Spring Air Mattress Review 2021

Spring Air is a mattress brand with an established reputation in the industry. They began trading in 1926 and produce hybrid mattresses as part of various collections, including the well-known Chattam & Wells brand. These beds combine supportive innerspring cores with comfort layers made from latex and memory foam. You can purchase Spring Air mattresses from various third-party sellers including big retailer Costco.


There are plenty of key benefits to buying a hybrid mattress from the Spring Air brand. These include:

  • Wide variety of mattress models and prices
  • Good availability in bricks-and-mortar stores nationwide
  • Many Spring Air mattresses include cooling technologies
  • No all-foam option
  • Some customers report sagging
  • Warranty only provides free replacement of the mattress for the first 2 years of a 15-year period (we’ll explain more about this later)

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Spring Air Mattress Range and Construction

Spring Air produces hybrid mattresses across three collections and as part of the Chattam and Wells brand. Therefore, customers have a lot of choice when considering which Spring Air mattress to buy. In this section, we’ll explain how the various Spring Air mattresses are constructed and what this means for your sleep experience.

Back Supporter Collection

All the mattresses in Spring Air’s Back Supporter collection feature the Back Supporter base unit. This contains individually pocketed spring coils that provide a good level of motion isolation for couples. The support in this section of the mattress is zoned to provide firmer support in the lumbar region, making these mattresses a good choice for people with back pain.

Where the mattresses in this collection vary is in their comfort layers. Let’s take a look at all the mattresses in the Back Supporter series:


The Ella mattress features a layer known as the Comfort Bridge above the spring unit. This is designed to increase motion isolation and support and helps create a transition between the support core and the comfort layers. This is followed by layers of high-density foam to provide additional cushioning and support. The final layer is made from Ferran Ice® Wicking Fabric which is designed to wick heat away from your body while you sleep. The Spring Air Ella mattress is available in Plush, Pillow Top and Firm.

Farah Pillow Top

The Farah Pillow Top mattress begins with the supportive Back Supporter spring unit. This is followed by a layer of firm high-density foam to provide additional support and stability. Next comes a layer of soft high-density foam for cushioning and increased support. The top comfort layer is made from gel-infused memory foam with the ability to transfer heat away during the night. This layer is specially designed to be breathable and provides deep pressure relief. The Farah mattress is finished with a layer of Ferran Ice ® fabric for improved temperature regulation.


The Gloria mattress has a layer of high-density foam above the spring unit to increase support and durability. This is followed by a top comfort layer made from gel-infused memory foam. This material is engineered to be breathable and can move heat away from your body while providing a high level of pressure relief. The cover features cooling Ferran Ice® Wicking Fabric. The Gloria mattress is available in Plush, Lux Firm and Extra Firm.

Haley ET Plush

The Haley ET Plush mattress has a layer of firm high-density foam above the Back Supporter unit to improve support and durability. This is followed by the upper comfort layer which is made from gel memory foam. This is specially designed to be more breathable than standard memory foam and gives excellent pressure relief for your joints. The mattress is finished with a layer of Ferran Ice® Wicking Fabric.


The Iris mattress features a comfort bridge layer above the Back Supporter unit followed by a dense layer of foam to provide additional support and comfort. The top comfort layer is made from breathable, gel-infused memory foam to provide pressure relief while keeping you cool and comfortable.
What sets the Iris apart from previous models in the Back Supporter collection is the top cover which features innovative Phase Change technology. This gives the fabric the ability to react to your temperature, making it noticeably cool to the touch. The Spring Air Iris mattress is available in ET Plush, ET Firm and Firm.

Jubilee Box PT

The Jubilee Box PT mattress is the most complex and advanced in Spring Air’s Back Supporter collection. The support core is made from the Back Supporter spring unit followed by a transitional layer of firm, high-density foam. This is followed by a lower comfort layer of breathable, gel-infused memory foam to help with temperature control and pressure relief. The top comfort layer is made from natural Talalay latex foam which provides deep pressure relief while maintaining breathability and comfort. The Jubilee Box PT features two fabric layers. One is innovative Phase Change fabric to regulate body temperature and the other is made from wool fibers.

Four Seasons

The Spring Air Four Seasons mattress features a supportive innerspring base with comfort layers made from heat-wicking gel memory foam. These layers also can relieve pressure on joints, making this mattress a good choice for people with painful joint conditions.

The feature that makes the Spring Air Four Seasons mattress stand out is its innovative ‘Zip and Flip’ cover. This cover is dual-sided, with one side designed to keep you warm in cold weather and the other designed to wick heat away when it’s warm. This also allows you to remove and wash the mattress for seasonal cleaning.

