Texas Mattress Makers Mattress Reviews – What to Know

So many times, when you buy a mattress, you feel like you’re buying from a faceless conglomerate. Worse, you feel like you just bought something because a salesperson told you it was the best option, even if it was out of your price range. For almost fifty years, The Texas Mattress Factory and Texas Mattress Makers have been working with people to find the right mattress for them and not just the most expensive product. Additionally, all beds are made on-site, so people in the store are much more knowledgeable than someone selling a third-party product in a showroom full of multiple brands. A full review of Texas Mattress Makers wouldn’t be complete with a thorough overview of the company history. The company continually challenges itself to stand out from the competition even though they are much smaller and less known than Seely, Posterpedic, or other well-known mattress brands.

Making a big purchase like a mattress is not a decision to enter into lightly. The mattress you choose is something you will have for many years to come. Naturally, you would expect to pay quite a lot of money for it. Additionally, you may want to focus on improving your carbon footprint. Yet, it’s also a struggle to choose one because you’ve read so much negative press about the mattress industry. You feel like you’re buying from a faceless corporate conglomerate. Is it was possible to know where your mattress is coming from, or at least purchase American so your product is not shipping overseas? Several nights later, you’re unsure whether or not you’ve lost sleep because your mattress is worn out or if you have overthought your purchase to insomnia.

Several days later, you’ve analyzed the details and feel cautiously optimistic that you’ve found the right mattress for you. It’s time to head to the showroom, which has been contributing to your insomnia. After all, you feel sure you will walk out of the showroom paying too much and not getting the product you want.

If this experience sounds familiar, then you haven’t been to Texas Mattress Makers. Likely, you haven’t heard of them since I hadn’t either. Everything detailed on their website, social media, and customer reviews echo that a store takes insomnia out of mattress buying.

Texas Mattress Makers not only had extremely humble beginnings, but the company also had a CEO and founder that worked from the ground up to make the company what it is today. He wanted to leave his mark on the industry. Youval Meicler saw many things he knew he could change, like favoring quality and craftsmanship over price and upselling. This early vision became the ground on which Texas Mattress Makers was built.

Company History

Texas Mattress Makers started in 2011, in Houston Texas. The founder and CEO, Youval Meicler, immigrated from Israel and started sweeping floors at another furniture store. However, In six years, he was the company’s president and wanted to take his knowledge of logistics and production into his own company. After all, he saw too many times that the most important thing was the amount of profit and not the quality of the product. His first location combined the factory and showroom. Pushy sales tactics didn’t bombard people since this was a local company and not a national conglomerate. Instead, they received genuine help from people who wanted them to have a great night’s sleep. Two essential components guide their company.

  • Innovative technology– Even though the company has made quality a top priority, it understands that the innovations are at the forefront and strive to bring those to its customers.
  • Quality components– Even though many mattress companies make a product that looks good at first glance, it’s not built to last. Instead, Texas Mattress Maker partners with local and regional suppliers. This allows them to foster the Houston and Texas economy.
  • Well informed– many people still have bad experiences going to a mattress showroom and exiting with something they didn’t need because a savvy salesperson oversold them. Texas Mattress Makers focuses on answering questions and identifying the perfect mattress for the individual instead of a one-size-fits-all quick fix that won’t work for the consumer.

In 2019 Houston Business Journal named Youval Meicler one of the Most Admired CEOs of the year. A panel of judges chose him as one of the honorees because of his civic involvement and business achievements. Multiple stations noted that he is committed to providing the best mattress to Texas Mattress Makers’ Customers and working with individual customers to ensure their needs are well met.

Why Choose Texas Mattress Makers

The company does not outsource and instead makes every component of their mattresses in the house. This allows the company to eliminate additional fees from using a third-party company. Additionally, the quality of the product is much higher. Texas Mattress Makers also goes a step above in many different ways.

  • The company keeps prices consistent, even if they new technology for their mattresses.
  • Texas Mattress Makers source each component locally to it improves your carbon footprint.
  • Each mattress is made to order, allowing the company to save resources by having a smaller warehouse.
  • Not only does Texas Mattress Makers recycle products they don’t use, but the company also helps its customers recycle their old bedding.

