5 Best Plus-Size Mattress Reviews

When it comes to mattresses, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Back sleepers, side sleepers, and those who suffer from back pain prefer different mattresses. The same can be said for plus-size sleepers. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, you should find a comfortable mattress with adequate support and durability. If you are tired of sinking in every mattress you sleep on, below is a review of the five best plus-size mattresses that will resist sagging and provide maximum comfort guaranteeing a goodnight’s sleep.

What is a Plus-size Mattress?

Let’s start with the definition of plus-size. An individual is considered plus-size if they weigh more than 200 or 230 pounds. In the mattress industry, beds made for plus-size people often accommodate a weight of up to 300 pounds. A plus-size mattress contains features that aim to manage the weight of a heavier person. These mattresses are usually firm but comfortable enough to relieve pressure points in sleepers’ bodies.

As you may have seen in our review, most plus-size mattresses are hybrids. They comprise thick innerspring systems and several layers of foam and gel. Unlike regular beds, plus-size mattresses contain strong coils and dense foams for much-needed support. Besides the special focus on weight, plus-size mattresses comprise other features of ordinary mattresses such as cooling technology, motion isolation, and durability.

How We Chose the Best Plus-size Mattress?

Sleep Aim understands how hard it is to find the right mattress, especially if you are plus-sized. We took the initiative to research the best plus-size mattresses on the market. How we chose the above mattresses resulted from thorough research and hands-on testing. We evaluated many factors, such as focusing on brands specializing in making mattresses for heavy people. Examples include; Saatva, WinkBed, and Helix.

We also focused our research on beds that can accommodate a weight of more than 230 pounds. Our team also paid close attention to support and comfort, as these are vital factors to consider when shopping for a mattress for a heavy sleeper. Besides that, we also factored in crucial mattress features such as durability, motion transfer, and temperature regulation, amongst others.

What is the Ideal Mattress Thickness for Plus-size Sleepers?

If you are on the hunt for a plus-size mattress, the first thing you will look at is the thickness. Most of us assume that the thickness of the mattress will determine its ability to hold our weights. Even though there is some truth to this matter, it’s not always the case.

There are three types of mattresses; low-profile that measure not more than 10 inches, medium profiles around 10 to 12 inches, and high profiles that measure more than 12 inches. Heavy sleepers will most likely gravitate towards high-profile beds, and that’s a smart strategy.

A medium or high-profile mattress has got more room for support layers. More layers translate to more comfort. Therefore, thicker mattresses are ideal for plus-size sleepers. Always go for medium or high-profile beds.

What is the Perfect Mattress Firmness for Plus-size Sleepers?

Thickness and firmness go hand in hand when shopping for plus-size beds. These two are the most critical factors you need to consider. Looking at our review of the five best mattresses for plus-size sleepers, most of these beds have a medium firmness level 0f more than 6.

Firmness refers to how soft or hard your mattress is. A softer mattress will sink too deep for a heavy person, which can be uncomfortable. Plus-size sleepers ought to find a bed with a medium level of firmness ranging from 6 to 8. Such a mattress will resist sagging and relieve pressure points while contouring your body shape.

Mattress firmness is more of a preference. If you are plus-sized and prefer a hugging bed, you can opt for a level 6 or 7. It won’t be too firm to the point that it is uncomfortable, and it will not sag too deep when you sleep on it. For persons that weigh more than 230 pounds, mattress firmness is a crucial factor to consider.

As you consider weight when choosing mattress firmness, you also need to be mindful of your sleeping position. Stomach sleepers need firmer mattresses, and side sleepers will be more comfortable in a medium-firm bed.

5 Best Plus-Size Mattress for Heavy People

1. Saatva HD – Best Luxury Mattress for Plus-size People

The Saatva HD is the first luxury heavy-duty mattress ideal for plus-size sleepers. It can support a weight of up to 500 pounds and still resist sagging. The Saatva HD is a durable and heavy-duty mattress that offers maximum support. Thanks to the robust innerspring and several zones of Talalay latex that also offer pressure relief and a layer of organic cotton for added comfort.

