Nectar Mattress Lawsuit – The FTC Sued Nectar 

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What is the lawsuit about? 

The FTC sued Nectar for making false made-in USA claims twice, in 2018 and 2023. 

Where are Nectar mattresses made?

In China and UK.

Does Nectar have a fiberglass lawsuit?

Even though their mattresses contain fiberglass, this brand hasn’t been sued for fiberglass.

Who will love a Nectar mattress?

This bed is perfect for memory foam lovers. It offers an adequate amount of sinkage and contouring.

Who will not love a Nectar mattress?

If you’re a heavy back sleeper experiencing back pain and require more support, Nectar may not be the ideal choice for you. It’s worth considering the Saatva Hybrid mattress, which is recommended by chiropractors for its exceptional support

Since its inception, Nectar mattresses have always been surrounded by controversy. On several occasions, Nectar has been sued or found itself on the verge of a lawsuit due to various issues. Besides the controversy, Nectar mattresses continue to be popular amongst sleepers. Their mattresses have several decent features that people like. If you happen to be one of these people or you plan to buy a Nectar bed in the future, it’s important to research whether they have been sued in the past. These lawsuits can warn you of certain things you may have never known about Nectar mattresses.

Nectar Mattress Lawsuit in 2018 (Because of Making False Made in USA Claims)

Made in the USA is a label that carries pride in any product. Mattresses with such a label are often considered superior, especially in the local markets. Many US residents prefer to buy mattresses made in the USA because they are assured of quality, and at the same time, they are contributing to the local economy. Over the years, mattresses made in India or China have been associated with poor quality and safety.

In 2018 and the years before, Nectar mattresses claimed that their products were designed and assembled in the US. This was before the Federal Trade Commission researched and discovered that Nectar mattresses are entirely made and assembled in China. It’s not just Nectar, but this also applied to DreamCloud mattresses since it’s also co-owned with Nectar.

This brand and its entire line of mattresses were charged for false claims. Nectar wanted to gain favor amongst shoppers in the US by using the label that their beds are made in the USA. For a while, they were able to mislead innocent shoppers whose main purpose was to buy a bed from an American-made company. Nectar had no option but to stop making such claims since that would lead to a fine.

Nectar Mattress Was Charged Again by FTC in 2023 for the Same Mistake

As if the warning in 2018 wasn’t enough, Nectar found itself charged for making the same mistake in 2023. The FTC referred to them as Made in USA repeat offenders this time. The mattress company was asked to stop using the made in USA claims once more, and they were asked to pay a fine of $753,000.

In this second lawsuit, the Federal Trade Commission wasn’t playing. The owner of Nectar mattress Ran Reske under the parent company Resident Home LLC was asked to pay that fine for sharing misleading claims. DreamCloud mattresses were also part of these charges.

Reske and his company argued that they had never made US origin claims for the DreamCloud mattress. But the FTC found these allegations to be untrue. The brand was fined under the penalty of perjury.

This move was aimed to come off as a stern warning because, in 2018, no fines were involved. The goal of the FTC in handing out this charge was to protect innocent customers and businesses that thrive in honesty.

Besides being asked to stop making false allegations, Nectar mattress was directed to disclose the extent to which the mattress contains foreign materials. The brand was also asked to make the matters of these charges known to customers who may have already purchased and used Nectar beds.

Why Would Nectar Lie about Making Their Mattresses in the US?

Were it not for the lawsuit. Sleepers would never know that Nectar mattresses are not made in the US. Because of the efforts of the FTC, sleepers found out that Nectar mattresses are made and assembled in China. All the resources and labor come from China.

But Nectar is an American company. Why would they make mattresses in China? During product manufacture, many brands try to lower factors of production. In China, materials and labor happen to be very cheap. Nectar moved its production to China to benefit from cheap labor and raw materials.

Nectar decided to lie about where their mattresses are made to ensure they don’t lose favor from their local market. They were caught in 2018 and repeated the same mistake in 2023. A clear indication that Nectar isn’t a transparent mattress manufacturer.

Is There a Nectar Mattress Fiberglass Lawsuit?

