Serta Mattress Warranty – Compare To Other Brands

Serta is a popular and well-known mattress brand that makes a wide range of memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses. Its range offers customers plenty of choices, and there should be a Serta mattress to suit most people. Serta mattresses are widely available in brick-and-mortar stores, which could be an advantage if you like to try a bed out first before buying it.

Before you buy any mattress, you should check the warranty length and terms and conditions. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Serta mattress warranty and clear up any queries.

If you’re considering a Serta memory foam mattress, we recommend looking at the Puffy range as an alternative. We love these beds because they are exceptionally durable and comfortable while providing outstanding value for money.

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Serta Mattress Range

Serta sells an unusually broad range of memory foam, hybrid and innerspring mattresses at relatively affordable prices. Its offering includes a full range of firmness options from soft to firm, so everyone should be able to find a Serta firmness setting to suit them. Serta mattresses also come in a good variety of thickness options.

You can buy a Serta mattress online through the company website, Amazon, and various brick-and-mortar retailers nationwide.

One of the biggest perks of the Serta company is its generous delivery policy. All Serta mattresses come with free white glove delivery to the contiguous United States, which means that your bed is set up in your bedroom for you to save time and inconvenience. This service includes the removal of your old mattress.

Serta mattresses come with a 120-night sleep trial, apart from the Perfect Sleeper range, which comes with a 45-night trial. All Serta sleep trials have a 30-day settling in period. Therefore, you must sleep on your new Serta mattress for at least 30 nights before deciding to send it back. Unlike many companies, Serta charges 15% of the mattress cost and a $200 shipping fee to return your mattress under the sleep trial, so you should factor this in before buying it. However, the terms may be different if you purchase through an authorized third-party retailer.

Serta mattresses have various advantages that might make them a good choice. They generally offer decent motion isolation to prevent sleep disturbance for couples. The amount of choice on offer is also desirable to many buyers. However, Serta mattresses are not as durable as some comparable brands. The memory foam models also tend to retain heat more than some competitive memory foam options.

Serta Mattress Warranty Length

Serta mattress warranties vary in length, depending on which mattress you buy. Warranty lengths range from just one year to 20 years, double the length of an industry-standard 10-year warranty. You can find out how long the warranty is on your Serta mattress by checking the code on the law tag. We recommend checking the code of any model you plan to buy before purchasing to ensure you’re happy with the warranty length. The Serta warranty codes and corresponding lengths are as follows:

  • W1: 1 Year
  • W92: 5 Years
  • W91: 8 Years
  • W9, W10F, W10S: 15 Years
  • W15F, W15: 15 Years
  • W20F: 20 Years

All Serta mattress warranties are non-prorated apart from those with the W20F code, which means that you won’t pay any fees to have your mattress repaired or replaced under warranty. If you have a bed with the W20F code, you get ten years of non-prorated coverage, followed by ten years prorated. From year 11 onwards, Serta charges 1/20 of your mattress’ retail price multiplied by the number of years since you bought it. However, the 10-year non-prorated period should be enough for the expected lifespan of your bed.

Although most Serta warranties are non-prorated, please bear in mind that you must pay any transportation costs. You may also be charged an inspection fee.

Serta Mattress Warranty Validity

Like most mattress warranties, Serta warranties are non-transferable, which means you can only claim if you are the original purchaser. The warranty only applies for regular domestic use, so you can’t claim under warranty if the mattress is for a commercial setting like a hotel or an institutional facility like a hospital.

Serta may invalidate your warranty if the mattress is in an unhygienic condition, for example, if it has stains from bodily fluids or if there is an infestation. It may also refuse to honor the warranty if you allow liquids to penetrate the mattress, including cleaning fluids. This policy protects the health and safety of Serta employees.

The warranty is also invalid if you can’t produce the law tag and proof of purchase when making a claim. Therefore, we recommend keeping these documents in a safe place where you can find them easily.

Serta says that you must use a stable, supportive base or frame with your new mattress. This includes adjustable bed frames as long as the model you have is adjustable bed frame friendly. A stable platform foundation is acceptable as long as there is central support that contacts the floor below. If you purchase a queen-size mattress or larger, any frame you use must have a central support leg. Using the incorrect frame could cause damage to your bed and invalidate the warranty.

