5 Best Tempurpedic Alternatives To Buy in 2023

Tempurpedic is one of the best known and most well-loved names in the memory foam mattress industry. These mattresses provide an incredible level of body-conforming, pressure relief and motion isolation, so it’s not hard to see why Tempurpedic beds are so popular with consumers.

However, Tempurpedic beds come with a high price tag to match their impressive features. Even the most basic Tempurpedic mattress will set you back more than $1000, with most Tempurpedic mattresses costing much more than this. For this reason, a lot of shoppers are looking for a memory foam mattress comparable to Tempurpedic. The best Tempurpedic alternative mattress can provide excellent support and body-conforming without costing the earth.Don’t worry!

So, is it possible to buy beds like Tempurpedic but cheaper? The simple answer is yes. There are plenty of mattresses similar to Tempurpedic out there that can give you the features you want for a great price. In this Tempurpedic comparison review article, we’ll reveal our expert tips and tricks to help you choose a mattress like Tempurpedic along with 5 product reviews to arm you with plenty of shopping inspiration.

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Here’s The 5 Best Tempurpedic Mattress Alternatives

Fortunately, there are plenty of great Tempurpedic competitors out there that allow you to get the pressure relief and support of a mattress like Tempurpedic without the high price tag. So, what mattress compares to Tempurpedic? Our experts have been hard at work carry out Tempurpedic comparisons to create a list of our most recommended alternative options. So, read on if you’re looking for mattresses similar to Tempurpedic that won’t break the bank.

1. Puffy Mattress – The Best Tempurpedic Alternative For 2023 (Editor’s Choice) 

Topping our list of the best Tempurpedic alternative mattress options is the Puffy Lux. This model is the follow up to the original Puffy mattress and has a thicker profile at 12 inches thick.

It improves on the original Puffy by adding an additional comfort layer, which means that it has a total of four different layers that work together to provide a high level of support and comfort.

It gives a deep hugging sensation and has a medium firmness, which makes it ideal for the needs of side sleepers. Coming in at under $1,500 for a queen size, the Puffy Lux is a little more expensive than some other options on our list, although we think the price is justified given its high quality.

Key features

High-Density Base Layer: The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress has a base layer made from 12 inches of high-density polyurethane foam. This allows the mattress to provide a high level of support, making it a good choice if you suffer from back or joint pain at night.

Climate Comfort Foam: This layer acts as a transitional layer and prevents you from sinking through the comfort system to the high-density base. It measures 2 inches thick and can remain at a comfortable and neutral temperature all night, keeping you cool.

Dual Cloud Foam:The Dual Cloud Foam layer is what makes the Puffy Lux Hybrid different from the Puffy Original. It features a 4-inch-thick layer of Puffy’s Dual Cloud Foam, which can mold closely to the shape of your body to provide a deep hugging sensation and outstanding pressure relief. This makes the Puffy Lux less responsive than the original Puffy, providing a plush traditional memory foam feel instead.

Cooling Cloud Foam: The Puffy Lux’s top layer features 1.5 inches of Cooling Cloud Foam. This foam provides a soft and comfortable sleeping surfaceand works in combination with the layer below to relieve pressure around your joints, including the hips and shoulders.

Stain Resistant Cover: The Puffy Lux Hybrid has a stain-resistant top cover that is breathable and comfortable to sleep on. Unlike many mattresses at the same price point, this cover can be unzipped, removed and machine washed. This could prove to be a significant advantage against other similar brands.

