Night Therapy Mattress Reviews – See The Bad and The Good

Night Therapy is a brand created by the mattress retailing giant Zinus. It allows shoppers to buy a gel memory foam mattress at an extremely low price. Many customers are attracted to the Night Therapy brand because it is so budget-friendly. However, there are some concerns about its durability, so it may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a long-term mattress solution.

If you’re looking for a memory foam mattress designed to stand the test of time, we recommend checking out the Puffy which is our #1 rated affordable foam mattress. This bed provides a great level of support and comfort for a very competitive price.

In this article, we’ll explain all the key points you need to understand about the Night Therapy gel foam mattress by Zinus before committing to a purchase. This includes important information on construction, performance, pricing and company policies such as deliveries and returns.


The budget brand Night Therapy comes with several features that may be of benefit to consumers. These include:

  • Widely available through online and bricks-and-mortar third-party retailers including Amazon, Walmart and Sam’s Club
  • Low cost: Night Therapy mattresses are very cheap, which could make them a good solution if you need to buy a new mattress on a very low budget
  • Gel-infused comfort layers sleep cooler than standard memory foam and provide good pressure relief
  • Night Therapy mattresses can lose their support over time and are less durable than some other affordable foam mattress brands
  • Some users have reported inconsistencies when it comes to mattress firmness and have received mattresses with a different firmness feel to those advertised

Night Therapy Mattress Construction

The Night Therapy mattress has an all-foam construction and is adaptable enough to mold to the shape of your body. As you might expect from a very cheap foam mattress, the quality of the materials used in Night Therapy mattress is not as high as those found in some of their competitors. Let’s take a look at the construction of the Night Therapy mattress in more detail:

Support Layer

The base layer of the Night Therapy mattress is made from high-density polyfoam. While many users say that this layer initially provides a good level of spinal support, it may gradually lose support over time.

Transition layer

The transition layer of the Night Therapy mattress is made from polyfoam of a lower density than those used in the support core. This provides extra support while allowing the mattress to conform well to your body.

Comfort layers

This mattress comes with two comfort layers. The lower layer is made from memory foam, while the upper layer is made from gel-infused memory foam which helps to prevent excess heat retention. These layers work together to adapt to the shape of your sleeping body and take pressure off your joints.


The Night Therapy mattress is finished with a synthetic jacquard fabric cover.

How much does a Night Therapy mattress cost?

Prices of the Night Therapy mattress depend on which model and size you select. In general, you can expect to pay around $300-$600. This means that Night Therapy mattress are placed at the cheap end of the foam mattress market.

Night Therapy Mattress Firmness

The Night Therapy gel memory foam mattress is described as medium firm. This firmness is sometimes called universal comfort because it does a good job of accommodating most sleeping positions and body types comfortably. However, you should be aware that some customers disagree with Night Therapy’s firmness rating. Some people say the mattress they received was firmer than described while others say it was too soft. This suggests that there is some inconsistency when it comes to the firmness of Night Therapy mattresses.

Is a Night Therapy Mattress Right for my Sleeping Position?

Night Therapy mattresses are generally good for all sleeping positions, provided the mattress you receive is medium firm as described. This is because it is a universal comfort option that suits most people. It has the adaptability necessary to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips for side sleepers while providing firm enough support for front and back sleepers.

The only exception to this is side sleepers with body weights less than 130 pounds. People in this group may find the Night Therapy mattress is too firm for them and exerts pressure on problem areas like the hips and shoulders.

Do Night Therapy Mattresses Sleep Cool?

Night Therapy mattresses have a top comfort layer made from gel-infused memory foam. This material is a good conductor of heat, which means it can transfer excess warmth away from your body when you lie on it.

However, the Night Therapy mattress also contains layers made from traditional memory foam. This material has a closed structure and traps heat. Therefore, the Night Therapy mattress does not sleep as cool as all-foam mattresses that use more advanced cooling technologies, hybrids and innersprings. If sleeping cool is important to you, you may be better off with a mattress brand specially engineered with temperature control in mind.

