Kingsdown Mattress Reviews 2021 (Updated)

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Best For

Sleepers who want a premium airbed, innerspring, dual-sided memory foam, and latex mattress

Mattress shoppers are matched to their ideal mattresses using advanced tech

You can get a vintage mattress design from Kingsdown


Kingsdown beds are pretty costly

They aren’t very popular in today’s market

These beds are very heavy

Our Verdict

Kingsdown is a luxurious mattress manufacturer with decades of experience in this market. These mattresses offer sleepers a royal treatment. They are, however, best for shoppers with a higher budget. They are available in a wide range of sizes and are pretty heavy. Therefore, these are not the best mattresses to move around from time to time.

Kingsdown is a premium mattress brand that produces a wide variety of models as part of 10 collections. These include hybrid mattresses with memory foam and latex layers, airbeds, dual-sided memory foam and innerspring models. This means that there will be a Kingsdown mattress to suit most people.

In this article, we’ll explain the Kingsdown ranges in detail and tell you everything you need to know about warranties, prices and other key information. This will help you make the important decision of whether you should choose a Kingsdown mattress as your next bed.


Kingsdown are a premium mattress brand, and there are many advantages to choosing a mattress from their wide range. These include:

  • Huge choice of 5 different types of mattresses from 10 different collections. This means that most people will be able to find a Kingsdown mattress that’s right for them
  • Good availability from a wide range of online and bricks-and-mortar retailers nationwide
  • Kingsdown use innovative ‘bedMatch’ technology for their customers when they try out any Kingsdown mattress. This helps to match buyers to their ideal mattress by collecting key data on their preferences

Like any brand, there are a couple of key drawbacks to Kingsdown. These are:

  • Kingsdown don’t publish detailed product specifications. This includes information about layer thickness and foam density. This can make it hard for customers to weigh Kingsdown mattresses up against comparable alternatives
  • High price point. Kingsdown mattresses are a premium brand with high price points which may be unaffordable for many customers

Kingsdown Mattress Range and Construction

Kingsdown produce a wide range of mattress types in ten different collections. Here’s our quickfire guide to the various collections sold by Kingsdown.


Mattresses in the Vintage collection are hybrid models. They are highly supportive thanks to an innerspring core surrounded by a layer of polyfoam. The comfort layers are made from cotton, latex foam and latex microcoils. These layers have the ability to conform to the shape of your body to relieve pressure and discomfort. They are finished with a cover made from a wool-silk blend fabric which includes a layer of gel memory foam.

My Side

Mattresses from the My Side collection are ideal for couples because they allow you to select a different firmness level for each side of the bed. These are hybrid mattresses with a supportive base made from individually pocketed coils and wrapped in a layer of polyfoam. The comfort layers are made from gel infused memory foam, which helps relieve pressure and has the ability to wick heat away from the body.

Crown Imperial

This is a collection of innerspring hybrid mattresses. Like Kingsdown’s other hybrid models, Crown Imperial mattresses have a supportive base layer made from pocket coils surrounded by polyfoam. The comfort layers are made from gel memory foam and polyfoam to provide contouring and pressure relief. The cover is made from a breathable wool-silk blend fabric.

Diamond Royale

Mattresses in the Diamond Royale collection are dual-sided innerspring mattresses. This means that they can be flipped. They have comfort layers made from latex, cotton, wool and cashmere. They are highly supportive thanks to their innerspring cores.

Downton Abbey

The Downton Abbey collection features hybrid mattresses that combine an innerspring core with comfort layers made of gel foam, memory foam, latex or polyfoam depending on which model you select. They feature Kingsdown’s breathable wool-silk blend covers.


Mattresses that are part of the Passions collection have an innerspring core surrounded by polyfoam. The comfort layers are made from gel memory foam, polyfoam and breathable latex foam. They come with a quilted cover that contains gel fibers to help wick heat away while you sleep.


This is a technologically advanced airbed made from 21 individual air chambers. It also has a layer of supportive innersprings surrounded by a layer of polyfoam. The comfort layers are made from memory foam and latex. Customers also receive a handheld device which allows them to control the mattress’ functions. This allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress using the air chambers to relieve discomfort, monitor sleep patterns and set morning alarms.

