5 Best No Credit Check Mattresses in 2023

Mattresses are often overlooked items, but they are essential. However, they can be quite expensive. So what next if you want a new high-quality mattress and don’t have enough money for it? Well, we have great news for you. There are many no credit check mattress companies you can try out. Today, we look at how you can buy your bed on finance, the best no-credit mattress, and other things to help you make an informed decision.

But first, before we get into the details, it’s essential that we explain what mattress payment plan no-credit-check means so that you know what you are getting into. No-credit-check financing allows those with poor credit scores to purchase loan products easily. If you haven’t saved up for a new mattress, you can always opt for a mattress payment plan, especially if your credit score is worrying. This is an easy way of financing mattresses to individuals who can’t afford to pay for them upfront. That said let’s take a look at the different no credit mattress you can get in 2023.

First, What Does It Mean No Credit Mattress?

When you want to buy a new bed but don’t have money for it, you can consider mattress financing. This option allows you to get your new mattress and pay for it in monthly installments. Now, many companies offer this service, but their terms and conditions vary. While some companies will need customers to have credit, some don’t have this requirement. No credit mattress allows those with no credit to purchase the mattress they want. So, if you don’t have credit, you can still get a good mattress deal with a no credit needed mattress.

5 Best No Credit Check Mattresses in 2023

Quality mattresses tend to have a higher price tag. It is because they often contain quality materials and have more appealing features. Everyone would love to sleep on a comfortable bed from a reputable brand. It is, however, unfortunate that our financial situations may not allow this to happen, and that’s where mattress payment plans come in handy. By accessing mattress financing online services, you can pay for a mattress over a particular duration. You don’t have to pay the entire amount upfront.

Mattress financing has got many benefits. Depending on the service provider you partner with, you can enjoy no credit check mattress financing, ideal for individuals with bad credit scores. Other benefits include low-interest rates and affordable monthly payments.

As great as mattress financing no credit check is, not all mattress brands offer these payment plans. Here is a list of the five best no-credit-check mattresses and how each works.

Saatva Mattress – Best Mattress in 2023 (Editor’s Choice)

Saatva is one of the few mattress brands that offer sleepers the best buy now pay later no credit check mattresses. Through their partnership with Klarna, an international financing company we will talk about later on, they provide buyers with mattress financing whose interests are as low as 0%.

Undeniably, Saatva beds are known for their premium construction and comfort. They are, however, slightly pricier than most mattresses in the market. If you are struggling with raising the money to buy one of the Saatva mattresses, their mattress financing no credit check can be helpful in your situation.

The procedure of accessing the Saatva mattress financing is quite simple. Follow the steps below;

  • Step 1 – Identify your ideal saatva mattress and add it to your cart.
  • Step 2 – During checkout, choose Klarna mattress financing. In this step, select your ideal mode of payment. Even though it is a third-party company, Klarna adheres to ethical and safe data handling practices. Your payment information will be secure and well-protected.
  • Step 3 – Opt for the monthly financing option. Qualifying for Saatva financing is simple. The two-step procedure is approved immediately, and you finance mattress with bad credit. Klarna doesn’t perform a hard credit check.
  • Final step – Make monthly payments on mattress depending on the terms you get from the financial service provider. Upon receiving approval for Saatva mattress financing, what’s left is managing payments on Klarna.com. The financial service provider will send reminders every month, and you can make payments via their app.

As you can see from the above procedure on how to finance a Saatva bed, the application process is relatively easy. The payments on mattresses are made monthly. You can pay as little as $89 a month. The interest rates vary from 0% to 24.99%. Please note that shipping costs and tax fees aren’t part of this estimate. You should send the monthly payments directly to Klarna. They will inform you on how you can go about that. There is also an app that makes it easier to manage your payments.

2. Puffy – Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check Mattress

Another brand that offers buy now pay later no credit check mattress is Puffy. Even though Puffy mattresses are available at reasonable prices, there are times when you may not have the money to pay upfront. It is during such instances that you should seek the benefits of Puffy mattress financing online.

