Nectar Mattress Reviews According to Reddit Users

Nectar Sleep is a famous online mattress company that offers budget-friendly bed-in-a-box models. Both mattresses made by Nectar sleep are memory foam beds. The original version is more affordable and basic, while the Nectar Lush mattress is a more premium model.

The Nectar range is popular with expert reviewers, and many users say that they’re satisfied with their purchases. However, some customers report issues with the beds themselves or the customer services, delivery, or free gifts they received. It’s essential to know about negative experiences and positive ones to help you decide whether to buy a Nectar mattress.

Reddit is an excellent source of information when you’re shopping for mattresses because you can read unbiased, real-life Redditor’s mattress reviews. In this article, we’ll reveal the most common Nectar mattress complaints, according to Reddit. We only used Reddit to compile this information, but we recommend checking out various sources, including expert reviews and other user feedback sites like Consumer Affairs.

Nectar Mattress Range

Nectar specializes in budget-friendly, bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses. It makes two beds, a basic model, and a premium version. You can read more about the Nectar mattress construction and features below.

Nectar Mattress

This mattress is the flagship model by Nectar Sleep and the cheaper of the two options. It has a medium firm feel that suits most people in any position. However, it may feel a little too firm for very light side sleepers. The mattress is 11 inches thick, slightly thicker than the average memory foam bed.

The Nectar mattress starts with a layer of dense polyfoam for support and stability, followed by an adaptable foam transition layer. This layer stops you from sinking through the comfort system to the thick polyfoam below and provides extra pressure relief.

The comfort system features adaptable memory foam that can mold your body’s shape for pressure reduction. It contains gel particles that wick heat away. Above sits a quilted Tencel cover that is breathable and relatively cool. You can remove the cover and launder it in the washing machine to keep it smelling fresh.

Nectar Lush

The Nectar Lush is also a memory foam model with a medium firm feel that should suit most people. It has a 12-inch profile, somewhat thicker than average for all-foam beds. It contains more advanced sleep technologies than the original Nectar and therefore costs more.

The Nectar Lush has a base layer made from stable, supportive, and dense polyfoam. Next comes an Energex memory foam transition layer that can mold to your foam to provide pressure relief. It also has a bouncier, more responsive feel than regular memory foam.

The comfort system features a layer of pressure-relieving memory foam coated with cooling gel. There’s an extra layer of ‘AquaCool’ foam in the center third to help combat overheating. The mattress has a breathable, cooling fabric cover.

Both Nectar mattresses come with a 365-night sleep trial that allows you to test the bed and return it for any reason if you don’t like it. It has a mandatory 30-day settling in period, so you can’t initiate a return until 31 days after purchase. This sleep trial is significantly longer than the industry standard and is a major selling point of the Nectar range.

Nectar mattresses come with a generous ‘Forever Warranty’ compared to the standard 10-year mattress warranty length. It covers indentations deeper than 1.5 inches and cracked, split, or degraded foam.

Nectar offers free shipping and returns on both mattresses. The foams are Certi-Pur certified, which means that an independent testing process found that they don’t release harmful levels of any substances that could damage your health. Nectar mattresses generally come with several free gifts. These vary depending on when you buy but often include pillows, sheet sets, or mattress protectors.

Here are the Nectar Mattress Bad Reviews According to Redditors

Construction and Comfort Complaints

One of the primary complaints about comfort from Nectar mattress reviews on Reddit is about firmness. Some reviewers found that the mattress felt firmer than they expected and was therefore uncomfortable to sleep on. The Nectar mattress is medium firm, so it’s unclear whether these reviewers simply chose an unsuitable mattress for their sleep needs or whether the bed was, indeed, firmer than billed. However, as it sounds like the mattress has a pretty firm feel, we recommend thinking carefully about whether it will provide enough softness for your body type and sleeping position.

Conversely, some customers said that the mattress felt too spongy and didn’t provide the support that they needed. The Nectar mattress does conform to your body’s shape pretty closely, so you get a ‘sinking in’ sensation that some people won’t like. If you don’t want a reasonably deep sinking feeling, you may be better off with a different mattress.

As you can see from the review above, some Nectar mattress Reddit reviews also complain about sleeping hot. The next reviewer had a similar experience:

Nectar says that its mattresses sleep cooler than standard memory foam because it contains a comfort system gel infusion. These gel particles have heat wicking properties, pulling warmth away while you sleep. The mattress also has a breathable Tencel cover that should, in theory, help to keep you cool. However, most memory foam mattresses sleep hot to a certain extent because of their dense structure, and it sounds like the Nectar mattress is no exception. Therefore, if you struggle with sleeping exceptionally hot, you may be better off with a more breathable innerspring or hybrid bed.

Durability Complaints

When considering durability complaints, it’s essential to understand about the mattress warranty. Mattress warranties won’t protect you against everyday wear and tear or softening, but they do cover manufacturing defects that could render your bed unusable. If your mattress breaks down excessively, you may be entitled to a repair or refund under the warranty terms.

