Purple Mattress Lawsuit Update -The judge Awarded Purple!

If you have heard of the Purple mattress, you have probably heard of the Purple mattress lawsuit. Numerous websites review different mattress brands and state both positive and negative features in them. Are you wondering why negative reviews of the Purple mattresses raised concerns? Read along to get the purple mattress lawsuit update and everything else related to the Purple mattress. When Did It All Begin?

In 2016, The HonestMattressReviews.com updated a study about how white powder causes irreversible damages to user’s skin and health. Monahan went ahead and posted articles and a series of videos to support the research findings.

Monahan also stated that he asked Purple about the white powder, its purpose in the mattress and whether it has any side effects when inhaled by humans. Purple denied the claims saying that Monahan had connections with GhostBed company and was trying to mislead buyers against the Purple mattress and intentionally tarnish the brand’s reputation. Purple also said that Monahan and GhostBed are partners and would both benefit from the downfall of Purple.

Our Findings

Fiberglass Lawsuit

Yes. If you are concerned about the presence of fiberglass in mattresses, you may want to consider selecting the award-winning Saatva mattress, which is free of fiberglass and known for its durability.

What is it about?

Purple sued HonestMattressReviews for making false claims.



Wo will like a Purple mattress?

Average weight sleepers.

Who won’t like it?

Plus-size sleepers who are interested in a mattress that is resistant to sagging. 

The Purple Mattress White Powder

The white powder is one of the controversial products used by Purple to make mattresses. Several studies claimed that this polyethylene-based powder contains toxic substances. However, the powder is used in the packaging, shipping, and unpacking of the Purple mattresses. It ensures that the mattress remains intact when compressed.

According to Purple, the white powder prevents the mattresses from sticking after being compressed for transportation and shipping. They claim the powder is not toxic, contradicting reviews on Honest Mattress Reviews’ website. It doesn’t flow through the mattress cover and thus does not affect users’ skin. As much as the manufacturer gave positive reviews, Ryan Monahan had something negative to say.

In their review article, Honest Mattress Reviews stated that the powder in the Purple mattresses could have an adverse health effect. After these allegations, Purple decided to file a lawsuit against the reviewer in February 2017. They claimed that the accusations by Monahan were just but a means to an end and had nothing to do with the mattress or powder. Why then did the reviewer create the controversy? Let’s get into the details.

Purple Mattress Sues Honest Reviews

In February 2017, the CEO of GhostBed (Werner) and Monahan received a restraining court order. The court order stated that they drop the misleading review against Purple from the reviewer’s website until the case is determined.

Purple stated that the powder used on their mattress is safe. They also submitted findings of a study done to prove the safe use of the white powder. The manufacturer also launched a private investigation to confirm that the review by Werner and Monahan was an act of deception.

As expected, Monahan and Werner opposed the order and said they are not business partners.

What Was Purple Mattress Lawsuit Investigation Outcome?

The investigation initiated by Purple mattress revealed that Monahan was working with GhostBed CEO Werner and had continuous contact. They also uncovered that the two were planning to attack Purple company through a public smear campaign.

Further, Purple discovered that Monahan owned a company named Social Media Shark. This company received 10,000 dollars monthly from GhostBed, via a different company known as Achieve. Thanks to these findings, the court believed Purple’s claims of the defendants running a smear campaign.

Purple Mattress Lawsuit Verdict

Honourable Judge Bee Denson granted Purple a Preliminary injunction after receiving the outcome of the Purple mattress investigation. The judge also stated that Monahan and Werner were dishonest to the court and created and shared false content about Purple mattress through their website, Honest Mattress Reviews. The judge awarded Purple the judicial attorney fees and the amount they paid in pursuing the lawsuit.

Is Purple Mattress Dangerous?

Purple mattresses’ toxicology report proved without a doubt that the white powder used on their mattress has no adverse effects on its users. The polyethylene copolymer-based powder is a form of plastic that manufacturers use to make plastic bottles, food containers, and cosmetics, among other products.