They, too, partner with Klarna and give you a mattress repayment duration ranging from six to twenty-four months. With Puffy no credit check mattress financing, you can pay as low as $50 a month for a bed. This brand also offers its clients an interest-free duration whereby you will buy a mattress on finance without paying any interest at all. Doesn’t that sound like the deal of a lifetime?

Here is how you can finance a Puffy mattress;

  • Step 1 – The first step involves choosing your ideal Puffy mattress. This brand stocks hybrid and all-foam mattresses, including the Puffy, the Lux, and the Puffy Royal. All these mattresses have unique features and advantages. Make sure that you read and understand the contents of the bed’s description to make an informed purchase.
  • Step 2 – After identifying your ideal mattress, the next step is to checkout with Klarna. When you choose Klarna, you will be sent to another page. There, you will key in personal details needed for the mattress financing application. Once that’s done, next is to add your delivery address and shipping details. Proceed to payment and choose the option where you will pay over a particular duration using Klarna. You will input more information if you have never used Klarna financing.
  • Step 3 – As is the case with Saatva, they will perform a soft credit check. Please note that this procedure will not affect your credit score in any manner. After approval, you will receive a loan agreement. From there, you will wait for your mattress to arrive and continue making monthly payments to Klarna.

Puffy mattress partnership with Klarna gives you the ideal no-credit-check bed financing service. With monthly payments as low as $50 and a no-interest period of 6 to 12 months, what’s stopping you from sleeping on a comfortable bed.

3. Idle Sleep Mattress

Out of the many mattress financing options you can find in the market, none comes close to Idle Sleep when it comes to providing the best terms. Asking you to pay as low as $61 a month and 0% APR for five years, Idle Sleep has the best mattress financing rates in the US. That’s not all. The deal even gets better. Idle Sleep partners with several financial service providers.

If you want to finance an Idle Sleep mattress, below is how you can go about it;

  • Step 1 – Shop through the various Idle Sleep mattresses and pick one that meets your requirements. This shouldn’t be so hard. After all, this company has got two memory foam and three hybrid beds.
  • Step 2 – The next step entails application for mattress financing online. In this step, you will have to choose your preferred financial service provider.

Let us start with Satisfi because its terms seem to be more appealing to consumers. They are amongst the top loan providers in America and have a good reputation for financing small purchases such as mattresses. To use Satisfi mattress financing on Idle Sleep, click on the Prequalify Now link. A pop-up should appear explaining the various loan terms and what each entails. Choose the ideal repayment duration if it’s six or twelve months. If you have never used this particular financial service, you will have to provide some details and create an account. A soft credit check will be done, and you will get an instant approval for your loan. You must understand the terms and conditions of the mattress financing before checking out. From there, Idle Sleep will deliver the mattress for you.

Other than Satisfi, you can also use Katapult. With so many financing options on Idle Sleep beds, not having enough money isn’t a valid reason why you shouldn’t be sleeping on a quality mattress.

4. Helix Mattress

Helix Sleep offers you two ways on how you can finance a mattress purchase. You can either use the financial service provider for both Puffy and Saatva, which is Klarna. Or you can use Katapult, another reputable financial service provider. Unlike the above two no-credit-check mattresses, Helix Sleep gives you two options. You, therefore, have the freedom to choose the better financial service provider.

Irrespective of which decision you decide to go with, you must apply if you have never used either of the options. This is, however, something that won’t take much of your time. Helix Sleep mattress financing no credit check is an easy and secure process. The applications happen during checkout, and Helix allows you to choose the most flexible financing option that suits your budget. As you will see below on how to get Helix Sleep mattress financing, the approval is instant. Immediately you qualify for financing. They will send the mattress to your address.

