Restonic Mattress Review 2023 (Updated)

Restonic manufacture hybrid mattresses which combine supportive innerspring cores with the benefits of gel-infused memory foam. They call this their ComfortCare mattress collection. You can select the correct firmness to suit your needs from four options: Euro Top, Pillow Top, Cushion Firm and Firm. This means that most people should be able to find a Restonic mattress from their ComfortCare range that feels comfortable and supportive.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Restonic ComfortCare mattresses including their construction, feel, price guide and their terms and conditions. This will help you decide whether a Restonic mattress is the best choice for your next mattress.


The Restonic ComfortCare range has several key benefits which you should be aware of. The features of these mattresses that impressed us the most are:

  • Choice of four firmness options, so you can choose the one that best meets
  • your needs
  • Very good edge support
  • Sleeps cool
  • Good bricks and mortar availability nationwide

Sadly, there is no such thing as the perfect mattress. Like all mattresses, there are some drawbacks to the Restonic ComfortCare collection. The key ones to be aware of are:

  • Less durable than some other comparable brands
  • Poor motion isolation
  • The company doesn’t publish very detailed information on their mattresses and policies, so it’s difficult for potential buyers to get a rounded view of the mattresses

How much do Restonic mattresses cost?

Unlike mattress brands that sell their products through a central company website, it’s difficult to give a fixed answer on how much you will have to pay for a Restonic mattress. This is because Restonic only sell their ComfortCare mattresses through third-party retailers, both online and through bricks and mortar stores. This means that the price will change depending on where you shop, so it’s worth checking the prices at various retailers before purchasing.

At the time of writing, we found the Restonic mattresses being sold online at widely varying price points. To give you a point of reference, Home Depot are currently selling ComfortCare mattresses starting at $505.68 for a queen size, with the price depending on which firmness you buy. However, we’ve also seen them retailing for upwards of $1,600. This highlights how important it is to shop around to make sure you get the best price.

How are Restonic mattresses constructed?

We can’t give a complete rundown of the construction of Restonic ComfortCare mattresses because the company don’t publish detailed descriptions of each layer. This includes key information such as foam density, individual layer thicknesses and overall mattress height. However, we can describe the basics of the ComfortCare range’s triple-layered construction:

Innerspring core

The supportive core of the Restonic ComfortCare range is made from individually pocketed innerspring coils. This type of support core gives the mattress good stability and support and also means that the mattress has better edge support than average. This means that you can sit on or lie right up to the edges of the mattress without damaging the edges over time. Another advantage of an innerspring core is that it contains air spaces, which means that the mattress is more breathable than pure gel memory foam mattresses and therefore sleeps cooler.

Transitional layer

The transitional layer of the ComfortCare mattresses is made from HD polyfoam. This bridges the gap between the innerspring core and the comfort layer. It also prevents your body from sinking through the comfort layer into the base layer, which could cause discomfort and sagging of the mattress.

Comfort layer

The comfort layer of Restonic’s ComfortCare mattresses is made from gel-infused memory foam. The benefit of this type of foam is that it can conform closely to the shape of your body, helping to relieve pressure on your joints. The gel contained in this layer helps to transport heat away from your body during the night, which allows it to sleep cooler than standard memory foam.

How firm are Restonic ComfortCare Mattresses?

Mattress firmness is rated using a sliding scale from 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Restonic ComfortCare mattresses come in four firmness options: Euro Top, Pillow Top, Cushion Firm and Firm.

The Euro Top option is rated as a 3 in terms of firmness, which means it is a soft mattress. The Pillow Top measures a 4, which is medium soft. This type of mattress firmness is more suitable for people with lighter body weights. Heavier individuals are likely to need more support.

The Cushion Firm option measures a 5.5, which classifies it as a medium mattress. Despite its name, the Firm option measures a 6.5, which we would describe as a medium firm mattress. Medium firm mattresses are sometimes known as universal comfort, which means that the majority of people should find them comfortable to sleep on. This firmness option is probably best for people with average or higher body weights and couples with differing sleep needs and styles as it will accommodate both of you reasonably well.

Which firmness setting you choose comes largely down to your sleeping position. We’ll explain more about this in the next section.

Which Restonic mattress is best for my sleeping position?

Different sleeping positions affect your body in different ways, so it’s important to choose a mattress firmness with this in mind. Ideally, you need a mattress that can relieve any pressure from your adopted position while supporting your spine in a healthy alignment. However, you should also take your own sense of comfort into account. Mattress comfort is highly subjective, so use your own knowledge about what feels best for your unique body and sense of comfort when applying the information in this section.

The Euro Top (3) and Pillow Top (4) mattresses are both pretty soft, which makes them most suitable for side sleepers with lighter body weights. This is because they will allow the side of your body to sink in comfortably even if you’re light. This can help reduce pressure around the hips and shoulders which is a classic complaint with side sleeping.

