These Are The Best Mattresses, WireCutter Says

A mattress can significantly affect sleep quality and overall body health. It’s why people spend hours of research trying to look for the perfect bed. Finding the right match isn’t often easy. It’s because people have varying sleeping habits and positions. One of the ways you can identify the ideal mattress is by reading reviews, which brings us to today’s topic.

Recently, Wirecutter published the best mattress reviews in 2021. If you are familiar with Wirecutter, you are aware that these experts only recommend the best products. They spend weeks trying and testing different beds so that they can give you honest and unbiased recommendations. We took the initiative to dig deeper into the list of best Wirecutter mattresses, and here is everything you need to know.

Who is Wirecutter?

Before we look into the best wirecutter mattresses, we must introduce who they are and what they do. Wirecutter is an online product recommendation service. They don’t just review the best beds, but they do cover a wide range of items. Wirecutter often releases recommendations of various products every year. They are popular, and many consumers look up to their expert opinion when shopping for items.

This online product review blog was established in September 2011. In October 2016, they were acquired by New York Times, and ever since, they have consistently shared expert opinions on the best items in the market. Their objective is to streamline your shopping experience by listing the best of everything. So, whether you are buying a gift for your friends or you have been planning to buy a particular item such as a mattress, in this case, Wirecutter is here to provide you with accurate insights on various mattress brands and highlight the best options.

An In-Depth Analysis of the Best Wirecutter Mattresses (Divided into the Various Mattress Types)

As we have mentioned earlier, no particular mattress is perfect for everyone. We all have varying sleeping behaviors, and that’s why there exist different types of mattresses. In these wirecutter mattress reviews, they divided them into various mattress types. So we are going to look at memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and latex beds.

Let’s Start with the Best Wirecutter Foam Mattresses

Memory foam beds are the most popular type of mattress in the market. They conform to your body shape and make you feel like you are sinking deeper inside the bed instead of floating on top of it. If you love to feel a hugging sensation as you sleep, these types of beds are perfect for you. In this section, Wirecutter listed three brands as the best memory foam beds in the market. The first is the Loom and Leaf by Saatva, followed by Tuft and Needle Original and the Novaform ComfortGrande.

The last two fall under the $1,000 price range, with the Tuft and Needle Original being a non-memory-foam bed which is slightly easier to move around on and not as curve contouring. The Novaform ComfortGrande is a lower-cost memory foam, and the Loom & Leaf is a high-end memory foam bed that costs more but contains longer-lasting materials and advanced features. Let’s see why Wirecutter chose these three to be the best memory foam beds.

#1. Loom & Leaf (Relaxed Firm)

It is one of the few luxurious memory foam beds in the market. The Loom and Leaf by Saatva is available in two firmness options; the Firm and Relaxed Firm. Wirecutter recommends the Relaxed Firm, which offers an adequate balance between support and softness. If you sleep on this mattress for the first time, it will be a bit firm. However, it does soften over time.

There are plenty of reasons why Wirecutter chose the Loom & Leaf as one of the best memory foam beds. Comprising of high-quality foam densities, this mattress is durable than the rest of the beds on this list. Saatva offers white glove delivery where they set up the mattress for you, and another thing you need to know about this bed is that it arrives unboxed. There is, therefore, minimal chance for it to off-gas.

As a luxury memory foam bed, the Loom & Leaf is made using cooling support layers, thick layers of memory foam, organic cotton, and a thick quilted top. It is designed to offer deep pressure relief, adequate sinkage, and absorbs movement, thus making it ideal for couples.

Key Features

  • Organic breathable cotton (free of chemical and toxic fire retardants)
  • Four foam layers, with the first layer being gel infused
  • Durable materials that will last for long

Undeniably, the Loom & Leaf is a premium memory foam bed with tons of lovable features. Comprising of gel-infused memory foam, the Loom & Leaf guarantees cool nights. Regarding motion transfer, you and your partner will experience little motion transfer. The edge support is slightly better than ordinary foam beds. This bed doesn’t off-gas, and the faint smell that comes with it disappears in a day or two. It is built using quality material that makes the mattress durable.