Nectar mattresses have a fiberglass fire sock beneath the cover. Since the United States legislation introduced a law requiring all mattresses to have a flame retardant, many companies have started using fiberglass. Of course, there are other types of flame retardants, but fiberglass is the cheapest and one of the most effective. Because Nectar is determined to cut production costs, they use a fiberglass fire sock in all their mattresses.

Fiberglass is an excellent flame retardant. It is affordable yet effective. However, fiberglass is a health hazard. When these shards escape through the cover or when you unknowingly unzip the cover, you can become a victim of fiberglass contamination. When inhaled, fiberglass can irritate your throat and nasal cavity. It can trigger asthma and other respiratory issues. Fiberglass particles are difficult to remove when they land on furniture and clothes. In some scenarios, you may have to discard clothes and furniture exposed to fiberglass.

Since Nectar mattresses contain fiberglass and several people have witnessed the above side effects of fiberglass contamination, you would assume that there is a fiberglass lawsuit against this brand. Surprisingly, there is none so far. The only fiberglass lawsuit we know of is the one filed against Zinus mattresses.

Why Isn’t There a Fiberglass Lawsuit Against Nectar?

It’s clear that Nectar mattresses contain fiberglass. Some of their customer representatives have confirmed this in the past. But why hasn’t there been a lawsuit filed against this brand? The awareness about fiberglass in mattresses isn’t prevalent. Very few people know that certain mattresses contain fiberglass beneath the covers.

Because of this lack of knowledge, most people don’t even know when they are victims of fiberglass contamination. We also have to mention that Nectar buries the fiberglass beneath the cover. If you don’t tamper with the cover, you may never know that your Nectar bed contains fiberglass.

Besides the above, customers haven’t filed a lawsuit against Nectar for using fiberglass because people are very busy these days. Suing a big company such as Nectar can be emotionally and physically draining. Most average shoppers prefer to discard the mattress when they find it has fiberglass and buy another one which is fiberglass-free.

Please note that anyone, with the help of an attorney, can file a lawsuit about the presence of fiberglass in Nectar mattresses. To do so, however, you must have a Nectar mattress in which fiberglass leaked through the cover. One must prove injury or contamination due to fiberglass in the Nectar bed. The mattress must be available for examination.

A lawsuit can offer you compensation for damages incurred due to the fiberglass contamination caused by a Nectar mattress. Therefore, do not be afraid to speak up if you fall victim to such. In the lawsuit, one can argue that Nectar doesn’t warn its sleepers about the dangers of fiberglass found inside the covers.

What Other Issues Have People, and the Authorities Had with Nectar Mattresses?

So far, we have seen that Nectar mattresses have been found guilty of using false made in the USA. Secondly, these beds contain fiberglass, a material considered to be harmful to a sleeper’s health. Is there something else that could be wrong with this mattress brand?

There are certain issues that have been associated with Nectar mattresses.

First, it’s about comfort. The typical Nectar mattress is firmer than what most sleepers expect. According to Nectar, their beds have a medium firmness level. That best appeals to heavy sleepers. If you are a light sleeper, you may not feel very comfortable on a Nectar mattress. This isn’t a problem that calls for a lawsuit since mattress firmness is more of a personal preference.

Another issue that has raised a lot of complaints is regarding Nectar mattress durability. This bed has been known to sag prematurely. Dips may form within the first few months. If a mattress starts to sag, then there is a good chance that you will wake up with a sore back. The premature sagging of a Nectar mattress shouldn’t be surprising since these beds are made in China.

Nectar mattresses customers have had issues with deliveries and returns. If you want a full overview of the issues associated with Nectar beds, here is an article discussing the above in detail.


Q: Is the nectar mattress lawsuit real?

A: Yes. Nectar has been charged twice for making false made in USA claims.

Q: Are Nectar beds made in China?

A: All Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses are made in China.

Q: Do Nectar mattresses off-gas?

A: A Nectar bed should be given a few days to off-gas.


The Nectar mattress brand has been sued twice so far. Both have come from the Federal Trade Commission, and the brand has been charged for making false made in USA claims. Unless Nectar changes its flame retardant, it will most likely get sued for using fiberglass. If you were interested in learning about Nectar mattress lawsuits, hopefully, the above article has provided you with adequate information.

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