At the top of the Saatva HD is a three-inch Euro pillow top made using hypoallergenic cotton. When you sleep on the Saatva HD, you will sink slightly inside the pillow top while enjoying the support from the innerspring. It’s also worth discussing the edge support from memory foam packed on the edges. Plus-size sleepers often have a lot of trouble getting out of bed. You don’t have to worry about this when you invest in the Saatva HD.

Besides having tons of features aiming to provide plus-size sleepers with a comfortable night’s sleep, this mattress has many perks. For instance, it comes with a 180-night trial. You also get a 20-year warranty.

Key Features

  • 12.5 Gauge Coils and 5-zoned Talalay Latex – As a hybrid mattress, the Saatva HD features 12.5-inch gauge coils and 5-zoned Talalay latex to offer support to heavy sleepers. It’s thanks to this feature that this bed is resistant to sagging. These gauge coils also reduce motion transfer, making this bed suitable for couples.
  • Organic Cotton Cover and Euro Pillow Top – While you are still enjoying the robust support, this mattress is covered by organic cotton and a Euro top pillow which soothes pressure points in the bodies of plus-size sleepers. Other than comfort, these two features are also responsible for promoting proper spinal alignment.
  • High-Density Foam Rails – The Saatva HD contains high-density memory foam on the sides of the bed. The purpose of this is to promote adequate edge support. Therefore, even if you weigh more than 230 pounds, getting off the Saatva HD should be effortless.
  • A Firmness Level of 7 – Being a heavy-duty mattress, Saatva had to ensure that it could hold a lot of weight. It’s why it has a firmness level of 7. You should lay comfortably without sinking too deep into the mattress to the point that it becomes uncomfortable.
  • Adequate support even on the edges
  • The pillow-top makes the bed bouncy and comfy
  • Made using organic materials (Talalay latex and organic cotton)
  • The layers of latex offer pressure relief to plus-size sleepers
  • Perfect for back and stomach sleepers
  • Resistant to sagging
  • The most durable mattress on this list
  • It doesn’t have the best motion transfer capabilities

2. Puffy Royal

The Puffy Royal is ideal for plus-size sleepers that appreciate the plushness of memory foam but still need adequate lumbar support. Similar to the Saatva HD, the Puffy Royal is this brand’s luxury mattress, and it has got tons of features. Besides plus-size sleepers, this bed is also suitable for side and hot sleepers.

With a medium-level firmness of 6.5, the Puffy Royal boasts excellent motion isolation and is best for back and side sleeping. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, it’s normal to be sceptical about a mattress’s support system. You will be glad to know that the Puffy Royal features comfort layers in the upper part. Beneath that are strong coils that will accommodate your weight.

Key Features

  • Multiple Comfort Layers – The first thing you will appreciate about this mattress is the multiple comfort layers. Most of these comfort layers are made using dense memory foam. Therefore, if you appreciate the huggy feeling of memory foam mattresses, you will enjoy sleeping on the Puffy Royal.
  • Climate Comfort Polyfoam – There are two layers of climate comfort polyfoam in the Puffy Royal. These aim to enhance airflow. There is also a layer of memory foam infused with cooling gel beads. These two features will ensure you sleep cooler every night.
  • 6-inch Pocketed Coils – The purpose of these coils is to provide ample support even on the edges. Getting in and out of a Puffy Royal bed should be easy for plus-size sleepers.
  • A Medium Firmness Level of 6.5 – A firmness level of 6.5 is supportive enough. At the same time, it also provides comfort to plus-size individuals.
  • It has a classic medium feel firmness
  • Plus-size sleepers can enjoy pressure relief thanks to the soft memory foam
  • Easy to move around and switch positions on
  • The zoned support system offers excellent support and comfort
  • It can accommodate a weight of up to 230 pounds
  • Not suitable for heavy stomach sleepers

3. Dream Cloud Premier Mattress

Understandably, most mattresses designed for plus-size sleepers are usually expensive. It’s because they contain more features to support the extra weight and provide comfort and pressure relief. One of the distinctive features of Dream Cloud Premier Mattress is that it contains all these features, and it’s pretty affordable.

The Dream Cloud Premier is enclosed in a soft and breathable cover made from quilted polyfoam. The layer beneath is gel-infused which assists in heat dissipation at night. There are several layers of foam that all contribute to adding comfort. The support core at the bottom of the mattress is quite sturdy. Therefore, sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds are assured of enough support.