  • It is a luxurious and classic memory foam bed
  • Ideal for couples because of the little motion transfer
  • Offers adequate sinkage ideal for side sleepers
  • It’s breathable
  • It’s not bouncy

#2. Novaform ComfortGrande

There are a couple of things that memory foam lovers look for in a bed. One, it must be supportive. Two, it needs to conform to their bodies. Finally, it should be durable. The ComfortGrande offers you all these three, and the good news is, you don’t have to dig very deep into your pockets when buying this mattress. Going for less than $1,000, Wirecutter recommends this as one of the best memory foam beds.

Known to be a Costco favorite, the Novaform ComfortGrande offers sleepers a cuddly feel. It doesn’t sink too deep, and neither is it too firm. For its price range, Wirecutter is fascinated by how durable this bed is. Plus, it also comes with Costco’s return policy.

Key Features

  • 14 inches tall
  • Comprises of gel-infused memory foam
  • A support core which contains 8 inches worth of high-density polyfoam
  • 3 inches air channel foam that enhances airflow

The gel-infused memory foam and three inches air channel foam ensure you sleep cool at night. These layers of foam perform exceptionally well at absorbing motion as well as relieving pressure. The edge support is weak and can’t be compared to that of the Loom & Leaf. This bed also takes slightly longer to off-gas.

  • It’s comfortable for a mattress in its price range
  • Affordable and durable
  • It has been a wirecutter favorite for the past two years
  • It doesn’t support movement, thus hindering your ability to change positions

#3. Tuft & Needle Original

Wirecutter is known to bring you nothing but the best bed brands in the market. The Tuft & Needle Original is an exceptional non-memory foam bed. It doesn’t comprise of memory foam. Therefore it won’t sink as beds with this material usually do. It is, however, soft enough to relieve pressure points and support your body.

Key Features

  • It is a non-memory foam bed
  • The cover is made up of polyester and micro polyamide
  • There is a three-inch layer of durable and high-density adaptive foam

If you love changing positions at night but still want to sleep on a soft and supportive mattress, this bed is for you. Unlike ordinary memory foam beds that sink quickly, the Tuft & Needle has a firm yet plush soft feeling. It contains high-density foams, which are durable and promote airflow. For a bed in its price range, it is quite resistant to sagging.

  • Supports movement
  • Guarantees pressure relief minus the hugging feeling of memory foam beds
  • The bed is breathable and enjoys consistent airflow
  • Doesn’t conform easily as memory foam beds do

Best Wirecutter Latex Mattress

The next type of bed in line is latex mattresses. When you compare memory foam and latex beds, the latter is more breathable and offers enough bounce. They are also more expensive because latex lasts for longer than memory foam. The properties of latex beds mostly suit sleepers that weigh 200 pounds or more. These beds do have their perks, and if you have been yearning to sleep on a latex bed, where better to get a recommendation other than from Wirecutter. After thorough research and tests, Wirecutter found out that the Zenhaven by Saatva is the best latex mattress. Here is an in-depth review about it.


The Zenhaven isn’t your average latex bed. It comprises of all-natural materials, and it’s flippable. The organic materials aren’t only friendly to your spine but also the environment. With adjustable firmness levels, you don’t have to worry about comfort when you buy this bed.

Saatva, as a mattress brand, manufactures luxurious and high-end beds. Their prices may not be as low as their competitors, but when you invest in their mattresses, you get a comfy bed that will last for years.

Key Features

  • It is flippable and has two firmness option
  • Comprises of natural latex that offers excellent temperature control
  • Comprises of all-natural materials

From the cover to the core, Zenhaven only uses natural materials. The cover comprises 100% organic New Zealand wool and cotton, enhancing the bed’s breathability and softness. Beneath it is Talalay latex which is also soft and resists sagging. The core also contains compressed Talalay latex, which makes the bed quite bouncy. All these materials are durable, and this makes the Zenhaven worth investing in. Do not forget about the two firmness options. If you prefer either firmness or softness, you just have to turn the bed.

