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It’s not always easy to tell whether a mattress is suitable for your needs, especially if you’re buying online. Many people like the look of the Saatva mattress range but aren’t sure if they’ll enjoy sleeping on it long-term. Fortunately, reviews can make your decision easier.

Before buying any new bed, reading honest and unbiased reviews from real customers just like you can help you determine if it’s a good choice. Mattress companies often make bold claims on their websites and other literature, and reading real-life feedback lets you sort facts from fiction.

However, trawling through page after page of review sites like Google and Yelp takes time. If you’re wondering whether Saatva is the correct brand for you, help is at hand. We’ve compiled a comprehensive summary of Saatva mattress customer reviews that give you the inside scoop on this famous brand. We’ll also tell you everything you need to know about the Saatva brand and range.

What are Saatva Mattresses?

Saatva is a popular online mattress brand that started in 2010. Its mission is to create luxurious, comfortable mattresses with affordable price tags. It also prioritizes outstanding customer service.

All Saatva mattresses are made in the USA and feature only sustainable materials, making them a suitable choice for eco-friendly consumers. At the time of writing, Saatva mattresses are only available in-store, so you can’t buy them from a brick-and-mortar retailer. This business model allows Saatva to streamline its sales process and reduce costs for shoppers.

Saatva currently sells the following mattress types:

  • Hybrid innerspring
  • Hybrid latex innerspring
  • Adjustable air
  • Memory foam
  • Latex

It also stocks mattresses suitable for kids and teens and a more robust model for heavier individuals.

As well as the flagship Saatva range, the company also manufactures and sells some additional brands. These are:

  • Loom and Leaf- A luxury memory foam mattress with a cooling gel infusion
  • Zenhaven- Manufactured from 100% Talalay latex foam

The company sells a range of soft bedding products, including pillows, sheets, and weighted blankets. You can also buy luxurious toppers to make your mattress more comfortable and provide extra joint cushioning. Saatva also makes its own bed frames and foundations to complement your new mattress, including an adjustable bed. However, not all Saatva mattresses are adjustable bed-friendly, so you should check your specific model before buying it.

Saatva Mattress Reviews

There are plenty of advantages of owning a Saatva mattress, but the truth is that the range won’t suit everyone. Comfort is a matter of personal taste, and it’s understandable to want to get the skinny from genuine customers before making a big investment.

Before the internet, the only way to get honest advice about mattresses was to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations or visit a trusted brick-and-mortar retailer. Nowadays, it’s straightforward to access real-life feedback using popular review sites like Yelp and Trust Pilot. These sites empower customers and help you see past flashy sales pitches.

Below, you can find a selection of the most helpful Saatva mattress reviews from genuine customers. We’ve organized them according to various factors to help you understand how customers rate the brand in terms of comfort, warranty, customer service, and more. While we didn’t find any Saatva Yelp reviews, there are a wealth of valuable reviews on sites like Google for us to base our opinions on.

Comfort and Support

The most crucial factor to consider when buying a new mattress is whether it feels comfortable and supports your body correctly. Support is critical because an unsupportive bed can cause or exacerbate back and joint pain. If a mattress isn’t comfortable, you simply won’t sleep well.

The overwhelming majority of Saatva mattress reviews say that the mattresses are comfortable and give decent support. Most people said that the beds felt comfortable to sleep on and retained their support, as you can see from these Saatva mattress reviews on Google:

However, it’s important to point out that a few customers didn’t find their mattresses comfortable. The following reviewer says that both she and her husband found their bed uncomfortable, and it caused her husband pain.

This Trustpilot reviewer was also unhappy with the comfort of their mattress and said that it caused pain. They also noted that the bed felt considerably firmer than they expected:

While it’s essential to take all viewpoints into account, we feel confident that Saatva mattresses will feel comfortable for most users. An average rating of 4.8 stars on Google and 4.5 stars on Trustpilot (at the time of writing) shows that the vast majority of customers are exceptionally satisfied with their purchases.