It’s worth mentioning that the edges of the Dream Cloud Premier are reinforced to increase support. The added edge support enables plus-size sleepers to use the entire mattress.

Key Features

  • A Firmness Level of 6 – The Dream Cloud mattress’s medium firmness level strives to balance light and heavy sleepers. It can also accommodate a wide range of sleeping positions while not limiting comfort.
  • Hybrid Construction – Due to its hybrid construction, the several layers of memory foam will offer comfort and pressure relief which is very important to plus-size sleepers. Beneath the mattress, you will find a robust core that boosts its performance.
  • Gel-infused Foam – Plus-size sleepers tend to sweat a lot at night. The gel-infused feature will keep you cool by facilitating heat dissipation away from the body.
  • Great Customer Policies – The Dream Cloud Premier isn’t only comfortable and affordable. But this mattress also comes with the best policies. First, you get a lifetime warranty, and you have the entire year to try out the bed. None of the mattresses on this list offers such an advantage.
  • It gives plus-size sleepers the hugging feeling of memory foam
  • Quite affordable
  • The sturdy pocketed coils provide adequate support
  • The medium firmness level is excellent for both light and heavy sleepers
  • Soft and very cozy
  • It doesn’t support stomach sleepers

4. Helix Plus Mattress

The Helix Plus was made for plus-size sleepers, just as the name suggests. It’s also ideal for tall sleepers. It’s one of the few mattresses that offer impressive comfort and support for plus-size individuals. This bed comprises a supportive comfort layer and high-density foam, measuring thirteen inches in height.

It also contains the brand’s signature dynamic foam that makes the surface of this mattress able to contour to your body and relieve pressure points. You will find an airy Tencel cover which ensures the mattress is breathable even on hot nights. The Helix Plus also incorporates open-cell foam technology that gives you a cooler feeling.

There are a lot of things to love about the Helix Plus. It has tons of positive reviews online from consumers, especially heavier folk. The mattress’s support feature receives the most praise. The Helix Plus comes with a fifteen-year warranty and a 100-night trial period.

This bed was made for you if you weigh 250 to 300 pounds. It’s pretty comfortable, will relieve achy joints, and at the same time align your spine for maximum support. The Plus was invented by Helix mainly for heavier and taller sleepers. It’s evident when looking at the thick coils and high-density foams used in the bed.

Key Features

  • Split Firmness Levels – Helix can make a mattress with a split firmness level if one partner is plus-sized or taller. The split firmness level is one of the features that makes the Helix Plus stand out.
  • Dynamic Foam – Unlike other mattresses, the Helix Plus comprises a Dynamic foam that the company makes. It offers unrivalled support, responsiveness, and pressure relief. There are also layers of dense memory foam that contribute to more support.
  • Thick Coils – Acting as a supportive base, the thick coils of the Helix Plus are strong enough to accommodate the weight of a heavy sleeper without sinking or sagging.
  • Tencel Fabric – Sleeping on a mattress that isn’t breathable can be quite inconveniencing. Fortunately, thanks to the Tencel fabric, that’s not the experience you will get when you sleep on the Helix Plus.
  • The Helix Plus makes it very easy for plus-size sleepers to switch positions
  • It combines pressure relief and adequate support
  • With the help of the breathable cover and open-cell foam, you are guaranteed cooler nights
  • It has a sturdy medium feel
  • It can accommodate a weight of up to 300 pounds
  • It doesn’t sink
  • It’s a bit too soft for heavier sleepers

5. WinkBed Plus

In our review of the five best plus-size beds, all mattresses have a unique feature that makes them stand out. The WinkBed Plus’s unique feature is its ability to mitigate pain. If you happen to be a heavy sleeper and suffer from back or joint pain, this is a mattress worth considering. For individuals weighing around 300 pounds, the WinkBed Plus will have a firmness level of 6.5. it will, however, be firmer for lighter individuals.

Besides providing pain relief, the WinkBed Plus has plenty of features and benefits. First, it’s made through sustainable means. The coils are recycled, and the flame retardant is chemical-free. The innerspring and quality foams offer impeccable motion isolation, support, and comfort. You get a lifetime warranty when you purchase this bed and a 120-night sleep trial to determine whether it’s right for you.