To help you keep your mattress in good condition and prevent voiding the warranty, Serta issues some guidelines for proper mattress care:

  • Rotate your mattress 180 degrees regularly to avoid wear and tear in one area
  • Make sure a queen-size or larger has a frame with central support
  • Use a mattress protector to prevent damage due to stains, spills, or soiling
  • Buy a new foundation with your new mattress to make sure it has proper support
  • Carry the mattress upright
  • Place the mattress flat if you need to store it
  • Leave the law tag attached to the end of your mattress
  • Avoid bending or jumping on your bed
  • Don’t apply cleaning fluids to your mattress
  • Keep your mattress dry using a mattress protector
  • Avoid lifting your mattress using the handles, as these are only suitable for shifting its position once on the bed frame

Serta Mattress Warranty Coverage

What’s covered by your Serta mattress warranty depends on which model you own. You can find a detailed explanation of the warranty coverage for each type below.

Innerspring and Hybrid Mattresses

The Serta innerspring and hybrid mattress warranty covers loose and broken springs, including springs that poke out through the fabric cover. It also covers sagging or indents measuring deeper than 1.5 inches. If you have an iSeries Serta mattress or equivalent, the warranty includes defects in the handles.

All-Foam Mattresses

The Serta all-foam mattress warranty covers sagging or indents deeper than 0.75 inches. If your mattress comes with a zippered cover, it is warrantied for ten years. Please note that you shouldn’t take the cover off your mattress if the zipper is at the bottom of the bed. However, you can take off covers with a side zipper to clean them. You should consult the mattress label to find out how to clean your Serta mattress cover without damaging it.

Smooth Top Hybrid Mattresses

This warranty covers Serta hybrid mattresses with an unquilted finish. It includes loose and broken coils or springs that protrude through the mattress fabric. It also covers sagging or indents deeper than 0.75 inches. If you have an iSeries mattress or similar, the warranty covers the handles.


Like all mattress warranties, the Serta mattress warranty excludes certain types of damage. It doesn’t cover personal comfort preferences or natural softening of foam materials over time, as this is considered normal wear and tear. It also excludes the corner guards and bent perimeter wires due to improper moving or bending of the mattress.

The Serta mattress warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse or abuse, including stains, spills, burns, or rips. We recommend covering your bed with a mattress protector to keep it hygienic and in good condition. As we mentioned above, it also excludes damage caused by using an unsupportive foundation. Therefore, you should make sure that any frame you use fits Serta’s criteria.

Please note that the warranty doesn’t cover the mattress cover or fabric unless you have an all-foam model with a zippered cover. However, you could still void the warranty on your all-foam mattress cover if you don’t clean or care for it according to the manufacturer’s instruction. This includes taking the cover off if you have a non-removable cover with the zipper at the bottom of the mattress.

Replacement Terms

If you discover a manufacturing flaw covered by the warranty, Serta will replace or repair your bed at its discretion. This is usually free, although you may have to pay specific fees- you can find details about prorated charges earlier in this article. As we mentioned above, you must pay transportation and inspection fees.

If your mattress is discontinued, Serta will replace it with a new bed of similar quality and value. If Serta opts to repair your mattress but can’t access the same materials, it will use materials that match the original as closely as possible.

Serta will only replace or repair the defective part of a sleep set. If you bought your mattress with a frame or foundation and only the bed is faulty, Serta will repair or replace the mattress only.

Serta Demo and Floor Sample Warranty

The Serta mattress warranty doesn’t include a demo or floor sample models, as these come ‘as is’ without any warranty coverage. It also doesn’t cover promotional items or beds purchased from a non-authorized second-hand retailer.

Making a Serta Mattress Warranty Claim

If you want to make a warranty claim, you should contact the retailer where you bought your bed. Serta authorizes its retail partners to handle warranty claims on its behalf. However, if you can’t work with your retailer, for example, because you now live in a different area, you can contact Serta customer services directly to file a claim at 1-888-557-3782.

Serta vs. Puffy Mattress Warranty

Comparing mattress warranties across brands helps you figure out whether you’re getting the best deal and coverage. We often recommend Puffy as our favorite Serta mattress alternative. In this section, we’ll compare the Puffy and Sealy mattress warranties to see which is better.