If you are wondering how to access Helix mattress financing online, here is a step by step guide;

  • Step 1 – Shop through the various Helix beds and choose one that suits your sleeping needs.
  • Step 2 – Choose Klarna or Katapult upon checkout. Both financial services offer instant approval.
  • Step 3 – If you choose Klarna, you will realize some slight differences between these two financial service providers. For orders ranging from $499 to $2499, Klarna can offer you a no-interest period of six to twelve months. Once this period lapses, you will have to pay the loan at an interest rate of 19.99% APR. Every month, there is a certain amount that you have to pay. Klarna will inform you about this as you submit your application. Klarna also has another payment plan which entails repaying in four installments. This, however, applies to orders that do not exceed $1000.
  • Step 4 – For those of you who may opt to use Katapult, you should choose the lease-to-own option. Katapult will ask for your phone number and send you a code. This code will verify your Katapult account, and then you will give details such as credit card information. Your request to ‘lease to own’ a mattress will be approved, and Helix will ship the bed to your location. Katapult allows you to set automatic payments so that you don’t make late payments.

Both options are excellent. Very few no-credit-check mattresses are willing to accept less than $28 a month for mattress payments. This paired up with the 0 to 24.99% annual percentage interest rates, makes Helix one of the most affordable beds to finance in the market.

5. Nectar Sleep Mattress

We have to applaud the efforts Nectar has made in ensuring everyone can afford their beds. Besides having the best deals and discounts on their mattresses, Nectar has partnered with two reputable finance providers to enable sleepers to buy their beds on credit.

The first finance company is Affirm. They offer 0% APR financing, accept various credit companies, and accept monthly installments for a duration of three to twenty-four months. On the other hand, we have Splitit, which is another great finance provider. This company will finance your loan without an application or credit check. Neither will they add interest rates or penalize you for late payments.

  • With Affirm, you can pay as low as $66 a month. This option allows you to pay on the go.
  • If you choose Splitit, you will part with $266 per month. These two finance companies have varying terms, which Nectar clearly explains when you are checking out so that you can know what to expect. Splitit monthly payments are high because they split the installments into three, six, and twelve payments.

Now that you know about the two finance companies that will ensure you sleep on a Nectar bed without paying the total amount, how do you enjoy this service? It’s quite simple;

  • Step 1 – The first step is to choose a Nectar bed.
  • Step 2 – It entails choosing between the two financing options. Read more about the terms of each option and select the one that suits your budget.
  • Step 3 – Provide your phone number and verify it. This is mandatory if you go with the Affirm finance option.
  • Step 4 – The final step is to confirm your details, check out and wait for Nectar mattress delivery.

A Brief Overview of Klarna and the Other Mattress Financing Companies

When looking at the above mattress payment plans, you may have seen Klarna mentioned a couple of times. Klarna is an international financing company. Over the years, they have partnered with many mattress brands such as Saatva, Puffy, and Helix. They facilitate the no-credit-check mattress financing services on behalf of these brands.

As a financing company, Klarna will loan you money to buy a mattress. The funds are transferred to a mattress company such as Saatva, and you are left paying monthly premiums to them. The perks of working with a company such as Klarna is that you don’t have to wait till you have the total amount to pay for a mattress. You can still enjoy quality sleep with the little funds you have.

Secondly, Klarna has got low-interest rates, and here is the best part, they only perform a soft credit check. If you have got a bad credit score, chances are, you are usually not so lucky when seeking financing. The good news is that with mattress financing companies such as Klarna, you can own a luxurious mattress such as the Zenhaven by Saatva, irrespective of how good or bad your credit scores are.

If you have always been eyeing a comfy mattress, now that you know about Klarna mattress financing, you can buy a bed of your choice and be left paying monthly installments. This company has a 2 step application process in which you get instant approval. Getting their financing doesn’t affect your credit score, and they accept payment through checks, bank accounts, and debit cards.

As you may have seen in other mattress financing options, Klarna isn’t the only financial company that offers this service. Below, we have listed the most popular no-credit-check mattress financing companies and an introduction on who they are and what they do.

