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The Sherwood brand makes a wide range of mattress types

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The pro-rated warranty isn’t very favorable to buyers

Sherwood beds aren’t known to last very long

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Shoppers that want to choose from a wide range of beds will appreciate Sherwood’s length mattress catalog. There are plenty of mattresses available at Sherwood which differ in terms of construction and firmness. These beds cost more than others on their level. However, they boast of features such as reinforced edge support and excellent pressure relief.

Sherwood Bedding is part of the Tempur Sealy mattress family. It makes a wide range of innerspring, hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses in a broad selection of firmness options and price points. It produces five different mattress brands, so there should be a Sherwood mattress that suits you reasonably well.

In this unbiased Sherwood mattress review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand, including warranty, sleep trial, and delivery information. We’ll also explain each mattress in the range in detail, including Sherwood latex mattress reviews. There’s also a comparison section to help you see how Sherwood Bedding models stack up against the competition. So, what are Sherwood mattresses like, and are they right for you?

Are you considering a memory foam Sherwood Bedding mattress? Before you buy, check out our favorite Sherwood Bedding alternative, the Puffy mattress range. All three Puffy mattresses come with an impressive range of premium features and offer excellent comfort, durability, and support for a much lower price.

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Sherwood Bedding Brand Overview

Sherwood Bedding offers a wide range of mattress constructions and firmness options, so there should be a model that suits most sleepers. Its price points are higher than average, but there is a wide variation depending on which model and finish you choose. All mattresses are made in the USA.

The company also produces a range of sleep accessories. These include premium mattress protectors, covers, and weighted blankets.


• All foams are Certi-Pur certified.
• Decent edge support and durability on innerspring and hybrid models.
• Wide range of constructions, prices, and firmness options.
• Nationwide online and bricks-and-mortar store availability.
• Stretchy, breathable covers can flex with your body’s movements to enhance the beds’ pressure-relieving properties.
• Hybrid and innerspring models feature a reinforced foam perimeter to increase edge support and maximize the bed’s usable surface area.


• Higher than average price points.
• Some warranties include a pro-rated period.
• Below average durability on some models.

Sherwood Mattress Brands

Sherwood Bedding mattresses come in five brands separated by mattress type. Its range includes traditional innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, and latex beds in a wide range of firmness options. Therefore, there should be a Sherwood mattress to suit most people. All Sherwood Bedding mattresses have stretchy, breathable covers that can bend and flex with your movements. This ability helps to increase pressure relief for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

This section of our unbiased Sherwood mattress review introduces all five Sherwood brands: Dunlopillo, Encore, EvoSleep, Lumina, and Sherwood. We’ll also give a detailed description of every bed in the range to help you decide which Sherwood Bedding mattress is the best option for you.

Dunlopillo Mattresses

The Dunlopillo mattress range features all-foam mattresses made from 100% natural Talalay latex foam. This material features a graphite infusion to wick away heat during the night and keep you at a cool, neutral temperature. Each mattress also has layers of high-density upholstery foam for decent support. There are three mattresses in the Sherwood Bedding Dunlopillo range.


The all-foam Trieste mattress combines conforming natural Talalay latex foam and high-density upholstery foam. This structure lets the mattress mold to your body shape while providing good back support. Convoluted layers allow additional airflow to prevent overheating. Each mattress has a breathable, stretchy Tencel blend knit cover.

You can buy the Sherwood Bedding Trieste mattress in Firm and Luxury Firm. The firm option is perfect for back and front sleepers, while the luxury firm should suit most positions. However, side sleepers with low body weights may find both Trieste mattresses too firm.


The Barcelona mattress also features natural Talalay latex and dense, convoluted foam layers that provide support while allowing airflow. This mattress is specially engineered to sleep cool and has a breathable Tencel-blend knit cover treated with Max Breeze cooling technology.

The Sherwood Bedding Barcelona mattress comes in Luxury Firm and Luxury Plush. These two firmness settings cater to most sleeping positions and body types pretty well.


The Portofino has a similar construction to the Barcelona mattress and includes the same cooling sleep technologies. It has a breathable top cover quilted with high-density upholstery foam to provide additional cushioning and a cozy sleep surface. Furthermore, it is tufted using soft wool rosettes to make the mattress exceptionally durable.

Like the previous model, the Portofino mattress comes in Luxury Firm and Luxury Plus.