Sleep to Live

When customers shop from Kingsdown’s Sleep to Live collection, they can select from two construction options:

Back Smart: This mattress features an innerspring core layer to provide a high level of support. It is encased in polyfoam. The comfort layers are made from latex, polyfoam and gel foam and the mattress is wrapped in a gel-infused quilted cover.
Comfort Smart: This mattress is an all-foam option. It has a supportive base layer made from high density polyfoam which helps to keep your spine in a healthy alignment. The comfort layers are made from microcoils, polyfoam and gel memory foam.

Sleep Smart

The Sleep Smart mattress is another of Kingsdown’s airbed options. This has three different supportive zones, each controlled by a different air chamber. The airflow to these chambers can be controlled by a Smartphone app, which also allows you to select an upright position. The Smart Sleep airbed also has a support system made from individually wrapped springs.

Sleep Haven

The Sleep Haven collection features all-foam mattresses. These have a supportive base layer made from dense polyfoam. Their comfort layers are made from latex foam. This material has the ability to conform closely to the shape of your body and relieve pressure. It is also hypoallergenic and sleeps cooler than standard memory foam.

How much do Kingsdown mattresses cost?

Kingsdown do not sell their mattresses directly through a third-party website. This means that the prices can vary from retailer to retailer. To give you a rough idea, the cheapest Kingsdown models retail starting at around $1,300, with the more expensive mattresses costing up to $2,500. This places them firmly at the more expensive end of the market.

To find out exactly how much a Kingsdown mattress will cost you, you will need to contact your local Kingsdown third-party retailer for a price list. You can find your nearest local stockist by following this link:

Kingsdown Mattress Firmness

Kingsdown mattresses come in a wide range of firmness options, so most people should be able to find one that suits their sleep needs. The Kingsdown airbed models feature adjustable firmness, allowing you to change the airflow using a mobile app. This could be a useful feature if you have particular pressure relief or support needs, for example if you suffer from a painful back or joint condition.

Kingsdown Mattresses and Sleep Position

You should be able to find a Kingsdown mattress to suit any sleeping position because they come in a range of firmness options. Side sleepers generally need a softer mattress to allow the side of the body to sink in and relieve pressure. Back and front sleepers usually need firmer support. If you’re a combi-sleeper, we usually recommend choosing a Medium Firm mattress as this will feel comfortable in any sleeping position. Kingsdown also offer mattress models with split firmness, which is ideal for couples who sleep in different positions.

Do Kingsdown mattresses sleep cool?

If you struggle with overheating at night, you’re probably looking for a mattress that can keep you cool and comfortable at night. The good news is that many of the Kingsdown mattress models are well-designed when it comes to temperature neutrality. However, you should be aware that sleeping temperature doesn’t just come down to your mattress. Other factors such as the ambient temperature in your bedroom, your sleepwear and the type of bedding you use also has a part to play.

If sleeping cool is important to you, we recommend selecting one of Kingsdown’s hybrid models, especially those including latex foam comfort layers. This is because hybrid mattresses have innerspring support cores which allow a high level of air circulation, helping heat to escape while you sleep. Latex foam is significantly more breathable than other types of memory foam while still giving you a good level of body contour to provide pressure relief.

Kingsdown mattress covers are mostly made from a wool-silk blend, which is highly breathable and helps to keep you cool. Some also contain gel fibers which have the ability to transfer heat away from your body while you sleep.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation refers to the mattress’ ability to dampen movement from one side of the bed to the other. This is an especially important consideration for couples, as beds with good motion isolation prevent partners from disturbing each other with their movements during the night. You should also consider how much noise a mattress makes when you move on it.

Kingsdown mattresses generally perform very well when it comes to motion isolation. This means that you shouldn’t be particularly aware of your partner moving around at night and can help you get a better night’s sleep. Kingsdown’s all-foam models are particularly good when it comes to motion isolation and are virtually noiseless.

