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Mlily sells both hybrid and all-foam mattresses


It’s a Chinese firm (there are some concerns about the quality of materials used)

Some beds are available in limited sizes

Their beds sleep hotter

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Despite being a Chinese firm, Mlily has partnered with Manchester United for several years. If you are a die-hard fan of this club, your search for the best mattress should top here. They make different mattresses, and their beds expand within a day or two after unboxing.

Mlily is more than just a mattress firm- it’s also the global partner of Manchester United, a famous soccer team from the United Kingdom.

As well as being heavily involved in the soccer world, Mlily makes high-quality mattresses that it says will improve your life. We wondered how much truth there was in that claim.

We decided to explore Mlily mattresses by conducting a thorough review. What does the public think of this range, and which are the best Mlily mattresses to buy? Let’s take a look.

Who is Mlily?

Mlily is a Chinese firm with branches based all over the world. Its UK-based branch is in partnership with the Manchester United soccer team. This is an unusual move by a mattress company because it risks alienating large numbers of UK soccer fans that support a different team.

Asides from this one strange marketing choice (which we suspect is an attempt to build a connection as a Chinese firm in the UK), Mlily prides itself on producing memory foam that gives users a cooler sleep. The foams are durable, comfortable and will help wick away that moisture, so you have a good night’s rest.

Mlily sells products in over 72 different countries, providing consumers with pillows, mattresses, and adjustable bases. The company opened its first factory back in 2003 but didn’t establish its brand until 2008. Mlily opened its USA branch in 2010 and its UK branch in 2014.

Since its opening, it has gone into partnership with a charity called Special Spaces. This scheme is a mattress donation-based partnership, whereby the company provides mattresses to help sick children recover. Mlily mattresses have helped thousands of sick kids get a swifter recovery with the aid of a good night’s sleep. We think that involvement with this charity says a lot about the Mlily brand and what it aspires to achieve.

Let’s look at the products next to see if Mlily can match its charitable acts with impressive prices and quality, too.

What Price is a Mlily Mattress?

Mlily has a range of different mattress series to cover various price points, so there should be an option to suit your bak balance.

For shoppers on a budget, the Mlily Basics Series will let you pick up a good-quality memory foam mattress for under $500. Go up a price point, and the Aria bed-in-a-box range will give you even more options.

If you are shopping on a mid-range budget, take a look at the gel memory series. These are a lovingly crafted group of mattresses that include the cooling gel technology infused into the memory foam bedding.

Mlily offers the Dream Series of mattress for a slightly higher than median price if you are a football supporter. These beds have been designed in partnership with Manchester United to help players’ muscles to recover after playing each day.

The Bamboo Collection is significantly pricier – but you are paying for a sustainably sourced product with high performance when it comes to sleep technology.

Lastly, the Premier Series is a hybrid mattress range at a similar price point to the bamboo set. These beds have moisture-wicking materials, cooling memory foam, and pocketed spring technology for a better bounce.

How can Mlily make Mattresses so Cheaply?

The reason why the budget series of Mlily mattresses are so affordable is twofold. The first reason: the company uses a bed-in-a-box mattress system. This method of vacuum packing means extra space while shipping, cutting down on costs. The second reason is that Mlily purchases the materials needed to make the bed from cheaper sources in the east.

What Types of Mattresses does Mlily Sell?

Mlily covers all the bases in terms of different mattress types to choose from – with one exception. All of the beds are either memory foam or hybrid. The company follows in the footsteps of many modern mattress brands by ditching sprung beds for hybrid models. Instead, Mlily uses pocketed coils in its hybrid beds, but they also contain memory foam.

Mlily sells both gel-infused and regular foam beds. The foam carries its own patent, and the hybrid mattress features its signature coil system. Together, the options offered in place of a sprung mattress are substantial.

Mlily Mattress Technology

By this point, you may be wondering what it is that makes the Mlily mattress range so unique. We looked up some of the company’s best technologies to give you an idea of how they deliver.

Mlily has some impressive technologies and can make molded pillows at a rate of 600,000 per month

thanks to an advanced air system.

You can find its Air Tech Border in some of the gel mattresses. This feature stops that wear and sag in the middle that these could otherwise develop over time.

The Aero-Flex Border features in some of the Dream and Bamboo series mattresses. In addition, it features nanocool technology to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Custom X Springs from Mlily are pocketed coils with the strength to support every pressure point on your body. They feature in the Dream+ and other Mlily designs.

Mlily Performance Memory Foam comes as standard in most models. It is pliable, durable, and comforts you by contouring to your body as you sleep.

The brand designed its own Air Flow Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam, especially for the new Bamboo range of mattresses. This material is an anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, sustainably sourced mattress tech that ticks all the boxes.

The Flex Comfort System is inside the Gel Foam series and encompasses the Cloud Gel Foam to give you a cushioned sleeping surface.