Encore Luxury Mattresses

The Sherwood Bedding Encore Luxury Mattress collection contains three hybrid beds. Each mattress starts with a supportive layer of pocketed innerspring coils topped with a conforming nano coil layer to provide comfortable cushioning. Each has a comfort system featuring memory or natural Talalay latex foam that can mold to your body for decent pressure relief. Let’s look more closely at each mattress in the Encore Luxury range.

Riviera Hybrid

The Riviera Hybrid mattress offers a high level of support and features a comfort system made from high-density polyfoam and conforming memory foam. It has a smooth top finish. There is also a latex hybrid version. This construction allows the mattress to provide firm spinal support alongside comfortable body contouring.

The pocketed innerspring core provides decent motion transfer, so you shouldn’t disturb your partner if you move around at night. The mattress has edges reinforced with foam for additional edge support and breathability. The cover features Max Breeze technology that keeps you cool in the night and Tencel fibers for maximum breathability.

The Riviera Hybrid comes in four firmness settings: Firm, Luxury Firm, Latex Luxury Plush, and Plush. Therefore, there should be a model to suit most body types and sleeping positions.


The Milan is a quilted hybrid mattress with a comfort system made from high-density memory foam. This system works with the nano coil layer below to prevent uncomfortable pressure and provide a cozy, adaptable sleeping surface.

Like the previous model, the Milan has a breathable Tencel blend cover featuring Max Breeze cooling technology and foam reinforced edges. You can purchase this mattress in Luxury Firm and add a Plush Euro Top or Jumbo Pillow Top finish if you prefer to add more cushioning.


The Sovereign hybrid mattress is tufted to make the bed more durable. Its comfort system features high-density memory foam that can adapt to your body to relieve joint pain and pressure. It also features a layer of graphite-infused Talalay latex foam that reduces stress on your pressure points while providing support and wicking away heat.

Like all Encore Luxury mattresses, the Sovereign has a cooling Tencel-blend cover treated with Max Breeze technology. It has foam reinforced edges to enhance edge support and prevent sagging. The Sovereign mattress comes in Luxury Firm and Luxury Plush.


The EvoSleep mattress range features two memory foam series featuring safe, Certi-Pur certified components. All the foams used have an open-cell structure that makes them more breathable, stopping you from overheating at night. In this Sherwood EvoSleep mattress review, we’ll take a look at the two Sherwood memory foam series in more detail.


The Sherwood Supreme mattress has a dense polyfoam core that provides outstanding back support. The comfort system features upholstery foam and gel-infused memory foam that can mold to your body’s contours for comfort and pressure relief. The gel particles transfer warmth away while you slumber. It has a stretchy, breathable cover that can wick away uncomfortable moisture.

There are eight versions of the Supreme mattress in a range of firmness settings. You can choose between a smooth or quilted finish depending on your preference.

Cool Gel

This mattress comes in three firmness settings and is designed to sleep cooler than standard memory foam beds. It has a comfort system featuring layers of cooling gel-infused foam and temperature neutral transitional foam to provide pressure relief without overheating. Like the previous model, it has a breathable, stretchy cover.

Lumina Mattresses

The Sherwood Lumina range features three innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Each bed has a support core made from individually pocketed springs that compress independently. This ability makes the core supportive without transferring motion across the mattress’s surface. Each has a conforming comfort system to relieve pressure and improve cushioning.


The Royalty is a hybrid mattress that combines high-carbon innerspring coils with upholstery and gel-infused memory foam. The comfort system contains cooling gel to prevent overheating while the mattress molds to your body. Each mattress has a reinforced foam perimeter to increase edge support and to avoid wear and tear. They also feature stretchy, breathable Tencel blend covers.

This mattress comes in Extra Firm, Firm, Luxury Firm, and Plush, so there should be a setting to suit almost anyone. You can also choose a Jumbo Pillow Top finish for extra cushioning.

Sedona W/Nano Coils

This series features premium innerspring mattresses with high-carbon supportive springs. Each spring has an individual pocket to isolate motion. The support unit has a foam encasement for added edge support. The comfort system features upholstery foam and adaptable memory foam that can adapt to your body’s curves to relieve pressure on sore joints. Each bed has a stretchy, breathable Tencel blend cover treated with Max Breeze cooling technology.

This mattress comes in Luxury Firm and Euro Top Plush, a firmness range that caters to most sleepers well. You can also choose a Jumbo Pillow Top finish.