  • Satisfii – This is another reputable financing company that partners with Idle Sleep. Satisfii is an arm of Synchrony Bank. They also partner with Zibby, currently Katapult and Genesis Credit. Satisfii ensures that you can sleep on a comfortable mattress without having to pay the total amount. They, too, have low annual percentage rates.
  • Affirm – If you want to finance a Nectar bed, you will have to deal with Affirm. They offer online mattress financing. It’s a renowned company that has been around for a while now. With Affirm, you need not place a deposit when financing a mattress, and they don’t charge you any additional fees. The only thing this loan will attract is an APR that ranges from 0 to 30%. The repayment duration can last from three to twenty-four months, depending on Affirm’s agreement with a mattress brand. Affirm offers no credit check financing for mattresses. Applicants undergo a ‘soft credit check.
  • PayPal Credit – Even though it is not as popular as its counterparts, PayPal also does finance mattresses for consumers. If you want a bed from Saatva, Ghostbed, or 4Sleep, PayPal credit partners with these brands, and they can finance you. You have to provide them with a social security number and a date of birth. PayPal mattress financing features a 0% APR that you should pay in six months.
  • Zibby (Katapult) – This financing company is perfect for individuals with low credit scores or who don’t even have a credit score. They work with mattress brands such as Helix and Idle Sleep. Katapult is famous for its lease-to-own mattress program.

Different mattress financing services will have varying terms and conditions. If a mattress brand has partnered with two or more mattress financing companies, it is recommendable that you compare the requirements of each company. When you do this, you are more likely to choose a company with favorable terms.

What is Amazon Mattress Financing?

Our review of the five best no-credit-check mattresses would be incomplete if we didn’t look into Amazon mattress financing. Amazon is the largest eCommerce store, and they practically sell all mattress brands. However, have you ever known that you can get no credit check bed financing on Amazon?

Not all mattresses, of course, but Amazon does finance some beds, and you can pay monthly installments after. This service doesn’t just include the bed but entails everything else, including the pillows and bedsheets. Similar to the terms of other mattress financing companies, Amazon will ask you to repay the installments for a specific duration. They do not charge any interest and won’t perform a credit check. Even if they do, it will be a soft credit check that will not impact your score.

Which Mattresses Does Amazon Finance?

As we have mentioned above, not all mattresses on Amazon are available for financing. As you browse through the different options, you should see that they have a monthly payment option on the item description. Here is an example of how a mattress financed by Amazon will look like in the product description.

If a mattress is part of Amazon’s financing, in the description, they will state the monthly costs and other conditions that involve the repayment plan. Amazon finances mattresses in nearly all price ranges ranging from luxury to economy brands. You can get an Amazon no-credit-check mattress from brands such as Serta, TempurPedic, Foster, Stearns, and Sealy.

What are the Qualifications of Amazon Mattress Financing?

Not everyone can enjoy this service from Amazon. One needs to meet a set of requirements to get a no-credit-check mattress financing from Amazon. These qualifications include;

  • You must be a US resident.
  • You should have an amazon account that is preferably a year old.
  • You must link your Amazon account to a valid debit or credit card.
  • It is mandatory that you have a clean payment history on their platform.

Considering that most US residents are regular Amazon shoppers, meeting the above qualifications shouldn’t be challenging. If you want to get financing on a mattress, visit Amazon and as you compare the different beds, look for those with a monthly payment plan. Add it to the cart, choose the financing option and let Amazon deliver it for you. Afterward, you will be left paying the monthly installments till you complete the loan.

How to Qualify For No-Credit Check Mattress?

Unlike traditional financing, no credit check financing for mattresses has minimal requirements. These qualifications include;

  • Meet the minimum age. Kids or individuals below 18 years old can’t have access to no-credit-check mattresses. One must prove that they can generate income and pay for the bed. Because kids do not work, they don’t qualify for mattress financing. As long as you are 18 years and above, you can find a company to finance you.
  • Have a valid ID. Identification is crucial as it helps the financing company know who they are dealing with. When it comes to money matters, building trust is vital, and this can only happen through the provision of identification documents.
  • The other thing you must have is a funding source. This can either be a credit card, bank account, or debit card. It must be active as it is what you will use to pay the monthly installments.