The Nectar mattress comes with a generous ‘Forever’ warranty that starts on the day you buy the bed and lasts as long as you choose to keep it. In contrast, the average mattress warranty length is just ten years. It covers against degradation, splitting, or cracking of the mattress materials and indentations deeper than 1.5 inches. You must place the mattress on a supportive frame or foundation, or you could damage the bed and void the warranty.

The most common complaint about the durability of Nectar mattresses is premature dips and sagging. As you can see from this Nectar mattress review from Reddit, the user found that their bed started to dip after just six months. This timeframe is far earlier than you would expect and may be covered by the warranty, depending on the depth. As the reviewer doesn’t mention the depth of the dips, we can’t tell whether they would have recourse with Nectar under the warranty terms.

Another durability concern mentioned in the Nectar mattress Reddit threads is that the mattress softens significantly over time. If a mattress softens too much, it can lose its support and potentially cause back or joint pain and discomfort over time, as was the case for this Reddit reviewer:

While it sounds like this customer’s mattress softened very quickly, becoming uncomfortable after just a year, we should point out that natural softening over time is unsurprising for memory foam mattresses. For this reason, Nectar and many other memory foam mattress companies don’t cover natural softening in their warranty. While excessive softening is annoying, it isn’t a problem unique to Nectar mattresses. It’s important to know that memory foam may soften before you buy it.

Delivery Complaints

Of all the Reddit Nectar mattress reviews we read, most of the complaints related to problems organizing a delivery. The company website says that delivery is free and takes 4-7 days from ordering. However, as you can see from the following Reddit Mattress review, many people are experiencing long waiting times after ordering a Nectar mattress online.

Some customers also say that they don’t receive updates about their orders, so they don’t know when to expect their deliveries. This is understandably annoying when deliveries are already running late.

From reading further into the Reddit Nectar mattress reviews, it sounds like some of the delivery problems are because of a communication problem between Nectar and FedEx, the company that carries out Nectar deliveries. Nectar told this customer that FedEx was to blame for the delivery delays.

Another customer received an email saying that their order was on its way, but it never arrived. FedEx had no knowledge of the order, backing up our conclusion that there are communication problems at play here.

Some customers ordered more than one product from Nectar Sleep and received them separately on different days. Some people also received the free items included with their mattresses at a different time to the bed itself. It’s worth considering that your order may not arrive together, as many people may assume that all items will come in the same delivery.

Another customer complained that they were wrongly charged for delivery, even though Nectar offers free delivery to the contiguous United States. However, the reviewer doesn’t state where they wanted the mattress delivered. If they live in Alaska or Hawaii, Nectar openly says that an additional fee is payable. This policy is similar to most other mattress companies in the United States. Therefore, depending on the customer’s location, this complaint may not be a cause for concern.

In conclusion, it sounds like there are significant problems with Nectar mattress deliveries at the moment. These issues may be down to the current coronavirus pandemic, and many companies are taking longer to fulfill orders at the moment. However, there isn’t anything to indicate this on the Nectar Sleep website. If you want your mattress quickly, we recommend proceeding with caution.

Returns Complaints

Unfortunately, a few people seem to have had problems with the Nectar mattress returns process. The website (and company advertising) clarifies that the bed comes with a 365-day sleep trial. It has a settling in period of 30-days, which means you must test the bed for at least this time before returning. After this, Nectar says that you can send your mattress back for any reason and get a full refund to your original payment method. Please note that unwanted mattresses are donated to good causes- Nectar says that it will help you find a local charity to donate to.

Nectar states that the returns process is easy. However, not all the Reddit commenters agree. Indeed, some of the returns issues seem to stem from customer service problems (more on those later), as opposed to a problem with the returns policy itself. For example, this customer struggled to get hold of a customer service rep to arrange their return and refund.

The customer also mentions that they’ve heard of the company refusing to refund the gifts’ value coming with the bed, although as these gifts are free, it seems unfair that the cost is deducted. However, we can’t verify these claims. Other customers said Nectar tried to dissuade them from returning and offered them a free mattress topper and partial refund instead of a full return.

However, we found plenty of reviews that said their refunds arrived without too many issues, albeit with many of them waiting a long time to speak to customer service reps. If you have the time to wait around to talk to someone and don’t mind being persistent, it seems like the sleep trial pays out, but not without inconvenience.

Customer Service Complaints

Nectar has a live chat customer support option on its website and an email address. Some reviewers mention a phone line, although we couldn’t find that easily on the company site. The primary complaints are long waiting times for email responses (or no responses at all). Some people also complain of long queues for live chat support and getting disconnected before speaking to a customer service rep.

Where customers got a response, some say that the information was inaccurate. This reviewer was told that their order would come within 2-3 days but waited over a month for their mattress and was still waiting on the rest of their order.

However, we’ve also read customer reviews that said that, once they managed to get through to a rep, customer service was helpful. Therefore, we can conclude that customer service is inconsistent, depending on who you speak to.