Sedona W/Latex

This mattress has a similar construction to the previous model, including a foam-encased innerspring support core and a Max Breeze cooling cover. However, it features a supportive yet conforming latex foam comfort system. Like the Sedona W/Nano Coils, this mattress comes in Luxury Firm, Euro Top Plush, and Jumbo Pillow Top.

Sherwood Mattress

The Sherwood Mattress innerspring range features several pocketed spring and hybrid mattress series. Each mattress has a supportive, open spring core and comfort layers made from cushioning, adaptable foams. Let’s take a closer look at the Sherwood Mattress range.


Villa mattresses feature an advanced double offset spring support core and a comfort system made from dense upholstery foam for cushioning. It comes in a wide range of firmness options and finishes, including Pillow Top and Big Pillow Top.


The Sunrise series features pillow-top innerspring mattresses. The spring cores have foam perimeter reinforcement to improve stability, edge support, and durability. The comfort system features cushioning upholstery foam. Each bed has a stretchy, breathable cover that can flex with your movements. The Sunrise Series comes in Firm, Plush, and Pillow Top.

Ocean View

The Ocean View hybrid mattress series has a double offset innerspring support system with foam perimeter reinforcement for added durability. The comfort system features conforming gel-infused memory foam that cools you down while you sleep. The cover is stretchy and comfortable and contains cooling Tencel fibers.

You can buy the Ocean View mattress series in Luxury Firm, Plush, and Pillow Top.


The Sherwood Resort mattress series features traditional pocket-spring beds. The structure reduces motion transfer and can gently mold to your body to relieve pressure. The core has a reinforced perimeter to increase the usable surface area and increase durability.

The Resort mattress series comes in Firm, Luxury Firm, Cushion Firm, Plush, Jumbo Pillow Top, and Super Jumbo Pillow Top.

Sherwood Mattress Warranty

A warranty protects you in the case of a manufacturing fault. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that you’re happy with the warranty terms and conditions before spending your hard-earned money. In this section, we’ll discuss the Sherwood mattress warranty in detail.

The Sherwood mattress warranty length varies depending on which model you choose. You can find the length of your warranty by checking the 3-digit code on the law tag attached to your bed. We recommend checking this before you buy it. Some Sherwood mattress warranties are non-prorated, which means you won’t pay to have your mattress repaired or replaced under warranty. However, some have a pro-rated period for the second part of the warranty, during which you will be charged a fee.

The Sherwood mattress warranty codes and lengths are as follows:

  • 000: No warranty
  • 110: 1 Year non-prorated
  • 330: 3 Years non-prorated
  • 550: 5 Years non-prorated
  • 110: 10 Years non-prorated
  • 150: 15 Years non-prorated
  • 514: 5 Years total, 1 Year non-prorated
  • 109: 10 Years total, 1 year non-prorated
  • 103: 10 years total, 3 years non-prorated
  • 105: 10 years total, 5 years non-prorated
  • 200: 20 years total, 10 years non-prorated

If you claim under warranty during a pro-rated period, you will pay a fee of the purchase price multiplied by the number of years owned and then divided by the overall warranty length. You are responsible for paying transportation costs during the pro-rated and non-prorated periods.

If you discover a manufacturing defect, Sherwood Bedding will repair or replace your bed at its discretion. The warranty is non-transferrable, so it only applies to the person who bought the bed initially. It does not cover damage caused by abuse, indentations less than 1.5 inches (or 0.75 inches for smooth top mattresses), and accidental damage like burns or stains. It also excludes handles, corner guards, and floor models.

For the warranty to be valid, you must follow these care guidelines:

  • Rotate your mattress 180 degrees after the first two weeks of ownership and then every 2-3 months.
  • Place your mattress on a supportive frame or foundation. Queen-size mattresses or larger need a frame with a central supporting leg. Otherwise, you could damage the bed and void the warranty.
  • Cover the mattress with a mattress protector to guard against accidental damage like spills.
  • Move the mattress on its side and transport it in a carton.
  • Retain the law tag.
  • Avoid bending or jumping on the bed.
  • Do not apply cleaning liquids to the mattress.
  • Avoid lifting the bed using the handles
  • Keep the mattress away from open flames and lit cigarettes.