  • Great for side sleepers
  • Excellent level of support
  • Deep pressure relief
  • Sleeps cool
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Removable and washable stain-resistant cover
  • Only one firmness option
  • Relatively high price tag

2. Saatva Mattress – High Quality Tempurpedic Mattress Alternative

3. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Not only is the Layla mattress comparable to Tempurpedic, but it has an unusual double-sided structure with two firmness options. This structure allows you to flip the mattress to change the firmness from firm to soft. The soft side measures around 4 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale, making it ideal for the needs of side sleepers. Meanwhile, the firm side measures around a 7 out of 10 and is suitable for front and back sleepers. It’s also very affordable, costing just $999 for a queen size.
However, at the time of writing, Layla is offering this mattress for a reduced price of $849, along with two free pillows as part of a promotion. Layla offers monthly financing options through third-party credit provider Affirm if you prefer to pay for your mattress in installments.

Key features

Support Core Foam: In the center of this mattress is a 4-inch layer of high-density foam. This layer provides excellent support for your back and joints while preventing motion transfer, improving durability and reducing bounce.

Max Airflow Support Foam: This layer is present on the soft side only. It is 2 inches thick and contains air channels to promote breathability and prevent you from overheating at night. Its firmness is arranged in zones to provide extra support and extra pressure relief where you need it most.

Copper Gel Memory Foam: This layer is one inch thick on the firm side and three inches thick on the soft side. It can adapt to the shape of your sleeping body to provide deep pressure relief and excellent comfort. This foam is infused with gel particles to wick heat away while you sleep. It also contains copper particles. Not only do these particles help to reduce overheating, but they also have antimicrobial properties to help keep your bed fresh and sanitary.

Cooling Cover: The Layla’s cover has a soft and comfortable feel and includes Thermo-Gel cooling technology that can react to your body temperature to cool you down at night. The cover has an attractive stitched hexagon pattern and can be removed and washed via a zipper.

  • Suits all sleeping positions
  • Dual firmness
  • Sleeps cool
  • Antimicrobial
  • Removable and washable cover
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Two free pillows
  • Free shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Poor edge support
  • Little to no bounce, which could be an issue if you prefer a more
  • responsive feel

4. Novosbed

The Novosbed mattress could be an excellent option for you if you’re looking for customizable firmness. This mattress comes in three initial firmness settings: soft, medium and firm. However, if you want to change the firmness of your bed to better suit your needs, Novosbed will send you a free Comfort Plus kit. This allows you to replace layers in your mattress by unzipping the cover, helping you to create a Novosbed that feels perfect for you. This means that the Novosbed should suit almost all body types and sleeping positions. It also comes at a great price, costing just $999 for a queen size.

Key features

Support Zone: The Novosbed features a support zone made from premium, high-density foam that spreads your body weights evenly across the entire surface of the mattress. This layer helps to provide balanced support for your back and joints while promoting a high level of durability.

Transition Zone: Next comes a layer of supportive transitional memory foam that can mold to the shape of your body and relieve pressure while isolating motion from one side of the bed to the other. This means that couples should not be disturbed by their partner’s movements during the night, helping you to get a more restful night’s sleep.

Comfort Zone: The structure of the Novosbed’s memory foam comfort layer allows maximum air circulation. This helps heat to escape during the night, allowing the bed to sleep cooler than standard memory foam. This layer can also contour to the curves of your body to provide deep pressure relief and a soft uncomfortable sleeping surface.

Ultra-Soft Washable Cover: This mattress features a soft, cozy and eco-friendly Tencel cover. This fabric sleeps noticeably cool and can wick moisture away from your body while you sleep to keep you dry and comfortable. It is removable and machine-washable for seasonal cleaning.

  • Three firmness settings
  • Adjustable firmness available
  • Breathable foam
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Removable and washable top cover
  • Compatible with adjustable bed frames
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Certi-Pur certified
  • 15-year warranty
  • Strong off-gassing odor
  • Weak edge support

5. DreamCloud’s Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress provides a balance between the pressure relief of memory foam and the support and durability of innerspring coils. It could be a good choice if you’re used to the feel of a traditional spring mattress, but you’re looking for a mattress like Tempurpedic. This hybrid mattress scores a 6.5 on the firmness scale, which means it is a medium firm mattress. This firmness should feel comfortable in almost any sleeping position, making it an excellent choice for combi sleepers and couples with differing sleep styles. However, it may feel a little too firm for side sleepers with body weights lower than 130 pounds.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress costs $1299 for a queen size through the DreamCloud website, although the company often runs promotional sales where you can buy the bed for less. Monthly financing arrangements are available if you prefer to pay for your mattress in installments.

