How Can I Find a Fiberglass Free Mattress on Amazon?

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Does amazon sell fiberglass-free mattresses? 

Yes. Amazon does have some options available. However, Saatva is a great option that you may want to consider. This mattress is highly rated and completely free from fiberglass, making it a safe and comfortable choice for a good night’s sleep.

Do all beds sold on Amazon have fiberglass?

Most of them do.

How do I know a mattress on Amazon contains fiberglass?

Read the description, check reviews, Q&As, and do research.

Is Amazon the Only Place to Buy a Fiberglass-free Mattress?


Is Fiberglass Harmful?


Amazon is everyone’s favorite online store. That doesn’t come as a surprise because they have everything you may be looking for. If you are a staunch Amazon shopper, it’s apparent that you may consider getting a mattress from them. These days many sleepers are leaning towards eco-friendly products, beds included. Therefore, you may be swayed by phrases such as non-toxic. Certi-PUR certified, low VOCs, and plenty of mattress terminology.

It’s impressive that manufacturers are trying to meet sleepers’ eco needs. However, one thing that most Amazon mattresses won’t mention is the presence of fiberglass. More than 50% of beds on Amazon contain fiberglass. They mostly tempt buyers with affordable price tags. But if you care about your health, you need to be cautious when shopping for a bed on Amazon.

If you are interested in a fiberglass-free mattress on Amazon, here is a detailed guide on how to see through marketing gimmicks and get a safe bed to sleep on.

How to Identify a Fiberglass-free Mattress on Amazon?

1. Familiarize Yourself with Fiberglass-free Mattress Brands

A seller will tell you anything to convince you to buy their mattress. Many shoppers have in the past been victims of getting misleading information from the manufacturers. If you plan on purchasing a mattress from Amazon, the first thing you have to do is find out which mattress brands make fiberglass-free beds. It would be best if you also looked for a list of mattresses that contain fiberglass.

Fortunately, Sleep Aim has already researched for you, and here is a link to the best fiberglass-free mattresses. Also, here is an article that discusses popular mattress brands that you will find on Amazon that use fiberglass.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to go through the above comprehensive articles about mattress brands containing fiberglass. Allow us to mention some of the brands on Amazon whose mattresses contain fiberglass. This will help you save time when comparing different beds on Amazon. These mattress brands include;

  • Zinus
  • Linenspa
  • Lucid
  • Nectar
  • Olee Sleep
  • AmazonBasics
  • Ashley Furniture

When shopping for fiberglass-free mattresses on Amazon, do not waste your time on the above brands. Their beds contain fiberglass, and they may keep this information hidden from you. You will be surprised to find fiberglass beneath the cover if you buy their mattresses.

2. Go Through the Mattress Descriptions Keenly

Understandably, some shoppers are obsessed with comfort and support to the point that they ignore other features. As crucial as buying a comfortable mattress is, it needs to be safe. When fiberglass escapes through the cover, it can impact your health in numerous ways.

Next time you are shopping for a mattress on Amazon, carefully read the instructions. If you buy from a reputable seller, they will mention that their mattresses contain fiberglass. They may use phrases such as glass wool or glass fibers. This is the easiest way for you to identify whether a bed on amazon is fiberglass-free.

While we are still on this method, please note that not all mattress brands are reputable or ethical. Some will intentionally avoid mentioning fiberglass. These days, many sleepers are becoming aware of the dangers of fiberglass. Therefore, when a brand admits to using fiberglass, it can lose out on many sales. It’s important to know that just because a mattress brand doesn’t say their bed contains fiberglass, it doesn’t mean it’s fiberglass-free. This brings us to our next method of finding a fiberglass-free mattress on Amazon.

3. Do Not Ignore the Questions & Answers and Reviews Posted on Amazon

Because some manufacturers may lie about the presence of fiberglass in their beds, you need to take the extra step and consult fellow shoppers. Where and how will I do that? On Amazon, there is a Q&A section. Beneath that, you will find reviews from people who have bought that mattress.

Since fiberglass is a hot topic of discussion, you should find questions about it on mattressesQ&A’s. Beneath them are usually answers that can clarify whether the beds are fiberglass-free or not. If fiberglass isn’t asked as a question, you can head to the reviews and look for complaints or remarks against fiberglass’s presence in that particular mattress.