Key Features

  • Zoned Latex and Coil System – This bed will support the back, hips, and shoulders by combining a solid coil system and zoned latex. It’s this feature that helps sleepers with relief from pain. Besides that, the zoned latex also helps with weight distribution and even contouring. While we are still on the coil system, you should know that the high-gauge coils facilitate comfort, and the bottom ones are mainly for support.
  • Quality Comfort Layers – Something else we appreciate in the WinkBed Plus is the quality comfort layers. These are cushions that conform to your body shape irrespective of your weight. These comfort layers will promote pressure relief and spinal alignment for any sleeper.
  • Extra Edge Support – It’s a unique form of support found in WinkBed mattresses. WinkBed stepped up its game as a brand when they introduced the Extra Edge support. With this feature, plus-size sleepers can utilize the entire bed and sit on the edge without it sinking deeper.
  • WinkBed Sleep Calm Technology – If you are looking for a bed for couples, this is a feature worth considering. The Sleep Calm Technology facilitates superior motion isolation by stabilizing the mattress. If your partner loves to move around a lot when they sleep, this bed will absorb all the motion allowing you to sleep calmer at night.
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Superior support for plus-size sleepers
  • Breathable
  • Alleviates pain and promotes proper spinal alignment
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Too firm for light sleepers (It may not be the ideal bed if one partner is heavy and the other is light)

Key Features to Be on the Lookout for in a Plus-size Mattress

When shopping for a plus-size bed, there are certain features that you need to be keener on. These features will determine your overall experience with that particular bed.

1. Durability

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new bed is how long a mattress will last. It is even a more critical factor if you are shopping for a plus-size bed. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, a standard mattress should sag within the first few months. A mattress being an expensive investment, you need to ensure that it is durable and serves you for longer.

To identify a durable mattress, look for one with thicker coils and high-density foams that can accommodate your weight. A mattress with such characteristics should be able to handle heavier sleepers without forming indentations or sagging.

There is another way of identifying a durable mattress. Look for taglines such as ‘sag-proof’. Or even better, look for a mattress with a more extended warranty. Even if it sags, you can always return it for repairs or replacement.

2. Support

The second factor you need to consider when shopping for plus-size mattresses is support. Larger people often bottom out when they sleep on soft mattresses. It’s normal when the mattress is exposed to more weight than it can handle. The perfect mattress for a heavier person ought to provide more than average support.

You should go for beds with high-density foam and quality coils that will enable the mattress to support your weight. If you sleep on an unsupportive mattress, you may attract back problems and other issues caused by improper spinal alignment.

While we are still on support, you also need to consider the edge support. Mattresses such as the Saatva HD have their edges packed with dense memory foam, ensuring plus-size sleepers can effortlessly get in and out of bed. They can also utilize the entire bed without worrying about sagging. Edge support is crucial because heavier sleepers utilize most of a mattress’s surface. If a mattress collapses when you sleep on the edge, you will not receive maximum comfort.

3. Thickness

We had already talked about firmness and thickness, but it’s important to emphasize this matter. A thicker mattress will provide more support than a thinner one. For a plus-size sleeper, your weight can compress the mattress to the bottom. But thicker mattresses contain thicker layers, and that means more support.

4. Firmness

If you are a heavy sleeper, you may quickly rush to get the firmest mattress on this list. But before you do so, you need to think twice. A firmer mattress will provide more support, but it should be a bit soft to allow the hips to sink in so that your spine can be properly aligned as you sleep.

Mattress firmness doesn’t revolve only around weight, but you also need to factor in sleeping positions. If you are a plus-size side sleeper, you are better off with a medium firmness mattress. It will provide pressure relief around your hips and shoulder area for maximum comfort. Heavy stomach sleepers have an easier time when choosing mattress firmness.

The Sleeping Preferences for Your Partner Also Matter!

You can skip this factor if you are yet to find your better halves. But if you have one, you need to be mindful of their sleeping preferences. It’s not always when plus-size individuals end up with people with whom they share the same weight. In instances where your partner is smaller, you will need to understand what mattress features are conducive for both of you.

