Mattress With Fiberglass – 15 Brands That Contain Fiberglass

Many sleepers are becoming more vigilant of fiberglass mattresses and they are looking for mattresses that are free of fiberglass and toxic chemicals. That’s because of the safety issues associated with sleeping on such a bed. Unfortunately, most manufacturers these days are adding fiberglass to their mattresses. The reason why that’s happening is that fiberglass is an inexpensive flame retardant. To cut down on costs, manufacturers see it as an excellent alternative.

There have been cases of fiberglass contamination in several homes in the past. This occurs when a sleeper buys a mattress only for them to open the cover and see fiberglass particles spreading all over the house. It’s an experience that can put your health and property at risk.

To avoid that, you need to familiarize yourself with mattress brands that use fiberglass as a flame retardant. Equipping yourself with this information is critical as it ensures you make an informed purchase when mattress shopping.

15 Mattresses With Fiberglass

To ensure sleepers are protected from this harmful ingredient, Sleep Aim researched popular mattress brands and found the following manufacturers guilty of using fiberglass as a flame retardant. When coming up with this list, we checked the labels of these mattress brands and looked for fiberglass in the ingredients. We also contacted the manufacturers to identify whether their beds contain fiberglass or not. We did that to ensure our list of mattresses with fiberglass is 100% accurate.

Below is a list of mattresses that contain fiberglass.

1. Zinus – This is an international mattress company that makes hybrid, innerspring, and memory foam mattresses. Their beds are known to offer adequate support. They are easy to assemble and are quite affordable. Unfortunately, all Zinus beds contain fiberglass. Zinus has accepted that they use silicon fiber in their mattress, which is similar to fiberglass. Also, the reviews on Amazon indicate that Zinus beds contain fiberglass.

2. Linenspa – On Amazon, Linenspa is amongst the top 15 list of popular mattress companies. Since they make beds for almost every budget, Linenspa deserves to be on that list. One of the drawbacks of this mattress is the usage of fiberglass as a flame retardant.

3. Lucid – As you will realize, most of the mattresses on this list are very popular on Amazon. Lucid beds also fall in the top 15 list on Amazon. Lucid mattresses are made using fiberglass. So if you open the cover, you will contaminate your bedroom with fiberglass particles.

4. Nectar – Nectar has made significant strides in ensuring its mattresses are free of chemical flame retardants. However, Nectar beds are covered with a fiberglass sock, which is dangerous when it contacts the skin or if you breathe in the particles. Since Nectar is aware of fiberglass’s harmful effects, they have added an extra layer on top of the fiberglass to protect sleepers.

5. Purple – Even though the Purple mattress brand has vehemently denied allegations of using fiberglass in their beds, they actually do. The fiberglass is woven deeper into the layers of the mattress. This is a trick to ensure their beds pass the fire safety guidelines.

6. Layla – One of the benefits of a Layla mattress is it’s flippable. This design has made it stand out amongst many memory foam mattresses. Despite having such a unique feature, the Layla mattress is covered with a Ventex Fire Blocking Sleeve containing fiberglass particles.

7. Ashley Furniture – From the many reviews posted online, it’s clear that the Ashley Furniture mattress contains fiberglass. Ashley Furniture, however, makes comfy and breathable hybrid and memory foam mattresses.

8. Molblly – Molblly is a mattress manufacturer based in China. They have never denied the fact that they use fiberglass in their mattresses. This is, however, normal for mattresses manufactured in China.

9. Olee Sleep – Even though fiberglass isn’t safe, mattress manufacturers must be open about whether their mattress contains this ingredient or not. Olee Sleep is one of the mattress manufacturers that don’t hide or deny that they use this ingredient.

10. Sleep Innovations – When you read through the description of the Sleep Innovations mattress on Amazon, you will see it written that this bed contains fiberglass.

11. GhostBed – Although the GhostBed is 100% CertiPUR-US certified, it is encased in a fiberglass scrim. The fiberglass is added to prevent the mattress from catching fire.

12. AmazonBasics –AmazonBasics is another popular memory form mattress sold on Amazon. Though budget-friendly, it contains 35.3% fiberglass and 64.7% viscose beneath the inner cover.

13. Simmons – This mattress is known for the support and comfort provided by the individually wrapped coils. However, it is encased in a fiberglass fire sock. Therefore, don’t remove the cover of your Simmons mattress.

14. Southerland – Though not as popular as other mattresses on this list, some sleepers prefer Southerland over other brands. It’s important to know that it contains fiberglass.

15. PrimaSleep – The PrimaSleep may feel comfortable to the touch, but below that cover is a layer of fiberglass. If you look at the tag, you will see that fiberglass is mentioned as one of the ingredients.

For the sake of your health and property, keep off these 15 mattress brands. Most of the mattresses on this list may have a low-price tag. But they are not worth risking your health and belongings. From the above, it may seem like all mattresses have fiberglass, but that’s not true. There are plenty of mattresses that don’t have fiberglass.

Popular Fiberglass-Free Mattress Brands

Now that you are familiar with mattress brands that contain fiberglass, it’s important to know those that are fiberglass-free. Examples include;

Some of these brands, such as Tuft & Needle and Idle, are available on Amazon. For the likes of Saatva, you will have to purchase them straight from the manufacturer.

How to Identify a Mattress that Contains Fiberglass?

There are different ways how you can check if a mattress contains fiberglass.

If you are shopping online;

  • You can check the tag and look if fiberglass is listed as an ingredient.
  • Read through user reviews. At times, fiberglass may not be on the list of ingredients, but you can know if it’s in the mattress from other sleepers’ reviews.
  • Since certain manufacturers are trying to hide the use of fiberglass in their beds, research is the only way you can find out. For instance, Sleep Aim has covered all the popular mattresses that contain fiberglass. We have also written extensively on the best fiberglass-free mattresses.
  • You need to understand that even though not all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass, most of the ones you will see online are woven with this flame retardant. It would be best to be extra careful when buying a memory foam bed.

If you are shopping offline;

  • Research can also help you identify mattresses that contain fiberglass.
  • You can have a chat with the brand’s customer support team. Please note that certain brands lie to their clients. You have to be very careful.
  • If the cover isn’t removable. That should raise a red flag.
  • Always go for mattresses made with organic materials such as natural latex and cotton.

Final Thoughts

The current mattress market is full of beds that contain fiberglass as a flame retardant. Even though fiberglass effectively prevents fires, it is harmful when ingested, inhaled or even when it touches the skin. When fiberglass strands settle on clothes and furniture, they rarely come off. To avoid such a catastrophe, please avoid the above 15 mattresses that contain fiberglass.

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