Where to Buy

Night Therapy mattresses are stocked extensively by third party retailers online and in brick-and-mortar stores nationwide. You can find Night Therapy mattresses for sale through Amazon, Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Shipping Information

Night Therapy mattresses are sold through third-party retailers. This means that shipping information varies depending on where you shop. You should consult your chosen retailer to find out key information such as delivery times and fees.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Night Therapy does not have a brand-specific sleep trial or returns policy because their mattresses are sold through authorized third-party stores. Therefore, you should defer to the sleep trial and returns policy of whichever retailer you decide to shop with.


We were unable to find published warranty information specific to the Night Therapy brand. It may be covered by the 10-year warranty offered by parent company Zinus. This covers customers against manufacturing faults in the mattress. It does not cover against accidental damage, normal wear and tear or a gradual softening of the foams over time.

As there is no clear warranty policy for Night Therapy mattresses available, we strongly advise our readers to clarify warranty terms and conditions with their chosen retailer before they commit to a purchase.

How do Night Therapy Mattresses Compare to Other Brands?

Night Therapy is just one of a wide number of brands offering affordable gel memory foam mattresses for sale online. Before you rush out and buy one, we always recommend taking the time to compare the model you’re thinking of buying with other similar products. This will help you to decide whether a Night Therapy mattress is best for your needs and budget. Click below to check out our reviews of the nearest comparable brands to Night Therapy.

Alternatives to the Night Therapy Mattress

You may well decide that a Night Therapy mattress is the best option for you, especially if you’re looking for a low-cost memory foam mattress to tide you over or a mattress for children or guest bedrooms. However, as there are question marks over the durability of these mattresses, we recommend that our readers check out other comparable brands to see if there is a more durable option out there that suits their tight budget and needs.

At Sleep Aim, we have three highly-rated products that we always signpost our readers to check out before committing to a particular mattress brand. We believe that these products provide the best possible balance of pressure relief, comfort, durability and support without costing the earth. Read on to find out more about our top three mattresses and why we rate them so highly.

Puffy Mattress

Here at Sleep Aim, we review an enormous range of mattresses for a variety of factors. These include comfort, durability, support and value for money. After collating all this key information, the Puffy mattress has come out on top according to our sleep experts. Why? We love the Puffy mattress because it gives adaptable pressure relief alongside great back support, all for a price we know our readers will like.

Unlike many memory foam mattresses at a similar price point, the Puffy mattress incorporates advanced technology to allow the mattress to sleep as cool as possible. This makes it a more temperature-neutral option than many traditional memory foam beds which tend to retain heat to an excessive level.

Wondering whether the Puffy mattress is right for you? In general, we recommend the Puffy mattress most highly to side sleepers. It is a medium mattress, which means it has enough ‘give’ to relieve the hip and shoulder pressure that’s so common for people in this sleeping position. It’s also suitable for most back and front sleepers, although you may be better off with a firmer option if you weigh more than 250 pounds. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry. The next two mattresses on our list may be ideal for you.

Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed is another all-foam model that we believe everyone should include in their mattress research. The Novosbed has a dense foam support core with upper layers of adaptable foams to contour to the shape of your body.

One area where the Novosbed outstrips some of its competitors is temperature neutrality. During the manufacturing process, Novosbed applies an aeration process to their foams. This creates air spaces and makes them more breathable. So, the Novosbed sleeps cool in comparison to many other memory foam beds.

When you shop for a Novosbed mattress, you can select from one of three standard firmness settings. However, Novosbed also offers its customers their Comfort+ service if you want to customize the firmness of your new mattress further.

Nectar Mattress

The final model on our list of must-see mattresses is the Nectar, created by popular online brand Nectar Sleep. Like the Puffy and Novosbed, it is an all-foam mattress combining a dense, supportive base layer with conforming memory foam in the comfort layer.

