Layla Mattress Complaints (Updated 2022)

Layla is a famous sleep company that makes two mattress models, a memory foam bed, and a hybrid that combines an innerspring core and memory foam comfort system. Both mattresses have great expert and customer reviews, and we often recommend them to our readers. However, not everyone will find a Layla mattress meets their sleep needs. Before you buy a Layla mattress, you may be wondering whether there are any Layla mattress complaints.

Before we start, it’s fair to say that the overwhelming majority of Layla customer reviews are positive. When reviews of the Layla mattress are negative, it’s often a matter of personal taste. After all, no mattress will suit every single sleeper. However, it’s always a good idea to read a wide range of reviews, both positive and negative, before you make a significant investment like buying a mattress.

In this article, we will summarize the most common customer complaints about Layla mattresses and give our expert viewpoint. We’ve scoured reviews on the official Layla website and other sources like Reddit and Amazon to make sure you get the full picture.

Layla Mattress Range

Layla makes a memory foam and a hybrid mattress. Both mattresses are exceptionally affordable, especially the memory foam model, and offer excellent features for your money. In particular, both Layla mattresses feature cooling sleep technologies that combat the common problem of overheating with memory foam beds. Each mattress has the following construction:

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

The Layla memory foam mattress has an unusual double-sided design. One side is soft, and the other is firm, so you can flip it over to change the firmness.

The mattress gets its support from a 4-inch dense polyfoam layer in the middle of the bed. The firm side has a 1-inch comfort layer made from copper-infused gel memory foam that provides decent pressure relief and helps to keep you cool. The soft side has two comfort layers. The 2-inch lower layer features a layer of polyfoam with air channels to help it sleep cool. This layer has support zones to provide extra firmness around the lumbar region. The upper 3-inch layer is made from the same copper-infused gel memory foam as the firm side, although it is thicker and has a softer feel. The mattress has a breathable, removable cover featuring phase-change technology that reacts to your body heat to keep you cool

Layla Hybrid Mattress

The Layla hybrid mattress also has a double-sided design, with a soft and a firm side. Instead of polyfoam, it has a support layer in the middle made from 6-inch pocketed coils. The coils in the center are firmer for more support, and there’s a double layer around the perimeter to offer extra edge support and durability. The comfort system has the same configuration as the memory foam model apart from the top comfort layer on the soft side, which measures 2.5 inches instead of 3 inches. The mattress cover is breathable and removable with convenient handles to move the bed around, although it doesn’t appear to include phase change technology like the foam model. However, as the innerspring core is more breathable than the foam bed’s support layer, this shouldn’t cause a problem.

Both Layla mattresses come with free shipping, a 12-night sleep trial, and a standard 10-year limited warranty. The sleep trial has a mandatory 2-week settling-in period, after which you can return your mattress for any reason within the trial period. Returns are free, and Layla says that it will collect your bed and donate it to a worthy cause.

Construction Complaints

We scoured a wide range of reviews on the official Layla website, Amazon, and Reddit, but are yet to find any complaints about Layla mattresses’ construction quality. The general consensus of customer and expert reviews is that the materials are high quality and the beds are well-made. Overall, it appears that the quality of Layla mattresses is significantly higher than you would expect for the price. In fact, some of the negative reviews even mention the decent quality, like this review from the Layla website.

Everyone has different sleep needs and different ideas about what makes a good mattress because comfort is subjective. You should always take your sleeping style and sense of comfort into account before buying any mattress. Although there are no guarantees that a Layla mattress will feel comfortable for you, it seems that you don’t need to worry about receiving a substandard or faulty product.

Durability Complaints

There are notably few complaints about durability relating to either Layla mattress. This reflects our expert assessment that Layla makes very durable mattresses, and many other sleep experts agree. The hybrid model, in particular, has a very durable construction and excellent edge support. However, it’s worth noting that some users, like this reviewer on the Layla website, experience a ‘roll-off’ effect on the memory foam mattress because of weaker edge support. This factor relates to durability because mattresses with firm edge support tend to last longer. However, weaker edge support is pretty standard across the board with foam mattresses.

