Where Are Purple Mattresses Made? 

Purple is one of the most sought after bed brands in the market. Their mattresses are packed with several exciting features, and their prices are reasonable. As a sleeper interested in a Purple bed, you may have many questions, such as where are these mattresses made?

Most mattress shoppers prefer beds made in the US because those imported from other countries often lack quality features and don’t adhere to safety standards. If you have always wanted to know whether Purple mattress is an American-made brand, this article will answer this question and share more details.

Where are Purple Beds Made?

On their official website, Purple mattresses state that their beds are strictly made in the US. The company’s headquarters are in Lehi, Utah. Here, they have a big warehouse located a few miles away from the town. This is where the manufacturing and assembling of Purple products occurs.

You should also know that Purple has manufacturing facilities in McDonough, Grantsville, and Alpine, all based in the US. Because of the increase in demand for Purple beds, the brand was forced to expand its manufacturing plants. In these facilities, Purple makes more than just mattresses. They also make pet beds, cushions and pillows.

If you have any doubts about where Purple mattresses are made, Sleep Aim can confirm that this company’s beds are made here in the US.

Why Is It Important to Know Where Purple Mattresses are Made?

Before we dig much deeper into where Purple mattresses are made, you may wonder why it is crucial to know the origin of a bed. Similar to other products, not all mattresses are built the same. The geographical location of where a mattress is manufactured plays a critical role.

Beds made outside the USA often contain inferior materials. Many sleepers are reluctant to import mattresses from other countries such as China because of the fear of receiving a bed that will sag or break down after a few months.

The other reason you should know where a bed is made is to confirm if it meets the fire safety requirements. A while back, a law was passed that requires all beds to have fire protection. This law only applies to American-made mattresses. Those made in other countries don’t have such a feature. Therefore, if the bed catches fire, there will be no form of defence.

As you can see, it is of utmost importance to know where a bed is made. Fortunately, since Purple mattresses are made in the US, you are assured of finding a flame-retardant beneath the cover that will keep you safe. Secondly, even though the materials may not be of the best quality, the bed should serve you for a considerable duration.

When was Purple Mattress Founded?

Having discovered where Purple mattresses are made, it’s also important that we briefly look through the company’s history.

This Utah-based company was founded in 2015 by two brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce. Before that, the two brothers had made several discoveries in the cushioning industry. Initially, Purple was a wheelchair business. The brand used to make cushioning to help alleviate bedsores that wheelchair users experienced during those days.

When the brothers saw an opportunity in the mattress industry, they utilized wheelchair cushion technology to make a comfortable bed at a reasonable price. At the moment, they didn’t anticipate a lot of growth, but seven years later, Purple is one of the leading mattress brands in the US. With several manufacturing facilities, Purple generates millions of revenues every year, and they employ hundreds of workers in areas where their facilities are located.

Where Does Purple Mattress Ship To?

As a US-based mattress manufacturer, this brand ships all over the US. The company also ships mattresses to Canada and Hawaii. However, orders that are to be delivered to the latter destinations take much longer. A typical order within the borders of the US should take around about a week.

The above option applies to shoppers buying mattresses online. However, if you want to have a feel of a Purple bed before buying it, you can always try one at Macy’s, Mattress Firm, and several other retail shops spread all over the US. Their website has a shop finder to help you locate a retailer that stocks Purple mattresses.

It’s commendable that Purple makes its mattresses available for purchase at retail shops and online. This is appealing to all types of shoppers. Some people prefer to try a mattress before buying it. Others enjoy the convenience associated with online mattress shopping.

How Long Do Purple Mattresses Need to Expand?

You may be considering buying one now that you have confirmed where Purple mattresses are made. As you may already know, most beds need to be given time to inflate. During packaging and shipment, these beds are compressed to prevent damage.