We believe the Nectar mattress is an ideal choice for people who want the benefits of memory foam but also want to sleep cool. The Nectar mattress resists heat retention in two ways. First, it has gel particles in the comfort layer. These are excellent conductors of heat and can pull heat away from your body. Also, the foams have a more breathable structure thanks to open-cell technology. This technology also makes the Nectar more responsive and bouncier than memory foam beds you may have slept on before. Therefore, you might wish to consider it if you like the idea of memory foam but are unsure about the deep sinking sensation associated with it.

The Nectar mattress is also a good choice for couples and combi-sleepers. This is because it has a medium firm, or universal comfort, firmness rating. This firmness is ideal for almost every bodyweight and sleeping style. However, you should know that the Nectar mattress may feel too firm for people with body weights less than 130 pounds, especially if they sleep on their side.


Are you still wondering whether the Night Therapy mattress is right for you? To help clear up any niggling doubts, we will share some of our Night Therapy FAQs in this section.

Q: Can side sleepers use a Night Therapy mattress?

A: Night Therapy mattresses are generally suitable for side sleepers. They have adaptable comfort layers that can take pressure off the side of your body. Also, their medium firm rating makes them suitable for all sleeping positions, including side sleeping. However, if you have a bodyweight under 130 pounds and sleep on your side, the Night Therapy mattress may feel too firm for you.

Q: How firm is the Night Therapy mattress?

A: The gel Night Therapy mattress is medium firm, which is sometimes called Universal Comfort. This type of mattress is suitable for the majority of sleepers. However, some customers have complained that the firmness of Night Therapy mattresses doesn’t match those advertised.

Q: How thick are Night Therapy mattresses?

A: Night Therapy mattresses come in a range of thickness options.

Q: Are Night Therapy mattresses good for sleeping cool?

A: Night Therapy mattresses contain gel particles in their top comfort layer. This helps to reduce overheating by drawing heat away from your body when you lie on it. However, the memory foam layer below is likely to retain heat. Therefore, the Night Therapy mattress will sleep cooler than some comparable brands, but there are certainly cooler memory foam mattress options out there.

Q: What type of mattress is the Night Therapy mattress?

A: Night Therapy produces gel memory foam mattresses. Their structure includes a supportive, dense base layer with conforming memory foam and gel memory foam comfort layers.

Q: Is the Night Therapy mattress durable?

A: Complaints have been reported about the durability of the Night Therapy mattress, although most customers appear satisfied with the initial level of comfort. This is hardly surprising given the mattress’s low price point. However, it could still be an option worth considering if you need a cheap mattress in the short term or for a child’s or guest bedroom.

Q: Does the Night Therapy mattress off-gas?

A: Like all mattresses made from memory foam, the Night Therapy mattress releases an unpleasant but harmless odor. This is called off-gassing. The smell should disappear a few days after unpacking. Airing the mattress will help the smell to dissipate more quickly.

Q: Is it easy to return a Night Therapy mattress?

A: There is no brand-specific Night Therapy sleep trial or returns policy. This is because they are sold through third-party retailers. You should ask the retailer you bought the mattress from to explain how to initiate a return.

Q: Can I use any base with the Night Therapy mattress?

A: Most bed frames, bases and foundations are compatible with the Night Therapy mattress. However, any frame you use should have central support, be the correct size and in good condition.

The bottom line

A Night Therapy mattress may be a good choice for you if you need to buy a very cheap gel memory foam mattress. It also provides a good level of pressure relief thanks to its adaptable comfort layers. However, it’s important to be aware of some of the drawbacks of this brand including limited durability.

Before you decide to buy a Night Therapy mattress, we recommend checking out a range of different options in case there’s a more suitable mattress out there for your needs and budget. You can do that right here on the Sleep Aim website. We publish an extensive range of mattress reviews, comparisons and buying guides to help take the confusion out of the mattress shopping process.

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