However, a few reviews, like the following one from the Layla website, do mention premature sagging and loss of support with the memory foam model. While some loss of support is normal when you sleep on this type of mattress for many years, it shouldn’t happen after just a few months. This issue could cause pain, discomfort, and disturbed sleep. However, it’s important to mention that only a tiny number of reviews mention sagging as a problem. You can claim under the warranty if the mattress develops sagging or indentations deeper than 1 inch.

Another Amazon review mentions that the plush side softened excessively over time. A certain amount of softening is normal for a memory foam mattress, so it’s hard to tell whether the Layla memory foam mattress softens to an excessive degree.

Comfort Complaints

The overwhelming majority of people who left reviews on any of the sites we checked found the Layla mattress comfortable to sleep on. However, as comfort is subjective, it’s not surprising that some people didn’t like it so much. We should point out that the Layla mattress has a soft and a firm side, so it may not suit you if you know you prefer a medium or medium firm mattress. People who need an extra-firm mattress, sometimes known as an orthopedic bed, may also find Layla mattresses unsuitable.

Some customers, like this Reddit commenter, complain that the mattress’s firm side is softer than they expected and doesn’t feel comfortable for them. This discomfort may be because they actually need an extra firm mattress. However, you should be aware that the firm side of a double-sided bed with a soft side underneath won’t feel as firm as a single-sided model. If you need a very firm mattress, you might wish to consider alternatives.

As you can see from the Layla website review above, Layla confirms that the firm side isn’t extra firm, which will suit most but not all front and back sleepers. Conversely, some people mention that the soft side isn’t soft enough for their needs, like this review from the Layla website.

Ultimately, whether you find the firmness of the Layla mattresses comfortable comes down to your sleep style and taste. Some reviewers, like the following one from the Layla website, also complain that the Layla mattress caused or worsened joint pain, back pain, and sciatica. However, the vast majority of reviews don’t mention this problem. Bear in mind that any mattress could feel uncomfortable and cause pain if it’s the incorrect firmness or construction for your sleep needs. Therefore, we conclude that these problems were probably down to personal requirements and preferences instead of a fundamental issue with the mattress itself.

Some people, life the following Layla website reviewer, also mentioned sleeping hot on the Layla memory foam mattress, although most reviews don’t mention overheating. Sleeping hot is a common problem with memory foam beds, even those that feature cooling sleep technologies like the Layla memory foam mattress. However, if you tend to overheat at night, you may be better off with the Layla Hybrid mattress, which has a more breathable construction.

Delivery Complaints

Layla offers free shipping to the contiguous United States. You must pay a charge of $125 per mattress if you order from Alaska or Hawaii, while delivery to Canada costs $225 per bed. The Layla memory foam mattress comes in compressed, bed-in-a-box packaging.

We didn’t find any complaints online relating to Layla mattress delivery. Therefore, we expect that the Layla mattress comes around 5-7 days after ordering, as stated on the company website.

Off-gassing Complaints

Off-gassing is an unpleasant odor caused by chemicals used in the memory foam manufacturing process. While the smell can be bothersome, it isn’t harmful and should fade away reasonably quickly if you air the bed out. Almost all memory foam mattresses produce an off-gassing smell when you first unpack them, and the Layla mattress is no exception. Most reviews don’t mention off-gassing at all, but those that do generally say it faded in the end, like this Layla website reviewer.

However, one reviewer on the Layla website did say that the smell didn’t fade even after six weeks. If you’re very sensitive to smell, you may be better off with a mattress that doesn’t contain memory foam.

Returns Complaints

No mattress suits everyone, so it’s essential to make sure that you can return it easily and get a refund if you don’t like it. Layla mattresses come with a 120-night sleep trial with a mandatory 2-week settling-in period. Once you’ve slept on your new bed for two weeks, you can return it for any reason for a full refund. Layla will collect the mattress from your home for free, and most reviews agree that the returns process is very straightforward. The company donates unwanted mattresses to local charities, so you don’t need to worry about your bed going to landfills, and your return will allow someone in need to sleep on a decent mattress.

As we haven’t found complaints about the returns process in the USA, you can rest assured that returning the bed will be straightforward if you decide you don’t want it. However, bear in mind that the process may be more complicated if you live in Canada, as the following Amazon review shows. If you choose to return your mattress from Canada, Layla won’t refund any shipping cost or collect the bed. Instead, you have to arrange for a local charity to collect the mattress to receive a refund. Some charities charge money for this. This information isn’t easy to find on the Layla website, so we recommend that Canadian customers take this into account before purchasing a Layla bed.

