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8.2 Overall Score






Motion Transfer


Pressure Relief


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Edge Support



Best For

Average weight side sleepers are guaranteed adequate support and comfort

The Therapedic isolates the movements of your partner, thus minimizing disturbance

It contains a gel foam and an innerspring construction, which facilitates great temperature regulation


Not very accommodative for heavy sleepers

These mattresses will off-gas for a few days

It’s sold through third parties, and that may complicate the returning process

Our Verdict

The Therapedic is one of the few mattress brands in the market that offers value for money. It’s moderately priced and gives sleepers a wide range of features. Some things we like about this bed are its decent amount of pressure relief, impressive cooling technologies, and ability to isolate motion.

It’s important to know that the Therapedic isn’t a durable mattress. It will eventually sag, especially if you weigh more than 200 pounds. During the first few days, expect some off-gassing smell.

Therapedic produce a range of three mattresses which have proved popular with customers and experts recently. The company started trading in 1957, making it a well-established brand, although it isn’t as commonly known as many of its competitors.

The Bravura model is one of the top picks from Therapedic and is an affordable option for customers looking for an affordable hybrid mattress. It combines latex foam with an innerspring core to provide users with excellent comfort, pressure relief and breathability. However, some reviewers have complained that the Therapedic Bravura mattress sags prematurely.

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To help you decide whether the Therapedic Bravura is the best option for you, we’ve created a detailed review with all the key information you need to know to help you make this important decision. There are plenty of great reasons to buy a Therapedic Bravura mattress. These include:

  • Sleeps cool: The Bravura mattress features an innerspring core and latex foam which helps to make the mattress highly breathable, allowing heat to escape. It also has a gel memory foam layer which helps to wick heat away from your body while you sleep
  • Good value: Therapedic beds have a relatively low price point for hybrid mattresses, making them a good value hybrid mattress option
  • Pressure relief: The Bravura mattress provides a high level of pressure relief, making it a good choice for people with back and joint pain when you take into account the adaptable comfort layers and supportive coil core

Just like all mattress brands, there are a few important downsides to Therapedic mattresses which you should know about before you buy. These include:

  • Heavy weight: The Therapedic Bravura mattress is extremely heavy, which can make manoeuvring it around your home and changing the sheets more difficult
  • Premature sagging: A small number of customers have said that the Bravura mattresses are not as durable as they had hoped. Sagging seems to be the main issue with these complaints

Therapedic Mattress Construction

It’s important to understand the construction of the Therapedic Bravura mattress and how it impacts on your sleep experience. The Bravura mattress is a hybrid model which combines an innerspring core with pressure-relieving foam comfort layers. This means that you get the best of both worlds between the support and bounce of an innerspring mattress and the adaptability and pressure relief of memory and latex foam. Therefore, it’s a good option for customers who are curious about trying a memory foam mattress but like the familiar feel of an innerspring. The mattress is constructed as follows:

Support Core

The Bravura has a base layer of dense polyfoam designed to make the support system more durable. This is followed by a layer of pocketed innerspring coils which give the mattress a good level of support and are designed to increase motion isolation from one side of the mattress to the other. This is topped with a dense layer of polyfoam to add extra support.

Comfort Layers

The Therapedic Bravura has an impressive five comfort layers in total, and each one performs a slightly different function. The bottom comfort layer is made from conforming, gel-infused memory foam. The gel particles are included to help transfer heat away from your body during the night.

The next layer is made from plush, adaptable foam which is arranged into five key zones. This is designed to give extra support in some areas while relieving pressure in others. This helps to reduce back and joint pain while you sleep and increases overall comfort.

Next comes a layer of foam made from natural latex. This layer can conform to the shape of your body while still providing good support. It helps the mattress to adapt quickly if you change position in the night.

The final two layers of the Bravura mattress are a layer of high-performance foam followed by a top layer of soft, adaptable gel memory foam. This gives the bed a comfortable, cosy sleep surface and helps to maintain a neutral temperature during the night.


The cover of the Therapedic Bravura mattress was created by famous textile designer Bekaert Deslee. It is quilted for added comfort and is thin, which stops it from causing the mattress to overheat. The cover features a zip removal system which allows it to be removed for seasonal cleaning. This gives it a significant advantage over the many comparable brands with non-removeable covers.

Therapedic Mattress Firmness

It’s important to select the correct mattress for your body type and sleep style. Otherwise, you could end up with a mattress that isn’t supportive enough or puts too much pressure on your body.