  • It’s bouncy and thus ideal for combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers will love the breathable latex
  • It’s made from quality all-natural materials
  • The Zenhaven is flappable – You can choose the gentle firm or luxury plush side
  • The motion isolation isn’t that great

Best Wirecutter Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid beds are also another great option. They comprise of foam and spring coils. Hybrid beds are often quite breathable because of the presence of coils that improve airflow. If you are a hot sleeper, hybrid beds are perfect for you. This year, Wirecutter chose the following mattresses as the best hybrid options.

#1. Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid)

As a product of a highly-trusted brand, the Tempur-Adapt is an excellent hybrid mattress. It offers a medium level of comfort, which suits a wide range of sleepers. The Tempur-Adapt also provides excellent support and pressure relief. This bed’s design dampens motion transfer. You, therefore, won’t be woken up by your partner’s movements.

Key Features

  • It contains Tempur Advanced Hybrid Technology
  • The cover has a cool to touch feeling
  • The Tempur-ES comfort layer supports body weight

The use of foam and a coil system in this bed makes them quite responsive. The amount of support offered is also top tier. Many reviews praise the Tempur-Adapt cool-to-touch cover. This will always ensure you sleep comfortably.

  • This bed transfers very little motion
  • Made using quality and durable materials
  • It’s known to be supportive and pressure relieving
  • The edge support isn’t so good

#2. Leesa Hybrid

Another perk of using wirecutter mattress recommendation service is that they are very keen on prices. People often say that price should be a determining factor. But, there are instances when you may want a good hybrid bed but do not have the money. In such cases, you can check out the Leesa hybrid. Falling in the list of best hybrid beds under $1500, the Leesa combines the benefits of spring and memory foam mattresses.

Key Features

  • 11 inches thick
  • It comprises of several layers of foam and six-inch wrapped coils
  • A firmness level of 6

Because of Leesa’s firmness level, it is perfect for combination sleepers. This bed’s wrapped coils and layers of foam make it bouncy and enable it to offer support. It also promotes ease of movement. So, if you love to switch positions at night, this is the ideal bed for you. This feature also makes it a good mattress for intimacy.

  • The Leesa hybrid has got great cooling features
  • It is ideal for couples (intimacy)
  • It offers excellent edge support
  • Too soft for stomach sleepers

Best Wirecutter Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring beds have been around for a while now. The technology incorporated in these beds and their design makes them a top choice for many sleepers. Shopping for an innerspring mattress isn’t always the easiest thing to do. With the help of wirecutter mattress recommendations, however, it shouldn’t be so hard. In their recent list of best wirecutter mattresses in 2021, they listed the following beds.

#1. Saatva Classic Luxury

Wirecutter didn’t list this bed in their overall roundup of best mattresses in 2021. However, in their post about the best innerspring mattresses in 2021, the Saatva Classic was amongst their top choices. After looking at this mattress and the features it offers, we felt that it deserves to be ranked with the others. Wirecutter describes this bed as one that offers plush with a bounce. If you crave a bed that snugly holds your body, the Saatva Classic is perfect for you.

Key Features

  • 3-inch EURO top
  • Available in 11 ½ and 14 ½ inches
  • Has a 180-night trial duration
  • Contains pocketed micro-coils

Saatva beds do not hesitate when it comes to having a luxurious feel and look. However, what’s unique about this bed is that it is both elegant and affordable. It goes for less than $1500. On the surface, you will find a three-inch EURO top that is responsible for the plush feeling. Below it are pocketed micro-coils and cotton adding, which offer support as well as pressure relief.

  • It’s a lush bed with some bounce
  • The Saatva Classic looks and feels luxurious
  • It offers enough back support
  • The trial duration is quite lengthy
  • It doesn’t have as many coils. Therefore, it transfers some motion

#2. WinkBed (Luxury Firm)

Going for less than $1500, the WinkBed Luxury Firm option is one of the best innerspring mattresses in the market. It features a layer of base coils, even on the edges. As a result, this bed has got excellent edge support, and it’s bouncy. The WinkBed Luxury Firm doesn’t sink as memory foam mattresses do.