A glance at the company’s website proves how committed they are to Meicler’s mission. The company is consistently featured on local news stations like KPRC 2, KHOU 11, and KTRK 13. Perhaps this is because Texas Mattress Maker’s goal isn’t to sell you the most expensive mattress but to sell you the right mattress for your specific needs. Additionally, since the Houston warehouse and factory is on the same property as the showroom, everyone can answer questions thoroughly and authentically.


Even though Texas Mattress Makers remain open during the pandemic because they are essential, it’s suggested you follow a few precautions.

  • If you have been around anyone who is sick, please stay home.
  • Only the people who will be sleeping on the bed should come to see t them. This is especially true of young children.
  • If you are not actively shopping for a new mattress, Texas Mattress Makers ask that you begin your search online, via chat, or by phone instead of entering the showroom.

Many people may also have concerns because of a national shortage in mattress manufacturing, especially since the pandemic is still happening. Understandably, many are looking to upgrade their bed since so much time is spent at home. Texas Mattress Makers has remained consistent through the pandemic and has not suffered as many issues since they source all the items for the mattresses locally. Additionally, they have close relationships with their supplier, which allows them to keep ahead of the shortages. However, you may experience a slight delay if you purchase a mattress.

Top Mattress Choices

Since we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, many people are hesitant to go into showrooms. Yet, they still need a good night’s sleep. If you visit their showroom, they have each of their models already broken in, so customers can understand what sleeping on one of Texas Mattress Makers’ mattresses might be like. Additionally, they have skilled professionals whose top priority is using the company’s forty-plus years of sleep expertise to help you get the best night’s sleep. If you prefer to purchase your mattress online, here are a few takeaways about each mattress. These are some of the company’s most popular models.

  • Monte-Carlo- This Mattress has a moderate feel and is ideal for side and back sleepers and those on a budget.
  • Santa Barbara Euro Top Deluxe-If you feel hot when you are sleeping, this would be a great choice. This mattress has a luxurious, medium feel with high-quality foam components that promote a more relaxed sleep. It functions well in any sleeping position. It’s available in every size from Twin to California King.
  • Bel Air Graphite Euro Top Deluxe – This plush Mattress has a floating, cloud-like effect to it. It works well in any sleeping position.
  • Madrid Firm- This is the entry-level Quantum Coil mattress with a medium-firm feel. It has 200 % more pocketed coils than a typical mattress. It’s great for people who sleep on their backs or stomachs.
  • Florence Dual Latex Select- This mattress has a medium-soft feel with two latex layers for added comfort and a cooler night’s sleep. It has 200 % more pocketed coils than a conventional mattress and works well in any sleeping position.

Custom Mattresses

Everything is bigger than Texas, and Texas Mattress Factory is the number one custom mattress maker in the state. One of the things they pride themselves on is helping someone find the best mattress possible. They also understand that mattresses aren’t one size fits all. Some people need extra accommodations for the best possible night of sleep. Texas Mattress Makers can even make a mattress specially sized for your RV, camper, boat, or yacht. The company is proud to say they’ve even created custom mattresses to fit antique beds and even heart-shaped beds. However, when working on getting the correct fit, they don’t sacrifice what’s really important, a good night’s sleep. You can place custom orders in-store or on the phone. Make sure to have answers to these questions before placing a call or stopping by the showroom.

  • What is the width, length, and height of the space?
  • Are there any angles that may prove challenging for a traditional mattress?
  • What is the maximum amount of height clearance for the mattress?

Even though you may think getting a custom mattress is expensive, Texas Mattraes Makers has affordable options that will give you a great night’s sleep tailored to your personal preferences without breaking the bank. The overall cost of the mattress is based on your choice of materials. However, they don’t charge you for the labor involved to make them. One of the company’s most vital recommendations is to go to the showroom and discuss your specific needs with a professional. After all, they can make a mattress for any need and budget. As the company’s founder says, “You will never find a perfect a perfect mattress that you haven’t laid on.” He further encourages people to come down, ask many questions, and let Texas Mattress Makers customize their best night’s sleep.

Texas Mattress Makers Ratings

Many people only leave reviews when service was not as expected or they had a negative experience. Additionally, companies typically have one person who wasn’t satisfied with the service they received. None are true with Texas Mattress. Each Review on the company’s Facebook page is a five out of five. Texas Mattress Makers ratings on Yelp are almost identical. Over a hundred customers rated them 4.5 out of 5 stars.

