Is the Purple Mattress Good for Heavy Person?

Purple claims that their mattress is perfect for heavy sleepers. If you weigh more than 230 pounds and are interested in a bed from this brand, this article will help you determine whether these claims are true or false.

Are Purple Mattresses Good for Heavy Sleepers?

According to Consumer Affairs, the Purple mattress has a medium firmness rating. This disqualifies it as an ideal option for a plus-size sleeper. The body of a plus-size sleeper exerts more pressure on a bed. Therefore, a medium firmness setting will be too soft. Secondly, a medium firmness mattress is unable to support the weight of a person weighing more than 230lbs. In most cases, you will wake up with a sore back.

On social media, several shoulder and hip pain complaints have been made by Purple mattress owners, especially those who weigh more than 200lbs. According to these complaints, heavy sleepers often wake up with sore hips and shoulders.

Besides the above complaints, there is also another review on YouTube that highlights the drawbacks of heavy persons sleeping on a Purple mattress.

According to the reviewer, the Purple mattress heightened her husband’s shoulder pain forcing him to toss and turn all night long. The reviewer began experiencing hip and back problems. Due to these issues, she was forced to return the mattress. Fortunately, Purple honored their warranty, and she was able to switch to another bed.

What is the Weight Limit of a Purple Mattress?

Purple claims that the maximum weight limit of their mattresses is 300lbs per person. That translates into a maximum of 600lbs for the entire bed. Compared to brands such as the Saatva which has a limit of 500lbs per person, Purple’s weight limit is lower. It means there is a good chance it won’t be comfy enough if you are a heavier sleeper. The Purple mattress was made mainly for average-weight sleepers. Therefore, if you weigh more than 230 pounds, you are better off with a more durable bed that accommodates your weight.

Wy Do Purple Mattresses Feel So Good When You Test Them?

If you have a Purple Mattress store near you and prefer to buy mattresses the old-fashioned way by testing them, you will be amazed at how good they feel. Undeniably, Purple mattresses perform well in the first few weeks. The problems usually kick in later on.

When mattress testing, Purple may seem like an excellent option. However, can you judge a mattress by sleeping on it for a few minutes? Probably not! Purple mattresses feel so good when you test them because the materials are fairly new. Before buying a mattress, it’s crucial to always go through user reviews. That’s the best way to get first-hand information about a bed.

Anyway, if you feel like a Purple mattress is the right choice, here is our expert advice. You can buy the bed and make use of the 100-night trial. During this period, you can determine whether the mattress is comfortable for a heavy person. Make sure that you don’t go against their return policy. Otherwise, you may be stuck with an uncomfortable bed.

Are Purple Mattresses Firm Enough for Heavy Sleepers?

If you weigh more than 230lbs, you must be mindful of a mattress’s firmness level. Ideally, the recommended firmness level of a plus-size bed should be 7 to 8 out of 10. Such a firmness level will be supportive enough, and the mattress won’t sink in when you sleep on it.

The Purple mattress has a medium firmness level of 5 out of 10. Such a firmness level is most conducive to average-weight sleepers. As a plus-size person, such a bed will be too soft. It will be vice versa for a light sleeper. Unless you prefer sagging deep into a mattress, the firmness of the Purple bed isn’t supportive enough for a heavy sleeper.

How are Purple Beds Constructed?

Going through the construction of a Purple mattress can help us understand better why this bed isn’t ideal for heavy persons. To kick things off, the original Purple mattress measures ten inches thick. The first four inches comprise dense support foam which holds your weight. Beneath that is three and a half inches of comfort polyfoam that transitions the comfort and support layer. The rest of the bed is made using hyper-elastic polymer. A stretchy and breathable cover on the mattress’s surface ensures you sleep cooler every night.

As you may have seen above, there are no coils to enhance the mattress’s support. It’s just memory foam and hyper-elastic polymer. Unlike coils which will bounce back when you exert pressure on them, memory foam compresses and loses its elasticity. After some time, it sags permanently, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Do Purple Beds Have Great Motion Isolation?

If you are a plus-sized sleeper and your partner is of average weight, you don’t want to wake them up when you turn at night. The good news is that the hyper-elastic polymer is very good at absorbing motion. With such a bed, you won’t be able to feel your partner’s movements no matter how much they weigh.

