Nectar vs Casper – What’s the right mattress for you?

If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality memory foam mattress, chances are you’ve come across the Nectar and Casper Mattresses. Nectar is the lesser-known of the two brands, although it has gradually been gaining quite the reputation as a manufacturer of comfortable and affordable mattresses.

On the other hand, Casper is well-established in the memory foam mattress industry. It’s true that the two brands have some elements in common. However, there are several key differences that you should be aware of before you make a purchase. In this article, we’ll compare the two options so you can make the best decision for your personal needs and budget.

How are The Mattresses Constructed?

The Nectar and Casper Mattresses are not dissimilar in their construction. Both contain highly-responsive memory foam and have multiple layers to increase support and comfort. However, there are several key differences in the way they are layered and put together.

Nectar Construction

Unlike the Casper, the Nectar Mattress contains three layers. However, it still provides a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface for its users. The Nectar utilizes a technology called open-cell memory foam, which helps to make it breathable and keep it cool. It’s also designed to prevent you from sinking in too deeply, which could otherwise cause the mattress to become too hot. Here’s a detailed look at how this mattress is put together.

Firm base layer

Similarly to the Casper, the Nectar has a base made of very firm, high-density memory foam to promote good alignment and add support.

Transitional layer

The next layer of the mattress is still firm, which provides excellent contouring and support.

Upper layer

The top layer is made of softer memory foam, allowing your body to sink in comfortably and giving a soft and cosy feeling when you sleep on it. This is infused with gel, helping it to stay cooler than traditional memory foam.

Cotton cover

The mattress is finished with a super-soft and eco-friendly cotton cover. This includes Tencel which makes it highly breathable and helps to solve the issue of sleeping too hot.

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Casper Construction

The Casper Mattress has four layers, one more than the Nectar Mattress. This helps to make it extremely comfortable and supportive to sleep on. Let’s take a more detailed look at the Casper’s layers:

Firm foundation

The base layer of this mattress is made from very high-density memory foam. This helps it to maintain its shape, prevents sagging and gives it a good level of support, even if you have back or joint pain.

Transitional layer

The next layer provides you with extra zoned support around the hip area. This can be useful for relieving pressure in this area while providing the necessary softness you need for comfort at the legs and shoulders.

Contouring layer

Next comes a layer of firm memory foam with the ability to adapt to the unique shape of your body. This type of dense memory foam can cause problems with overheating. However, Casper have counteracted this by placing it within the body of the mattress as opposed to at the surface.

Upper layer

The top layer of foam is a softer memory foam with the ability to bounce back quickly from pressure. This gives it a bouncier feel than the Nectar, making it potentially a better choice if you are transitioning to memory foam from an innerspring mattress as it will feel more familiar.

Polyester cover

The entire mattress is wrapped in a soft polyester cover. This has a zip fastening so that you can remove it without too much hassle for cleaning purposes.

Which Mattress is Firmer?

The most important thing you should be looking for when you’re buying a new mattress is whether it feels comfy to sleep on. Without optimum comfort, it’s unlikely that you’ll sleep well on it. When you’re trying to decide whether a mattress will feel comfortable or not, you should check out the firmness.

Many people assume that a soft mattress will automatically feel more comfortable. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. Side sleepers often find soft mattresses comfortable as they allow your body to sink in. However, people who sleep on their front or back, or those with back or joint pain, often find a medium-firm or firm mattress more suitable.

Mattress firmness is often measured on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. This is an area where the Casper and Nectar Mattresses are very similar. The Nectar measures somewhere between 6-6.5, while the Casper is a 6. This makes them both medium mattresses. The vast majority of sleepers should find this level of firmness pretty comfortable.

Which is Best for My Sleeping Position?

Believe it or not, your sleeping position makes a big difference when it comes to which mattresses you’ll find comfortable. Even though there’s little to separate these mattresses when it comes to firmness, there are key differences which may make one mattress more suitable depending on how you choose to lie at night.

The Casper is potentially more suitable for stomach sleepers. This is because stomach sleeping is an unsupportive position, so you’ll need as much support as you can get to counteract this. The Casper is great for alignment and can help to avoid some of the common problems that come with stomach sleeping.

However, side sleepers may find the Nectar Mattress more comfortable due to its excellent pressure-reliving qualities. The memory foam responds more slowly than the foam used in the Casper, and this can help to reduce pressure on your joints when you sleep on your side and reduce aches and pains.

That being said, both mattresses provide enough pressure relief and support that they should be reasonably comfortable whatever your sleeping position.

Which Mattress is Better for Back and Joint Pain?

When it comes to soothing night-time back or joint pain, either mattress would be a good choice. This is because both are highly supportive. They are also made of an adaptable material, which means that they can mold to the shape of your sleeping body and reduce any undue pressure on sore joints.

However, when it comes to pain relief, the Casper may just have the edge. This is because it has firmer zoned support around the hip and lower back area, which can help to keep your spine in a healthy alignment and reduce discomfort. It is also softer around your legs and shoulders. As pressure can often build in these areas, especially if you sleep on your side, softness in these zones can help to stop your joints from becoming painful while you sleep.

Which Mattress Sleeps Cooler?

Many people struggle with overheating at night. This can be a particular problem with memory foam mattresses as this material tends to hold onto excess heat more readily. If you struggle with overheating, it’s important to check that a mattress has been designed with temperature neutrality in mind before you buy.

Casper have gone some way to solving this problem by placing the denser memory foam further away from the sleeping surface in their mattress’ construction. However, for people who really struggle with night-time overheating, the Nectar might just be the best option. The cotton Tencel cover is designed to be super-breathable and wick away uncomfortable heat during the night.

