Original Mattress Factory Review 2023

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The Original Mattress Factory makes beds with different firmness levels

Their Orthopedic collection is perfect for those with back problems

They have several budget-friendly options


Original Mattress Factory has a no returns policy

The firmness levels of these beds are inconsistent

Noise issues

Our Verdict

Besides their Orthopedic line, the Original Mattress Factory can be considered a reasonable choice. The rates are affordable, and there are several exciting features. Shoppers, however, need to be mindful of the no-return policy.

The Original Mattress Factory is a brand created by experts who previously worked for mattress giants Sealy and Stearns and Foster. It began trading in 1990 and manufactures a range of foam and innerspring mattresses in their American factories. It currently has four mattress collections retailing at a range of prices from cheap to premium, so most customers should be able to find an Original Mattress Factory bed to suit them.

Although many customers are satisfied with their Original Mattress Factory mattresses, some have experienced durability problems. If you’re looking for an affordable memory foam mattress with a longer lifespan, we recommend checking out our top-ranked product, the Puffy mattress. This bed offers excellent comfort that should stand the test of time.

In this Original Mattress Factory review article, we’ll reveal all the key facts and figures you need to decide whether a mattress from its range is the best choice for your needs and bank balance.


There are plenty of good reasons to buy an Original Mattress Factory mattress. These include:

  • Very affordable prices on some models
  • Made in the USA
  • Wide range of mattress types and firmness settings
  • Some durability concerns
  • Some customers have complained that the firmness of their mattress doesn’t match the model they tested instore, so there may be issues with firmness consistency
  • The company doesn’t accept returns

Original Mattress Factory Mattress Range and Construction

The Original Mattress Factory makes innerspring and all-foam mattresses across four distinct collections. This gives customers plenty of choices when shopping from the Original Mattress Factory range. In this section, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the various Original Mattress Factory models.

Classic Collection

Mattresses in the Classic collection are the cheapest options from the Original Mattress Factory. These are available in the following models:

  • Classic One
  • Classic
  • Classic Luxury Firm
  • Classic Euro Top
  • Classic Plush

They feature support cores made from interconnected springs, which means that the springs do not move independently of each other. This could be an issue if you’re looking for good motion isolation as you will be able to feel movements from the other side of the bed. However, this type of support system does sleep cool because it makes the mattress highly breathable.

Classic Collection mattresses have comfort layers made from cotton and/or polyfoam to provide additional cushioning. The overall thickness of Classic Collection mattresses is significantly thinner than average, which makes them less durable and means they are unlikely to provide adequate support for heavier individuals. They also provide less pressure relief than other Original Mattress Factory beds. On the other hand, these mattresses could be a good option if you’re trying to buy a child’s bed or guest room mattress on a tight budget.

Orthopedic Collection

The Orthopedic Collection mattress range features interconnected innerspring cores like those found in the Classic Collection. While these are highly breathable, they are less durable than pocketed innersprings and cause significant motion transfer.

The Orthopedic range has significantly more foam comfort layers than the Classic collection, which means these mattresses provide far more pressure relief. You can choose from a range of firmness options from very firm to very soft.

Regency Collection

The Regency Collection features two mattresses:

  • Regency Sapphire
  • Regency Sapphire Euro Top

The Regency Sapphire has a medium firm feel while the Euro Top version is a little softer. Like the previous two collections, these mattresses get their support from an interconnected innerspring matrix, which means you are likely to experience motion transfer and potential durability problems. The mattresses feature foam comfort layers to provide cushioning and pressure relief.

Serenity Collection

Mattresses in the Serenity collection are the most expensive Original Mattress Factory options and come with premium price tags. These mattresses are all-foam models, and customers can choose between comfort layers made from memory foam for a medium or soft feel, or latex for a firm feel. All these options provide a good level of pressure relief but may retain heat more than the Original Mattress Factory’s innerspring models.

How Much Does an Original Mattress Factory Mattress Cost?

Prices of mattresses from the Original Mattress Factory depend on which model and size you choose. Prices start at just $299 for a queen-size Classic One mattress and go up to $1,779 for a queen-size latex Serenity model. This wide variation in price means that most people should be able to find an Original Mattress Factory model to suit their budget. The Original Mattress Factory offers monthly financing agreements via the third-party credit provider Wells Fargo.