The Top 5 Mlily Mattresses Reviewed

We picked out the most innovative, best-selling products from Mlily to give you a good cross-section of its products.

5 – The Bamboo + Superb Ortho mattress

This mattress comes with the charcoal bamboo memory foam infusion that we mentioned earlier. As well as providing a soothing sleep, moisture is wicked away, the temperature is regulated, and the bedding is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.

This is a plush mattress for those that suffer from back problems, which is an enigma in itself. Most orthopedic mattresses are extra firm to allow for better support. The plush top here is a nice treat.

Technically, this is a hybrid mattress that comes with the pocketed coils you would expect. They are firm springs for that bonus support, but they come layered with memory foam and secured inside an Aero-Flex border.

Pros of the Bamboo + Superb Ortho:

  • Excellent for those that routinely suffer from back pain. It ought to help you stay as comfortable as possible during the night.
  • That anti-microbial charcoal layer is a fantastic idea, and we love the tech in this mattress.
  • The aero-flex border and individually pocketed springs make for a good bounce.

Cons of the Bamboo + Superb Ortho:

  • It’s on the firm side for the average sleeper.
  • It’s not great for side sleepers.

4 – The Memory Pocket 200 Firm

We wanted to include the best of the budget line of mattresses here because they are good value for money. However, if you are restricted in how much you can spend, the budget series from Mlily has some great options. The Pocket 200 is the best of them.

This product is a hybrid mattress that is made primarily from their Flex-Support Foam. This is a pliable yet dense foam designed to accommodate even those who sleep on their stomachs. The mattress has 200 firm springs in it, minus the pocketing.

This model contains the same Flex Support Border and Flex Support Base that the more expensive models feature. It’s a good mix between a memory foam and a sprung mattress. One of the areas where Mlily saved in costs is in the production of sizes. This mattress is only available as a single, a double, or a king.

Pros of the Memory Pocket 200 Firm:

  • This is a hybrid memory foam bed at a fantastic price point.
  • It has some of the same technology as the expensive models.
  • It features the comfortable flex foams that the brand is renowned for.

Cons of the Memory Pocket 200 Firm:

  • It is only available as single, double, and king.
  • The Memory Pocket 200 has a small number of springs by comparison to pricier hybrids.

3 – The Dream+

Mlily crafted the Dream series in collaboration with the regeneration and restoration departments of physiology that work with the Manchester United soccer team. The main aim is to create bedding that is so supple and supportive that it can help your body recover as you sleep.

This particular Dream range mattress sports the Mlily cooling gel foams, the Comfort design, and aerodynamic joint borders that create a cooler, more adaptive sleep surface. The whole mattress is a hybrid, complemented
with the Custom X springs that we all know from earlier.

The mattress features foam and pocketed springs. The marriage of the two creates a temperature-regulated bed with excellent support, good news for athletes with sports injuries.

Pros of the Dream+:

  • It has multiple technologies across multiple layers.
  • It’s cooling, helping your body restore itself with good sleep.
  • There are 2000 firm hybrid springs in this bed.
  • It comes with flex comfort foam, gel memory foam, airflow memory foam, and more.

Cons of the Dream+:

  • If you tend to sleep cool, this isn’t the bed for you.
  • It has a price tag that matches the high quality of the technology used.

2 – The Premier 8000

For those that like the finer things in life, this is one of Mlily’s best contributions yet. It is the most advanced mattress in its Premier range, giving it the edge over almost all other beds that Mlily sells. Put simply: it’s the best of the best.

They use every conceivable technology to create this mattress with 8000 coils in it. They use their high-end Y spring design, add extra layers of Flex Comfort foam, inject it all with cooling gel, add in an Air-Tech border, and then put in specially molded joints to ensure you are comfortable all night long.

This mattress has everything you would expect to find in a top-of-the-range model. It’s cooling, moisture-wicking, comfortable, comes as a hybrid, has extra support layers and additional springs.

Pros of the Premier 8000:

  • It has all the sleep technology it was possible to fit into one mattress inside it.
  • It’s cooling and comes with plenty of airflow between mattress layers.
  • It’s got 8000 springs in it!

Cons of the Premier 8000:

  • It’s a little on the pricey side.

1 – The Mlily Fusion Luxe

The Mlily Fusion Luxe is said to be the most popular of the Mlily design line . The first thing you notice about this mattress is the cooling cover, which will soothe you as soon as you touch it. It comes in medium plush with a cooling knit cover which promotes airflow under you as you sleep.

This mattress is a hybrid, so it features a thick layer of coils. There are 1000s of signature pocketed x-springs in each bed, and it includes numerous other technologies. For example, a Flex Support Foam Base, a Flex Foam Support Border, Flex comfort foam, Mlily Smart Foam, and AirCell Technology are all in one bed.