Free Gifts Complaints

One of the perks of buying a Nectar mattress is free gifts. All Nectar mattress orders come with free sleep products. At the moment, these gifts consist of two cooling pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector by sleep brand Resident. One thing that jumped out at us was the jaw-dropping price tags quoted by Nectar as the market value. The sheet set alone apparently retails for $150, so these gifts may sway shoppers to pick the Nectar over the competition.

However, several posters say that the products they received were different from the free gifts listed on the website. This customer said that the products that arrived were a different color and, according to their estimations, not worth the amounts quoted on the website description.

Another customer said that the products they received were from a completely different manufacturer from the one listed on the Nectar site. When they looked online, they found the same products on Amazon for significantly less than the value stated on the Nectar website.

These are just two of quite a lot of reviews that said the free gifts were of a lower value or quality than those expected from Nectar’s descriptions. For this reason, we don’t recommend factoring the free gift offers into your decision-making process.

Some More Questions Asked on Reddit About Nectar Mattress

Are you still wondering whether a Nectar mattress is right for you? We’re here to help. Here are our most frequently asked questions about the Nectar mattress with our expert replies.

Q: Does the Nectar mattress sag?

A: The Nectar mattress warranty covers body indentations deeper than 1.5 inches. While we read several reviews on Reddit that mentioned sagging problems, you should be able to get a refund or repair under the warranty conditions as long as they exceed the stated depth.

Q: Can you return a Nectar mattress?

A: Nectar mattresses come with a 365-day sleep trial. You can return the bed for a refund after 30 days if you don’t like it for any reason. We read several reviews on Reddit that said they managed to get their mattress refunded successfully. However, many reviewers noted that they had to wait a long time for a response from customer services about returns.

Q: How long will a Nectar mattress last?

A: Nectar mattresses should last somewhere between 7 and 10 years, around average for a memory foam bed. However, the lifespan depends on various factors, including your body weight and whether you share your bed with a partner. It comes with a ‘Forever’ warranty, so you can get a refund or repair if your mattress is defective or sags more than 1.5 inches.

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Q: Is Nectar a good mattress, according to Reddit?

A: Some people on Reddit were happy with their Nectar mattresses. However, some reviewers were unhappy with the bed, saying that it was too firm, sagged prematurely, or slept too hot. Many people expressed dissatisfaction with delivery and customer services. We recommend doing your research and checking that the mattress suits your sleeping position and preferences before you buy it.

Q: Should I flip my Nectar mattress?

A: Nectar mattresses are one-sided, so you shouldn’t flip them over. However, it’s a good idea to rotate your bed a couple of times a year to prevent excessive wear and tear and prolong its life.

Q: How do I return a Nectar mattress?

A: You should contact Nectar customer services to arrange a return no sooner than 31 days after you purchased it. You can contact Nectar via email or live chat on the company website. Nectar will request certain information and documentation. The company will arrange pickup, and you should make sure you’re at home for your pickup slot. Once Nectar receives the mattress, you should get a refund.

Q: Does the Nectar mattress get softer?

A: Like most memory foam mattresses, the Nectar mattress will soften over time. This softening is normal and therefore isn’t covered by the warranty.

Q: Does the Nectar mattress smell?

A: The Nectar mattress produces a harmless but noticeable off-gassing smell after you unpack it. It should fade after a few days, but you may find it unpleasant. Airing the mattress out will help the scent disappear sooner.

Q: Does the Nectar bed need a box spring?

A: You don’t need a box spring for a Nectar mattress.

Q: Can you machine wash the Nectar mattress cover?

A: You can machine wash and tumble dry the Nectar mattress cover on a low setting.

Q: What is the Nectar mattress warranty?

A: The Nectar mattress comes with a generous ‘forever’ warranty that covers you for as long as you use the bed. It covers splits or degradation of the foams and sagging or indents deeper than 1.5 inches.

Nectar Mattress Reviews – The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are quite a lot of bad reviews about Nectar mattress. Where the complaints relate to the mattress itself, they are usually about premature sagging or softening, over-firmness, or sleeping hot. These factors are all worth taking into account before you buy a Nectar mattress. Softening and sleeping hot are common in memory foam mattresses and aren’t unique to the Nectar range. If this concerns you, you may be better off with a different mattress type. Sagging is more concerning but indents deeper than 1.5 inches are covered by the generous Forever warranty. It’s worth considering that both Nectar models are medium firm, so they may feel too hard if you are very light and sleep on your side.

There are also many complaints about customer service and late or missing returns. These reports are worth taking seriously, and you should be aware that there may be customer service and delivery problems before you commit to a Nectar bed.

However, we must point out that the Nectar range also has plenty of good expert and customer reviews. We believe that the Nectar mattresses may be a good buy for some sleepers, but they won’t suit everyone. Before you buy, you should consider carefully whether a Nectar mattress will suit your sleep needs and position. It would be best if you also read a wide range of expert and user reviews to make sure you’re comfortable with what Nectar has to offer.

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