Sherwood Mattress Sleep Trial

We were unable to find any details on the Sherwood Bedding sleep trial. However, if you buy from a third-party retailer, you may be entitled to a sleep trial under the store’s returns policy. We recommend checking this out with your retailer before making a final purchase.

Sherwood Mattress Shipping

If you buy a Sherwood Bedding mattress directly from the company mattress, you will get free white glove delivery. This means that the mattress is delivered and set up in your home for you. You cannot request a specific delivery date, but you will be informed of your delivery slot in advance. Sherwood Bedding offers an old mattress removal service for a $90 fee.

Where to Buy

You can purchase a Sherwood Bedding mattress directly from the company website. If you prefer to shop instore and try your bed out first, you can find Sherwood Bedding mattresses in a wide variety of brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, including many Mattress Firm stores. You can find your nearest Sherwood Bedding mattress stockist here.

How to Choose a Sherwood Bedding Mattress

There are many Sherwood Bedding mattresses to choose from, and the first step is to decide which construction you prefer. There are advantages and disadvantages to any kind of bed, and you should weigh up your sleep needs to help you decide which is right for you. Here’s a brief run-down of the properties of each mattress type sold by Sherwood Bedding.

Traditional Innerspring (some Sherwood Mattress models)

Innerspring mattresses provide excellent back support and have breathable structures. Therefore, air can circulate inside the bed and stop you from getting too hot at night. All innerspring and hybrid Sherwood Bedding mattresses have pocketed innersprings, which prevents motion transfer across the bed. However, innerspring mattresses tend to be heavy and difficult to move around.

Memory Foam (EvoSleep)

Memory foam mattresses are supportive and can mold to the shape of your body. This gives a cradling sensation that reduces pressure on your joints. Therefore, these beds can be a good choice if you have a painful joint condition like arthritis. However, memory foam beds have a dense structure that tends to trap heat. The Sherwood Bedding EvoSleep mattresses have an open-cell design that makes them more breathable and helps prevent this problem. However, they will still sleep hotter than some alternative constructions.

Latex (Dunlopillo)

Latex mattresses like those in the Sherwood Bedding Dunlopillo range offer the same conforming and pressure relieving benefits as memory foam. However, latex tends to be more supportive and sleeps cooler than regular memory foam. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic. However, latex mattresses are usually more expensive than other types of foam.

Hybrid (Some Sherwood mattresses, Lumina, and Encore)

Hybrid mattresses are an excellent choice if you want the bounce, support, and breathability of an innerspring bed with the adaptability of conforming foam comfort layers. Sherwood Bedding hybrid mattresses combine innerspring support units with adaptable foams like memory foam or latex. Therefore, they offer the best of both worlds between two mattress types. However, hybrid mattresses tend to be heavier and more expensive than other types of mattresses.

Once you’ve decided which type of mattress you want to buy, you should also consider the firmness. As a rule, front and back sleepers require a firmer mattress, while side sleepers need a medium bed that can mold to the side of the body closely. If you have a lighter bodyweight, you may need a softer mattress. Conversely, heavier individuals may need more firmness. If you’re unsure, we recommend going for a medium firm (dubbed Luxury Firm or Cushion Firm by Sherwood Bedding.) This firmness suits all sleeping positions relatively well and is a good choice for couples or people who shift around in the night.

Sherwood Bedding offers a full range of firmness options from Plush to Extra Firm. However, not every mattress is available in every firmness setting.

How does Sherwood Bedding Compare to Other Brands?

Before you choose a mattress, we recommend comparing and contrasting a few brands to make sure that you choose the best option for your wallet and sleep needs. So, how does the Sherwood Bedding range compare to our two favorite brands?

Sherwood Bedding vs. Puffy

Puffy is our favorite brand here at Sleep Aim because it provides outstanding support and pressure relief at a budget-friendly price. Of the two brands, Sherwood Bedding delivers a broader range of choices, while Puffy offers three different memory foam models. While we rate the Puffy range highly for people that want a memory foam bed, you will need to look at a different brand like Sherwood Bedding if you wish to buy a different construction such as a latex mattress.

When it comes to price, Puffy beds are more affordable. However, they still offer a similar range of benefits and features to Sherwood Bedding memory foam beds. Both brands feature cooling sleep technologies so that you can enjoy the benefits of memory foam without getting too hot.