This mattress is a mash-up between older models which mixes cooling comfort with pocketed springs. The manufacturer essentially took the ideal memory foam bed and added coils to it.

Pros of the Mlily Fusion Luxe:

  • It has some fantastic technology that will provide you with a brilliant sleep surface.
  • It’s cooling, even though there are lots of patented foams in there.
  • The whole mattress is encased on the bottom and sides for extra durability
  • It’s got the bounce of the hybrid with the softness of foam.

Cons of the Mlily Fusion Luxe:

  • This bed is one of Mlily’s more expensive mattresses because it comes with so much sleep technology included.
  • Not everyone likes the feel of memory foam, although the knit surface helps.

What Do Other Reviewers say about Mlily Mattresses?

We aren’t alone in reviewing Mlily mattresses. We have found that there are numerous other reviews out there. To save you the trouble of trawling the internet for yourself, we amalgamated the common concerns they had with the Mlily Mattress.

Let’s start with the things we all agreed we like about this brand.

What other reviewers liked about Mlily:

  • The choices in foam finishes, from high-performance to cooling gels.
  • Mlily’s excellent customer service.
  • The innovative sleep technologies.
  • The price range, even within each price bracket.
  • The cooling nature of the mattresses means that they rarely sleep hot.

What other reviewers disliked about Mlily:

  • The lack of a purely sprung mattress with no memory foam whatsoever has upset some consumers. Some people don’t like the feel of memory foam, and there isn’t much consideration for this factor in Mlily’s designs.
  • The association with Manchester United, which was also a selling point, depending on who you asked.

The Mlily Mattress Buyer’s Guide

In this section, you can explore all the things that will help you make an informed decision. Even within the Mlily range, there are still plenty of choices available.

Size and Shape

As we mentioned in one of the budget models earlier, not every mattress comes in every size or type. For example, some don’t come in single or extra-large, and some don’t have a queen-size model. For these reasons, measuring the size and shape of your existing bed frame before you buy your new mattress is the best way to ensure it will fit.

Mattress Type

The type of mattress you buy can help you further narrow down the choice. A hybrid features both memory foam and springs, and a latex or foam bed contains no springs. None of the Mlily models come without some form of memory foam included.


Memory foam is typically made from artificial fibers. However, if you are concerned about the material make-up of your bed, we recommend you look at any of the Bamboo series. These beds feature natural bamboo fibers sourced from Asia.


Off-gassing doesn’t usually contain any toxic fumes, but if you are concerned about it, opt for a CertiPUR-US certified mattress that doesn’t release any harmful chemicals. Since Mlily has lots of European bases, some beds carry the EuroPUR certification instead. This certification is as reliable and well-regarded as the Cert-Pur label.

Warranty and Guarantees

The warranty on mattresses from Mlily lasts 10 years. However, there are restrictions, and it does change from product to product. You can find out all the details here. The retailer should issue you a warranty card for your new mattress at the point of sale. It covers you against defective products but not against defects caused by improper care.

How will my Mlily Mattress Be Delivered?

Delivery should take place within 10 working days of you placing your order. The Mlily mattress will arrive via truck, and a delivery driver will bring it inside for you. Instruct them where to put it before they leave.
The Mlily is a bed in a box, which means it will arrive compressed and rolled up inside a plastic wrapper. When you remove this wrapper, the bed will begin to expand to its full size. It will be ready to use immediately but won’t fully expand for up to 48 hours. Remember to add a mattress protector before use so that you get the optimum longevity from your new purchase.

FAQS about Mlily Mattresses

Below, we have attempted to gather some of the most commonly asked questions about Mlily mattresses into one place.

Q1) IsMlily Mattress Reviews Mlily a good brand?
A) Mlily shows consistency throughout all its products. It offers lots of different styles of beds to match different types of sleepers. The choice offered is enough to earn Mlily an excellent reputation among mattress manufacturers worldwide.

Q2) What is the best Mlily mattress?
A) The most popular Mlily mattress is rumored to be the Mlily Fusion Luxe. It combines comfort and luxury with expertly crafted products and innovation. It’s a great cooling mattress that gives you the most sleep technology aligned with great comfort.

Q3) How long before you can sleep on your new Mlily mattress?
A) You should be able to sleep on your new Mlily mattress straight away. However, it will take between 24 and 48 hours to expand to its proper size fully. Until this point, it may be a little uncomfortable.
The Mlily Mattress Review Verdict

The Mlily mattress company is a Chinese brand with a good reputation for providing high-quality goods. Its mattresses are well known, well-liked, and available in over 100 different countries. We believe Mlily offers a worthy alternative to some of the more familiar big brand names in mattress manufacturing. If you disagree, don’t forget that you can browse other brands on our pages.

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