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Mattress By
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Best For

Traditional mattress shoppers who prefer to visit an actual store

Mattress By Appointment provides aftersales mattress services such as installation and disposal of your old mattress

This is a brand that has a reputation for selling affordable and quality mattresses


Shoppers need to understand that Mattress by Appointment is a middle-man, not an actual manufacturer

They don’t sell mattresses from all brands

The workers at Mattress By Appointment stores do not have detailed information about the beds

Our Verdict

Mattress By Appointment has hundreds of stores located in more than forty states. They stock Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Sealy, and Simmons Beautyrest, amongst others. They deliver beds to sleepers, and upon request, they can dispose of the old mattress for you at no cost. You should know that these beds’ features depend on the brand and not Mattress By Appointment. Therefore, we can’t discuss the pros or the cons.

We dug up the dirt on Mattress By Appointment, the budget-friendly mattress provider, to find out if you are safe to buy from them.

Like it or not, we will go through a new mattress roughly every ten years. This means that once a decade, we are forced to start avidly researching new mattresses upon which to rest our weary heads… And weary is exactly the right word to describe mattress shopping.

Whatever way you look at it, mattress shopping is a bit boring. You have to go from store to store to try and find the right firmness rating. You need to compare bounce or soak, see what the noise reduction is like, and if you move around when your partner gets up in the night. All of these things take time, effort, and energy.

Have no fear. We are here to help take some of the burden of finding the best mattress for you, off your hands. To do this, we will be regularly reviewing the best names in mattress manufacturing, to help you get to grips with what’s hot, and what’s not so hot.

Without further talk, let’s delve into the Mattress By Appointment company. Who are they, how good are their products, and where can we get one? Let’s find out.

Who are Mattress By Appointment?

Mattress By Appointment first broke onto the global mattress marketplace all the way back in 2012. Almost a full decade later, they have developed several of their own mattresses, as well as added to their ever-expanding range of mattresses made by other brands.

Since the company’s inception, it has grown to have nearly 500 locations. Situated in Greenville, South Carolina, they market themselves as being the best way to shop for your new mattress in a digital world… and we don’t disagree.

This firm pride themselves on offering prices that give you more than half off your purchase. If you buy through the retailer’s themselves, you will normally pay between 50-80% more than the price would be if you just ordered from them.
The secret to their success, they say, is in keeping overheads low. To do this, they sacrifice bricks and mortar sales establishments of their own. Instead of paying on-the-floor sales staff, they simply supply mattresses to other mattress selling franchises, thereby getting other people to do all the work.

They are proud of the fact that they sell 5 out of 6 top selling mattress brands in their stores. Some of the big names they sell include Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, Simmons and Serta, among others. Their aim in a post-pandemic marketplace is going to be to expand to more than 1000 locations, before the end of the next five years or so.

Since their main goal right now is expansion, you can either buy from them, or choose to become a franchisee. If you sell mattresses on their behalf, you will soon help them reach their target. This franchise opportunity is proof that the Mattress By Appointment team are very much willing to help others up with their own success. You can learn more about franchise opportunities over on their about us page.

What do they sell?

As we already mentioned, Mattress By Appointment sell budget mattresses of good quality. They draw from a range of brands to provide their outlets with high value mattresses, while also selling adjustable frames, bedding, and other homeware that fits the ‘bedroom’ category.

Mattress By Appointment sell a range of products from a range of manufacturers. Some of the products they regularly stock include:

  • Tempur-Pedic mattresses – we already reviewed Tempur-Pedic Complaints in another article but make no mistake: they are a mattress manufacturer of distinction. This firm first broke onto the scene back in the 90s using material NASA used for air seat cushions. This material quickly became known as one of the oldest (and the best) memory foams.
  • The Simmons Beautyrest – there are a number of mattresses in this range, each of which come in varying firmness scales. They are known for durability, lasting up to fifteen years in some cases. The Simmons mattress might be the only one you ever need to buy, it’s just that durable.
  • Serta mattresses – Serta have been producing high end mattresses for over 90 years now. Asides from all those decades of experience, they now operate in over 150 countries and counting. Their brand is synonymous with good sleep.
  • Sealy mattresses – Sealy are even older than Serta, having been founded out of Texas in 1881. These mattress manufacturers of distinction have grown to become one of the world leaders in mattress manufacturing.
  • Five Star Mattress Company – this brand is actually a sister firm of Serta, which manufacture them for them. They are a great quality item that come in for much less of a price than the traditional Sealy might. Unless you buy them from Mattress By Appointment, of course, where you can get up to 80% off the floor price.

There are dozens of other mattress brand names that manufacture under the Mattress By Appointment banner. One last one worth mentioning is their white label series. These beds are cheap and cheerful and will last a good few years before they need replacing. This is yet another example of how this particular manufacturer keeps an eye on those less fortunate than themselves.

The Top 5 Mattresses by Mattress By Appointment?