Original Mattress Factory Mattress Firmness

The Original Mattress Factory makes mattresses in a wide variety of firmness settings from very soft to very firm. However, it’s important to be aware that not all of its collections feature a full range of firmness options. However, you should be able to find an Original Mattress Factory model in a firmness setting that suits your needs.

Is an Original Mattress Factory Mattress Right for my Sleeping Position?

Original Mattress Factory beds can be suitable for any sleeping position, although some mattresses are better suited to some sleeping styles than others. In this section, we’ll explain how to select the correct Original Mattress Factory mattress for your unique sleeping style.

Side Sleepers

The Original Mattress Company’s Classic collection models aren’t generally recommended for side sleepers because they don’t provide very much pressure relief, which could cause shoulder or hip discomfort in this position. However, mattresses from the other collections that have more comfort layers could be a good option. Mattresses from the Serenity collection are particularly suitable for side sleepers because their all-foam construction provides excellent pressure relief. We advise side sleepers to choose a medium-soft or medium model to allow for the body-conforming they need to sleep comfortably.

Front and Back Sleepers

Front and back sleepers are likely to find most mattresses from the Original Mattress Company comfortable as long as they choose a medium firm or firm model. This will provide the support they need to help their spine into a healthy alignment. People with higher body weights are probably best off avoiding the Classic collection as these mattresses are too thin to provide enough support.

Couples and Combi-Sleepers

We recommend that combi-sleepers select a medium firm mattress from the Original Mattress Factory such as the Regency Sapphire as this setting should feel comfortable in the vast majority of sleeping positions. This firmness option is also a good choice for couples.

The main issue for couples considering buying an Original Mattress Factory bed is motion transfer. The company’s innerspring models feature interconnected springs which means that you are quite likely to be disturbed by your partner’s movements in the night. For this reason, couples may prefer the all-foam models from the Serenity collection which provide very good motion isolation.

Do Original Mattress Factory Mattresses Sleep Cool?

Original Mattress Factory models from the Classic, Orthopedic and Regency collections sleep relatively cool because they feature breathable innerspring cores that allow heat to escape during the night. This structure allows excess heat to escape easily while you sleep. Although the Original Mattress Factory has taken some steps to tackle heat retention in the all-foam models from the Serenity collection, these sleep hotter than many comparable brands.

Where to Buy

You can buy Original Mattress Factory mattresses, bed bases and other products online directly from the company website. Alternatively, you can visit one of the many Original Mattress Factory brick-and-mortar stores nationwide. You can find your nearest outlet here: https://www.originalmattress.com/find-a-store

Shipping Information

The Original Mattress Factory deliver to the Contiguous United States, and the delivery options available depend on where you live. Customers who live close to an Original Mattress Factory can select local delivery with prices starting at $50. Otherwise, the company offers White Glove Delivery to other areas, which costs $199 or more depending on location. Please note that this could take up to 4 weeks. If you need your mattress sooner than that, you may be able to arrange to have your mattress delivered by a courier service such as FedEx. If you wish to use this option, you should contact the Original Mattress Factory to discuss.

Sleep Trial and Returns

The Original Mattress Company does not allow customers to exchange or return their mattresses. However, its beds come with a year-long Comfort Policy. This entitles you to receive another Original Mattress Factory once within this period if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase. However, you will be liable to pay the difference in cost if you choose a more expensive model and 25% of the cost of the less expensive mattress. You are also liable for any shipping fees incurred. The Original Mattress Company throws away any unwanted mattresses, although customers can choose to donate it as long as they obtain proof of donation.


The Original Mattress Factory provides a limited warranty on all of its products. The warranty periods range from 1-12 years depending on which model you select. The warranty covers indents deeper than 1.5 inches in the surface of the mattress and loose or protruding springs. It does not cover damage caused by misuse or improper support. The Original Mattress Factory reserve the right to refuse to inspect any mattress that arrives in an unhygienic condition. Customers are responsible for paying any costs associated with returning or reshipping their mattresses.

How Do Original Mattress Factory Mattresses Compare to Other Brands?

It’s a sensible idea to research a few different brands before settling on a particular product. Before you spend money on an Original Mattress Factory mattress, we suggest comparing it to several similar models to make sure you’re getting the best product you can for your money. You can click on the links below to find detailed descriptions and reviews of several mattresses that provide similar features to the Original Mattress Factory range.