A quick Google search also reveals many other sites with almost perfect Reviews. Each time a customer writes about the company, they talk about the elements of the business that its founder and CEO were most passionate about, quality, craftsmanship, and service. Moreover, Texas Mattress Makers ratings show the company is not trying to sell an image. Instead, they are trying to embody the core principles of the product.

Houston Strong

It’s easy to see why the Houston Business Journal named Youval Meicler the most admired CEO of the year. After all, his company does so much good for the city of Houston. Aside from helping its residents get a better night’s sleep, Texas Mattress Makers also participates in many other community events.

  • OneForOneBed- During December, they donate a bed to a Houston child in need every time one is purchased. This is a partnership with Houston Children’s Charity.
  • During the pandemic, they have done drives for masks to help first responders. In fact, they are using part of the production line to make masks for first responders.
  • They sponsor KPRC’s Senior Scholarship program, which is a program that awards scholarships to Houston high school students.

 FAQs About Texas Mattress Makers

Where are you located?

4619 Navigation Blvd. Houston is the location with the most inventory. The company also has showrooms in Humble, Oakridge, and Baybrook, Texas.

What are your hours of operation?

The store is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Texas Mattress Maker Payments and Financing

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

Do you have financing available?

Synchrony Home provides finance options. They offer a full year of interest-free financing for purchases of 499 or higher. Essentially, it works like a credit card. If you are not approved, Texas Mattress Makers has partnerships with other finance companies.

Do you offer a mattress layaway?

Layaway is offered for three months. To put an item on layaway, you will need to put 10% down. Once the mattress is paid off, you can have it delivered.

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes, veterans, active military, and first responders receive 10% off with proof of identity. However, this offer can not be combined with another discount.

Texas Mattress Makers Delivery and Orders

What happens when I place a delivery order?

Your delivery time will be scheduled within five business days of purchase. The driver will call an hour before arriving.

What is the delivery area?

Mattresses can only be delivered in the Greater Houston area. However, if your area is not shown as a delivery location, reach out to the store.

What are the delivery fees?

For areas within 50 miles of the store, deliveries are between $60 and $100. There is a flat rate of $85 within the downtown Houston area. If you are between 51 and 90 miles of Downtown, it’s $120. On Bolivar Pennisula, the delivery charge is $185.

Do you have specific delivery days?

Delivery days are Tuesday through Saturday. However, if you need another delivery day, call the store, (713)341-6252 for scheduling assistance.

Will you pick up my old mattress?

As long as your old mattress does not have bugs or insects, including fleas, bed bugs, ticks, or dust mites, it will be picked up and disposed of for free.

Can I pick up my mattress?

Yes, but there are a few exceptions. Typically, Baybrook is not a store for the pickup, but you can reach out to (281)-724-2099 to see if they will make an exception. Additionally, Humble does not offer mattress pickup.

Additional Questions

How often should I replace my mattress?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing the mattress every 6 to 8 years. However, mattresses can last longer than that as well. Texas Mattress Makers design their beds priced at $1500 or higher to last at least 10 years.

Should I purchase a new box spring?

Yes. Box springs are equally as important as a mattress. Without a good boxspring, even the most comfortable bed will feel like your old one if the boxspring is worn out. So, if your box spring is uneven, sags in the middle, or has other issues, it’s best to replace it along with your mattress.

Final Thoughts on The Texas Mattress Makers

Buying a mattress can seem like a huge ordeal, and many people avoid it because they think it’s going to be a lot of high-pressure tactics, and they’ll either walk out with nothing or something that they will later regret.

However, Texas Mattress Makers has streamlined the process and removed the scariness of purchasing a new mattress. Instead of going through page after page of reviews for fear of not asking the right questions. Or feeling like you need a hundred percent certainty before going into the store for fear you’ll walk out with the wrong mattress; this store helps you find exactly what you want within the budget you have.

Additionally, they promote good sleep in the greater Houston area, but they also celebrate the achievements of the people who get great sleep and go out and take on their days. A company like Texas Mattress Makers takes customer service to the next level. They encourage people to ask questions, but they also foster the community by giving Houston residents great sleep, allowing them to help other community members. They are what every small business should strive to be.

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