Depending on the financing service provider and mattress brand you are dealing with, these terms can differ, and there may be additional conditions. Let’s take Klarna, for example. They require the above qualifications, such as the applicant must be old enough and have an active funding source.

However, they do have other terms such as; you mustn’t be in a lot of debt, and you should have a positive credit history. You may think that no-credit-check mattress financing doesn’t care about credit scores, but they actually do. No one wants to buy a mattress on your behalf, only for you never to repay them. This is why finance companies perform a soft credit check to see your borrowing habits.

If you have a lot of debt or a history of not paying loans on time, financial service providers have the right to decline your application. Having a good credit score does have its perks. Despite the possibility of getting a no credit check mattress financing, with a good credit score, you will always get instant approval on all purchases with companies such as Klarna or Affirm. If a particular financing company rejects your offer, you can always try another one. Remember, not all mattress financing companies have the same terms. The likes of Amazon mattress financing have additional requirements, which we have already shared with you.

How Long Does A No-Credit Check Mattress Application Take?

Applications for a no credit check mattress application occur in real-time and are instant, unlike the typical financing applications that take a couple of business days to be approved. Mattress financing happens instantly. You have to navigate to the website where you want to buy a mattress, choose your ideal bed, and proceed to check out. If that mattress brand partners with third-party financial service providers, you can choose to pay in installments. You will be redirected to the third-party website, where if you don’t have an account, you must sign up.

From there, read the terms of the mattress financing, check out, and wait for mattress delivery. These services occur online, and this is why they happen so fast. A typical no-credit-check mattress financing application will take a minute or two. Depending on how reliable the financing company is, it may take longer. Also, if you don’t meet the company’s requirements, it may take several attempts. Or you may have to communicate with the customer care representatives and find out why your application is taking longer.

Can You Finance Mattress with Bad Credit?

Of course, you can finance a mattress even if you have bad credit. Having bad credit can significantly limit your options when you need financing. However, the mattress financing industry is a bit different from the rest. You can still get financing no matter how terrible your credit score is. The lease-to-own option makes it possible for you to buy a bed with bad credit or even without any credit history.

To finance a mattress with bad credit, you have to look for mattress brands that accept mattress financing no credit checks. This is the only you can bypass the bad credit issue. Working with a finance company that isn’t going to look at your credit score but will still help you purchase a mattress is an excellent way to own the bed of your dreams without paying all the money upfront.

If you are looking to finance mattress with bad credit, here are some tips to help you out.

  • Avoid doing anything that will worsen your score. You may be lucky today that some mattresses are available through no credit check financing. However, you may need financing to buy something else in the future, and your low credit will make you miss out on many opportunities.
  • Take necessary measures to improve your credit score. Dispute credit errors and find ways on how you can pay off old debts.
  • Do not be afraid to adjust your budget. At times, the mattress we have been dreaming of could cost a couple thousands of dollars. But, if your current financial situation doesn’t allow it, do not commit to getting financing, yet you know you won’t raise the monthly payments.
  • Before agreeing to mattress financing, read and understand the agreement. Some service providers do have penalties for late payments. These are some of the things you should familiarize yourself with before accepting the financing offer.

Will Financing a Mattress Build Credit?

Financing a mattress can either build or break your credit. Whenever you request financing, it is reported to credit agencies and how you behave affects your credit. When you pay the installments in time and pay them in full, you will be building your credit score. For those of you who have no credit, financing a mattress is an excellent way for you to establish a good credit history. By building your credit score, you will enjoy better rates and terms from financial institutions. It also helps you obtain financing quickly in the future. If you, however, do not pay on time, this will damage your credit score and make it harder for you to get financing in the future.

What You Need to Be Aware of Before Financing a Mattress

A high-quality mattress starts at around $1000. Unfortunately, not many people can afford this. But, the good news is that mattress financing no-credit-check allows individuals to pay their mattress in monthly installments, rather than giving the whole amount out once. However, before you rush to finance a bed, there are certain factors you should consider. These are;

Credit Check

Most mattress financing online lending partners will conduct a credit check for those applying for this service. Note that this is a crucial factor as it can hurt your credit score. Every time a company inquires about your credit score with the credit bureaus, it reduces your points.