Key Features

  • A firmness level of 7
  • It features robust coils
  • Comes with a breathable Tencel cover

The presence of coils makes this bed bouncy and responsive. Movement on this mattress is easy. As you can see from the features section, a breathable Tencel cover ensures the mattress is always cool. Beneath it is a Euro-style pillow top that contains gel-infused foam, which enhances the breathability of this bed. The support layer comprises of individually wrapped pocket coils that offer support.

  • Ideal for combination sleepers
  • Ensures you sleep cooler
  • Offers great support
  • Partners that are sensitive about movements

#3. Asteria Beth (Pillow Top)

The Asteria Beth costs more than the WinkBed, but here are the reasons why. This mattress contains more than a thousand pocketed coils and 520 micro-coils. You can therefore imagine the level of support this mattress can offer a sleeper. The Asteria Beth suits a wide range of sleeping positions. It also comprises of Talalay latex that provides support and improves airflow. On top of the bed, you will find wool, silk, and quilted foam, which all exist to offer comfort.

Key Features

  • Only available at Bloomingdale
  • 13-inch mattress
  • Comprises of many pocketed coils

The presence of many pocket coils grants sleepers enough support. Whether you are a stomach or back sleeper, you will have the time of you will love how this bed feels. The Talalay latex promotes breathability, and the materials at the top make the bed very comfortable to sleep on.

  • You can exchange it after a year if it doesn’t please you
  • Bloomingdale offers discounts for this bed on special occasions
  • It’s breathable
  • The price is a bit high

#4. IKEA Hesstum (Medium Firm)

Innerspring mattresses aren’t usually the most affordable. However, after engaging in deep research, Wirecutter was able to unearth an innerspring bed that is both affordable and outstanding. Their budget pick for innerspring mattresses is the IKEA Hesstum. It is available at IKEA. Here is what you need to know about it.

Key Features

  • Plush EURO top
  • Curve-conforming micro coils
  • Has a 90-day exchange duration

You may want an innerspring bed, but the high prices can discourage you. Wirecutter, however, has got an affordable innerspring bed that has got tons of features. First, it is a medium-firm mattress that suits stomach and back sleepers.

  • 13 inches tall
  • The micro-coils help in relieving pressure
  • Has a sleek cotton-rayon cover
  • Has a short trial duration

Which are the Best Affordable Mattresses According to Wirecutter?

It’s not always when you will have the money to buy a high-end bed. During such times you will find yourself looking for more affordable options. Wirecutter is well aware of this, and that’s why there is a section that discusses the cheapest beds in their reviews.

Before we look at the affordable beds’ Wirecutter recommends, allow us to catch you up to speed on what to expect from these beds. Because of their low price tag, these mattresses have less dense foams, fewer layers, and the materials aren’t of a higher quality when you compare them to the more expensive mattresses. After thorough research, Wirecutter found out that the following beds are supportive, comfortable, and will last for a reasonably long duration.

#1. Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid

For less than $400, you can own this comfortable hybrid bed. From its general look, the Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid looks like a luxurious bed. It is comfy for its price range. As a hybrid mattress, it incorporates memory foam and pocketed coils. You, therefore, get the hugging feeling of memory foam beds and the bounce of innerspring mattresses.

Key Feature

  • Memory foam
  • Breathable pocketed coils
  • Copper-infused memory foam

The memory foam and coils aim to balance between pressure relief and support. Judging from its name, this hybrid has got several cooling properties, and that’s what makes it ideal for hot sleepers. The copper-infused memory foam, breathable coils, and moisture-wick cover all do the same job, and that’s to make the mattress breathable. The Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid suits a wide range of sleepers.

  • It’s the best budget hybrid bed
  • This mattress has got the features to ensure you sleep cooler every night
  • Suitable for side and light sleepers
  • It gives you the hug of memory foam beds
  • Not ideal for heavy sleepers
  • Zinus beds contain fiberglass
  • It’s not quite responsive
  • It does transfer some motion

#2. Green Tea Memory Foam

Cheap memory foam beds don’t usually have a good reputation in the mattress market, but this is an exception. The Green Tea Memory Foam is a firm bed that offers excellent support. It doesn’t transfer motion, and the edge support is above average. The biggest drawback of this mattress is that it doesn’t last long.