Key Features

Edge Shield Coil System: The base layer of the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is known as the Edge Shield Coil System. It features individually wrapped springs that can support your body without motion transfer. The mattress has an extra row of springs around the perimeter to increase the level of edge support, making the mattress more durable and preventing sagging. The spring unit is surrounded by polyfoam layers for additional motion isolation and cushioning.

Point-Activated Foam: Next comes a layer of dense memory foam that can mold to your body shape quickly to provide deep pressure relief. This layer includes an infusion of gel particles that can conduct heat away from you during the night, helping to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature.

Trueloft Euro Top: This mattress has a euro top finish made from a layer of high-loft memory foam. This layer is quilted together with a cashmere blend fabric cover to provide a soft and breathable sleep surface that can mold to the shape of your body. The fabric cover can wick moisture away during the night, keeping you dry and comfortable.

  • Excellent back support
  • Deep pressure relief
  • Sound motion isolation for couples
  • Strong edge support
  • Sleeps cool
  • 365-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Suits all sleeping positions
  • Heavy and awkward to move
  • May be too firm for lighter side sleepers

6. Nectar Mattress

The Nectar is one of the most popular mattresses for those who are looking for beds like Tempurpedic but cheaper. This mattress is made by the major online brand Nectar Sleep and has a medium firm feel but should feel comfortable in any position. Therefore, the Nectar mattress is an excellent choice for couples who sleep in different positions and combi sleepers. The Nectar mattress costs $1198.00 for a Queen size, although Nectar frequently runs promotions where you can buy this mattress for much less, which often includes free gifts of pillows or other sleep products.

Key features

Supportive base layer: The Nectar mattress has a dense polyurethane foam base layer that gives you support for your spine and joints while providing a stable foundation. It also helps to make the bed more durable.

Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam: The Nectar mattress speech is a transitional layer of Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam to provide additional support and prevent your body from sinking through the comfort system to the base layer. It provides deep pressure relief with a more responsive feel then you might expect from regular memory foam, so you won’t get the sinking into quicksand sensation that you may be expecting.

Gel Memory Foam Comfort Layer: The Nectar mattress has a gel memory foam comfort system that can mold to the shape of your body and provide pressure relief. This layer has an infusion of gel particles which can wick heat away from your body to prevent overheating and keep you as a cool and comfortable temperature. This foam has an open-cell structure to allow maximum airflow.

Quilted memory foam cover: This mattress features a Tencel blend cover that is highly breathable and feels noticeably cool to the touch. It is quilted with memory foam to provide a very soft and cozy sleeping experience and maximum pressure relief.

  • Affordable price
  • Deep pressure relief
  • Excellent spinal support
  • Suits all sleeping positions
  • Certi-Pur Certified
  • Compatible with all frames including adjustable beds
  • 356-night sleep trial
  • Forever warranty
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Sleeps cool
  • Great motion isolation
  • Only one firmness setting
  • May feel too hard for very light side sleepers

What are the Advantages of Tempurpedic Mattresses?

People often say that Tempurpedic beds are the very best in the memory foam mattress world. They combine advanced features with excellent comfort and support to provide a superior sleeping experience. So, it’s not hard to see why there are so many Tempurpedic competitors springing up at the moment. Before you even consider buying a mattress comparable to TempurPedic, it’s essential to understand what makes these beds so great in the first place. There are several key features that make the Tempurpedic mattress range stand out:

Body conforming

All Tempurpedic mattresses do a great job of conforming and molding to the shape of your body, giving a deep hugging sensation and allowing your body to sink in comfortably. Most people find this sinking sensation very soothing and comfortable, although it’s not universally popular, with some people preferring a more responsive feel.