Where the reviews are negative, it might be that the customer purchased the incorrect firmness setting for their body type and sleeping position. A mattress of the incorrect firmness will most likely cause pain and discomfort even if it is high-quality. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time to figure out which firmness is right for you. If you choose the right model, you should find a Saatva mattress comfortable.


Saatva mattresses feature quality components and are well-made, so you can expect your bed to last for at least 7 years and up to 10 years or more if you look after it. As you might expect, the online reviews reflect this fact, and complaints about Saatva mattress durability are few and far between.

As most people review items soon after receiving them, it was hard to find positive reviews that mentioned durability specifically. However, that doesn’t mean that we think there’s a problem with durability- most likely, customers enjoy sleeping on their mattresses for many years without coming back to update their review.

Some customers did leave reviews a while after purchase, suggesting that Saatva mattresses retain their initial comfort. This review says that the bed remained in mint condition and continued providing excellent comfort 7 months after purchasing:

This customer agrees and says that their mattress actually became more comfortable after 2 years of use:

On the other hand, a small number of people said that their mattress didn’t age well and lost its comfort and support over time. This Google reviewer says that the bed retained body impressions that didn’t disappear after they got up. A small amount of softening is normal for a foam or hybrid foam mattress, so it’s hard to tell whether this indicates a durability issue without knowing the imprint depth.

This Trustpilot reviewer said they had issues with their mattress breaking down within just 6 months. Fortunately, Saatva quickly remedied the problem and sent them a new bed as a replacement.

As Saatva durability complaints are rare, we can conclude that the brand as a whole is a good choice if you want a long-lasting bed. We suspect that the occasional complaint is down to a one-off construction error and doesn’t indicate a broader durability issue. Overall, it’s great to see that Saatva handles customers’ concerns promptly to make sure they get a decent and long-lasting product.

Customer Service

Saatva offers its customers plenty of options for getting advice and support. There’s an instant web chat service on the website, and you can also contact the support department via email or phone.

Most customers say that the service they received was good and that they received regular updates on their order’s status, as you can see from this Saatva Google review:

It’s also great to see that most reviewers had a positive experience with the delivery service:

However, it appears that there are sometimes issues with the quality of Saatva’s customer service. While there are relatively few negative reviews about the brand’s comfort and quality, poor feedback generally relates to customer support issues. This Trustpilot reviewer was unhappy with the communication they received from the company and problems changing their contact information.

We should point out that Saatva is exceptionally proactive in responding to and rectifying negative reviews. A customer service representative generally answers the review quickly and explains what they did to solve the problem, as you can see from the response to the above complaint:

We should mention that most of the reviews that said poor customer service occurred during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s possible that, like many companies, Saatva is experiencing issues caused by staff sickness or production and delivery delays. Overall, given the balance of positive vs. negative feedback, most customers are satisfied by Saatva’s customer support.


Saatva has one of the best delivery policies in the industry, offering free white glove delivery for every order. That means that the delivery team will bring the bed into your home and set it up in your bedroom for you. It also offers free removal of your old mattress, although it will only take items in a safe and sanitary condition.

The company website also says that it notifies you in advance of your 4-hour delivery slot and allows you to reschedule without incurring any fees. This sounds great on paper, but does it live up to its promises? Yes, according to most Saatva mattress Google reviews. Most customers say that the ordering process was simple and their delivery arrived on time.

While most customers were satisfied with Saatva’s delivery service, there are a small but significant number of people reporting issues. The following Trustpilot review says that they experienced repeated delays and still didn’t receive their mattress after a 2-month wait:

We must assert that there is no evidence to substantiate the customer’s claim that Saatva posts fake reviews, and a representative replied to the review to refute this statement vehemently. We can only assume that the buyer was disgruntled by the delays with their order. However, it’s worth considering that you may experience a longer wait for your mattress than the timeframe stated on the company website. As most of the complaints about delivery occurred recently, these issues might be related to coronavirus.

