Where Are Dream Cloud Mattresses Made?

Knowing the origin of a mattress tells you a lot about its features and the quality of materials. If you are interested in buying a Dreamcloud mattress, you should know that it is made in China.

Dreamcloud is a big name in the mattress arena. The brand is known for making a luxurious hybrid bed that will ensure you sleep comfortably throughout the night. They have a long sleep trial, and there are a lot of positive reviews about this mattress online. Nonetheless, beds made in China tend not to have the best reputation. If you want to learn more about Dreamcloud mattresses and their origin, you have come to the right place.

Why are Dreamcloud Mattresses Made in China?

The US imports a lot of things from China. Dreamcloud mattresses happen to be one of them. The funny thing is that Dreamcloud is an American company based in California and that often leaves most shoppers confused as to why they would manufacture beds in China.

China is popular for having one of the most skilled yet affordable labor forces globally. Its why products made in China are quite affordable. Dreamcloud also benefits from the above. By making mattresses in China, Dreamcloud can significantly cut down on costs. Because of this, Dreamcloud can make a luxurious bed and charge a reasonable price.

Compared to other manufacturers whose beds are made and assembled here in the US, Dreamcloud hybrid mattresses cost less. Also, because of this low cost, Dreamcloud was able to attract many clients, which boosted the demand for their mattresses. That forced the company to expand its manufacturing operations in the UK. When writing this article, Dreamcloud mattresses are made in the UK and China. These mattresses are shipped to the US and sold directly to consumers.

Despite being made in China, it’s worth mentioning that Dreamcloud mattresses are made by experts who ensure the mattress is of decent quality and meets the needs of various sleepers.

Why Did Dreamcloud Lie about Assembling Mattresses in the USA?

A while back, there was a scandal associated with Dreamcloud. They used to claim that even though the mattresses are made in China, the beds are assembled here in the US. It was not until the Federal Trade Commission intervened that Dreamcloud admitted to stop sharing misleading information about their mattress manufacturing process.

So, why would Dreamcloud lie about assembling the mattresses in the US? As mentioned earlier, mattresses made in China don’t usually have the best reputation. We will explain why in the next sub-topic. Dreamcloud used to lie about assembling mattresses here in the US so that they would show their customers that their beds aren’t wholly imported from China.

This move was more of a cover-up, and, unfortunately, it backfired on them. It’s not just Dreamcloud who has been lying to their clients. But most mattress brands make unqualified claims about their mattress manufacturing process and origin. As a shopper, you need to stay vigilant at all times.

Does Nectar Sleep Own Dreamcloud?

Even though these brands have different names and were launched at varying intervals, they are owned by the same company. Dreamcloud is part of Nectar Sleep. Nectar leans more towards memory foam mattresses, whereas Dreamcloud is into hybrid beds. Both mattresses are made in China and UK. Even though they are from the same company, these mattresses have plenty of differences that you can learn about here.

What’s the Issue with Mattresses Made in China?

There is nothing wrong with a bed being made or imported from China. Most beds from China are quite affordable. Therefore, if you are on a budget, you can save a lot of money on such mattresses. There are certain issues that buyers need to be aware of when buying mattresses from China. These issues include;

1. The Use of a Fiberglass Fire Sock

A huge number of China-made mattresses come with a fiberglass fire sock. The mattress manufacturing requirements in China aren’t as stringent as those in the US. Therefore, the manufacturers there can use whatever they want as flame retardants. When shopping from brands that make mattresses in China, such as Dreamcloud, you have to be careful about the use of fiberglass.

Sleep Aim researched Dreamcloud mattresses deeper, and we found out that their beds are fiberglass-free. Even though the mattress comes with a non-removable cover, it is fiberglass-free. You can, therefore, sleep on it confidently, knowing that you are safe.

Before moving on from the fiberglass issue, you need to know that Nectar mattresses co-owned alongside Dreamcloud contain fiberglass. The brand was under review some time back for lying about the use of fiberglass in their mattresses. This raises a lot of suspicions, especially when you add in the misleading information about assembling their mattresses in the US. Overall, the Dreamcloud/Nectar Sleep brand needs thorough scrutiny.

2. The Use of Low-quality Materials

Undoubtedly, it’s not just mattresses, but many products from China are made using low-quality materials. Beds imported from China aren’t made using the highest quality memory foam. As a result, they sag prematurely. You may think you have received a discount for such a mattress only for the bed not to last for more than a year.

Are Most Mattresses Made in China?

Just because the Dreamcloud is a popular mattress made in China, that doesn’t mean all beds in the market come from this part of the world. There are plenty of popular mattress brands, such as Saatva, made and assembled here in the US. Unlike those made in China, brands such as Saatva are free of fiberglass and are made using high-quality materials.

It’s easy to identify a bed made in China. The first characteristic it will have is a low price tag. Secondly, the materials won’t be of the best quality. You can expect the presence of fiberglass and other materials that wouldn’t be considered safe in the US. There are several quality mattresses made and imported from China. Research must be done to ensure the mattress you are buying from China is ideal for you.

How Long Does a Dreamcloud Mattress Take to Expand?

You may wonder what the expansion period of a Dreamcloud mattress has to do with the origin. Here is a brief explanation. If a mattress is shipped from the other side of the world to the US, it must be packaged tightly and firmly to avoid damage during shipment. When you add the shipment duration, it will take the mattress to reach your destination. The materials will be firmly compressed. This is why you need to figure out a Dreamcloud mattress expansion period.

A Dreamcloud mattress is expected to expand fully within three days. For a typical mattress made in the US, the expansion duration is 48 hours. But since the Dreamcloud is coming from much further, expect it to take longer to expand fully.

The other reason a Dreamcloud mattress takes longer to expand is that it contains many materials. That’s obvious because this is a hybrid mattress with multiple layers of foam and pocket coils. Don’t forget that it is vacuum-sealed during packaging.

Do I Have to Pay for Dreamcloud Mattress Shipping?

When you find out that Dreamcloud mattresses are made in China, you may shy away from buying the mattress, thinking that the shipping fees are high. However, that is not the case. Dreamcloud’s job is to figure out how the beds will be delivered to their fulfillment centers in the US. The only shipping fees you will be paying are those associated with delivering the mattress from their US stores to your home. You can also pay for white glove delivery, which costs slightly higher.

Are There Other Things about Dreamcloud You Should Be Aware Of?

You already know that Dreamcloud mattresses are not made in the US. It’s also important to learn more things about this brand. Here are details worth knowing about Dreamcloud mattresses.

  • They make two types of hybrid mattresses; basic and luxury.
  • They also sell a wide range of sleeping products ranging from mattress protectors to pillows.
  • These mattresses have received their fair share of complaints over the past few years. For instance, their mattress cover isn’t very durable. The mattress’s comfort level has been a topic of discussion amongst sleepers for a while now. Before buying a Dreamcloud mattress, it’s important to go through some of the issues raised by its clients.


Q: Is Dreamcloud made in the US?

A: Dreamcloud mattresses are made in China and the UK.

Q: Who manufactures Dreamcloud mattresses?

A: Nectar Sleep makes these mattresses. Both are made in China.

Q: Where is Dreamcloud located here in the US?

A: The company is based in Palo Alto, California.


Dreamcloud mattresses aren’t made in the US. They prefer to make them in China since it’s where they can access skilled labor at affordable rates. The manufacture of these mattresses in China ensures their price tags remain low. Even though they are made in China, Dreamcloud mattresses have decent features, and if you prefer the bouncy feeling provided by a hybrid bed, this can be the right mattress for you.

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