All Puffy mattresses have a medium feel that should suit most sleepers. However, Sherwood Bedding offers a full range of firmness options from Plush to Extra Firm. If you need a firmness that Puffy doesn’t make, it may be worth looking at the Sherwood Bedding range as an alternative.

While Sherwood’s warranty lengths vary depending on which mattress you buy, all Puffy mattresses come with a generous Lifetime warranty. Puffy warranties are entirely non-prorated, whereas some Sherwood Bedding warranties include a pro-rated period. Puffy mattresses also come with a 101-night sleep trial. Therefore, we feel that the protection you get when you buy a Puffy mattress beats the Sherwood Bedding offering.

Sherwood Bedding vs. Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep mattresses are another favorite of the team here at Sleep Aim. It offers memory foam, gel memory foam, and hybrid mattresses at more affordable prices than Sherwood Bedding. However, Idle Sleep’s range is much smaller. It also doesn’t make an all-foam latex option. Therefore, whether you prefer an Idle Sleep mattress depends on what construction you choose.

While Sherwood Bedding offers a full range of firmness options, Idle Sleep mattresses come in medium and Luxury Firm (medium firm) only. While these firmness settings suit most sleeping positions, you may be better off with a Sherwood Bedding mattress if you need a soft or extra firm bed.

When it comes to warranty and sleep trials, Idle Sleep comes out on top. It offers an astonishing 18-month sleep trial, the longest available in the industry, and a generous lifetime non-prorated warranty.

Sherwood Mattress FAQs

Do you have any more questions about the Sherwood Bedding mattress range? Help is at hand. In this section, we’ll answer all the common questions about this brand, along with our expert team’s answers.

Q: Are Sherwood mattresses good?

A: Sherwood mattresses feature high-quality materials and are generally comfortable. The company offers a wide range of constructions, firmness settings, and prices, so you should be able to find a model that suits you. However, some mattresses in this range may be less durable than average, depending on which model you buy. You should make sure that you buy a Sherwood mattress that suits your needs, or it won’t feel comfortable for you.

Q: How firm are Sherwood mattresses?

A: Sherwood mattresses come in a full range of firmness options from Plush to Extra Firm. There should be a firmness setting to suit all body types and sleeping positions.

Q: Do Sherwood mattresses smell?

A: If you buy a Sherwood memory foam mattress, it will release an off-gassing odor when you remove the packaging. Most memory foam brands off-gas, and this is harmless, although you may find it unpleasant. It should disappear reasonably quickly with thorough airing.

Q: Where can I buy a Sherwood mattress?

A: You can buy a Sherwood mattress online from the company website. Alternatively, many brick-and-mortar stores, including come Mattress Firm branches stock Sherwood Bedding mattresses if you prefer to shop in person.

Q: What is the Sherwood mattress warranty?

A: Sherwood mattress warranties vary depending on which bed you buy. You can find out more about your warranty by checking the code on the law tag attached to your bed. Sherwood Bedding warranties range from 1-25 years. Some are fully non-prorated, while others include a pro-rated period. You can find out more about Sherwood Bedding warranties earlier in this article.

Q: What type of mattress does Sherwood Bedding make?

A: Sherwood Bedding makes a wide range of mattress types across five different brands. The range includes memory foam, gel memory foam, hybrid, latex, and innerspring beds.

Q: How expensive are Sherwood Bedding mattresses?

A: Sherwood mattresses come at a wide range of price points. However, they generally cost somewhat more than the industry average.

The Bottom Line

Sherwood Bedding mattresses could be a good solution if you want a wide range of construction options. The company makes memory foam, gel memory foam, hybrid, latex, and innerspring beds, so there should be an option to suit everyone. It also offers a full range of firmness options, so it’s a good choice if you want to try out a mattress in several settings to see which one you like. The wide brick-and-mortar store availability may also be an advantage if you like to shop instore.

However, there are some drawbacks to Sherwood mattresses. Some models may not offer maximum durability, although the hybrid and innerspring models all have reinforced edges that solves this problem. The range is more expensive than average, so it may not be suitable for people on a tight budget. Also, bear in mind that the warranty may be below average depending on which model you choose. You should also check the returns policy of your chosen retailer before making a purchase.

Before you buy any mattress, make sure that it suits your firmness needs. You can follow the advice in this article to work out which Sherwood Bedding mattress is right for you. We also recommend checking out a broad range of expert and user reviews to make sure you choose a bed with high ratings for support, comfort, pressure relief, and value for money.

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