The powder is also used in the manufacture of medical devices. You probably didn’t know that it is also found in kids’ pacifiers and chew toys made from polyethene. Most people may have used this powder more in other stuff without experiencing any side effects on their health. The product is non-toxic; the Purple mattress lawsuit results made everything clear. You can now enjoy all the benefits that come with the product without worrying due to the Purple mattress controversy.

Purple Mattress Reviews: What Made the Mattresses So Popular?

Purple mattresses are a standard among online buyers since they are super comfortable and have a gel-like texture. It is the only mattress with a Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ that comes with both pressure-relieving and support features.

The Purple mattresses are packed, shipped and delivered in a bag. It is an excellent choice for almost all sleeper types; side, stomach, or back. Its hyper-elastic polymer gives its users a memorable sleeping experience.

If you want to try something different from the standard mattress, there is no reason not to try the Purple mattress. It effortlessly supports overweight, small, and average individuals with a Body Mass Index of less than 30.

Luckily, Purple offers a 100 nights trial period; you can return the mattress before the period is over. If you aren’t sure whether to purchase or not, you can take advantage of this offer to test it out. You will get to know if it’s comfortable, after which you can make a careful decision. Remember, as much as its reviews are positive; your body is the perfect judge.

• Packaging and Unboxing

Unlike most mattresses, Purple doesn’t pack mattresses in a box; its packaging is quite simple. It comes zipped in a bag, thus no much carton waste. This unique mattress weighs 140 pounds; when you receive your package, you might need an extra hand to place it on your bed.

The Purple bed carrier bag has sturdy handles. With extra assistance, you can carry the package from one point to another with ease. However, ensure that you unzip the pack when it’s in the room where you intend to use it. Otherwise, carrying it around when unpacked can be difficult, but not impossible. Consider this rule to make things easier.

The Purple mattress package also comes with two samples of the top layer, a cutter, and an instruction manual. The two samples will serve your right if you want to know how the material feels. And if you have visitors coming over, you can show them as well. You will see the logo on the side when you unpack the mattress. In a nutshell, unpacking your Purple mattress feels good.

• Purple Mattress Construction

The Purple bed has a unique construction, which is probably why its popularity has increased over the years. One of the Purple company founders was a rocket science before taking a different path.

Most individuals who have used this mattress love the hyper-elastic polymer. Its top layer features a Purple grid structure that is not noticeable at first glance. For this reason, Purple adds two mini samples of the top layer in the package, so you get to experience how the polymer feels and looks without tearing the mattress.

• Purple Bed Base

The base of the Purple mattress is 4 inches high with a density of 2lb. Unlike the upper layer that might compress slightly, the mattress base is pretty thick to give maximum support. Its perfect design uses dense polyurethane foam to provide the bed with a perfect shape. The bottom is the foundation of the Purple mattress transition layer.

With a height of 3.25 inches, the transition layer is almost double the Purple mattress height. It features a density of 1.8lb, giving a perfect compression for comfortable sleep. The polyurethane foam on this layer is less dense compared to the base layer. It also supports the comfort layer.

• Purple Comfort Layer

The comfort layer is the unique part of the Purple bed. It’s incredible since it features a hyper-elastic polymer that gives a grid layer on the mattress top. The grid reacts to the slightest pressure put on it, creating a bouncy feel when you lay on the bed. Its 2 inches thickness increases the height of the Purple mattress.

You can comfortably change your sleeping position. For instance, from back to stomach or side sleeping. The grid polymer structure gives excellent pressure relief and comfort you need when sleeping. It also allows proper weight distribution. If your weight exceeds an absolute threshold, the layer sinks for extra ease and distributes your weight evenly.

The Purple mattress comfort layer has air pockets that drain excess heat—no need to worry about overheating or uneven pressure points in your Purple bed.

• Purple Mattress Cover

The Purple cover constitutes a combination of lycra, polyester, and viscose. The material formed is breathable, soft, and allows clean air to flow inside the mattress. It also ensures that lousy odour doesn’t enter or build up in the Purple bed.

