Vibe Mattress Lawsuit Update In 2023

For those who have been mattress shopping on amazon, you may have come across Vibe beds. It’s a popular brand on Amazon that sells affordable mattresses. The Vibe is owned by Classic Brands, a company that has been making mattresses for over four decades. At the moment, Vibe mattresses are available in all-foam and hybrid options. Therefore, whether you crave the support of hybrid beds or the pressure relief offered by memory foam, Vibe has both. However, several mattress brands have recently received lawsuits for various issues. Today, we will offer an update on whether Vibe mattresses have been sued in the past.

Is There a Lawsuit that Has Been Filed Against Vibe Mattresses?

For the years, Vibe mattresses have been on the market. No lawsuit has been filed against this brand. We performed thorough research and can confirm that Vibe mattresses haven’t received any lawsuits in the past.

Customers or government organizations usually file lawsuits in the mattress industry. For instance, Nectar was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for making misleading claims. There are rare cases such as the Purple Mattress lawsuit, which the brand itself filed against a review website. However, most of these lawsuits usually emanate from clients that have had a terrible experience with the bed and are seeking compensation.

For a mattress customer to sue a mattress brand, they must have a valid complaint. The complaint should state how the customer has been affected by the bed or the materials used to make it.

Because Classic Brands has never received a lawsuit for their Vibe mattress collection, does it mean these mattresses are perfect and don’t have any flaws? Absolutely not. There are certain complaints that people have made against Vibe beds. Even though no lawsuit has been filed for these complaints, a sleeper interested in buying a Vibe mattress should familiarize themselves with these issues, which can trigger a lawsuit in the future.

Common Vibe Mattress Complaints

A couple of complaints could land the Vibe mattress brand on the wrong side of the law. These complaints include;

1. The Fiberglass Issue

You don’t need to do much research to find out that Vibe mattresses contain fiberglass. Sleep Aim has discussed this matter in-depth in this article and shared reasons why Vibe prefers to use this material.

Does Vibe Mattress Have Fiberglass?

On Reddit, plenty of customers narrate their experience with fiberglass in Vibe mattresses. One of the clients explains how they came across fiberglass under their Vibe mattress. They confirmed this by shining a light under the bed and seeing fiberglass shards glimmering.

On Amazon, where this bed is very popular, there are detailed reviews about encounters with fiberglass. The first fiberglass complaint we encountered was from a customer who had removed the cover to wash it. They didn’t return the cover immediately and slept on the mattress without it. That’s when the entire family started experiencing an itch. The reviewer also experienced some irritation in the throat. Upon doing more research, she discovered that she was sleeping on fiberglass.

The presence of fiberglass in a mattress is a serious issue that can greatly impact sleepers, their family members, and their property. Did you know that fiberglass contamination can make you lose a lot of property and put your health at risk? The same fiberglass also puts your health at risk. When fiberglass shards touch your skin, they can cause itchiness. When you inhale fiberglass, it will irritate your nasal cavity.

Brands such as Zinus have been sued for using fiberglass. Zinus mattress sleepers have initiated a nationwide class-action lawsuit against the brand. Therefore, if Vibe doesn’t stop using fiberglass, they could also be sued for using it in their beds. Considering the loss of property, health implications, and high costs needed to clean up fiberglass contamination, victims of such issues have a right to sue for compensation.

2. Sagging Complaints

Sagging is a normal phase for every mattress. But if it happens prematurely, you will feel like you have wasted your money as a customer. Besides containing fiberglass, Vibe mattresses also sag prematurely. On Amazon, there are complaints about the bed sagging within two months after purchase. Sagging is often expected in the third or fourth year of a bed, not the second month. The drawbacks of sleeping on a sagging mattress are that your nights will be very uncomfortable, and you will wake up with a sore back.

If you buy a Vibe mattress and it sags, you have the right to file a complaint and ask for a return or refund. Should Vibe decline, a sleeper can take matters further and initiate a lawsuit. Because that means Vibe doesn’t use the quality materials they tend to advertise. Therefore, a sleeper can sue for misleading advertising.