If a bed being sold on Amazon contains fiberglass, it will be discussed in the reviews or Q&A. It’s important to remember that reviews on Amazon aren’t verifiable. A shopper may negatively perceive a particular brand and may decide to tarnish the brand’s name. Only conclude after doing your research. For instance, if the issue has sparked a lot of attention. Then that can only mean it’s true.

4. Crosscheck the Following Red Flags

The above are three sure ways to find a fiberglass-free mattress on Amazon. If you are dealing with a shady brand, there is a chance they may do everything in their power for you, never to find out that their mattresses contain fiberglass. Because of that reason, here is a list of some of the red flags often portrayed by fiberglass mattress brands.

  • Amazon mattresses with low prices – Even though finding a mattress on Amazon with an affordable price tag may seem like a great deal. It often comes with trouble. First, the quality o materials used are usually below standard. Therefore, the bed won’t last for very long. Secondly, most affordable beds on Amazon use fiberglass. This is a characteristic shared by most fiberglass mattresses. Fiberglass is practically the cheapest flame retardant. Most budget mattresses prefer to use this material to cut costs and maximize profits.
  • Not made in the US – Mattresses made in other countries, especially China, often contain fiberglass. If you come across such a bed, you should scrutinize it thoroughly.
  • Memory foam mattresses – Not all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass, but many of them do. memory foam is highly flammable. Therefore, it must be covered with a flame retardant. Fiberglass is the cheapest and one of the most effective flame retardants. It’s why you will find fiberglass mostly in beds made using memory foam.
  • A non-removable cover – If a manufacturer advises against removing the cover, that should raise a red flag. Fiberglass beds have a ‘don’t remove cover’ warning because they aim to prevent fiberglass contamination. Fiberglass particles should escape from the mattress and spread all over your bedroom without a cover.

5. Narrow Down Your Search to Organic Beds

The other method to find a fiberglass-free mattress on Amazon is by narrowing down your search to organic beds. An organic mattress is strictly made from eco-friendly materials. Instead of fiberglass, they have a natural flame retardant such as organic wool. Organic mattresses don’t use fiberglass or any other material that may harm you or the environment.

Even though there are several organic beds on Amazon, they are not all fiberglass-free. The term organic is being loosely thrown around by mattress manufacturers these days. Don’t forget to read the description and reviews and carefully check the Q&A.

6. Research

If all the above methods don’t bear fruit, you can always do research. There are plenty of resources online that can help answer your question on whether a particular mattress brand contains fiberglass or not. For instance, here at Sleep Aim, we have researched several mattress brands and written extensively on whether they contain fiberglass or not.

You can also inquire from the manufacturer. They may lie or fail to respond. Many forums on the internet can answer your questions about the use of fiberglass in particular mattresses. If you suspect a bed isn’t fiberglass free, don’t hesitate to research.

Some Mattress Manufacturers on Amazon Can Lie about Their Mattresses Being Fiberglass-Free

When shopping for a mattress on Amazon, you need to be very careful. Some mattress manufacturers have been caught lying that their beds are fiberglass-free. Nectar is an example of such a brand. When their customer support team was asked about the use of fiberglass, they declined only for customers to find fiberglass woven under the cover. Do not believe what the manufacturers tell you. A bed can be described as fiberglass-free, only for you to find out later that it’s not.

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Amazon isn’t the Only Place to Find a Fiberglass-free Mattress

Amazon shoppers can find it hard to buy things elsewhere because they are used to it. However, it’s not the only place for you to get a fiberglass-free mattress. Most beds on Amazon either contain fiberglass or aren’t durable. Sometimes you can land on a bed that has both disadvantages.

There are plenty of other vendors that can sell you a decent fiberglass-free mattress. Let’s take Saatva, for example. They, too, sell their fiberglass-free beds online. Unlike Amazon, Saatva doesn’t deal with third parties. Therefore, you will get the mattress straight from the manufacturer. The advantage of shopping for mattresses elsewhere other than Amazon is that you have more choices. Most quality, organic, and fiberglass-free mattress brands are not on Amazon. If you stick to Amazon mattresses only, you will be limiting your options.


Using the above tips, you can find a fiberglass-free mattress on Amazon. You should also know that some beds sold on Amazon aren’t made with quality materials, and they don’t offer the best comfort, pressure relief, and support. It wouldn’t hurt to broaden your search and look elsewhere. After all, the end goal is to get your hands on a quality fiberglass-free mattress.

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