They’ve included a gel infusion in the soft upper layer of memory foam, which also helps to prevent overheating. Finally, they’ve included open-cell technology in their memory foam. This allows air to move throughout the mattress more readily and lets excess heat escape easily.

Nectar vs. Casper Price Comparison

Both mattresses represent great value for money, especially considering the quality you get for your money. However, the Casper Mattress comes in a little cheaper, retailing at just $595 if you buy through their website in one payment. The Nectar usually costs $799 in a one-off payment from the company’s site, although at the time of writing they are offering it for $699 in a time-limited promotion.

If you’re unable to buy the mattress in one go, both manufacturers offer monthly financing options if you prefer to pay for your new bed in instalments.

Trials and Warranties

If you’re buying a mattress online, you’ll probably want to choose one that offers a sleep trial to make sure your purchase is risk-free. This means that you’ll be able to return your mattress at any point in the trial period without quibble. Otherwise, you could find yourself saddled with a mattress that feels uncomfortable but with no way of returning it for a refund.

When it comes to sleep trials, the Nectar comes in top with an extremely generous 365-night trial period. However, the 100-night sleep trial period offered by Casper is not to be sniffed at and should be long enough to decide whether the mattress is right for you.

Manufacturers’ warranties are also an important feature as they protect you from faults with mattresses caused by a manufacturing fault. In this regard, Nectar is also superior as they provide a ‘forever’ warranty in comparison to Casper’s 10-year warranty period, which is about standard in the mattress industry.

Are The Mattresses Certified?

When it comes to certifications, there’s nothing to separate the Nectar and Casper mattresses. Both come with the prestigious Certi-Pur certification, which verifies that the mattresses are both safe to sleep on and better for the environment to boot.

The Certi-Pur certification means that the Casper and Nectar Mattresses are:

  • Free from ozone depleters
  • Free from harmful flame-retardant chemicals
  • Free from mercury, lead and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Free from regulated phthalates
  • Release very low VOC emissions

Shipping Information

Both mattresses can be shipped to you for free in the USA. If you’re not happy with your mattress for any reason, you can return it free of charge as well. Casper even offer same-day delivery, but only if you live in particular areas of New York or Los Angeles.

When it comes to smart shipping, the Nectar Mattress has it covered. It comes packed in a box with handles to allow you to move it easily up the stairs or around corners. On the other hand, Casper offer an in-home setup service. However, you should be aware that you can’t take advantage of this feature if you live in Alaska or Hawaii.

Where can I Buy The Casper and Nectar Mattresses?

The Nectar Mattress can be purchased online through their website or via Amazon. Casper also sell their mattresses on their company website and through Amazon.

If you want to try your mattress in-store before you buy, Casper may be the best option for you. Casper have their own sleep shops in some states where you can buy mattresses and other sleep products. You can check via their website to see if there’s a store in your local area.

If you’re interested in buying other sleep products from Casper such as their sheets, pillows or mattress protectors, they have recently teamed up with Target who are now stocking these items in selected stores. You can find out whether your local branch of Target is currently selling Casper Sleep products by visiting the Casper company website.

Which Mattress Should I Choose?

OK, so you now know everything there is to know about the Casper and Nectar Mattresses, but you want a definitive answer as to which mattress is right for your needs. According to our in-house sleep experts, you can’t go too far wrong with either option. However, we’ve compiled some quick-fire tips to help you decide which mattress you should ultimately buy.

Pick The Nectar Mattress if:

Sleeping hot is an issue

The Nectar Mattress slightly pips the Casper to the post when it comes to sleeping cool. It’s been designed with cooling gel memory foam, open-cell technology and a breathable cotton Tencel cover to help people who sleep hot.

You need extra thickness

The Nectar Mattress is a good deal thicker than the Casper, which gives it certain advantages. Thicker mattresses are more supportive for people with higher body weights. They also help to limit motion transfer, making them especially good for couples. Thick mattresses also give that luxurious hotel look which many people want for their bedrooms at home.

A longer sleep trial is important to you

The Nectar Mattress comes with a whopping 365-night sleep trial, which is the longest available in the industry. This gives you the maximum time possible to decide whether you’re happy to sleep on your purchase long-term.

You need extra firmness

The Nectar Mattress is ever-so-slightly firmer than the Casper, making it the obvious choice if you find firmer mattresses more comfortable.

Pick The Casper Mattress if:

You have back, shoulder or hip pain

The Casper Mattress provides extra support for your shoulders and hips and supports excellent spinal alignment. This makes it a good choice for those suffering from pain in these areas.

You move around a lot in the night

The Casper is made with super-resistant polyform foam in the upper layer, which makes it bouncier than most memory foam options. This makes it far easier to switch from one position to the other during the night. It may also be a more suitable option if you’re transitioning from an innerspring mattress and want that familiar ‘bounce’ in your new bed.

You’re shopping on a budget

If you’re on a budget, the Casper Mattress comes in a little cheaper than the Nectar. While the price difference isn’t enormous, if you’re in a financial situation where every little helps, this could make all the difference to your wallet.

You want to test the bed instore

Casper have their own sleep stores where you can test out their mattresses in person, even if you later decide to buy online. If you feel anxious about buying a mattress without trying it first, this could give it the edge over the Nectar Mattress. However, Casper stores are not yet widespread. You can check on their company website to see if there’s a Casper Sleep store near you.

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The Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you know all the key facts about the Nectar vs Casper Mattress, it should be reasonably easy to decide which option will suit you better. As you can see, these mattresses have many features in common. When it comes to firmness and material, there’s really very little to separate them from each other.

To make your decision, you’ll need to ask yourself some key questions and work out which features are most important to you. You will need to take your budget into account as well. Then you should be well on the way to choosing the best mattress for you and getting a great night’s sleep.

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