6 Best Walmart Memory Foam Mattress Reviewed in 2022

Walmart is perhaps better known for its groceries than it is for its mattresses. While it prides itself on selling great value for money products, we wanted to know if that attention to affordability extended to its mattress range.

With memory foam being the current favorite among many mattress users, we thought this would be the best range of Walmart mattresses to examine. We want to know how long they last, how sturdy the build quality is, and how comfortable a Walmart memory foam mattress really is.

Do they live up to the competition, or is it all just a pipe dream? Let’s put Walmart memory foam mattresses under the microscope to find out.

Do Walmart Sell Memory Foam Mattresses?

Walmart has been selling mattresses for a few years now and has an attractive range of memory foam products on offer. The range covers multiple price points, from budget through to luxury models. The memory foam mattress range comes in all the standard mattress sizes you would expect.

While we want to focus primarily on Walmart’s attractive range of own and branded memory foam mattresses, that’s not the full extent of its bedding offering. Walmart provides several top-of-the-line hybrid and innerspring mattresses that combine memory foam with pocketed springs to give a bit of bounce to the bed.

You can view Walmart’s list of hybrid and innerspring beds through its website. For the moment, we are going to power on and examine the best memory foam options below.

Here are the 6 Best Walmart Memory Foam Mattresses in 2022

Below, we have tried to cover the most popular memory foam mattresses from Walmart.

Signature Design By Ashley Chime – Best Walmart Memory Foam Mattress for Softness: 

This mattress comes in at under a thousand dollars for its biggest size. While this affordable rate may make you suspicious, you won’t be when you sink into it. The Chime mattress range is synonymous with the precision design that brings supreme comfort to your boudoir, and this offering is no exception.

The mattress is a bed-in-a-box, so it will arrive vacuum sealed and in need of expansion. It carries a super-plush rating with Walmart, but Chime rates this as a medium mattress that excellently supports sleepers. If you love a soft bed but are a stomach sleeper, this mattress is the holy grail.

You can order this bed in a variety of mattress depths. The lowest-priced ones are 8″ mattresses, but the model goes all the way up to 14″. This bed is an excellent example of how Walmart is constantly offering the broadest range of choices for all.

The Ashley Chime is entirely hypoallergenic, so any off-gassing is going to be non-toxic. The mattress weighs 43lbs and is subject to the Walmart Protection Plan, which covers damage caused by product defects.

Best Walmart Memory Foam Mattress for Medium Mattress Lovers: The Sleep Inc. 10 “ memory foam
This bed is another high-quality mattress that comes in at under that thousand-dollar price point. Available in twin through to California King, this 10” mattress is full foam with a plush feeling, medium density foam mattress.

Sleep Inc mattresses align the spine as you sleep, keeping it straight and improving your posture. It comes with the minimal motion transference you would expect from a memory foam mattress, as well as a breathable construction to allow plenty of airflow under you as you sleep.

The top layer of this bed features patented cooling gel Visco memory foam. The mattress is hypoallergenic, too, with full CertiPUR-US certification, no metals or formaldehyde, and a 10-year warranty from Sleep Inc.

The only downside is that this is a bed-in-a-box, so it will take up to 48 hours to expand. You can sleep on it before this; just don’t judge the mattress too quickly. An expanded bed-in-a-box gives you the full taste of the comfort level. Before it reaches full expansion, it can be a tough couple of nights.

The GranRest 9-inch Gel Mattress – Best Walmart Memory Foam Mattress for Firmness

Those with an eye for quality looking for a firm bed above 6 on the scale, should look no further than this brand. GranRest is a mattress manufacturer known for its high-quality products at reasonable rates. This firm-yet-cushioned pillow top comes in at an exceptional price compared to what we have seen it cost in bed stores.
This mattress from Walmart features Dura foam and Convoluted Foam, two patents held by the GranRest manufacturers. The convoluted foam creates better airflow underneath you as you sleep, allowing for a cooler summer night. It comes as a bed-in-a-box like most Walmart memory foam mattresses seem to be.

This mattress knocks money off the top end by saving on certifications. It doesn’t provide you with a warranty, but Walmart’s return policy will cover you. If you try this mattress for a week or two and don’t like it, return it before that thirty-day period is up.

The Sleep Innovations Marley Cooling Gel Mattress – Best Walmart Memory Foam Mattress for Cooling

This mattress has all the benefits of reduction in price brought about by the bed-in-a-box revolution, coupled with the comfort and style of a full foam bed. Better yet, the California King version of this mattress is under $500. The Sleep Innovations Cooling Gel mattress is a fantastic example of how Walmart shops in bulk and passes those savings onto the consumer.

This is a medium-firm mattress composed entirely of cooling gel-infused memory foam. There are firm and medium versions, too. It features three layers of foams in its unique triple-layered design. It is fully CertiPUR-US certified non-toxic foam and comes with a ten-year warranty against defects.