Key Features

  • A firmness level of 4
  • Infused with green tea extract
  • Available in four profile options from 6 to 12 inches tall

Zinus has made a name for itself as a leading maker of affordable beds in the US. This is one of the top-selling memory foam mattresses. The Green Tea memory foam contains some impressive technology. A good example is the infusion of green tea extract, which combats odor and moisture buildup. It also has high-density polyfoam.

  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Conforms to your body
  • Made for back and side sleepers
  • Does not accommodate heavy sleepers
  • Because it conforms to the body, hot sleepers may not have a good time
  • The bed isn’t durable
  • Also contains fiberglass

#3. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Mattress

As Wirecutter was looking for an affordable bed worth recommending, they came across Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The first thing that stood out was how cushioned and plush it is. The testers gave much praise regarding this mattress’s comfort. Another not-so-positive discovery made was that it’s not durable.

Key Features

  • Comprises of polyurethane and gel memory foam
  • The cover contains polyester, rayon, and spandex
  • Aesthetic-wise, this mattress features a simple and neat design

The first feature of this bed is the 6.5 firmness level. If you are a light sleeper, it can be a bit firm for you. Heavy sleepers should be comfortable. The thick foams are supportive. One of the reasons this mattress found itself on this list is that it is responsive and has adequate bounce.

  • It rebounds in less than 5 seconds
  • Affordable
  • Slightly breathable
  • The foam isn’t of high quality thus not durable
  • For light sleepers, it can be very firm
  • This brand’s isn’t very clear or open about their warranty

What Mattresses Does Wirecutter Find Suitable for Various Sleeping Positions?

Your sleeping position also plays a critical in determining which bed is perfect for you. Various types of beds suit different sleeping positions. By now, you should know whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper. There are people known as combination sleepers who do not stick to only one style. They, too, have mattresses that are made for them. In the wirecutter mattress reviews for 2021, they have a section that discusses which amongst the above beds are comfortable to different types of sleepers.

Wirecutter Best Beds for Side Sleepers

The perfect mattress for a side sleeper should be medium soft. A plush bed is the most comfortable for a side sleeper as it sinks around the hips and shoulders. It should, however, offer enough support to ensure proper spinal alignment. From the above mattresses, Wirecutter listed the following to be the best for side sleepers;

  • Loom & Leaf (Relaxed Firm) – This Saatva bed offers an adequate amount of sinkage that hugs the body of a side sleeper while supporting their spine. This feature is made possible by the quilted and thick cover. Because the Loom & Leaf comprises of dense foams, it doesn’t over sink to the point that it becomes uncomfortable to a side sleeper.
  • Leesa Hybrid – Comprising of thick memory foam and a thousand coils, this bed is firm enough for side sleepers. The cradling memory foam supports the pressure around the hips and shoulders, whereas the coils add some bounce.
  • Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II – Wirecutter didn’t forget about you if you are a side sleeper looking for a budget mattress. Going for less than $1000, this mattress is soft and offers pressure relief in the hips and shoulders.

Wirecutter Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers;

Even though this isn’t the healthiest sleeping position, mattresses are made to cater specifically to such sleepers. Wirecutter’s research yielded the following results;

  • Zenhaven – Stomach sleepers feel more comfortable when sleeping on a firm bed. The Zenhaven is a flappable mattress that has two firmness options. Either side should keep the spine of a stomach sleeper from arching while supporting their bodies. Other than that, the Talalay latex is exceptionally breathable, and if you are a hot sleeper as well, you can enjoy the breathability.
  • Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) – The level of support this mattress offers is enough to keep your spine from arching. Secondly, it doesn’t sink fast and easily. Therefore, it guarantees stomach sleepers continuous support.
  • Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell – As an innerspring mattress, this bed was made for stomach sleepers. You get adequate support as well as pressure relief from the pillow top.

Wirecutter Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

If you are a back sleeper, look for a medium-firm mattress that doesn’t sink. It should also provide pressure relief around the lower back, shoulder, and hips. After having back sleepers try a wide range of mattresses, Wirecutter found out the following are the best options.