Why Haven’t Customers Sued Vibe for These Issues?

These two are the most common issues that have been reported against Vibe mattresses. There are others, but these are the most severe, especially when considering the health implications caused by fiberglass and sagging. Also, not forgetting how expensive dealing with both problems is. You may end up spending a lot of money on cleaning and treatment. But why have sleepers not initiated a lawsuit against Vibe for these issues? It’s clear that these problems are rampant. Why is no one not doing anything about this?

Well, there are several reasons why;

  • Lawsuits are Expensive – The economy currently doesn’t favor the average American. The cost of living is pretty high, so people prefer buying cheap mattresses such as Vibe. The cost of initiating a lawsuit is pretty high. Even though when you win the case, you will get compensated. Not many Americans have the money for attorney fees. They would rather spend the money buying a new fiberglass-free bed.
  • Lawsuits are Time Consuming – The other reason why people prefer not to sue is that lawsuits don’t just happen overnight. They can drag on for months, especially when dealing with a big brand such as Classic Brands. As an average American, you won’t find the time to attend lengthy court hearings.
  • The Awareness about Fiberglass in Mattresses is Still Growing – Not everyone is familiar with the use of fiberglass in mattresses. You would be shocked to find out that only a small fraction of the population knows that fiberglass is being used in mattresses. This lack of awareness makes it hard for people to think of things such as lawsuits when they encounter the above problems.
  • The Victims of Some of These Issues are Not Many – Very few people have been victims of fiberglass contaminations. As a result, when a small number is fighting for such a case, the impacts felt will be minimal. As an individual, it can be a bit intimidating to stand up against a brand that has been there for decades.
  • Lack of Legal Knowledge – Another valid reason is that very few people understand how the legal system works. Therefore, the idea of suing Vibe because of using fiberglass isn’t an option that customers consider.
  • Vibe Mattresses also have Some Benefits – Besides these issues, Vibe mattresses also have some advantages. They may contain fiberglass and aren’t durable, but they have certain features that sleepers will appreciate.

Can You Sue Vibe Mattresses?

According to professional legal advice on the matter related to mattresses containing fiberglass, sleepers have the right to sue Vibe for using such material or any problem that arises due to the above material. Customers need to prove the damages caused by that particular issue. If it’s fiberglass, the bed must be present, and so should any items contaminated by fiberglass materials, such as furniture and clothing.

This means that if you happen to fall victim to fiberglass contamination, you must present the evidence. Without evidence, the case won’t hold. Also, the company which should be sued is Vibe and not Amazon. Yes, the mattresses are sold via Amazon, but Vibe, specifically Classic Brands, is the manufacturer. They are the ones who should be liable. Vibe can be sued for any problem that affects you or your property, such as fiberglass. But before doing so, you must seek legal advice.

Are There Some Good Things about Vibe Mattresses?

Except for the fiberglass and premature sagging, there are many good things about Vibe mattresses. For instance, this mattress is an affordable option. When it comes to motion isolation, the memory foam option performs well. This is the perfect bed if you have a partner that tosses and turns a lot. The Vibe memory foam can also grant you unrivaled pressure relief by conforming to your body.


Q: How long does a Vibe mattress take to expand?

A: Maximum expansion should occur within two or three days.

Q: Do all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass?

A: Not really. Only a few beds have been found to use fiberglass. Examples include Vibe, Zinus, and Nectar.

Q: Should I buy a mattress with an active lawsuit?

A: A lawsuit is an indication that the bed has a problem. It would be best if you refrained from buying such a mattress until you know the lawsuit’s results.

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The Vibe mattress may never have received a lawsuit in the past, but a few issues, especially the fiberglass complaints, could trigger one in the future. Zinus has already been sued for fiberglass. More brands are expected to follow. As a shopper, these lawsuits should warn you about your choices. We will let you know if a lawsuit is initiated against Vibe.

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