Where to Buy

You can buy Kingsdown mattresses at their own retail store, which is located in High Point, North Carolina. You can also purchase their range of mattresses at authorized bricks-and-mortar outlets nationwide. These include the big retailers Macy’s and Mattress Gallery. You can find your nearest Kingsdown mattress stockist using this link:

If you want to purchase a Kingsdown mattress online, you can buy from the Passions collection through Amazon.
Shipping Information

There is no brand-specific shipping information for Kingsdown mattresses because they are only sold by third-party retailers. For this reason, you should contact your local stockist to find out about delivery arrangements and prices. White glove delivery and mattress removal services are not available through Kingsdown, but your local retailer may be able to provide these depending on their company policy.

Sleep Trial

Kingsdown mattresses don’t come with a sleep trial. Instead, customers will be covered by the sleep trial policy of the company they buy the mattress from. You should discuss sleep trial length and terms and conditions with the retailer before making a purchase.


Kingsdown mattresses are covered by a 10-year limited warranty, which is standard for the mattress industry. The only exception to this is the My Side mattress. Warranty information for this model has not been published, so you should check with the retailer before you buy. We’ll update this information if warranty details become available.

The Kingsdown mattress warranty is entirely non-prorated. It entitles customers to have their mattress repaired or replaced if there is a factory error which affects its function. If the customer’s mattress has been discontinued, Kingsdown will replace it with the most similar alternative. Any replacement mattress will not come with an extension or replacement of the original warranty. Customers are obliged to pay any shipping costs for returning or resending their mattress.

Kingsdown stipulate that customers must use an appropriately sized base or frame to support the mattress. It must be supportive, in good condition and have central support. Failure to do this will void the warranty.

The warranty covers manufacturing faults in the mattress such as indents or sagging deeper than 1.5 inches and includes the mattress cover. It does not cover normal wear and tear and natural softening of the mattress over time.

Kingsdown warranties are only valid for the original owners, provided they purchased from an authorized third-party seller. It is not transferrable if the mattress changes owner.

Buy a Kingsdown Mattress if:

  • You want to sleep cool

Kingsdown hybrid mattresses sleep cool thanks to their innerspring support core, which allows excellent air circulation inside the mattress. Their covers are also very breathable. If avoiding heat retention is especially important to you, we recommend selecting a hybrid model with latex or gel foam comfort layers.
Motion isolation is especially important to you

Kingsdown mattresses are very good at isolating movement from one side of the bed to the other. This means that you won’t be able to feel your partner’s movements at a level that will disturb you during the night. In particular, the all-foam mattresses in the Sleep Haven collection provide exceptional motion isolation and are practically silent.

  • You want an airbed

Although you may associate airbeds with camping trips or weekends away with relatives, a premium airbed like the Kingsdown Sleep Smart or BodyPerfect models can be an excellent choice as a permanent mattress. These models feature an innerspring support core and allow you to adjust the airflow to the mattress’ chambers to relieve pressure and discomfort.

  • You need pressure relief

Kingsdown mattresses feature comfort layers made from latex, gel and memory foams. These materials can adapt closely to the shape of your sleeping body and relieve uncomfortable pressure on your joints.

  • You want a range of luxury mattress options

Kingsdown manufacture a very wide range of mattresses including hybrids, all-foam models and airbeds. These come in a full range of firmness options. If you have the budget available, there should be a Kingsdown mattress to suit almost any taste.

  • You want to try before you buy

Kingsdown mattresses are sold in bricks-and-mortar stores nationwide. So, they’re a good choice for shoppers who want to try a mattress out instore before they commit to making a purchase.

Alternatives to the Kingsdown Mattress

Many of our readers are attracted to the pressure relief and support that a Kingsdown mattress offers but are put off by the price or wish to buy a mattress online. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable alternatives to the Kingsdown mattress range. Here are our top three.

Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress is Sleep Aim’s top-rated all-foam bed. It is engineered to provide excellent back support and sleeps far cooler than most affordable memory foam mattresses. Like Kingsdown mattresses, it provides a good level of pressure relief to prevent discomfort in your joints.