In our effort to bring you the best mattresses for you, we have detailed the top five ranked mattresses from this brand. This should give you a good starting point as to what to look for when buying your mattress.

1 – The Serta Perfect Sleeper Sedgewick 2 Euro Top Plush Mattress

This 2019 model from Serta offers Comfort XD and new Balanced Support Foam, both of which are patented. The foam is denser than normal, tackling the issue of lack of support effectively and especially for the stomach sleeper.
The Serta has tried to address tossing and turning by imbuing this mattress with better motion and noise reduction than any other model so far. It’s TrueSense design helps disperse excess weight for full pressure point relief. It has a quilted layer on top, cooling gel foam in the middle, and comes with a ten-year warranty, should it be defective in any way.

This mattress is a 10/10 in more ways than one. It has the best buy award from Consumer’s Digest and is an official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation. It doesn’t get better than that… especially not at this price.

2 – The Serta Kiley 2 Mattress

This second offering from Serta is designed with extra support in mind. It contains a Serta Foam core, 2” cool twist memory gel and sports reinforced edging to pr5event sagging. All of the technologies used, of course, are Serta’s own design. It’s a bit denser than the softer option, coming in with different choices in rating.

This is subject to the same awards as the previous model. The two foams used in the Kiley make it a cheaper mattress than the Perfect Sleeper is. This makes it the budget version of a Serta. When bought from Mattress By Appointment, this adds up to a whole lot of savings on your part. Definitely something to think about when you go shopping!

The Kiley let’s those that can’t normally afford it get a touch of luxury. That’s why it’s a best-seller and why buyers keep coming back for more.

3 – The BeautyRest Silver C – Bold Extra Firm Mattress

This is the ultimate layered hybrid mattress for those that just can’t get enough support. This is a hard one, sitting around 8 on the firmness scale. This mattress comes with so many technologies it’s actually insane We have The Airfeel Foam, the Beautyrest pocketed coil technology, the Geltouch Foam, the DualCool Technology Fibers, the Aircool gel foam, the support layer containing Backcare Support, and comes with a ten-year warranty.

This isn’t just one of the best beds Simmons make, it’s one of the best cooling beds for those that love a firm mattress. If you aren’t happy unless you are sleeping on something solid, then this is the best mattress for you. Have a look for yourself, there’s nothing there to disappoint you.

Did we mention that it was fully assembled in the USA?

4 – The BeautyRest Silver Bold Plush Pillow Top

Next up by Mattress By Appointment, we have a whole range of Simmons mattresses vying for fourth place. Notably, this mattress has all of the features of the one we reviewed above, but it isn’t extra firm. This is a plush topped, extra soft mattress that you can just sink on into.

If you want a mattress with enough foam to envelope you, we heartily recommend this model from Simmons.

5 – The Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt Medium Hybrid Mattress

Last in our top five list, is this model from Tempur-Pedic. Brought to you by the same firm that first brought us NASA technology infused into bedding, this mattress is only a single layer deep. Why? Because that’s all the masters of memory foam manufacturing need.

This mattress comes with a patented Smart Climate system that helps regulate temperature, all year round. This is a brand-new design for Tempur, so make the most of it. It has an EasyRefresh breathable cover, antimicrobial stretch fabric top cover, and has a Tempur-ES material comfort layer.

It has all the tech they have spent decades developing but has half the price, because of where you are buying it. If you don’t like to miss a bargain, now is your chance to bag a bed.

The Pros and Cons of Mattress By Appointment

In this section we have tried to address some of the common pros and cons that we hear about, with regards to the Mattress By Appointment brand.

The Pros of Mattress By Appointment:

  • Their mattresses are budget friendly and affordable
  • Free delivery and free removal of your old mattress
  • The mattresses usually show up within a week of ordering.
  • Hundreds of locations mean there is always one nearby.
  • They stock 5 of the 6 big brand names in bedmaking in the US.
  • They have a reputation for good quality mattresses.

The Cons of Mattress By Appointment:

  • There isn’t a store where you can show up and talk to a specialist, it all operates through franchises.
  • Their locations aren’t infinite, you can still be far from an outlet.

The people selling you the mattress aren’t the same ones making it. If you have tricky questions, they might not know the answers.

Delivery and Setup

Mattress By Appointment are known for great customer service with regards to delivery and setup. Your mattress should arrive within a maximum of 10 working days from the moment you order. Once it arrives, it will be brought into your home by a delivery driver, or perhaps two.

They will place the new mattress on your bed for you and, if it needs to expand, will help you through the process. They will then take away your old mattress – completely free – to have it recycled in their facility. Left on their own, mattresses can take 120 years to decompose. Removal of the old mattress at no additional cost is the sign of a conscientious firm.

Off-Gassing – do they take it seriously?

Since they provide multiple mattresses from different brands and makers, Mattress By Appointment often end up not being the responsible party when it comes to off gassing. Rather, the responsibility of this falls to the company who create the mattress. So even if you buy a Sealy bed from Mattress By Appointment, it is Sealy who are the ones responsible for the off gassing.