Tempurpedic achieves this deep hugging sensation by using memory foam in its mattresses. Memory foam was first developed by NASA to cushion astronauts during space missions, although it wasn’t long before mattress makers saw its potential for making comfortable and adaptive beds. Memory foam is highly elastic and can change shape according to your weight and body heat. One of the primary advantages of this is that it helps to relieve pressure on your joints, which can significantly reduce pain, discomfort and tossing and turning at night.

Motion isolation

Mattresses with all foam constructions like the Tempurpedic range generally isolate motion far better than models that rely on springs for support. Motion isolation means that the mattress can dampen movement from one side of the bed to the other, so you shouldn’t be able to feel your partner’s movements. This is especially handy if one of you is a light sleeper or tosses and turns in your sleep. A mattress like Tempurpedic can significantly improve the quality and duration of your sleep by preventing disturbance due to motion.

It’s also worth noting that mattresses similar to Tempurpedic can reduce motion disturbance by stopping you from moving around so much in the first place. When a bed allows your body to sink in, this can minimize discomfort and make you less likely to shift positions frequently.

Temperature control

Although memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hotter than other types because they trap heat more efficiently, Tempurpedic engineers its beds specifically to sleep cool. It does this by using innovative sleep technologies to promote airflow and wick away heat while you sleep.

Tempurpedic Mattress Drawbacks

While all these significant advantages are compelling reasons to invest in a Tempurpedic mattress, there is one major drawback- the prices are extremely high. Tempurpedic uses very high-end materials and craftsmanship in its products, so many people feel these prices are more than justified. However, at over $1000 for the most basic Tempurpedic mattress and much more if you want a more advanced model, Tempurpedic’s high prices mean that these mattresses will be simply unaffordable for many people. If you’re on a tight budget, but the Tempurpedic mattress range’s features appeal to you, you should look for a Tempurpedic mattress alternative.

Choosing a Mattress Type Similar to Tempurpedic

If you’re looking for a mattress similar to Tempurpedic, the most obvious choice may appear to be memory foam. However, other mattress types are worth considering as well, because they can still provide some or all of the fantastic features that you get with a Tempurpedic mattress. The first step in your search should be to determine which mattress type you prefer because this will help to narrow down your search and make the process much simpler. The following four mattress types are worth considering when you’re looking for a mattress comparable to Tempurpedic.

Memory foam

This material is the most commonly used in Tempurpedic’s range and gives its beds their familiar and comfortable hugging sensation. Memory foam has the unique ability to mold the shape of your body, which helps relieve pressure on your joints and supports your spine into a healthier alignment. However, memory foam tends to sleep hot because it has a dense structure that causes it to retain heat. So, if you’re considering a memory foam bed, look for one that contains cooling sleep technologies such as open-cell foam or a cooling gel or copper infusion.


Although latex mattresses tend to be quite expensive, many are more affordable than most Tempurpedic beds. Latex has a bouncier, more responsive feel than memory foam but tends to sleep cooler and provides more durability. It also allows you to move around more easily without such deep sinkage, so it could be a better option if you have mobility issues that already make moving around in bed difficult.


A hybrid mattress combines supportive steel coils with adaptable foam comfort layers. These matches often have comfort layers made from gel, latex, or memory foam to provide a hugging sensation with the familiar bounce of springs. This type of mattress usually has better edge support than an all-foam mattress, which can give it similar durability and anti-sagging properties to a Tempurpedic bed.


Innerspring mattresses are generally well designed to avoid sagging, especially if they have enhanced edge support, which is a property shared with Tempurpedic beds. However, you won’t get the deep hugging sensation that you would associate with a memory foam mattress like the Tempurpedic range.