The Pillow Firm (5.5) mattress is a medium mattress, making it suitable for most side sleepers as it still has enough ‘give’ to adapt to the side of your body while giving a little more support than the softer options. Some back and front sleepers will also find this firmness comfortable, although many will need firmer support for their spine. This is especially true if you have a higher-than-average body weight.

The Firm (6.5) option is actually a medium firm, which performs well in all sleeping positions for most people. However, side sleepers with low body weights may find that it exerts too much pressure on their hips and shoulders. It’s likely to be the best option for back and front sleepers with average or higher body weights as it provides the support you need for your spine in these positions. It’s also a good option for combi sleepers (people who change position during the night) because it will support you in a range of sleeping positions pretty well.

It’s important to note than some people with high body weights that sleep on their front or back may not find the Firm ComfortCare mattress supportive enough. If this applies to you, you may be better off looking at other mattress brands that can offer firmer support.

Do Restonic mattresses sleep cool?

One of the main advantages of mattresses from Restonic’s ComfortCare range is that they sleep cool. This is partly down to the type of support core used. ComfortCare mattresses are hybrid beds, which means that they have an innerspring core. This type of core has large air spaces, unlike all-foam mattresses, which allow air to circulate very freely. This is important when it comes to sleeping cool, because greater air circulation means that excess heat can easily escape during the night.

The foam used in the comfort layer of the Restonic ComfortCare mattresses also sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam. This is because it is infused with gel, which works to pull heat away from your body during the night. Therefore, the Restonic mattresses are a good choice for people who want the conforming benefits of memory foam but find they sleep hot at night.

Motion isolation

One of the areas where Restonic ComfortCare mattresses don’t perform so well is motion isolation. This means that movement is transferred from one side of the bed to the other, so you will be able to feel movements from your partner during the night.

Whether or not this is a problem for you depends on your situation. If you sleep alone, this isn’t likely to bother you. However, if you’re a light sleeper and one of you tosses and turns in the night, low motion isolation could disturb your sleep. If this is the case for you, you may be better off looking at all-foam mattresses, which perform very well in terms of motion isolation.

Where can I buy a Restonic mattress?

Restonic don’t sell their ComfortCare range online through their website (although you can purchase one of their other models, the Scott Living mattress, in this way). However, they are stocked by various online third-party retailers including Amazon, Home Depot, Houzz and Kohl’s.

Restonic don’t have their own bricks and mortar showrooms. However, you can find their mattresses stocked in sleep stores nationwide. This may be an advantage for some shoppers who prefer to try out a mattress in person before they commit to a purchase. You can find a showroom near you by checking out Restonic’s Retailer directory: Local availability may vary.

Shipping Information

Specific shipping information is unavailable for Restonic’s ComfortCare range because these mattresses are not sold through the company website. Instead, you will need to check delivery information and prices through your chosen third-party retailer before you purchase. White glove delivery (in-home setup) and removal of your old mattress are services that are important to some customers. You’ll need to check with individual retailers to see whether these services are available. Many companies charge additional fees for white glove delivery and mattress removal.


Restonic provide customers with a 20-year warranty on ComfortCare mattresses. This is a generous warranty length and is significantly longer than the industry average, which is 10 years. The warranty states that Restonic will repair or replace your mattress if it has a fault caused by a manufacturing error. It’s important to be aware that this policy is non-prorated. This means that the customer is responsible for paying any delivery costs associated with return and redelivery of the mattress.

One of the key conditions of the Restonic warranty is that customers are obliged to use a correctly sized and supportive foundation or frame for their mattress. If you don’t, this will void the warranty.

Restonic’s warranty covers various faults, including indentations or areas of sagging deeper than 1.5 inches if the bed is quilted, or 0.75 inches in non-quilted mattresses. It does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused by inadequate support of the mattress or damage caused by misuse such as stains or burns. Note that Restonic may refuse to carry out an inspection of the mattress if it doesn’t arrive in a hygienic state.

Restonic’s policy is non-transferrable. This means that it only applies to the original purchaser of the mattress and is void if it changes ownership.

Buy the Restonic Mattress if:

Now that you understand all there is to know about the Restonic ComfortCare range, you probably have an idea about whether these mattresses are likely to suit you. To make the decision easier, we’ve included a quick guide to the types of sleepers who will like Restonic mattresses the most. So, you should consider the Restonic mattress if:

  • You want the benefits of a hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine the familiar feel and support of innersprings with the conforming abilities of memory foam. This means that they are a good option for people who are interested in the benefits of memory foam but are nervous about making the transition from the more commonly used innerspring mattress.

  • You have a light or average body weight

The Restonic mattresses are generally most suitable for people with light or average body weights. This is because the mattresses will provide the support you need while conforming well to your body to relieve pressure. People with high body weights may be better off with a different brand.