The Puffy mattress is classed as medium on the firmness scale, which means it has the softness that side sleepers need to relieve pressure on their hips and shoulders. This is especially handy for people who have a light or average body weight.

Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed has a support system made from high-density polyfoam and comfort layers made from highly adaptable memory foam. This combination helps to encourage your spine into a healthy alignment while providing the pressure relief you need for your joints. The Novosbed features aerated memory foam, which helps it sleep cooler than standard memory foam because it is more breathable.

If you’re looking for something specific when it comes to firmness, the Novosbed may be the best low-cost mattress for you. It has three firmness settings, but you can opt to use the Comfort+ feature which allows you to customize the firmness for your needs. This means that a wide range of people will find the Novosbed comfortable.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress has a supportive polyfoam base layer and comfort layers made from adaptable gel-infused memory foam. This means that the Nectar provides both back support and pressure relief for your joints. The Nectar mattress is a medium firm option, which is also known as universal comfort because it suits most sleep positions and body weights. Therefore, it’s a great option for couples with differing sleep styles and combi-sleepers.

One feature that differentiates the Nectar mattress from many other memory foam beds is its ability to control temperature. The Nectar’s foams are made using an open-cell structure which allows heat to escape easily. The comfort layer also features gel particles with the ability to wick heat away during the night.


Do you still have questions about the Kingsdown mattress range? Here are some of our Kingsdown mattress FAQs with our expert advice.

Q: Can side sleepers use a Kingsdown mattress?

A: Kingsdown mattresses are suitable for side sleepers because they feature adaptable comfort layers with the ability to conform to the side of your body. This helps to ease pressure, especially around the hips and shoulders. Make sure you select the correct mattress firmness for your sleeping position and body weight. You can find advice on how to do this earlier in the article.

Q: What firmness are Kingsdown mattresses?

A: Kingsdown manufacture mattresses in a wide range of firmness options. They also offer split firmness and customizable firmness models.

Q: What are the thickness measurements of Kingsdown mattresses?

A: Kingsdown do not currently publish detailed specifications for their mattresses, and this includes overall thickness measurements. We’ll update this section if information becomes available.

Q: Do Kingsdown mattresses sleep cool?

A: Kingsdown mattresses are well-designed for sleeping cool, especially their hybrid options which have comfort layers made from latex or gel memory foam. This is because these models are extremely breathable. Kingsdown mattresses also come with cooling covers.

Q: Do I have to wait before I can sleep on my Kingsdown mattress?

A: Kingsdown mattresses are not shipped in compressed packaging. This means that you won’t need to allow for decompression time and can sleep on your new mattress as soon as you like.

Q: What type of mattresses do Kingsdown make?

A: Kingsdown produce a wide range of mattress types. This includes all-foam, hybrids combining an innerspring core with latex, memory foam and gel foam comfort layers and premium airbeds.

Q: How durable are Kingsdown mattresses?

A: Kingsdown mattresses are high-quality products made using premium materials. They should last upwards of 10 years with proper care.

Q: Do Kingsdown mattresses release an off-gassing smell?

A: Kingsdown mattresses that feature layers of gel or memory foam release a harmless off-gassing smell which dissipates after a few days. This is because of the type of material used and is true of all foam beds.

Q: Is it simple to return a Kingsdown mattress?

A: There is no blanket returns policy for Kingsdown mattresses because they are exclusively sold through third-party retailers. You will need to consult the returns policy of the company you bought the mattress from.

Q: Which foundations can I use for a Kingsdown mattress?

A: You can use most frames and bases with Kingsdown mattresses as long as they are the right size and provide strong central support. Otherwise, this could cause damage to the mattress and void the warranty.

The bottom line

Kingsdown produce a wide range of premium, luxury mattresses. They’re a great choice for customers with a higher budget who want excellent support, comfort and pressure relief. They are also good options if you’re keen to try your mattress out instore first.

Buying a mattress is an important investment, so you should do plenty of research before you make a decision. Check out the great sleep resources here at Sleep Aim to get yourself fully clued up on all things mattress.

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