You’ll often see mattress firmness rated on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being very soft, 5 being medium and 10 being very firm. Most people will find a medium or medium firm mattress the most comfortable. The Therapedic Bravura mattress is classed as a medium mattress and provides a good balance between support and pressure relief. This makes it a suitable choice for most people, although those with higher body weights or with back problems may require a firmer mattress. If you want a mattress with a range of firmness options, you may be better off opting for a model like the Novosbed mattress which comes in three different firmness ratings.

Therapedic Mattresses and Sleep Position

The Therapedic Bravura mattress is most suitable for side sleepers. This is because it has enough ‘give’ as a medium mattress to allow the side of your body to sink in and provide pressure relief around your hips and shoulders. However, most front, back and combi-sleepers (people who change position in the night) should also find this mattress provides enough support, especially if they have a light or average body weight.

However, some people who sleep on their front or back may not find the Bravura provides firm enough support, especially if they weigh over 250 pounds. These sleepers may be better off with a medium firm mattress like the Nectar.

Do Therapedic mattresses sleep cool?

Sleeping cool is an important factor for many people as overheating at night is a common issue. This is particularly important if you have a medical condition which makes you more likely to get hot at night, such as women going through the menopause. Therefore, these sleepers will need to find a mattress that helps keep them at a comfortable temperature. However, you should bear in mind that no mattress will be able to solve the problem of sleeping hot on its own. The ambient temperature of your bedroom, your nightwear and bedding choices all have a part to play as well.

Like most mattresses that use innersprings as their support system, the Bravura mattress sleeps cool. This is because the spaces inside the core allow for good air circulation, which means that heat can escape more easily during the night. This is aided by the inclusion of latex foam in the comfort layers as this is a naturally breathable material. The gel infusion in the memory foam layers also helps as this allows heat to travel away from your body when you lie on the mattress.

Motion isolation

Many people are looking for a mattress that provides good motion isolation. This means that the bed has the capability to dampen movement from one side of the bed to the other, preventing partners from disturbing each other during the night. In general, foam mattresses provide better motion isolation than spring beds.

The Therapedic Bravura mattress provides a very good level of motion isolation thanks to its individually pocketed springs and foam comfort layers. This means that couples shouldn’t disturb each other with their movements during the night even if they are very fidgety sleepers.

Another important factor for couples to take into account is how much noise a mattress makes when you move around on it. The Therapedic mattress is generally pretty quiet. However, like most spring mattresses, it is possible that the coils may start to squeak after a long period of use. If one of you is particularly sensitive to noise, you may prefer an all-foam bed such as the Nectar or the Puffy, as these brands are virtually silent.

Where to Buy

Therapedic mattresses are sold by third-party bricks-and mortar retailers nationwide. They are also stocked in some international locations. You can find your nearest Therapedic stockist by using the tool in this link:

Therapedic also produce a range of additional bedding products such as pillows and mattress toppers. Customers in the USA can buy these online or instore at the retailer Bed Bath & Beyond.

Shipping Information

Therapedic do not have a brand-specific shipping policy because they are sold by third-party retailers. For this reason, you should contact your local stockist to ask for their shipping information and prices. Although Therapedic do not directly provide white glove delivery or mattress removal services, your local store may offer these in addition to their delivery service.

Sleep Trial

The Therapedic Bravura mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial. This means that you can return your mattress for a full refund during this period if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

How Much Does a Therapedic Mattress Cost?

There are no set prices for the Therapedic Bravura mattress because it is sold exclusively through third-party retailers who can set their own price. Therefore, the cost can vary from retailer to retailer. You will need to contact your local stockist to get their current price for the Bravura mattress. To give you a ballpark estimate, we’ve seen this mattress retailing at around $900 for a queen size.


Therapedic mattresses come with a warranty which protects consumers against manufacturing defects affecting the function of the mattress. It does not cover against expected wear and tear.

Therapedic do not currently publish their warranty information online. You can check the warranty length and terms and conditions with your local mattress retailer or consult the Limited Warranty Guide which comes with all new Therapedic mattresses.

Buy a Therapedic Mattress if:

  • You want a temperature neutral mattress

The Therapedic Bravura mattress sleeps cool because its innerspring support core is highly breathable. It also has layers of highly breathable latex foam and a top layer of gel foam which helps to move heat away as you sleep.

  • You need good motion isolation

The Therapedic Bravura mattress has very good motion isolation. This means that you shouldn’t be aware of your partner’s movements during the night however much they toss and turn.

  • You want good pressure relief

The Bravura mattress provides optimal pressure relief thanks to its combination of comfort layers. This makes it an excellent choice for people with painful joint conditions as it can help ease your discomfort.