Interest Rates

You need to pay more attention to this factor as it will affect how much you’ll spend on your new mattress. Most companies will usually advertise for 0% APR. However, this only applies to those with a good credit score. Usually, higher interest is charged for bad credit mattress financing. If you have a poor credit score, it’ll be wise to work with a no credit check mattress store,

How Much You’ll Pay Per Month

Find out how long you have to repay the loan and the mattress monthly payments you’ll make. Different websites have different financing options. Some retailers allow customers to choose for themselves the period they want to make the payments. Others give you the freedom to choose the payment amount, but restrict you to paying that exact amount until you’ve completed the balance. Please choose carefully to avoid paying more interest.

Hidden Charges

Don’t sign any contract before reading the fine print. Even if a seller offers a 0% APR financing option, please make sure that you know all the details of your agreement. Otherwise, you may end up paying more money than what was initially agreed.

5 Reasons Why You Should Finance Your New Mattress

If you want to buy a new mattress but don’t have the money for it, mattress financing may be a viable solution for you, and here’s why;

Quick Application and Approval Even If You Have a Poor Credit Score

Most times, lenders use your credit score to determine whether or not to give you a loan. However, with no-credit-check offers, the retailer doesn’t bother about your credit score or history. As such, even if your credit score is poor, you can still get that new mattress. Additionally, applying for this financing is a quick and simple process. You can complete your application within minutes and have your request approved in a short time, with some offering instant approval. Also, some retailers allow a long payment period, even longer than 90 days. Thus, you can plan your expenses well to ensure that you won’t strain your finances.

Your Savings Remain Untouched

Financial experts advise us to at least have three to six months of savings to cater for our expenses should anything affect our income. Unless you have more than that amount, it’s wise that you leave your savings intact to prepare for the unexpected.

Now, with mattress financing, you can get a new mattress and still keep your savings untouched, killing two birds with one stone. This financing option allows you to make small regular payments until you pay your mattress in full. As such, you will not be forced to take a large sum of money from your savings to buy a new mattress.

Get the Mattress You Want for Your Body

Sleep is an integral part of our lives. However, did you know that the mattress you sleep on can affect your quality of sleep? If you find your sleep ruined because of your current mattress, mattress financing can help you address this issue. You don’t have to wait until you’ve saved enough money to purchase a mattress. Instead, this financing option helps you get the right mattress for your needs immediately.

Can Improve Your Credit Score

Every time you take a loan, your account is reported to the credit bureaus that determine credit scores. Now, financing a mattress can help you build a great credit history, but you have to make timely payments and pay in full. This can also help those with poor credit history improve their credit score. With good credit history and credit score, it can be easier for you to get financing for other things in the future. So, even if you can afford to pay for your mattress upfront, you may want to consider refinancing if your credit score or credit history is not that good.

Affordable Terms

Many mattress stores offer to finance for this item. Often the options they give have affordable terms, contrary to what many people think. Some sellers even offer a 0% APR, while others offer low-interest rates. But, we advise that you compare rates offered by different stores, whether online or offline, to get the most affordable financing option for your mattress.

3 Stores That Offer Mattress Financing With No Credit Check

1. Mattress Firm

If you want to make mattress payments no credit check, this is one of the best providers for this service. It should be easy to get this type of mattress financing for those who follow the right steps and provide the required documents.

Mattress Firm allows you to lease or own a mattress without credit. Also, its application process is one of the simplest and offers an instant decision. Again, it comes with a purchase option for 90 days. This provider also offers nationwide coverage and flexible payment options.

However, you must meet certain rules to qualify for this Mattress Firm no-credit-check program. One is that you must be 18 years and above with a source of income. Also, you have to give your present and permanent address during the application. And you must have an active and open check account. Lastly, you’re required to make the initial payment with your debit or credit card.