If you get a plus-size mattress, your lightweight partner can feel as if they are sleeping on the cold hard floor. You may want to get a bed with an average firmness but a robust support system. Secondly, if you are both plus-sized, particular mattresses may wear and sink much faster. Go for beds that can withstand weights of more than 500 pounds.

5. Temperature Regulation

One may wonder, what does temperature regulation have to do with plus-size mattresses? A heavier person will sink much deeper into a mattress, especially if it’s memory foam. The presence of cooling technologies such as gel-infused memory foam or open-cell will promote the breathability of the bed. Sleeping on a firmer mattress can prevent sinkage, ensuring most of your body is exposed to cooler air.

6. Responsiveness

Most plus-size mattresses on our lists are hybrids because they offer the best response. A responsive bed allows easy movement on the surface, critical for heavy sleepers.

7. Contouring

Another factor that plus-size sleepers need to consider is the contouring of a mattress. Anyone weighing more than 230 pounds should sleep on a mattress that contours adequately to their body shape. The purpose of a contouring mattress is that it relieves pressure points on the hips, spine, and shoulders.

What is the Best Mattress Type for Plus-size Sleepers?

There are different types of mattresses. Each has its benefits and appeals to a different group of sleepers. For plus-size sleepers, here are the best mattress types.

  • Hybrids – The best bed for a heavier person should be a hybrid. These beds combine pocketed coil cores for support and memory foam to offer comfort. A hybrid bed allows you to enjoy the hugginess of memory foam and the support that comes from an innerspring mattress. These beds will contour your body shape without sagging too deep because of weight.
  • Innerspring – For heavy sleepers who want something firmer, innerspring mattresses are the best solution. These comprise non-pocketed coils and a polyfoam comfort layer. They are bouncy and facilitate ease of movement. Because these beds don’t sink quickly, heavy sleepers should find them very comfortable.
  • Latex – The other mattress perfect for heavy sleepers is the latex bed. Latex beds are made using the sap obtained from rubber trees. They are as responsive as innerspring beds and are pretty durable. A latex bed can serve you for several years without sinking.
  • Airbeds – Airbeds are ideal for those who haven’t had any luck with getting the perfect mattress firmness. These beds comprise air chambers whereby you can set different firmness levels. They contain latex or memory foam which adds comfort.
  • Foam – The last type of mattress for heavy sleepers on this list is foam. Memory foam mattresses provide comfort, pressure relief, and contouring. The problem that arises when plus-size persons sleep on foam mattresses is that they sink too deep. Not unless you get a dense and high-quality memory foam. As a plus-size person, such mattresses may not be suitable for you.

Best Mattress Topper for Plus-size People

Mattress toppers are increasing in popularity, especially amongst plus-size individuals. The reason why that’s happening is that a mattress topper can add plush to a very firm mattress. It can also boost support to a worn-out bed. Mattress toppers aren’t usually very big. They can be about two to four inches thick. For plus-size persons, the thicker the topper, the better. The best mattress toppers for heavy sleepers include;

  • Latex – If you can afford it, we advise you to go with a latex mattress topper. Latex is breathable, durable, and offers better support. It’s also good at absorbing motion. Something that you can’t get from other materials. It’s the best mattress topper for plus-size individuals.
  • Memory Foam – Closely following behind is memory foam. A memory foam mattress topper isn’t very firm, but it’s comfortable. It can offer plush support to heavy sleepers. The problem is that it’s not as breathable as latex.
  • Poly Foam – Mattress toppers made of this material are the cheapest. They are made from polyurethane and may contain flame retardants such as fiberglass. You should only get these if you are on a strict budget.

Sleeping Preferences for Heavy People

We all have different sleeping preferences and behaviors. When shopping for a mattress, you should find a mattress that meets your individual preferences. From a general point of view, most plus-size sleepers prefer a firm mattress. It’s because they have been helplessly sinking into mattresses for a better part of their lives. Even for those who prefer being hugged by a mattress, it’s uncomfortable when the mattress sags deeper than needed.

Heavy sleepers also prefer mattresses with temperature control technologies, apart from firmness. Since the surface area in contact with the mattress is considerable, if you sweat at night, you can wake up drenched from head to toe. Heavy folks who sleep hot should find a breathable mattress, preferably with advanced temperature control capabilities.