  • You’re a side sleeper

Although this mattress may suit many sleep positions, it’s most suitable for side sleepers. This is because it is a medium mattress, so it has enough softness to conform closely to the side of your body and relieve pressure.

Alternatives to the Therapedic Mattress

We always recommend checking out a few mattress brands before you make a final decision. Comparing several makes and models is a good way to make sure you’re getting the very best product for you. Here are some of our top-rated alternatives to the Therapedic mattress.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is an all-foam model which is one of the best value mattresses currently available. It combines a supportive, dense polyfoam base layer with a conforming gel memory foam upper layer to provide the perfect combination of support and pressure relief. It is medium firm, which makes it comfortable for almost all positions and body types and a good choice for couples and combi-sleepers.

One of the stand-out features of the Nectar mattress is that, unlike many other all-foam beds, it sleeps very cool. This is because it uses open-cell technology in the manufacture of its foams which helps to make them more breathable. The top layer is also infused with gel particles which help to transfer heat away from your body.

Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress is another all-foam bed which is specially designed to help support your spine into the best possible alignment while you sleep. It’s also engineered to provide a cooler sleep experience than many comparable foam mattresses while still providing great contouring and pressure relief.

Like the Therapedic Bravura, the Puffy mattress measures as a medium on the mattress firmness scale. This makes it a great choice for side sleepers, especially those with a light or average body weight.

Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed mattress is a memory foam model with the ability to conform to the shape of your body to provide outstanding pressure relief. The foam used in its comfort layers is aerated, which makes it more breathable than traditional memory foam and allows you to sleep cool.

The Novosbed is great for people with very specific firmness needs. It comes in a range of three standard firmness options with a Comfort+ feature which allows for firmness customization. This means that there should be a Novosbed firmness to suit all body types and sleep positions.


Do you want to find out more about the Therapedic Bravura mattress? You’re not alone. We’re often asked questions about this hybrid mattress, so let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Q: Is a Therapedic mattress good for side sleepers?

A: The Therapedic Bravura mattress is medium in firmness and has highly adaptable comfort layers which allow it to conform to the shape of your body. This makes it a great choice for side sleepers, especially those with light or average body weights, because it can relieve pressure on your hips and shoulders in this position.

Q: How firm is the Therapedic mattress?

A: The Therapedic Bravura hybrid mattress is medium, which many people find very comfortable. It’s particularly suitable if you are a side sleeper, although back and front sleepers may also find it comfortable depending on their body type and preferences.

Q: How thick is the Therapedic mattress?

A: Therapedic do not publish information about the layer thickness or overall thickness of their mattresses. We’ll update our readers if they decide to publish this information in the future.

Q: Do Therapedic mattresses sleep hot?

A: Fortunately, the Therapedic Bravura mattress does not sleep hot. This is because the innerspring core and latex used in its construction is highly breathable. The gel in the top layer also helps to move heat away from you while you sleep.

Q: Do I need to allow the Therapedic mattress to decompress?

A: Therapedic Bravura mattresses are not sent using compressed bed-in-a-box packaging because they have innerspring cores. Therefore, they don’t need time to decompress and you can sleep on them right away.

Q: What kind of mattresses do Therapedic make?

A: Therapedic make a wide range of hybrid, innerspring and all foam mattresses. In this article, we’ve reviewed the Bravura hybrid.

Q: How long do Therapedic mattresses last?

A: Therapedic mattresses are expected to last around 7 years. However, they may last longer than this as long as you use a supportive foundation and take good care of the mattress.

Q: Do Therapedic mattresses smell?

A: Like all mattresses featuring memory foam elements, the Therapedic mattress will release an off-gassing smell when you first unpack it. This is harmless and should fade after a few days, although some people find it unpleasant.

Q: How do I return a Therapedic mattress?

A: The Therapedic mattress is sold exclusively through third-party retailers. Therefore, you should consult your mattress seller in the first instance to initiate a return.

Q: What base should I use for a Therapedic mattress?

A: Most frames and bases are compatible with the Therapedic Bravura mattress. Therefore, you can continue to use your existing bed frame if you wish providing it is the correct size. However, any base or foundation that you do use should be supportive and in good condition. Mattress warranties are usually declared void if you fail to use a supportive base.

The bottom line

The Therapedic Bravura hybrid mattress is a great choice for people who want a medium mattress that provides good support and pressure relief. The mattress sleeps cool and is good value for money.

However, we recommend checking out a variety of models and brands before you make a final decision. Buying a mattress is a major investment, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure you are getting the very best option for your needs and budget. You can check out a wide range of mattress reviews and buyer guides right here at Sleep Aim.

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