If you qualify for these conditions, you can apply for mattress financing to this company and enjoy sleeping in the mattress of your dreams.

2. 1800 Mattress

You need a comfortable mattress to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Now, from the many mattress providers offering a no-credit-check payment plan, 1800 Mattress stands out. It’s a famous provider as it offers various benefits with its financing option.

One reason to consider this company is that you don’t need credit to lease or own a mattress. Also, it offers a quick and simple application process and fast approval times. Additionally, it allows a 90-day purchase option. We also love this nationwide as its payment options are flexible and reliable.

But like all other great companies, there are also some rules and restrictions this provider outlines. You must be 18 years of age and above, give your present and permanent address and have a source of income. Also, one must have an active open checking account and a credit/debit card to pay their first amount.

Those who qualify for this criteria can get a comfortable high-quality mattress from this company.

3. Shop Factory Direct

Another great place you can buy mattress no credit check is Shop Factory Direct. This reputable company offers mattress financing to those who are 18 years and older. Like the above two companies, it also requires users to have a stable source of income and an active checking account. Additionally, customers are to use a credit or debit card to make their first payment.

They don’t charge processing fees and use a progressive leasing financial program. You can also choose your payments, depending on how often you get paid, which can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. While their maximum lease term is 15 months, most leases last to 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a mattress on credit?

Yes. If you don’t have enough money to buy a new mattress, you can still get the mattress you want from mattress financing programs. Many retailers offer this service both online and offline, so you’ll not have to do a lot of research. Plus, with most providers, the application is quick and simple, and most of them make an instant decision. However, because their terms and interest rates vary, you should compare different providers to see who has the most affordable terms.

Does financing a mattress hurt your credit?

Well, that depends on how you make the payments. If you pay on time and in full, it can help you establish a credit history and build a great credit score. However, like all loans, it can also harm your credit, especially if you miss a payment or you’re unable to pay the monthly payments. Also, note that every time you ask for a loan, the lender has to check your credit with the different credit bureaus. This is called a hard check, and it can reduce your points significantly.

What credit score do you need to buy a mattress?

Well, this will depend on the individual company you are using. For instance, for those using Mattress Firm, you’ll need a pretty good credit score of about 620. Some companies may need more or less. Please, confirm with the company of your choice about this requirement. Also, note that there is a no-credit-check financing program suitable for people with poor credit history. If your credit score disqualifies you from getting a financing option, you may want to consider this program. But, companies offering it have some rules and restrictions that you must meet to be considered.

What credit score does Mattress Firm require?

Your credit score needs to be fairly well to qualify for Mattress Firm’s credit card. They usually need a credit score of 620 or above. The company will have to check your credit report and your employment history to determine whether or not to approve your application. While it’s a fairly high credit score, it can be an excellent way of rebuilding your credit if you had issues in the past. Just make sure that you pay on time and in full.

Does Mattress Firm do a hard credit check?

Yes. Once you apply for its credit financing, the provider will check your credit and employment history from the relevant bodies. Note that a hard credit check may reduce your credit score. So if you are worried about your points, please think twice first.

Will financing a mattress build credit?

Well, that depends. Financing a mattress can build your credit if you make the minimum payments on time and pay the whole amount in full. If not, it can significantly hurt your credit. So, if you are planning to finance a mattress, make that you budget your expenses well so that you don’t miss a deadline.

Is Financing a Mattress Worth It?

It depends. Like other things, financing a mattress has its perks and drawbacks that you should learn about before taking this step. The main benefit of this program is that you can get a mattress without touching your savings if you can’t pay the money out of pocket. Also, mattress financing can help you build and establish your credit. However, you shouldn’t take this route if you suspect that you may not be able to make the minimum payments on time. Also, financing a mattress may cost more when the interest, added fees, and late payments are included. Therefore, weigh out all these factors before making a decision.

Final Thoughts

When you need a new mattress but can’t afford to pay for it, mattress financing may be beneficial. However, please research to find an offer that benefits you. Make sure that you choose a mattress within your budget range and read any contract offered before signing.

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