Hope Collection

Mattresses in Spring Air’s Hope collection feature a supportive core made from pocketed innersprings. The support in this layer is zoned to provide either additional support or pressure relief for different parts of your body. It also does a good job of isolating motion from one side of the bed to the other. The comfort layers are made from Nu-Temp foam. This material doesn’t retain heat like traditional memory foam while providing a similar level of deep pressure relief.

Chattam and Wells

The Chattam and Wells mattress from Spring Air is highly engineered to provide support, pressure relief and temperature neutrality. It has a supportive innerspring core made from offset coils to allow a high level of body contouring. This is followed by comfort layers made from mini coils, polyfoam, Joma wool, convoluted foam and Talalay latex. The mattress is hand-tufted and has a highly breathable Tencel cover to help you sleep cool.

How Much Does a Spring Air Mattress Cost?

Spring Air mattresses come at a wide range of price points because the company produces a variety of mattress models. These can also vary from retailer to retailer. The average price of a Spring Air queen-size mattress is around $1,000, making it a mid-range brand.

Spring Air Mattress Firmness

Spring Air produces hybrid mattresses in a full range of firmness options from soft to very firm. This means that most people should be able to find a Spring Air mattress to suit their sleep needs and body type.

Is a Spring Air Mattress Right for my Sleeping Position?

Spring Air mattresses can be suitable for any sleeping position as long as you pick the correct type and firmness to suit your sleep needs. However, you should also take your body weight into account when shopping the Spring Air mattress range. In this section, we’ll explain how Spring Air mattresses perform in each position.

Side Sleepers

Spring Air mattresses feature conforming foam comfort layers which can make them very comfortable for side sleepers as they can mold to the side of your body and take pressure off your shoulders and hips. Side sleepers should consider a plush or pillow top Spring Air mattress.

Front and Back Sleepers

Spring Air mattresses provide a high level of support thanks to their innerspring cores, making them comfortable for back and front sleepers. You should consider a firmer Spring Air model to give you the support you need in this position. People with back pain may benefit from the zoned support of the Back Supporter collection.

Couples and Combi-Sleepers

Combi-sleepers may find a Spring Air mattress comfortable as long as they select a medium or medium firm model that can support them in all their chosen positions. The Spring Air range is a good choice for couples because the pocketed innersprings in the support cores provide a good level of motion isolation.

Do Spring Air Mattresses Sleep Cool?

Spring Air mattresses generally sleep cool thanks to their support systems. All the Spring Air mattresses are hybrid models, which means that they have innerspring cores which are highly breathable and allow air (and heat) to escape during the night.

Many Spring Air mattresses contain advanced technologies to enhance their cooling abilities such as gel-infused memory foam and Phase Change fabrics which can react to your temperature and reduce overheating. If sleeping cool is important to you, you should consider a mattress engineered with sleeping cool in mind like the Jubilee Box PT mattress from the Hope collection.

Where to Buy

Spring Air mattresses are sold exclusively by third-party retailers and are widely available in brick-and-mortar stores across the country. You may also be able to buy certain models online through retailers like Costco. You can find your nearest Spring Air retailer here: http://www.springair.com/dealer-and-factories/find-a-dealer/

Shipping Information

There is no specific Spring Air shipping policy because its range is sold exclusively through third-party retailers. You will need to contact your chosen dealer to find out their shipping prices and policies.

Sleep Trial and Returns

We were unable to find brand-specific information about sleep trials or returns for Spring Air mattresses. This means that your mattress will probably be covered by the returns policy of whichever retailer you buy it from. You should ask your dealer about returns arrangements before you commit to buying a mattress.


Spring Air mattresses come with a 15-year warranty. However, owners are only entitled to a free repair or replacement of their mattress due to a warranty fault if it occurs in the first 2 years after purchase. After this time, customers are charged a fee of 1/15 of the current selling price multiplied by the number of years they have owned the mattress. Spring Air also charges a $50 inspection fee after the first 2 years. Customers are responsible for paying any shipping fees.

The warranty covers indents deeper than 1.5 inches and does not apply to the cover or handles. It does not cover damage caused by owner misuse, and Spring Air may refuse to inspect the mattress if it is returned in an unhygienic condition.

How Do Spring Air Mattresses Compare to Other Brands?

We recommend checking out a range of products before you decide to buy a Spring Air mattress. This will help you decide whether a Spring Air mattress gives you the best features and comfort you can get for your budget. You can find a selection of similar mattresses to the Spring Air range by clicking on the links below.