Customer Service Complaints

Layla offers plenty of options for contacting customer services if you need help. You can email the company at or use the live chat service on the website. Unlike many comparable companies, Layla has a customer support hotline on 855-358-1676, giving it an edge over many competitors.

We didn’t find many complaints about Layla’s customer support. In fact, many reviewers that didn’t like the bed conceded that the customer service department was helpful and responded promptly. Although a couple of reviewers , like this one from Amazon, weren’t happy with the support they received, the reviews aren’t specific enough for us to comment on.

Generally, we can conclude that, according to reviews, the customer service at Layla is outstanding and significantly better than many of its competitors. This reflects our experiences dealing with Layla ourselves, as the support team has always given us quick and helpful responses to any queries.


Generally, we can conclude that, according to reviews, the customer service at Layla is outstanding and significantly better than many of its competitors. This reflects our experiences dealing with Layla ourselves, as the support team has always given us quick and helpful responses to any queries.


Do you still have questions about the Layla mattress? You’re in the right place. Now you’ve read the Layla mattress complaints, we’ll clear up any remaining questions to help you decide if the Layla mattress is right for you.

Q: What is the Layla mattress?

A: The Layla memory foam mattress is a double-sided memory foam mattress infused with cooling copper and gel. The Layla hybrid mattress combines an innerspring core with cooling gel and copper memory foam comfort layers.

Q: Is the Layla mattress good?

A: The Layla mattress is a high-quality mattress, and we didn’t find any complaints about its construction or materials. Its dual-sided structure makes it a good choice for all sleeping positions and provides decent support and pressure relief. However, it may not suit people who want a medium or medium firm mattress.

Q: How soft is the Layla mattress?

A: Both the Layla memory foam mattress and the Layla hybrid have a soft and a firm side. The soft wide measures around 4 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale, while the firm side scores a 7. There is no medium or extra firm version.

Q: Where is the Layla mattress made?

A: All Layla mattresses are American-made. We recommend that you purchase a mattress made in the USA or Canada (like the Layla) because these beds must comply with strict safety standards.

Q: How thick is the Layla mattress?

A: The Layla memory foam mattress is 10 inches thick, which is around average for this bed type. The hybrid model is thicker, measuring 13 inches in total. Therefore, the hybrid version may be more suitable for people with very high body weights or who need a more elevated bed for mobility reasons.

Q: Does the Layla mattress sleep hot?

A: Some reviewers claimed that the Layla memory foam mattress sleeps hotter than they hoped. This issue is a common problem with this type of bed because of the dense structure. However, Layla’s memory foam contains gel and copper particles with heat-wicking properties. So, you can expect the Layla memory foam mattress to sleep cooler than regular memory foam, although it may still feel too warm for some people. If you struggle significantly with overheating, you may be better off with the Layla hybrid.

Q: Does the Layla mattress smell?

A: Like most mattresses containing memory foam, both the Layla memory foam and hybrid beds release an off-gassing odor when you first unpack them. While this may be unpleasant, it should fade relatively quickly and doesn’t seem to be a problem particular to Layla. Only one reviewer complained that the odor lingered for a significant time.

Q: Is the Layla mattress toxic?

A: Both Layla mattresses are entirely non-toxic and safe to sleep on. All the foams used in Layla mattresses are Certi-Pur certified, which guarantees that the beds don’t release harmful quantities of any chemical that could damage human health.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now understand what the most common Layla mattress complaints are. The good news is that Layla mattress complaints are few and far between. Generally, reviewers say that the mattresses are comfortable and high-quality. Even when reviews are negative, many mention the high standard of customer service and that the beds are well-made. So, we feel confident and comfortable recommending Layla mattresses to our readers.

However, some reviews mention the mattress feeling too firm on the firm side and too soft on the soft side. Whether the bed feels comfortable for you depends on your unique preferences, so you should do your research to make sure the Layla is right for your sleeping position and body type. Some reviewers also mention the memory foam mattress sleeping hot. While we can conclude that the bed generally sleeps cooler than standard memory foam, you may prefer a different mattress type if sleeping hot is a significant problem for you.

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