Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass?

The question as to whether the Nectar mattress contains fiberglass has sparked a lot of confusion on the internet. With blogs saying that it does contain fiberglass and others claiming it doesn’t, as a buyer, you may be left confused, not knowing what to trust. We have done extensive research on this topic, and we are here to give you a detailed answer to this question.

Nectar Mattress Fiberglass: At a Glance


Yes . If you’re looking for a safe and healthy sleeping option, consider choosing an eco-friendly mattress such as the Saatva mattress.

Where is the fiberglass?

Mattress cover


Yes (Read More)

Toxic Chemical

No (CertiPUR-US Certified Mattress)

Who love it?

People looking for a cheap memory foam mattress

Who will not love it?

Heavy person who need the best support mattress

Nectar mattresses are a popular choice for many people, but some people are concerned about the use of fiberglass in these mattresses. Fiberglass is a fire retardant material, but it can also be irritating to some people’s skin.

In this article, we will discuss whether or not Nectar mattresses have fiberglass, and we will also discuss the potential risks and benefits of using fiberglass in mattresses.

If you are considering purchasing a Nectar mattress, we encourage you to read this article so that you can make an informed decision.

Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Nectar mattresses use fiberglass as a fire retardant to enhance safety. Fiberglass is included in the mattress cover as a protective measure against potential fires. The mattress cover is made with an industry-standard fire sock that contains silica fibers. It has been confirmed by the customer service team that the fire sock present in the Nectar memory mattress includes a considerable amount of fiberglass.

Despite online claims, it is important to note that Nectar mattresses do contain fiberglass. Nectar, as a mattress brand, has faced scrutiny for providing customers with misleading information.

Many individuals who have contacted Nectar’s support team were initially informed that the mattresses do not contain fiberglass, only to later discover that they do. Nectar’s customer support team may lead you in circles before acknowledging the presence of fiberglass in their mattresses.

What is a Nectar mattress made of?

A Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress that is made up of four layers:

Quilted Gel Memory Foam: The top layer! This quilted gel memory foam layer is all about comfort and breathability. Thanks to the quilting process, tiny air pockets are formed, helping with better air circulation and keeping the mattress cool. How refreshing!

Gel Memory Foam: Just beneath the quilted layer, you’ll find more gel memory foam. This one’s job is to provide additional cooling and pressure relief. Thanks to the gel, body heat is distributed more evenly, preventing those pesky hot spots.

Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam: Say hello to the third layer – adaptive hi core memory foam. This firm layer supports you and ensures you don’t feel like you’re sinking too much into the mattress. Plus, it adds a little bounce to your bed!

Base Layer: Last but not least, there’s a dense foam base layer. This is the mattress’s backbone, offering foundational support and helping maintain the mattress’s shape.

The cover of a Nectar mattress is made from a blend of cotton and Tencel, a material known for being breathable and moisture-wicking.

However, it’s worth noting that there has been controversy about the use of fiberglass in Nectar mattresses.

The Controversy Surrounding Fiberglass in Nectar Mattresses

The use of fiberglass in Nectar mattresses has sparked considerable debate. On the one hand, it meets the fire safety standards set by federal regulations.
On the other hand, it can pose significant health risks if improperly handled. For instance, if the mattress cover is removed or damaged, fiberglass particles can escape into the air and spread throughout the home. This has led to numerous customer complaints and has put Nectar under scrutiny for its choice of materials.

Why Does Nectar Use Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

It is because they are well aware of the dangers of this material. If a bed catches a flame, fiberglass melts, and it extinguishes the fire. In this sector, fiberglass performs exceptionally well. However, there are certain drawbacks of sleeping on this material which include;

  • Fiberglass triggers respiratory issues such as asthma when you inhale it. You should avoid sleeping on fiberglass mainly because of this safety issue. It can irritate your throat, nose, and eyes.
  • The other safety concern of fiberglass is that it will irritate your skin. When you touch fiberglass, it may cause skin itch or redness.

How to Identify Fiberglass in Nectar Mattresses?