This mattress has three different layers of cooling gel memory foam. Usually, you would find a single cooling layer towards the top of the bed. If you are a hot sleeper looking for the best Walmart mattress for you, you won’t get much better than the Sleep Innovations 10”.

Overall, it’s an excellent, firm mattress that will be great for any sleeper that needs a bit of extra support.

The Serta Premium 9” Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Best Walmart Memory Foam Mattress for Therapeutic Benefits: 

If you are looking for a mattress capable of giving you full pressure point support, look no further than the Serta range. This model is a firm mattress with layers and layers of comfort foam. Since it is health-focused, it comes with CertiPUR-US certifications and is 100% assembled in the USA.

When you buy this model, you can take advantage of the Serta ten-year guarantee. It has excellent airflow, the motion isolation is legendary, it comes with the Serta quality and know-how, it looks stylish, and it comes in all sizes. We don’t like to play favorites, but this is the mattress we would buy if we were after a memory foam mattress from Walmart.

The only downside, again, is that it is a bed-in-a-box. You will need the full 48 hours of expansion before you get to truly test how good it feels. This mattress is firm, too, so bear that in mind. Those who need therapeutic mattresses will find a firm bed is always best.

The Prima Sleep Dura Deluxe Comfort Mattress – Best Walmart Memory Foam Mattress on a Budget

For something under $200, but that still lets you enjoy the luxury of memory foam, this nifty little mattress will do the trick. It is made entirely of memory foam, comes with free delivery, and will allow you to enjoy the luxury of a full foam bed without the thousand-dollar price tag.

This mattress aims to evenly balance out your body weight, giving equal support so that you can have a great night’s sleep. It’s comfortable, comes with the option of increasing the mattress thickness to 9″ or 11″, and features deluxe comfort foam.

Prima Sleep Dura Deluxe comfort mattresses do come with a chemical exposure warning. It’s nothing serious; it just means that the off-gassing from this mattress is worse than others. You should air it out in the room before you use it if you are worried. Oddly, the company is only legally obliged to tell you about this if you live in the state of California. For everyone else, you won’t get a notification.

The Hi.Fancy Gel Foam Mattress Range – Best Luxury Walmart Memory Foam Mattress:

Each of the Hi. Fancy mattresses are worth about £10,000, proving that Walmart does supply a luxury option. These mattresses are made by Top Dream furniture, a provider of high-end homeware designed to give you the most comfortable sleep possible.

They tend to be made of three layers of exceptionally high-quality memory foam, including the pillows, and come with a long product shelf life. The Hi. The fancy range uses a superior quality of silicon foam, a high-flow density foam, and a base support foam, all of which lets you sink in and molds ideally to your shape.

The comfort level varies from mattress to mattress, and we have linked you to the medium version. It features such extraordinary craftsmanship that you are unlikely ever to have to buy another bed.

The company encourages you to measure your bed frame size before you commit to buying this one. It does have a return policy, but it is for defective products, and it’s rarely necessary because of the excellent quality. Walmart’s own guarantees of sale will also cover you.

What are the Best Memory Foam Mattresses offered by Walmart?

Walmart has its own range called Allswell. This brand is not wholly a white-label mattress provision service. Instead, the Allswell Company comes with Walmart’s backing as a sort of mentor company.

As well as the Allswell company, Walmart sells memory foam mattresses from a range of other brands, providing consumers with plenty of options.

It’s important to note that the Allswell mattress range features entirely hybrid mattresses containing both memory foam and pocketed coils. If you are looking for a memory foam mattress from Walmart, you won’t find it in the home range. Instead, you will have to turn to the brands.

Brand Name Memory Foam Mattresses from Walmart

As well as selling its own mattress range, Walmart strikes deals with mattress manufacturers that you already know and love. Some of the big brand names in memory foam mattresses available in Walmart stores include:

  • Saatva Zenhaven – hand-crafted, non-toxic, latex mattresses with a side helping of hypoallergenic materials and a luxury finish
  • Tempur-Pedic- broke onto the mattress manufacturer scene in 1995 using NASA technology to create its specially designed foam.
  • Purple Mattress – a thriving new contributor to the mattress-making world. Its innovative memory foam grid technology sets it apart.
  • Brooklyn Bedding – another firm operating since the mid-’90s, this mattress manufacturer was the brainchild of two brothers based in Brooklyn.
  • Casper – Founded in 2014, the Casper mattress range from Casper Sleep has broken several records and won awards for its design.
  • Novosbed – a low-cost mattress provider that ships throughout Canada and the US.
  • Tuft & Needle – Tuft & Needle recently merged with the Serta and Simmons companies. Together, they have 220 years of experience in mattress manufacturing.
  • Sealy – Sealy is the oldest brand on Walmart’s boos. It started trading in 1889 when a cotton gin company put cotton in a mattress.
  • Serta – Serta is one of the most notable mattress manufacturers worldwide, with decades of mattress-making experience since its founding in 1931.
  • BeautyRest – made by Simmons, the sister company to Serta, the Beautyrest mattress range is renowned for high-class comfort.