The most obvious difference between the Serta mattress warranty and Puffy’s is the length. Serta mattress warranties last from 1 to 20 years, depending on which model you buy. Meanwhile, Puffy offers a more generous Lifetime warranty on all its mattresses that covers you for as long as you choose to keep your bed.

Like most Serta mattress warranties, the entire Puffy range is non-prorated. Therefore, the company won’t charge you to repair or replace your mattress under the warranty terms. However, if you purchase a Serta mattress with the W20F warranty code, the warranty is non-prorated for the first ten years, followed by another ten-year prorated period. Therefore, you will need to pay fees to have your mattress repaired or replaced under warranty, whereas Puffy would do this for free at any time.

When we compared the Serta all-foam mattress warranty to Puffy’s coverage and exclusions, the terms were broadly similar. Both companies include sagging and indents while excluding damage caused by abuse or misuse, comfort preferences, and normal wear and tear like softening.

Bear in mind that the remedies offered by each company are somewhat different. Serta will repair or replace at its discretion, while Puffy will send you a brand-new mattress following a successful warranty claim. Many people will feel that Puffy’s remedy is the preferable option.

Overall, we prefer the Puffy warranty to the Serta warranty due to the longer length and more generous remedy option.

Serta vs. Idle Sleep Mattress Warranty

We love the Idle Sleep mattress and recommend it as a Serta alternative. When choosing between these brands, it can help compare the warranties to see how they stack up. So, how does the Serta mattress warranty compare to Idle Sleep’s?

Like Puffy, Idle Sleep offers a Lifetime warranty on its mattresses, significantly more generous than the shorter terms that come with Serta beds. Idle Sleep will repair or replace your mattress if it has a warrantied fault for as long as you keep the bed. The Idle Sleep warranty is non-prorated, giving it an advantage over Serta’s W20F policy, although most Serta warranties are also non-prorated.

The Idle Sleep warranty has very similar coverage and exclusions to the Serta mattress warranties. However, we prefer Idle Sleep’s warranty overall because of the longer length.


Q: What is the warranty on a Serta mattress?

A: The warranty length on a Serta mattress ranges from 1-20 years, depending on which model you buy. You can check the warranty length by finding the warranty code on the mattress law tag.

Q: Can you return a Serta mattress?

A: All Serta mattresses come with a 120-night sleep trial. You can return the mattress for any reason during this time for a refund. If you wish to return a Serta bed, contact customer services, and the company will arrange collection from your home.

Q: Where is the law tag on a Serta mattress?

A: You can find the law tag attached to the bottom of your Serta mattress.

Q: How do I claim on my Serta warranty?

A: You can make a Serta mattress warranty claim by contacting the retailer where you bought your bed. You must provide the law tag and proof of purchase. If you can’t work with your retailer for any reason to make a warranty claim, you can claim directly with Serta on 1-888-557-3782.

Q: How long do Serta memory foam mattresses last?

A: A Serta memory foam mattress should last between 8-10 years as long as you care for it properly. You can find guidance for caring for your Serta mattress in this article or on Serta’s website.

Q: Can you flip a Serta mattress?

A: All Serta mattresses are one-sided, which means that only one side is suitable to sleep on. Therefore, you can’t flip a Serta mattress. However, you should regularly rotate your mattress 180 degrees to prevent wear and tear and help it last longer.

The Bottom Line

The Serta mattress range offers customers an incredible amount of choice, and the company has a well-established reputation in the industry. Serta beds are widely available in a broad range of sleep stores nationwide, which could be an advantage if you want to test a bed in person before you buy.

However, there are some drawbacks to the Serta range. In particular, below-average durability and heat retention in memory foam mattresses could be off-putting to some buyers. The company also charges pretty steep fees if you want to return your bed under the sleep trial, in contrast to many other companies that offer free returns.

When it comes to warranty, most Serta mattresses come with a decent policy length and coverage that reflects the rest of the mattress industry. However, you may have to pay pro-rated fees and are liable for shipping and inspection costs. While the Serta mattress warranties are around average, you may get a better policy if you shop elsewhere.

Before you buy any mattress, make sure to do your research to make sure you’re getting the best bed for your needs. We recommend reading a wide range of user and expert reviews and comparing several brands before settling on a mattress.

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