A Purple bed expands to its complete form within 24 to 48 hours. Most people usually sleep on a Purple mattress the same day it was delivered, and they don’t notice any problems. Most of the time, Purple beds don’t need any assistance when expanding. But if you are in a hurry to inflate it, make sure that the room has enough air circulation, squash the mattress to promote airflow within the form, and introduce some heat to force the mattress molecules to expand.

Does Purple Honor Their Warranty?

Despite Purple being an American-based mattress manufacturer, they don’t use high-quality materials. Several reviews express a lack of contentment with the brand’s durability. With the above in mind, it’s crucial to understand their warranty policy.

The purple mattress honors their 10-year warranty. However, the warranty only covers two main issues; indentations measuring at least one inch deep and cracks in the bed. If you damage the mattress by placing it on an unsupportive frame, Purple will not honor the warranty, and they won’t pay for repairs. Purple’s warranty is pretty straightforward, and as long as you don’t void it, you will be fine.

Has Purple Mattress Ever Been Sued?

Our review of the origin of Purple mattresses would be incomplete if we didn’t look at any lawsuits that this company has been subjected to in the past. From our findings, the Purple brand has been involved in one case. The funny thing here is that Purple is the one who filed a lawsuit against Monahan, the owner of Honest Mattress Reviews and the CEO of GhostBeds.

A few years ago, Purple mattresses came packaged with a white powder. According to Purple, the purpose of that white powder was to prevent the bed from sticking to the pillows during shipment. However, Monahan from Honest Mattress Reviews thought otherwise. According to him, the powder was a health risk to sleepers.

Purple retaliated in 2017 by filing a lawsuit against Monahan, alleging that this website aimed to tarnish their brand reputation and promote that of GhostBed. After the case was heard, it was determined that Monahan’s claims were just a smear campaign. Surprisingly, Purple stopped using that white powder all of a sudden.

Purple may have dealt with the dreaded white powder. However, their mattresses also contain a fiberglass fire sock. Therefore, their beds are not 100% safe.

What are Purple Mattresses Made Of?

Purple mattresses are mainly made out of poly foam. There is a stretchy cooling material on the cover that is made of viscose, polyester and Lycra. This cover promotes the breathability of the Purple bed. Beneath the cover is a proprietary gel grid. Its purpose is to offer pressure relief to a sleeper’s body. This technology makes you feel like you are floating on the mattress.

A transition layer of polyfoam is meant to cushion heavy sleepers. Beneath that is a high-density polyfoam and a non-bottom that ensures the mattress firmly holds to the frame. Due to this design, Purple mattresses should not be flipped because the grid is only on one side.

What Complaints Have Sleepers Made Against Purple Beds?

Purple mattresses are far from flawless. There are a lot of complaints that sleepers have made in the past few years. These beds tend to sag prematurely. That’s mainly because the materials used are of inferior quality. Even though it’s made here in the US, Purple needs to upgrade to high-quality materials.

Purple mattresses are known to off-gas for longer than most typical beds. The edge support of these beds is terrible and heavy people may have trouble using the entire mattress. Even though there are luxurious mattresses out there that cost more than Purple, if you compare this brand to competitors on its level, their prices are slightly higher.

Another complaint that has been made against this mattress is the grid layer. It appeals only to some sleepers. A good number of people find the grid layer to be uncomfortable.


Q: Is the Purple mattress made in China?

A: No. All Purple products are made and assembled here in the US.

Q: Who manufactures Purple mattresses?

A: Terry and Tony Pearce founded this company. They are the brains behind Purple products.

Q: Are Purple mattresses toxic?

A: Even though the bed is CERTIPUR certified, it’s not made with organic materials. It also contains fiberglass.

Final Thoughts

If you have always been questioning the origin of Purple mattresses, hopefully, the article above has addressed your doubts. However, even though Purple mattresses are made in the US, they are not the most durable and comfortable mattresses. Here are alternatives that use quality materials, have more extended warranties and don’t contain fiberglass.

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