Plus-size sleepers also need to find a mattress conducive to their preferred sleeping positions when mattress shopping. Stomach sleepers should opt for a firm mattress, whereas side sleepers will enjoy the most on a medium firmness bed.

What is the Best Sleeping Environment for Plus-size Sleepers?

Finding the right plus-size mattress is a big step that will benefit you in so many ways. But it takes more than just a mattress for you to create the perfect sleeping environment. You should consider adding some accessories to your bed/room to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

  1. Pillows – It goes without saying, pillows are an essential accessory in your bed. A good pillow should support the area between the shoulders and the head to promote proper spinal alignment. It’s important to know that pillows are as good as the materials used. Popular pillow materials include feathers, memory foam, and buckwheat. The latter is firmer than memory foam or feathers. Your preferences should help you determine which material is best.
  2. Toppers – It’s a cushioning layer placed on a mattress to add support or comfort. We have already talked about mattress toppers in detail. You can refer to the above if you have any queries. These are an excellent addition.
  3. Bedsheets – Without a quality set of bed sheets, you won’t be able to enjoy quality sleep. You should go for quality linen that features antimicrobial properties. The perfect bedsheet should be breathable and airy.

Is Memory Foam a Good Mattress for Plus-size People?

Memory foam is the most popular type of mattress out there. It’s so famous that most people are accustomed to the huggy feeling you get from sleeping on one of these. In the past, memory foam mattresses have been criticized for not being able to accommodate plus-size sleepers. Though some of these allegations are true, it doesn’t mean memory foam isn’t a good mattress option for plus-size sleepers. Allow us to explain why.

Memory foam is excellent for heavy sleepers. They offer adequate pressure relief by contouring the body of the sleeper. Suppose you are a plus-size sleeper and want a memory foam mattress. You must be very strict on the quality and density of the foam. You should consider a firm mattress that will contour to your body without sinking or bottoming out. The memory foam mattress should be supportive enough to resist sagging.

A pro tip that will help you out when shopping for a memory foam mattress for plus-size sleepers is to consider reputable brands. Certain mattress brands can claim that their memory foam beds will withstand weights of up to 230 pounds. But after a while, the mattress starts to sag. Keep off basic memory foam brands as they will disappoint you.

Reasons Why You Should Own a Bed for Plus-size People

Sleeping on the wrong mattress has many consequences. First, it will be difficult for you to get a goodnight’s rest. Secondly, you may experience backaches which can lead to serious health issues. If you are a plus-sized sleeper, it’s recommendable that you buy a plus-sized bed. A plus-sized mattress will benefit you in the following ways;

  1. It won’t sag or sink when you sleep on it.
  2. It will provide you with enough support.
  3. A plus-size bed will contour your body and relieve pressure points.
  4. If you suffer from back, neck, and hip pain, a plus-sized mattress will relieve these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best mattress for a heavy sleeper that sweats at night?

A: You should consider a mattress that is breathable and facilitates adequate air circulation. If you sweat a lot at night, go for beds made strictly with temperature control technologies.

Q: What type of bed frame is ideal for plus-size sleepers?

A: It would be best if you looked for a strong bed frame, preferably one that is made from metal or hardwood. Softwoods may be cheaper, but they may not withstand the weight of a plus-size sleeper.

Q: Do mattresses have a weight limit?

A: Most mattresses will list the maximum weight they can accommodate. As a plus-size sleeper, you need to be mindful of a bed’s weight limit before buying it.

Q: What is the best mattress for a heavy sleeper with back pain?

A: If you suffer from back pain, it’s because you have been sleeping on the wrong mattress. With the help of our buyer’s guide and reviews, you should invest in a firm mattress to hold your body and relieve pressure points.


Are you tired of owning mattresses that sag after a few months of purchase? Are you fed up with sleeping on beds that can’t support your body weight? The above are the five best plus-size mattresses in 2022. These beds will provide you with adequate support, unrivaled comfort and serve you for years. After conducting in-depth research, we concluded that the Saatva HD is the best mattress for heavy sleepers. It has all the features a plus-size sleeper may be looking for in a bed.

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