The best advice we can give you in this case, is that you research the individual bed that you want to buy, rather than the provider of the mattress. That being said, looking out for the CertiPUR-US label is a great way to tell if your bed is safe from harmful chemical scents.

Your Buyer’s Guide to Mattress By Appointment

Use this buyer’s guide to the Mattress By Appointment range, to help you decide on the right mattress for you.

Color and Style

Alas, not all mattresses are as stylish as the rest. Some have the quilted covers reminiscent of a 90’s sprung mattress. Others have more layers than they need, resulting in a cumbersome, ungainly mattress.

The obvious way to shop for the best mattress for you, is to advise you to narrow down your selection by choosing out a few from different brands that you like the style, color, and shape of.

Size and Shape

Which leads us to the shape and size of the mattress. As you will have noticed from the top 5 we listed above, not all mattresses are of the same thickness. This Perfect Sleeper variation has so many layers that it stands at 15 inches thick (14.75). The Kiley and the Tempur we reviewed earlier, though, weren’t even ten inches thick.

Another word on size and shape. Don’t buy a mattress that is too big for your bedframe. You will only end up damaging it over time. Mattress by Appointment also do bed frames, so you can buy one for a great price.

The Firmness Rating

The Mattress Firmness Rating is important in helping you pick up the right mattress for you. If you like a soft bed, then you fall between 1 and 4 on the scale. If you like a medium bed, you fall between 5 and 6.5. If you like a firm bed, you are between 7 and 10.

The Type of Mattress

Decide which mattress to buy based on type, to help you narrow things down still further. A hybrid mattress has both springs and memory foam, a latex mattress is full foam, an innerspring mattress is a coiled one, and you might also buy an air or waterbed.

Warranty Information

The industry standard for a mattress of any decent quality, is around the ten-year mark. If you want the best of the best, look for one with a 25 year or lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty beds include the Puffy Mattress and the Saatva mattress, although these sadly aren’t products sold at Mattress by appointment.

Price of the Mattress

Once you start to narrow it down to the bare bones, the price becomes more of a factor. If you start with a broad budget and look at mattresses in that price range, you can then eliminate those that seem to have a higher price for less of the quality.

Bounce and motion transference

While innerspring and hybrid mattresses tend to have a bit of bounce to them, memory foam and latex are built to soak up movement and disperse it. This is known as motion transference. It helps those who have a partner that tosses and turns. However, if you want bounce, a firmer mattress is best.

Noise Reduction

Last but not least, always check that the mattress you are about to buy isn’t a noisy one. Most modern mattresses have noise reduction built in, but if you want the quietest possible mattress, you need a full foam bed. Hybrids are next, with sprung mattresses bringing up the rear.

Using the notes above, you should have enough guidance to help you buy the best mattress for you, from Mattress By Appointment.

FAQs about Mattress By Appointment

In the category below, we have tried to cover as many of your frequently asked questions as possible. Have a browse through to see if we haven’t already answered your questions about Mattress By Appointment.

Q1) Is Mattress by Appointment Legit?
A) Yes, of course they are. Not only will they sell the individual a great mattress, but they also wholesale out to their franchisees, so that great value mattresses are reaching the masses who need them.

Q2) How does Mattress by Appointment Work?
A) Mattress By Appointment don’t sell the mattresses they make and collaborate on through their own stores. To save on the overheads of running a shop, this brand delivers mattresses out to franchisee mattress shop owners, who then sell them on their behalf. You can also buy direct from their website.

Q3) Who makes mattresses for Mattress By Appointment?
A) Brands include Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Simmons, Five Star Mattresses, and even their own range of value products. When you buy from them, you spend an average of 50-80% less than you would buying directly from the brands.

Q4) How much is a Mattress by Appointment franchise?
A) If you want to sell mattresses on their behalf, a franchise for Mattress By Appointment will set you back a minimum of $7,500… although the prefer you to have $15,000 ready. It’s a great deal for the world of possibilities it opens up to you.

Q5) Is Mattress By Appointment a franchise?
A) Yes, it is. It costs a minimum of $7,500 to join the franchise and you must have an outlet from whence to sell the stock. You can find out more about this deal over on their website.

Our Verdict on Mattress By Appointment

What’s our verdict on the Mattress By Appointment range of products? We are pleasantly surprised and impressed by the breadth of their range. Coupled with this, they have many more suppliers than we thought, so you should be able to get a mattress seller near you that stocks their wares.

Mattress By Appointment stock some excellent brands who are noted for their durability and comfort. When it comes to a mattress, we all want something that’s going to last beyond our need to replace it. Some of the big named brands stocked here do just that, bringing you a great sleep past the point where they ought to have failed.

We fully support Mattress By Appointment and can assure our readers that they are a genuine firm with genuine consumer interests at heart. Try shopping with them the next time you need to replace your mattress. You might just pick up a bargain or two.

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