Lycra is known to regulate temperature. All these unique features ensure that you sleep clean while also protecting the internal components of the mattress from damage by external influences.

• Hyper-Elastic Polymer™

Polymer used to make Purple mattresses is different from what you see in most beds. It’s different from memory foam but resembles a gel-like or silicon material. The polymer is placed on the grid layer and forms numerous small squares on the entire mattress. When you lay on the bed, your body applies pressure, and the squares change their original form to accommodate the weight.

The hyper-elastic polymer is not only supportive but also comfortable and soft. These features make it the best choice for you regardless of your sleeping position.

• Purple Mattress Firmness

The Purple bed scores high on firmness. Although its soft grid structure makes it look smoother, in reality, the Purple mattress is rigid enough to support much weight without creating pressure points. You can enjoy a long night’s sleep without turning and tossing every second. You might need to exert a lot of pressure before you feel the transition layer. The grid layer absorbs the pressure and distributes it evenly.

• Purple Edge Support

Sleeping on the side feels like you are resting in the middle, all thanks to the edge support. This support is essential since it will prevent you from falling sideways and adds firmness as you get out of bed.

Although edge support might not be necessary for everyone, it is conducive when sleeping on a king-sized bed with your partner. You can barely tell when you are sleeping on the side of your mattress. if you move a lot when sleeping, the edge support will serve your right. `

• Purple Mattress Sinkage

A person with an average weight will sink a Purple mattress approximately 1.5-inch-deep when sleeping on the back or side. If you sit on the side, it will drop between 2.5 inches to 4 inches since sitting exerts more pressure on a small area of the mattress, and there is less material to hold your weight.

• Absorbs Movement

Purple mattress ability to absorb movement comes in handy when sleeping with a partner who moves a lot. You won’t wake up every time they change their sleeping position since the mattress doesn’t move. Even a slight movement gets absorbed.

Like most people, you probably don’t know that the Purple mattress features a light powder coating that eliminates the noise the polymer makes.

Purple Mattress Complaints

• The purple mattress lawsuit powder

Several user reviews on Honest Mattress Reviews had reported having health issues with the Purple mattress powder. However, the site owner unpublished some or all the negative reviews after the court verdict. Additionally, the website owner could not verify some of the reviewers as genuine users of Purple Mattresses.

• Quite Firm

Light sleepers who prefer incredibly soft beds and those who love to sleep “in” their mattress might not love the Purple mattress firmness. However, how the mattress feels depends on your sleeping position and weight. Generally, side sleepers may find it firmer than advertised since the bed doesn’t offer much relief when applying pressure. On the other hand, the heavier sleepers feel less supported by the Purple Mattress.

• Heavy

Most mattresses weigh between 40 to 60 pounds. The Purple mattress, on the other hand, weighs approximately 70 pounds. This weight might not be an issue if you don’t plan on moving it around. However, buyers complain that it is tough to lift, rotate or move.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Purple Mattress?

Purple mattress is a product of Purple: an American comfort technology manufacturing company. Their products lineup feature Purple’s unique smart-comfort grid technology that comprises a synthetic gel. The grid gives this brand a unique feel making it stand out among other mattresses in the market.

The Purple mattress is the signature product from the Purple company. It is a foam mattress with no springs like other standard mattresses. The Purple bed has three layers; two layers made of foam and the top layer made of a 2-inch Purple Grid.

Who Is Best Suited to Use the Purple Mattress?

The Purple mattress has excellent features that could suit the needs of many people sleeping on it. Check out some reasons that show that you are a perfect candidate;

• You don’t feel comfortable sleeping on an innerspring or memory foam mattress

• Either you or your partner moves much throughout the night, causing disturbance from the movements

• You are looking for a gentle cushion to support your aching hips, shoulders, or lower back

• It would help if you had a breathable mattress

Where Can I Get A Purple Mattress?

You can purchase a Purple mattress through the company’s website or in a brick and mortar store. Just like most distributors, Purple offers free shipping of its products. You can use the store finder on their website to identify a retailer near you. You will receive your package after three to five days via FedEx. For ground shipping, expect an extra three to five working days.