Identifying the presence of fiberglass in a mattress is very easy. If you want to know whether a Nectar bed uses fiberglass as the fire retardant, use the tips below;

  • Read the mattress label. Reputable mattress brands often list the materials of a mattress on the label. You can know that the mattress contains fiberglass if you see the phrases glass, glass wool, or fiberglass. The label may also include the amount of fiberglass in that mattress in the form of a percentage.
  • Shady bed brands may not list fiberglass in the label. They will, however, ask you never to remove the cover. This is the biggest red flag in the mattress industry. If a manufacturer asks you not to open the cover, it means they are hiding something, and it’s most likely fiberglass. Nectar mattress brand warns their customer not to open their cover that’s mean it contains fiberglass. Here’s the proof.
  • The other way you can know if a Nectar mattress contains fiberglass is by opening the cover. We do not recommend this as you may expose yourself to this material, which can irritate your skin or body organs. Fiberglass looks like tiny pieces of glass woven together. They are spiky and can scratch your skin.

Health Implications of Fiberglass in Nectar Mattresses

Exposure to fiberglass can lead to several health issues. Fiberglass particles can be inhaled when airborne, potentially causing respiratory problems such as asthma and irritation to the throat, nose, and eyes. If it comes into contact with the skin, it can cause itchiness and redness. Long-term exposure to fiberglass can lead to more serious health conditions. Therefore, handling Nectar mattresses with care is crucial to avoid exposure to fiberglass.

Should I Buy a Nectar Mattress that Contains Fiberglass?

Even though their prices are quite reasonable, the biggest drawback of Nectar mattresses is that they contain fiberglass. Knowing very well that these mattresses have fiberglass, there are two approaches you can follow. Buy the bed and a mattress protector on the side and ensure you never remove the cover. Option two, add more money and get a better quality mattress that is fiberglass-free.

If Nectar can lie about the presence of fiberglass in their mattresses, can you trust them to have a quality mattress cover? Most cheap mattresses have inferior covers that wear out easily. This means that the cover will have holes or openings after a while, and you will directly contact fiberglass.

The thing about fiberglass mattresses is that even though they are affordable, they don’t often contain quality materials. It is up to you to evaluate whether you will get a mattress without fiberglass or endure all the trouble fiberglass will put you through.

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What Do I Do If I Already Own a Nectar Mattress?

As mentioned earlier, Nectar has a habit of concealing that they use fiberglass in their mattresses. If you innocently bought a Nectar mattress without being aware it contains fiberglass, here is what you should do;

  • First, look for any holes or openings on the mattress cover.
  • If there are any, carefully put the mattress in a bag and remove it as soon as possible.
  • In case the mattress cover is intact, avoid removing it at all costs.
  • Look for a mattress protector to use in the meantime as you shop for another mattress that doesn’t contain fiberglass.

It can be tempting to think of sleeping on a Nectar mattress with fiberglass just because the cover is in great shape, but you need to know that you are preventing the inevitable. With time, the cover will wear out, and the shards of fiberglass will escape into the air. If you get fiberglass on your skin, wash the affected area with running water or spray some alcohol. The latter should dissolve the fiberglass. You can also use vinegar.

Alternatives to Fiberglass in Mattresses: Beyond Nectar

While Nectar uses fiberglass as a fire retardant, other brands opt for alternative materials. For instance, some companies use natural wool, which is naturally fire-resistant. Others use certain types of rayon or specialized chemical treatments that are safer than fiberglass. Brands like Saatva Classic and Puffy Lux are known for their eco-friendly mattresses that don’t contain fiberglass. When shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to research and consider these fiberglass-free options for a safer and healthier sleep environment.

Final Verdict: The Truth About Fiberglass in Nectar Mattresses

Fiberglass is commonly used in many mattresses, including those produced by Nectar. It serves as a fire retardant, a requirement for mattresses sold in the United States. However, the presence of fiberglass in mattresses is often a point of contention due to its potential health risks. Despite the controversy, Nectar uses fiberglass in their mattresses, primarily because it’s an effective and cost-efficient fire retardant.

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