There are many memory foam mattress manufacturers to choose from, so we have narrowed it down to the best-selling and most comfortable beds.

What to look for when Buying a Memory Foam Mattress?

We know not all of you are used to the world of memory foam mattresses. To help you shop for the best Walmart memory foam mattress for you, take our advice and narrow your options down using the following categories.

Noise Isolation

Mattresses that make a noise every time you or your partner moves at night need to go to the recycling center. A mattress that squeaks when you move is a mattress that has outlived its natural life cycle. It’s time for a new one.

If your new mattress makes a noise, then it’s probably a sprung one. One of the things consumers most love about a memory foam mattress is how quiet it is. You might hear it sucking air in, but that’s all.

For a silent memory foam mattress from Walmart, we loved the Spa Sensations by Zinus. This memory foam mattress from Walmart gets a special mention both for its silence and its temperature regulating foam.

Motion Reduction

Another great thing about memory foam mattresses from Walmart is their ability to soak up and disperse movement. All of those consumers who sleep beside a partner that tosses and turns should be wary of bouncy beds. A memory foam one will soak up the movement like a sponge so that you can sleep on, undisturbed.

Any memory foam mattress from Walmart should be up to the task of stopping motion transfer. However, the thicker they are, the better it works. The Lucid Bliss starts at 5” and works its way up to 14″ of gel-infused memory foam and should be more than adequate for the task.


Although we picked out the best from soft, medium, and firm ratings in our best memory foam mattresses from the Walmart section above, other firmness ratings are available. The extra plush and medium-firm ratings are standard, but we cannot ignore the recent emergence of an extra firm mattress.

It seems some of us like to sleep on bedding that is so tough that it could be the floor itself. However, extra firm mattresses can still be full foam, luxurious, and soft to the touch.

For the best in extra firm memory foam support, check out the Dynasty Mattress. It also cools as you sleep through its innovative use of cooling gel foams.


Memory foam mattresses don’t have any bounce. Instead, they have sinkage. This is what happens when it cradles you as you lay down on it. Sinkage is essential for any sleeper. Too much, and you feel suffocated, too little, and you feel uncomfortable.

Sinkage increases while firmness decreases. You will get most sinkage from an extra-plush or super-soft mattress from Walmart. Check out the Pemberley Row 12” soft-infused mattress for a memory foam sleeper you can really sink into.

Edge support

The edge support on a standard bed means that you can sit on the edge of it without sliding off. Edge support is notoriously lacking in memory foam beds since they have sinkage instead of bounce.

This means two things. The first; that you can’t sit on the edge without sinking. The second; that your mattress might sag in the middle over time.

Get around all this by choosing a mattress with good edge support, even though it is still a memory foam one. A firmer foam mattress will have less of a problem here. Check out the Zinus Green Tea infused mattress, which has good edge support for its material makeup.

Washable Cover

Does your mattress have a washable cover? This is an unusual feature for memory foam mattresses since the top layer cover is often used to hold the bed together.

However, there are a few memory foam mattresses in Walmart with a washable cover. We like the Sleepyhead Copper-Infused mattress instead since it keeps itself clean and saves you time and stress.

Temperature Control

Temperature regulation is becoming common in all mattress types. Memory foam mattresses sold in Walmart are now subject to ventilation, cooling gel infusions, and grid technology for better airflow between mattress layers.
The Classic Brands cool gel 12” is a great idea. It is well ventilated to help you stay fresh all year round. Those of you who sleep hot have plenty of options in memory foam beds from Walmart.

Warranty information

The different brands at Walmart have different warranties, guarantees, and even sleep trials. Be sure to check all the details before you commit to buying. If you have nothing on the mattress, they should still be covered by the Walmart product plans we outlined earlier.

Is a Memory Foam Mattress from Walmart a Good Fit for You?

Memory foam mattresses are best suited to the back and the side sleeper, regardless of where you get them from. This is because they can mold your shape, and side sleepers need the extra give around the shoulder and hip region. Back sleepers can sleep on any type of bed without discomfort.

Memory foam is quiet, absorbing sound so that you aren’t disturbed at night. On the flip side of this, they don’t come with any bounce to them. Similarly, you can’t turn them around to let the other side get a chance at gathering wear because turning them around leaves you sleeping on the supportive base instead of the top cover.