What about Edge Support and Temperature Regulation?

Purple mattress received many complaints a few years ago regarding edge support. However, in 2019, they introduced a foam border to ensure the edges are strong and stable. This was a great move done by Purple. However, it’s unfortunate that plus-size sleepers may not enjoy the benefits of this foam border aid. If you are more than 200lbs, you will notice a decent amount of sinkage whenever you sit on the edge.

Even though this bed wasn’t made to cater to the needs of a heavy sleeper, the temperature regulation capabilities are amazing. Purple mattresses contain a grid design with air pockets that facilitate easy heat dissipation. Therefore, the Purple mattress will give you a better experience if you sleep hotter at night.

Is a Purple Bed Suitable for Different Sleeping Positions?

Before we even get started with the different sleeping positions that a Purple mattress can accommodate, allow us to address the issue of body types. As we have discussed earlier, Purple mattresses are conducive for average-weight sleepers. Therefore, if you are more than 230 pounds, this bed will feel very soft when you sleep on it.

Moving on to sleeping positions, a Purple mattress doesn’t leave a heavy sleeper with many options. During the first few days, it will have a medium firmness that suits back and stomach sleepers. But when it starts to form indentations, you will no longer be able to maintain a neutral spinal alignment whether you sleep on your stomach or back. Due to the lack of support, a purple mattress isn’t the best option for side sleepers.

Sleepers with Heavy Body Types Should Consider the Purple Hybrid Models

If you are a fan of the Purple brand or like some of their mattresses’ features, there is still another option worth exploring: their hybrid models. Purple makes hybrid mattresses, and unlike their memory foam options, these have more support and can ensure heavier individuals sleep comfortably without any problems.

What Complaints Have Sleepers Made about Purple Mattresses?

Now that we have ruled out Purple mattresses aren’t good for heavy sleepers, it’s important that we also list other issues people have had with this brand.

• Sagging Complaints

Purple beds tend to sag prematurely. There are reports of sagging occurring within a year after purchase. This is an issue that many average-weight sleepers have raised. You can only imagine how quick a Purple bed would sag if a plus-size individual sleeps on it. Heavy sleepers should avoid mattresses that sag prematurely because such beds can be a source of body aches and pain.

• They Use Fiberglass Flame Retardant

For a while now, Purple has been dodging fiberglass allegations. The brand has tried to conceal the fact that its mattresses contain fiberglass. This has led to innocent buyers risking their health and property by bringing a bed that contains fiberglass into their homes. The tiny shards of fiberglass used in Purple mattresses can irritate your skin and organs. It can also contaminate clothing and furniture.

What Should Heavy People Look for in a Mattress?

Since Purple doesn’t have what it takes to be referred to as a suitable mattress for a heavy person, Sleep Aim will share some qualities you should be on the lookout for.

  • The perfect mattress for a heavy person should be able to distribute weight evenly. This ensures that all parts of the body benefit from adequate pressure relief.
  • It would be best to consider a firm mattress, not a medium-firm bed. The latter tends to be very soft for a plus-size person. However, a firm bed will offer support without sinking.
  • The other factor you need to consider is durability. A mattress with a lower weight limit won’t carry your weight for long. It will sag or break down sooner than anticipated.
  • Look for a bed with excellent edge support. Folks weighing more than 200 pounds need strong edge support that will make it easy to get in and out of bed.
  • You should consider a hybrid, latex, or innerspring mattress. The typical memory foam doesn’t do very well for heavy sleepers.


Q: Is a Purple mattress worth spending money on?

A: If you are of average weight, you can buy a Purple mattress. However, the fact that it sags prematurely and contains fiberglass should raise some red flags.

Q: Where can I try a Purple bed?

A: This brand has various stores located all over the country. You can use their store locator to find a shop near you. There, you can try a Purple bed.

Q: Do heavy people need a firmer mattress?

A: Yes, a heavy person should sleep strictly on a firm mattress. Anything below 6.5 will be too soft.


The bottom line is that Purple mattresses aren’t good for a heavy person. If you need a durable bed that can withstand the weight of a heavy sleeper and resists sagging, here are some of the best Purple mattress alternatives.

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