How to Pick a Tempurpedic Mattress Alternative

Once you know what type of mattress you prefer, it’s time to get into specifics. When you’re shopping for a Tempurpedic alternative, there are certain key features that you should always look for to make sure you’re getting the best mattress for your needs and budget. In this section, our experts will reveal their top tips for choosing the best mattress, similar to a Tempurpedic.

Choose the correct firmness

Choosing the right firmness for your needs is vital if you want to sleep comfortably. Mattress firmness is measured on a sliding scale from 1 to 10, with one being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Most people will prefer a mattress somewhere in the middle of this scale. As a rule, side sleepers tend to prefer a soft or medium mattress that allows their body to sink in comfortably and relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips. Front and back sleepers usually need a medium firm or firm mattress to provide the right level of back support.

If you share your bed with a partner who sleeps in a different position to you, or you switch positions in the night (combi sleeping), try to find a medium firm mattress. These mattresses are often known as universal comfort because they usually feel good in any position. This means that they could also be a good choice if you’re unsure which mattress firmness feels best to you.

Use your budget to narrow down your options

It’s a common myth that you have to spend a fortune to buy a mattress similar to the Tempurpedic range. While it’s right to some extent that you get what you pay for when it comes to mattresses, a decent Tempurpedic doesn’t have to cost the earth. You should be able to get a comfortable, durable and supportive bed of this type for less than $1000. Figuring out what you can afford to spend will help narrow down your search and make the whole process much more manageable. It’s also worth bearing in mind that many mattress companies offer impressive discounts during seasonal sale periods, so it may be worth waiting to buy your mattress until these times if your need for a new one isn’t that urgent.

Check out reviews

Lots of mattress manufacturers claim that their beds are a perfect alternative to the Tempurpedic range. In fact, making comparisons to Tempurpedic is pretty common in the mattress industry because many shoppers see this brand as the gold standard. So, it’s wise to be wary and do your research before believing in these claims too wholeheartedly.

The best way to find out whether a Tempurpedic comparison is indeed justified is to check out expert and user reviews. Unbiased mattress reviews are the best way to find out whether a mattress really lives up to its maker’s claims.

Be prepared to shop online

Many people understandably prefer to shop for mattresses in-store because buying online feels too risky. However, there are some significant advantages to shopping online if you’re looking for a Tempurpedic type mattress. For a start, you’ll have access to a far more extensive range of mattress models and makes than he would if you shopped in a traditional store. Also, many manufacturers now sell their beds exclusively online because it cuts down on their overhead costs comma, and these savings can be passed on to customers in the form of lower prices. Therefore, you may be able to get a better-quality mattress for your money if you’re prepared to shop online.

If you’re shopping for a mattress online, it’s especially important to make sure that it comes with a decent sleep trial. A sleep trial allows you to use the bed for a set period at home and return it for any reason during this time if you’re unhappy. This helps to remove the risk from shopping for a mattress is in this way. When you’re comparing sleep trials, don’t just look at the length. It’s also vital that you understand who will be responsible for paying return fees if you decide to send your mattress back, as these can be expensive. Also, you should check to see whether the trial comes with a settling in period. This means that you will be obligated to sleep on your mattress for a certain amount of time before you are entitled to return it under the terms of the sleep trial.

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The Bottom Line

Although Tempurpedic beds are a fantastic choice in terms of comfort and support if you can afford them, there’s no reason to break the bank to buy one if you’re on a very tight budget. There are plenty of brands out there promising to rival Tempurpedic with cheaper alternatives. While these claims are not always justified, it is possible to pick a Tempurpedic alternative that offers a similar level of body-conforming and support to the big players. By following the advice in this article or selecting any of the five mattresses like Tempurpedic suggested by our experts, you can save yourself a lot of money and get a high-quality mattress to boot.

You should never commit to buying a mattress before doing your research as it is such a significant investment. Buying the right mattress can transform your sleep quality for the better, while the wrong one could be disastrous. The best way to compare different mattress brands is to read honest and unbiased mattress reviews like the ones here at Sleep Aim.

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