Alternatives to the Spring Air Mattress Range

Spring Air mattresses could be a good choice for people who are looking for a cooling hybrid mattress that provides good pressure relief. However, the mid-range prices of the Spring Air collection may not be affordable for everybody. There is also no all-foam option if you shop from the Spring Air range.

If you’re looking for an affordable memory foam mattress, we recommend checking out the following three products that make great alternatives to the Spring Air mattress range. These mattresses scored the highest when being ranked by our expert team based on factors such as support, comfort and value for money.

Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress is an affordable memory foam bed that came out on top during our review process. The Puffy sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses and offers exceptional pressure relief to boot. Its medium firmness should feel comfortable for most people, but it’s especially suitable for side sleepers who are looking for pressure relief around their hips and shoulders.

Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed mattress stands out thanks to its customizable firmness, which you can select to perfectly suit your needs using the company’s Comfort+ service. This means that there should be a Novosbed that provides the right balance of support and pressure relief for almost everybody.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress gets our experts’ seal of approval for couples and combi-sleepers because it has a universal comfort firmness rating. This means that it provides a good level of comfort, support and pressure relief in every sleeping position. The Nectar is specially engineered to be more breathable than other foam beds, so it allows you to enjoy the pressure relief of memory foam while sleeping at a cool and comfortable temperature.


Buying a mattress is a major investment, so it’s important to find out everything you can about your chosen brand before committing to a purchase. If you’ve still got questions about the Spring Air mattress range, you’re in the right place. In this section, we’ll answer all your burning questions about the Spring Air range to help settle any uncertainties you may have.

Q: Are Spring Air mattresses good for side sleepers?

A: Spring Air mattresses can be a good choice for side sleepers because they feature adaptable foam comfort layers that can mold comfortably to the side of your body and relieve pressure. We recommend that side sleepers select a soft or medium Spring Air mattress to provide the softness they need to reduce pressure on their hips and shoulders.

Q: How firm are Spring Air mattresses?

A: Spring Air mattresses come in a full range of firmness settings from soft to extra firm. This means that most people should be able to find a Spring Air mattress that suits their sleeping position and body type well.

Q: How thick are Spring Air mattresses?

A: Spring Air does not publish individual product thicknesses for their mattress range. However, they are sold in brick-and-mortar stores which means you will be able to check out the thickness of Spring Air mattresses yourself to make sure they are suitable for you.

Q: Do Spring Air mattresses sleep cool?

A: Like most hybrid mattresses, the Spring Air range sleeps cool thanks to its breathable innerspring cores. Many Spring Air mattresses also feature cooling sleep technologies such as gel-infused memory foam, Phase Change fabrics and breathable covers.

Q: What type of mattresses does Spring Air make?

A: Spring Air exclusively manufacturer hybrid mattresses. These beds combine supportive innerspring cores with comfort layers made from various foams including polyfoam, gel-infused memory foam and natural Talalay latex.

Q: Are Spring Air mattresses durable?

A: The durability of Spring Air mattresses depends on which model you buy. Many of the more expensive mattresses in the Spring Air range have enhanced edge support which increases durability. However, some customers have complained that certain models sag prematurely. You can help your Spring Air mattress last longer by looking after it properly, including placing it on a supportive base.

Q: Do Spring Air mattresses smell?

A: We couldn’t find specific information on whether Spring Air mattresses produce an off-gassing smell. However, they probably do it is likely that they do based on the fact that they contain foam elements. Off-gassing is harmless and should fade quickly, although some people find it unpleasant. Airing the mattress will help any smell to dissipate more quickly.

Q: Is it easy to return a Spring Air mattress?

A: Spring Air does not have a brand-specific returns policy or sleep trial because its mattresses are only sold through third-party retailers. You should defer to the trial and returns policy of your chosen mattress dealer. We recommend clarifying this with the retailer before committing to a purchase.

Q: What frame should I use with a Spring Air mattress?

A: Most frames and foundations are suitable for Spring Air mattresses as long as the one you use is the right size and provides a good level of support. So, you may be able to use your existing frame if you want to. We recommend choosing a frame with central support if you buy a queen-size or larger to prevent damage to the mattress. It is unclear whether Spring Air mattresses are compatible with adjustable bed bases.

The Bottom Line

Spring Air has a long-standing reputation in the industry and could be a good choice if you want a supportive hybrid mattress that sleeps cool. Spring Air mattresses are widely available in brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, which may be a major advantage if you want to try a bed out before you buy.

However, we recommend checking out a range of mattress types and models before making a final decision. To make this easier, we publish a wide range of mattress reviews and resources here at Sleep Aim to arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best mattress choice for you.

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