  • Zenhaven – Considering that the Zenhaven has two firmness options, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s ideal for back sleepers. Out of these two sides, the firmer one suits back sleepers the most because it aligns the spine. Another feature of the Zenhaven that makes it conducive for back sleeping is the Talalay latex that cushions the hips, lower back, and shoulders.
  • Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) – Comprising of slow sinking memory foam, this bed promotes proper spinal alignment while offering pressure relief.
  • Novaform ComfortGrande – If you are a back sleeper and want a budget-friendly mattress, then Wirecutter recommends this bed. It offers impressive back support thanks to the presence of dense foams. It is, however, not durable.

Which Mattresses Does Wirecutter Recommend for Back Pain?

Back pain can be a menace, and it can get worse if you sleep on the wrong type of mattress. Sleep experts often recommend firm mattresses to people who experience back pain. These beds keep your spine aligned and thus alleviate this pain instead of triggering it. According to Wirecutter, these mattresses will relieve back pain.

  • The Saatva Classic – This hybrid bed is a favorite amongst people who suffer from back pain. The memory foam and pocketed coils conform to your body shape and promote spinal alignment. It is available in various thickness options. You should go for the 11 ½ inch Saatva Classic if your back pain becomes severe as you climb into the bed. We love this mattress because it’s a bit plush and not too firm to the point it makes the bed uncomfortable.
  • Zenhaven – The Zenhaven is an all-around mattress that satisfies many sleeping needs. Unlike memory foam, latex doesn’t sink quickly. Therefore, your spine will remain in the correct posture all night long. This bed features an innerspring that eases movement for people suffering from back pain. It is more breathable and comfortable and can accommodate both light and heavy sleepers.
  • Tempur Adapt (Medium Hybrid) – Wirecutter recommends this bed to back sleepers and those with lower back issues. It conforms to the curves of the body and has a medium firmness. Similar to the Zenhaven, it can also hold heavy sleepers. The problem with this bed is that it’s huggy, if you, therefore, like to move a lot, it may not be the best choice.

A Compilation of Wirecutter’s Honest Assessment of the Different Mattress Brands in the Market

Each mattress brand has its highlights. Some are known to use natural materials. Others make beds suitable for various sleeping positions. Similar to other industries, certain mattress brands are more reputable than others. As you shop for a mattress, you will come across multiple brands. You must know what makes a specific brand unique. Below, we will explore Wirecutter’s opinion on the different mattress brands and the bed they mostly recommend from that company.

  • Saatva – Founded in 2010, this is a US-based company specializing in manufacturing luxury beds. They sell several mattresses ranging from high-quality memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, air, and crib mattresses. They use natural quality material, and that is why their beds are durable. According to Wirecutter, the best mattress from this brand is the Loom & Leaf (Relaxed Firm).
  • Tuft & Needle – If you aren’t a fan of how memory foam sinks, you should love Tuft & Needle beds. This brand makes hybrid and foam mattresses that resist sagging. From this brand, Wirecutter’s best online mattress is the Tuft & Needle Original.
  • Leesa – This brand’s initial focus was affordable all-foam beds. They have, however, grown and today manufacture hybrid and luxe mattresses. The Leesa Hybrid has been Wirecutter’s top choice since 2018.
  • Helix – From this company, you can find beds for almost all sleeping positions. Their Helix Plus is Wirecutter’s favorite as it accommodates heavy sleepers and it’s durable.
  • Cassper – Wirecutter doesn’t have a lot of positive things to say about this brand other than the fact that their Original mattress is appealing.
  • Purple – They prefer to use medical-grade cushions infused with memory foam. Their beds, in particular, the Purple Original, is quite durable. It’s, however, jiggly, and this can be unpleasant for some sleepers.
  • Tempur-Pedic – When it comes to pressure relief, very few beds can beat Tempur-Pedic. Even their entry-level models are quite good. Mattresses from this brand are available for sampling at various retail stores. Wirecutter loves its Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) mattress.
  • Nectar – Despite not being the most durable mattress, their memory foam beds are plush and ideal for side sleepers. If you are shopping for an entry-level bed, you should consider the Nectar Original.

Why Does Their Opinion On Mattresses Matter?