Alternatives to the Original Mattress Factory Range

The Original Mattress Factory could be a good fit for you if you’re looking for a wide range of options and want to try out a mattress in-store before you buy. Its cheaper Classic range provides customers with the opportunity to buy a temporary, guest or children’s mattress for a very affordable price.

However, Original Mattress Factory mattresses are not generally the most durable options. Fortunately, there are plenty of long-lasting products available that still come at a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for an affordable memory foam mattress with a long lifespan, we recommend taking a look at the Puffy, Novosbed and Nectar mattresses. These are our top-rated products here at Sleep Aim and provide a high level of long-lasting comfort and support.

Puffy Mattress

Out of all the mattress brands and models we’ve reviewed here at Sleep Aim, the Puffy mattress is our favorite. The Puffy provides an exceptional level of comfort, support and pressure relief with good durability and at a very competitive price. It also sleeps cool thanks to the use of various sleep technologies in its manufacture. This mattress is a good pick for side sleepers because of its medium firmness, although it could be a good choice for people who sleep in other positions too.

Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed is another all-foam model that sleeps cool while providing support and pressure relief. Unlike many similar brands, it comes with a Comfort+ option which allows customers to adjust the firmness setting of the mattress to suit their needs. This means that the Novosbed can suit almost any kind of sleeper.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is a medium firm memory foam bed and is one of our top picks for combi-sleepers and couples. The Nectar stands out from the crowd because it has open-cell foams in its construction which help to reduce heat retention and make the mattress bouncier than other memory foam options. This means that it’s a good choice if you need deep pressure relief but prefer not to sink into your bed too deeply.


Anyone considering purchasing an Original Mattress Factory bed should find out as much as possible about its range and policies before buying. This will help you make a fully informed decision as to whether the brand and model is the right fit for you. To make this simple, we’ve compiled a list of some of our readers’ Original Mattress Factory FAQs.

Q: Are Original Mattress Factory mattresses good for side sleepers?

A: Original Mattress Factory mattresses are a reasonable choice for side sleepers as long as you select from the Orthopedic, Serenity or Regency collections which provide deeper pressure relief. We recommend selecting a soft or medium mattress if you sleep on your side.

Q: How firm are Original Mattress Factory mattresses?

A: Original Mattress Factory beds some in a range of firmness settings from very soft to very firm. However, not all of its collections come in every firmness.

Q: How thick are Original Mattress Factory mattresses?

A: Original Mattress Factory mattresses come in a range of thickness measurements starting at just 7 inches.

Q: Do Original Mattress Factory mattresses sleep cool?

A: All of the Original Mattress Factory’s innerspring models sleep pretty cool because their cores are highly breathable. However, the all-foam mattresses in the Serenity collection sleep warmer than some comparable products.

Q: What type of mattresses does the Original Mattress Factory make?

A: The Original Mattress Factory makes traditional innerspring mattresses with interconnected steel coil support systems. It also produces all-foam memory foam and latex mattresses as part of the Serenity collection.

Q: Are Original Mattress Factory mattresses durable?

A: There have been concerns raised about the durability of Original Mattress Factory mattresses, particularly its innerspring beds.

Q: Do Original Mattress Factory mattresses smell?

A: The innerspring mattresses sold by the Original Mattress Factory shouldn’t release a significant odor. However, its all-foam models will give off an off-gassing smell when you first unpack them. This is harmless and should disappear after a couple of days.

Q: Is it easy to return an Original Mattress Factory mattress?

A: The Original Mattress Factory does not accept returns. However, it offers customers the option to request a replacement mattress if they are unsatisfied with their new bed as part of their year-long Comfort Guarantee. However, please note that you will be charged 25% of the cost of the cheaper mattress, any price difference if you select a more expensive model and any shipping fees.

Q: What frame should I use with an Original Mattress Company mattress?

A: Original Mattress Company mattresses are compatible with most frames, foundations and box springs. You can continue to use your existing base or buy one of the company’s various foundation models. Please note that a queen-size or larger requires a foundation with strong central support.

The Bottom Line

The range of mattresses sold by the Original Mattress Factory gives customers plenty of choices and the option to try out various mattresses in-store. This brand could be a good option if you want an inexpensive innerspring model. However, you should be aware of the various drawbacks of Original Mattress Company beds including limited durability and lack of returns procedure.

At Sleep Aim, we make choosing a new mattress simple and enjoyable by sharing a range of detailed mattress reviews and buyers’ guides. You can browse our site to find out everything you need to know to help you choose the very best mattress for your needs.

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