  • You want to sleep cool

One of the key areas where Restonic ComfortCare mattresses really stand out is sleeping cool, thanks to their innerspring cores and gel-infused memory foam.

Alternatives to the Restonic Mattress

Customers often ask us whether there are alternatives to the Restonic mattress that they can buy online. In any event, we always suggest checking out as wide a range of mattresses as possible before committing to a particular product as buying a mattress is a major investment. To get you started here are our three favourite alternatives to Restonic mattresses.

Puffy Mattress

Out of all the many mattresses that we’ve reviewed, the Puffy mattress is our number one expert pick. It is a budget-friendly memory foam bed that promotes good spinal alignment while also offering excellent pressure relief. Additionally, it is a good choice for people who sleep hot as it is specially engineered with temperature neutrality in mind.

When it comes to firmness, the Puffy mattress is a medium option. Most people should find it comfortable, but it is ideal for side sleepers with average or lower body weights. The Puffy is ideal for these types of sleepers because it has enough ‘give’ to reduce pressure on problem areas even if you don’t weigh much by molding comfortably to the curve of your side.

Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed is another affordable foam bed that gives its users the correct balance of spinal support and pressure relief. This is achieved using a combination of a dense, supportive foam base layer with an adaptable memory foam upper layer. The foams used in the Novosbed have a more open structure because they are made using an aeration process, which makes them breathable and helps users to sleep cool.

Unlike the Puffy and Nectar mattresses, customers who choose the Novosbed have options when it comes to firmness. You can choose from three standard settings or opt to take advantage of their Comfort+ service which allows you to customize the mattress’ feel. This means that there is a Novosbed mattress to suit almost all sleeping styles.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress has proved popular with customers and mattress experts alike and has become one of the most popular memory foam mattresses in 2020. This mattress is very supportive and features a comfort layer made from open cell gel foam. This is more breathable than normal memory foam and has a more responsive feel, making it ideal for people who prefer not to sink in too deeply. However, it still provides the high level of pressure relief that you’d expect from a memory foam mattress.

The Nectar is a medium firm or ‘universal comfort’ mattress. Universal comfort means that people with almost any sleeping style or body weight should find it comfortable. Therefore, it’s one of Sleep Aim’s top picks for couples and combi-sleepers. The only exception is side sleepers with very light body weights, who may find the Nectar too firm to be comfortable.

The Nectar mattress is also highly-rated when it comes to sleeping cool. This is achieved through combining breathable open cell memory foam, heat-wicking gel particles and a cooling Tencel blend cover.


At Sleep Aim, we are often asked questions about the Restonic mattresses by our readers. We’ve included some of the most common with our expert opinions in this section.

Q: What type of mattresses do Restonic make?

A: Restonic make hybrid mattresses. This means that they combine an innerspring core with memory foam. This type of mattress may be a good option for you if you like the bounce and support of an innerspring but want the conforming abilities of memory foam.

Q: Are Restonic mattresses good?

A: Whether a mattress is ‘good’ or not is highly subjective. Which mattress is best for you depends on your needs. You will also need to select the correct firmness, and you can find guidance on how to do that in this article. In general, Restonic mattresses can be a good choice for people with average or lighter body weights who want a mattress that sleeps cool and reduces pressure on their joints.

Q: Can a Restonic mattress help with my back pain?

A: A Restonic mattress could be a good choice for your back pain as the innerspring core is very supportive, helping to guide your spine into a good alignment. This is an important factor when choosing a mattress for back pain. It’s important to select the correct firmness and make sure the mattress is right for your body type.

Q: Do Restonic mattresses sleep cool?

A: Restonic ComfortCare mattresses are a good choice if you want to sleep cool. This is because their innerspring core makes them highly breathable. Also, the gel in the top layer works to wick away excess heat while you sleep.

Q: Are Restonic mattresses good for couples?

A: The answer to this question depends on your situation and sleeping habits. In terms of firmness, the Firm (6.5) model could be a good choice for couples because it accommodates all sleeping positions pretty well. However, the motion isolation in Restonic mattresses isn’t as good as some other options, which means that you can feel movements from the other side of the bed. If one of you is a restless or light sleeper, this could be an issue.

Q: How do I know that the information in this Restonic review is accurate and unbiased?

A: All the sleep resources and mattress reviews at Sleep Aim are created by experts. We carry out extensive research to ensure that the information provided to our readers is accurate, and we don’t accept incentives from manufacturers to positively review their products. This means that you can be sure that any information and opinions stated are the result of our unbiased research and expertise.

The bottom line

Like any mattress, there are advantages and drawbacks to Restonic ComfortCare range. These mattresses may be a good option for you if you have an average or lighter body weight as they provide excellent support and pressure relief for this group.

If you’re interested in finding out about other Restonic mattresses and similar mattress brands, you can check out our range of mattress reviews and sleep resources here at Sleep Aim:

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