If you are not familiar with their work, you may be thinking, what’s the big deal with Wirecutter? After all, aren’t there many product reviews blogs on the internet? Why is it that their opinion on mattresses matters so much? Here are the main reasons why you should listen to their expert mattress recommendations.

  • Wirecutter has a reputation for recommending the best of everything

For those of you who were asking, what’s so unique about this product reviews blog? Here is your answer. For the past decade, Wirecutter has been the go-to site for consumers if they want to know which product is the best in the market. This reputation has made them the most trusted product recommendation service on the market. So, if they say a particular mattress is the best, you can be assured that it is.

  • Wirecutter works with total editorial independence

Another thing that distinguishes Wirecutter from other product review blogs is that they work with total editorial independence. They do not lean toward certain brands more than they do others. Neither do they favor certain products over others. Every recommendation they give is unbiased, honest, and accurate. Wirecutter does not associate itself with any mattress brand or company. They look through the features, and if a mattress has got what it takes to be the best in the market, they post it on their blog. Please note that there are instances when Wirecutter may earn an affiliate commission from purchases made through the website. However, this doesn’t

  • All mattresses undergo rigorous testing before being recommended

Wirecutter doesn’t just wake up one morning and decide to list the best mattresses in the market. They subject all mattress brands to thorough testing, which unearths all the pros and cons. Wirecutter inspects all mattress features to determine if they are real or it’s a marketing gimmick. It’s through this testing that they discover the best mattresses.

  • Research on various mattress brands takes weeks or even months

It takes more than just a 2-minute nap for you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a mattress. Wirecutter is aware of this, and that’s why their research takes weeks and even months. The beds that they recommend are analyzed for weeks before publishing a review. This extended trial duration ensures that one tests every aspect of the mattress.

  • Wirecutter features more than just an editorial team

The problem with most online product recommendation services is that they only have an editorial team to develop content. At Wirecutter, you will find designers, scientists, engineers, and a wide range of technicians looking into mattresses to determine if they are safe, feature durable construction, and are worth the price.

  • Wirecutter actually tries out mattresses

This company doesn’t work on hearsay or assumption. Every mattress must be physically tried out at their testing facilities so that they can write an honest review about it. The team at Wirecutter believes that the beds they recommend will be bought by their friends, family, and, most importantly, their loyal readers. They, therefore, take this job seriously.

From the above, it’s clear why many people trust the Wirecutter mattress recommendation service. All their beds are the result of expert analysis, testing, and research. Their reviews are not biased and are informative. Now that you are familiar with Wirecutter and its positive reputation let’s look at their best mattress reviews for 2021.

The Ideal Mattress Buying Guide According to Wirecutter

A buyer’s guide is a crucial aspect of every mattress review. According to Wirecutter, the ideal mattress buying guide should;

  • Differentiate between marketing gimmicks and the actual benefits you can get from a mattress.
  • Highlight key mattress features such as pressure relief and support.
  • Educate you on what to inquire from a mattress manufacturer or sales agent.
  • Help you pinpoint the pros and cons of a bed as well as its durability.
  • Inform you on when to buy a mattress and which size you should choose.
  • Clarify the various mattress types and whether it is right for you.

As you will see from wirecutter mattress reviews, they address all these issues so that they can help you find the ideal mattress. Let’s get into the part you have all been waiting for, reviews of the best wire cutter mattresses.


Searching for the best mattress on your own can be pretty challenging. There being so many brands, all promising you that their beds are better. This can confuse you and cloud your judgment. However, with the help of product recommendation services such as Wirecutter, who test, analyze and determine which mattresses are perfect for your sleeping position, you can easily make an informed purchase. From the above wirecutter mattress reviews, it shouldn’t be hard to identify the best mattress for you. Hopefully, from now onwards, you can enjoy some quality sleep.


Q: How does Wirecutter know which are the best mattresses?

A: They interview and test a wide range of beds before reporting, which is better.

Q: Who tests these mattresses?

A: A group of scientists, researchers, and journalists do the research, which involves testing various beds. That’s how Wirecutter obtains credible information about various mattresses.

Q: How can the above review be of help to me?

A: It saves you time that you would have spent researching and figuring out which bed you should buy. Wirecutter only brings you the best of everything.

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