Returns and Exchanges

Saatva offers a 180-night sleep trial on all its mattresses, which is around double the industry average. This policy lets you try the mattress out in your home and return or exchange it if you’re unhappy. Therefore, it takes the risk out of buying a mattress online without lying on it first.

As most of the Saatva feedback on popular review sites is positive, we can only assume that most customers never need to use the trial period. However, there are some grumbles about returns. The following customer says that they were told to donate their mattress and expect a refund imminently but never received it:

Most customers who returned or exchanged their mattresses under the trial conditions got their refund as promised. However, some consumers were unhappy about paying the collection fee for sending their bed back, like this Trustpilot reviewer:

Despite what the review states, the accusation that Saatva conceals the collection fee in its trial policy spiel is inaccurate. When we took a look at the Saatva website, the collection cost was easy to find, as you can see from this statement:

Overall, we are satisfied that most customers can return or exchange their unwanted Saatva mattresses without any problems. However, please note that you will have to pay $99 to cover the company’s transportation costs.

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FAQs About Saatva Mattress Reviews

Q: Is Saatva a good mattress?

A: After reading the online reviews, we can conclude that Saatva mattresses are generally good. The company scores consistently highly on review sites, and customers mention the brand’s excellent comfort, support, and customer service. While some buyers complain about durability and customer service issues, this is relatively rare.

Q: Who makes the Saatva mattress?

A: The Saatva company makes all Saatva mattresses in the USA, including the Loom and Leaf and Zenhaven beds.

Q: How much does the Saatva mattress cost?

A: Saatva mattresses vary in price depending on which model and size you choose. While the company’s costs aren’t bargain basement, they are relatively affordable and fair given the quality and service.

Q: How long do Saatva mattresses last?

A: Saatva mattresses feature high-quality materials and outstanding workmanship. Therefore, you can expect your bed to last between 7-10 years, slightly longer than average. Your mattress may last even longer if you take good care of it or only use it as an occasional guest bed. However, you should follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to keep it in good condition.

Q: Does the Saatva mattress sag?

A: Complaints about sagging Saatva mattresses are extremely rare. Generally, it appears to be a durable and long-lasting brand.

Q: Can you flip a Saatva mattress?

A: Saatva mattresses have specially-formulated layers, which means that you can only sleep on one side. Therefore, you shouldn’t flip your bed. The exception is the Saatva Youth mattress, which you can flip to adjust the firmness as your child grows.

Q: Are Saatva mattresses made in the USA?

A: Yes, Saatva makes all its mattresses in America using high-quality components.

Q: How is Saatva delivered?

A: Saatva offers free white glove delivery with all its mattresses. This means that delivery personnel will carry your bed inside and set it up for you.

Q: Does Saatva take your old mattress away?

A: Saatva will remove and dispose of your old mattress and bed frame free of charge. However, it will only accept items in a hygienic state, so you can’t give them a stained mattress. Please note that you must check the mattress removal option at checkout if you want to take advantage of this service.

The Verdict 

Overall, we were impressed by the customer feedback we read on review sites. Most users say that the Saatva mattress they received was comfortable, supportive, and high-quality. The general lack of durability complaints suggests that Saatva beds are well-made and long-lasting.

Saatva also received glowing reviews of its customer service. As you can see from some of the reviews above, even unsatisfied customers often praised how the company handled their concerns.

However, there were a few complaints about the quality of Saatva’s delivery. In particular, some buyers said that they didn’t get their order on time and had difficulty getting answers to their questions. It appears that Saatva may be experiencing logistical problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s worth checking the website before ordering to get up-to-date information on delivery delays. However, this problem is hardly unique to Saatva, with many industries suffering from worker shortages and delays due to restrictions.

We were also pleased to see the quality of Saatva’s responses to customer complaints. The company replied to most negative Trustpilot reviews with an apology and explained how it successfully resolved the problem.

Generally, an overall rating of 4.5 on Google and 4.8 on Trustpilot (correct at the time of writing) attests that Saatva is a trustworthy company that provides excellent products and services to consumers. Therefore, we feel confident recommending it to our readers.

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