or ingest fiberglass, it will irritate your organs. You may sneeze or cough.

There is another drawback of sleeping on a mattress that has fiberglass. Even though it isn’t health-related, the effects can be challenging to remedy. If there is a hole or opening on the mattress cover, fiberglass can pollute the environment. When these strands become airborne, they settle on clothes, furniture, and other items in your bedroom. Getting rid of fiberglass from clothes is very hard. You may even have to seek professional help.

These are the most significant safety concerns of sleeping on a mattress that contains fiberglass. Despite being an excellent fire barrier, we can’t ignore these safety issues. Should you decide that you want a mattress with fiberglass, never remove the cover. You should also inspect the bed frequently. If you spot a hole on the cover, fix it as soon as possible, or replace the mattress right away. Considering that fiberglass is common in low-end beds, the cover could also be of low quality, and you can’t be sure that it will hold up for years. The best thing to do is invest in a mattress protector.

Which Mattress Brands Don’t Use fiberglass? 

There are plenty of mattresses that do not use fiberglass as a flame retardant. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to spend lots of money on fiberglass-free mattresses. You can easily find an affordable bed that uses organic materials such as wool or cotton as the fire retardant instead of fiberglass. These materials work the same way fiberglass does. They slow down the intensity of fires in case the mattress catches a flame. However, unlike fiberglass, you will not get any itches or irritation when you touch wool or cotton. Not unless you are sensitive to these materials as well. In that case, you can invest in a fire retardant-free mattress. You will need a doctor’s prescription for that.

Having seen that Zinus contains fiberglass, which is unsafe, here are other mattress brands that do not use glass fibers;

  • Saatva – At the top of our list, we have Saatva. Besides being famous for making comfy and durable beds, this brand only uses natural wood pulp mixed with some polyester as a flame retardant. In their luxurious Zenhaven bed, they use 100% organic New Zealand wool. When you sleep on a Saatva bed, you are not worried about seeing shards of fiberglass all over your bedroom one day. At the same time, you are confident in the bed’s fire protection capabilities.
  • Puffy – Second in line, we have Puffy, a mattress brand known to sell affordable beds. Even though their mattresses are quite cost-friendly, Saatva does not use fiberglass. Instead, they use a rayon and silica fire sock, which effectively prevents the bed from catching fire.
  • Amerisleep – Like puffy, Amerisleep uses silica as a flame retardant. This natural material exists abundantly in nature, and it’s quite sustainable.

There are other mattress brands that also do not use fiberglass. We won’t dig deeper into them. But they are worth mentioning. They include Idle Mattress, Plushbeds, Birch, Tuft, and Needle, amongst others.

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Should I Buy A Zinus Fiberglass Mattress?

Being one of the most popular budget mattresses here in the US, after reading this review. You may feel confused about whether you should buy a Zinus mattress, knowing that it contains fiberglass. Understandably, its price may make you lean more towards this brand. However, at this price point, you can get another fiberglass-free mattress.

Considering that you can’t find a Zinus mattress without fiberglass, you should buy this bed if you want to place it in the guest room for a couple of years. We, however, do not recommend purchasing this bed for regular use because one day, the cover will wear out, and the fiberglass will contaminate your bedroom. If you must choose Zinus, do not remove the cover, and if it’s possible, invest in a mattress protector.

Some More Questions About Zinus Mattress Fiberglass

Is there a lawsuit against Zinus mattresses because of fiberglass?

The increasing fiberglass reports in these beds have led to a Zinus mattress class-action lawsuit. In this nationwide Zinus mattress lawsuit, several homeowners have filed their complaints and seek compensation for damages. Topclassactions explains more about the Zinus bed lawsuit.

Did Zinus stop using fiberglass?

Zinus is still using fiberglass in their beds to date. They are yet to switch to a more natural flame retardant. However, more people are becoming aware of the dangerous fiberglass in Zinus mattresses.

Are Zinus mattresses toxic?

Zinus fiberglass beds are CertiPUR certified. Therefore, they don’t contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. The only problem here is the fiberglass which can impact your health and contaminate your home.

Do Zinus Mattresses have chemicals?

Zinus beds can’t be categorized as organic. However, they do have very few chemicals in them. Proof is the existence of a CertiPUR certification. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about breathing in toxins.

Can you get a Zinus mattress without fiberglass?

All Zinus mattresses contain fiberglass. Therefore, if you are shopping for a fiberglass-free bed, you are better off looking at other brands such as Saatva. Because of their price tag, many people love Zinus beds. Unfortunately, these mattresses contain fiberglass.

How to clean fiberglass from a Zinus mattress?

A vacuum cleaner is the best tool to clean fiberglass from a Zinus bed. This, however, isn’t something we would recommend because fiberglass is dangerous. Moreover, if you don’t eliminate the source of fiberglass, it will still contaminate your home.

Are Zinus fiberglass mattress reviews positive or negative?

When you look through Zinus mattress Reddit reviews, you will realize that most are negative. Most of them talk about the presence of fiberglass and how these mattresses sag easily.

Why are Zinus mattresses so cheap?

These beds are cheap because they are made using medium-quality materials. Take the presence of fiberglass, for instance. Zinus prefers this material because it is cheaper than natural flame retardants.


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