Is Purple Mattress Durable?

Although the Purple Grid can’t break down quickly, the polyurethane foam lasts for ten years or more. Purple offers a 10-year limited warranty on its products, a reasonable deal for the original buyer.

However, Purple honours the warranty only if the mattress has more than 1-inch indentation and if the Purple bed rests on the appropriate base. The warranty doesn’t cover damages done by the owner, such as tears and stains. The company will only replace or repair your Purple mattress before the end of the 10-year warranty period for free. Provided the damage is as per the warranty terms. You will, however, cover the handling and shipping charges.

The Purple mattress cover comes with a two years warranty. If the company determines that it is faulty, they will replace or repair it within the warranty period. Shipping and handling will be at your expense.

What Happens to Mattresses That Are Returned?

If your purchase a Purple mattress directly from the company, you are eligible for a standard 100-night sleep trial. You begin to count the 100 days from the day you receive the package. If you find the mattress uncomfortable, you are allowed to call the company’s customer care service and arrange for a pickup. You will receive a total refund of the purchase price. Purple expects you to test the mattress for at least 21 days before you decide to return.

Purple doesn’t expect you to place the mattress back into the transportation bag if you do return. They will arrange a pickup from an organization or donation centre at zero cost. The sleep trial and return process vary if your purchase the mattress from a retailer or Amazon. Therefore, if you want a guaranteed free return, buy directly from the company’s online shop.

Does Purple Mattress Expand Fast?

A Purple mattress begins to expand after removing it from its shipping bag and placing it on a solid foundation. It will take approximately 30 minutes or less to expand fully, after which it’s ready for use. According to the company, their products don’t have off-gassing but may feature a woodsy smell that dissipates fast.

The Purple mattress package comes with a cutting tool that you can use to open the tube without tearing the mattress. The company warns against using a knife to open the bag since it can easily damage the mattress material. For perfect results, ensure that you open it within 14 days after receiving your order.

Does Purple Mattress Have a Bad Odor?

Like other mattress brands, Purple mattresses have a particular smell when you first unbox. The scent, however, goes away after a few days. Purple mattresses feature low volatile organic compound emissions. They are also CertiPUR-US certified; this means that they are free of dangerous chemicals.

Is a Box Spring Necessary for Purple Mattresses?

Purple mattresses do not need a box spring. If you use any foundation with a spring, your warranty will become null and void. According to Purple, you should place a new mattress on a non-spring, firm base. Consider using a platform foundation, bed frame, or any other ideal foundation. Luckily, Purple sells a variety of bed frames and Ascent Adjustable Base.

Is Purple Mattress Ideal for Stomach Sleepers?

If you are a stomach sleeper, this mattress might not be the best option for you—the hyper-elastic polymer sinks when pressure is applied. When you lie on your stomach, the grid will dip at your hips. Eventually, your lower back will not be in alignment with the spine, which can cause backache and discomfort. Individuals with more weight are at a higher risk of experiencing discomfort points. Lightweight stomach sleepers can, however, use a Purple mattress comfortably.

Is the Purple Mattress Toxic?

No, the results of the Purple Mattress Lawsuit proved that the white powder used by Purple is 100% non-toxic. The same material makes powder cosmetics applied on the face and baby sunscreen.

The white powder doesn’t contain chemicals that cause cancer, affect the reproductive system or cause developmental toxicity. In a nutshell, all ingredients in the powder are in line with the chemical inventory requirements of most states.

Even if you breathe in the powder, you won’t experience any adverse effects since the number of particles released is so small to cause air pollution. It’s doubtful that you will breathe much since the powder doesn’t get through the mattress covers.

Can I Turn the Purple Mattress?

No. the Purple mattress is one-sided, meaning you cannot flip it. It has a distinct bottom and topside. Unlike other foam mattresses, you don’t have to rotate the Purple mattress since its grid top layer remains firm and does not create indentations and pressure points.

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