We recommend Walmart memory foam mattresses for those interested in making a saving on a bed they would otherwise pick up from a manufacturer. If you are a side sleeper, opt for a softer finish in terms of firmness rating. If you are a back sleeper, you can have any type of foam bed you want. If you are a stomach sleeper, try to go for the firmer full foam beds, or even consider one of the Walmart innerspring or hybrid mattresses instead.

Last but not least, consider how your partner feels about all of this. If you live with someone, it’s going to be their bed too. If they like a soft bed and you like a hard one, you may have to look farther afield than your local Walmart for a split mattress.

The Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses from Walmart

At a glance, then, here are some of the best and worst reasons to buy your new memory foam mattress from Walmart.

The Pros of Walmart Memory Foam Mattresses:

  • The choice is endless
  • There are cooling options available
  • The covers can be anti-microbial
  • It has a choice of all sizes, types, firmness ratings, and many brands
  • The prices are fabulous
  • The warranty and returns policy are varied, and some extensive
  • There are plenty of special feature mattresses
  • It also sells futons and crib bedding

The Cons of Walmart Memory Foam Mattresses:

  • Memory foam doesn’t have great edge support
  • They will sag if you don’t have the correct base size
  • You can’t always get old mattress lines because Walmart deals in bulk, and once they are gone, they are gone.
  • The differences in warranty information between mattresses can be confusing.
  • Some people don’t like the feel of a full foam bed

Why are Walmart Mattresses so Cheap?

Walmart buys all of its mattresses directly from the supplier. It has its own warehouses, which allows it to purchase vast quantities of the same product and store it for later. This means it can earn substantial bulk discounts on the memory foam mattresses it sells.

The result of this is a range of mattresses that are second to none in the US. Walmart can knock an impressive amount off the price of each individual mattress simply because of the savings it makes in purchasing. It can make further savings by selling some mattresses as only available through its online store, and that way, it doesn’t even have to distribute them to its own superstores.

It’s the bulk-order mattress deals that save us all the extra money. Often, buying from Walmart is cheaper than buying from the manufacturer directly.

What Else Does the Walmart Bedding Range Include?

The Walmart mattress collection includes any number of mattress toppers. Some of these are made for extra softness, some to cushion, some to cool, and some to improve upon an old mattress.

As well as the mattresses and your groceries, Walmart will happily provide you with its own range of kitchen and dining ware. It sells storage and cabinets, cupboards, and everything else you need to furnish and decorate your home.

FAQs about Walmart Memory Foam Mattresses

We have tried to cover all the questions we often hear regarding Walmart memory foam mattresses. Read through the comments below if you still have questions. We may have already answered it for you!

Q1) What kind of mattresses does Walmart sell?
A) All kinds, hybrid, innerspring, and memory foam. It also sells special feature foam beds, such as therapeutic mattresses or cooling gel-infused foam mattresses.

The Walmart range is legendary for being so complete. There are few mattresses you won’t find here. As well as selling adult beds, it stocks cribs, memory foam mattress toppers, and even futon mattresses.

Q2) What is the best memory foam mattress sold at Walmart?
A) There are lots of great value memory foam mattresses available through Walmart. Look out for big brand names as these have a larger budget to spend on researching and developing new products.
According to the website, one of its best foam mattresses is the Spa Sensations Zinus Theratouch. It has some beautiful quilting work in the top layer.

Q3) Are Walmart Mattresses any good?
A) There is no difference between buying your mattress in Walmart or buying it from the mattress manufacturer. Walmart buys many beds in bulk, thereby incurring massive savings that each consumer gets a portion of.

Q4) Who makes Allswell mattresses?
A) Allswell Mattresses is an independent company making its own mattresses. However, the company is backed by Walmart for exclusive access to its beds. Essentially this means that Walmart is the creator behind Allswell.

Q5) Does Walmart have mattresses in-store?
A) Walmart does have mattresses, but they will only appear on the shop floor in larger supermarkets. You have access to the full range of Walmart mattresses if you go online, however. There are even some brands that it doesn’t keep in-store and you can only buy online.
You can use the Walmart store finder tool to find the nearest large store to you to buy a memory foam mattress from Walmart.

Q6) Does Walmart sell king-sized mattresses?
A) Yes, it sells every size of mattress from twin to California King. It also provides crib bedding, futon mattresses, and everything in between. Memory foam mattresses from Walmart are good value for money.
Conclusion about the Quality of Walmart Memory Foam Mattresses

If you have been searching for a particular kind of mattress, you should always make a price comparison on the same memory foam mattress sold at Walmart if it has it in stock. Although Walmart doesn’t sell all brands of mattresses, it should match a good percentage of them while retaining that better price.

Walmart memory foam mattresses from Allswell are of great value and will give you a comfortable nights’ sleep. They come at a few different price points with differing technology and luxury levels to match the budget. We couldn’t find any real faults with the range. It looks like they are simply good value-for-money mattresses that do precisely what they say they will.

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