Is Nectar Mattress Good for Heavy Person? (Truth Revealed!)

The Nectar mattress boasts of a robust construction and unique design. It contains three layers of memory foam that provide adequate support. It is known to meet a wide range of sleeping requirements and positions. But is the Nectar mattress good for a heavy person?

We all have varying sleeping positions and styles. When mattress shopping, we must focus on options that meet these requirements. One critical requirement sleepers’ need to consider is weight. If you are plus-sized or fairly big, you should find a mattress that offers adequate support, pressure relief, and comfort.

Nectar is one of the most reliable mattress brands in the market. Before buying it, you need to figure out whether it is suitable for a heavy person. As you may already know, choosing the wrong mattress, especially if you are a heavy sleeper, will have severe consequences.

To help our readers make an informed decision, we took the initiative to test and research the Nectar mattress. Below are our unbiased findings on whether the Nectar mattress is suitable for a heavy person.

A Brief Overview of the Nectar Brand and Mattress

A mattress is only as good as the brand manufacturing it. That’s why we have to introduce who they are. This is a brand that is based in Palo Alto in, California. Known in full as Nectar Sleep, this brand was launched in 2017. Undeniably, it may not be the oldest mattress manufacturer in the market. But it’s one of the best.

The Nectar mattress is this company’s flagship memory foam bed. It is available in three thickness levels; the Nectar Premier Copper measuring 14-inches, Nectar Premier measuring 13-inches and Nectar measuring 12-inches.

You will find three memory foam layers in all Nectar mattresses: high-core, dynamic support, and gel memory foam. These layers of foam are surrounded by a shift-resistant lower cover and a quilted cool cover.

All these features sound great. But should you buy the nectar mattress for a heavy person? The only way to find out is to dig deeper into the mattress features.

What is Inside a Nectar Mattress?

1. The TENCEL Cover

You will see a TENCEL cover infused with cotton at the uppermost part of the mattress. TENCEL comprises lyocell fibers that have an extremely pleasant touch. It is combined with cotton to improve breathability. No matter how much you weigh, your body should feel great when you lay on the Tencel cover.

2. Quilted and Gel Memory Foam 

Beneath the TENCEL cover are two comfort layers: quilted and gel memory foam. The reason why we have categorized these two together is that they offer comfort. The quilted cover measures an inch long, and it is made up of 4PCF density memory foam. The gel memory foam is three inches long. These two work together to make you feel like the mattress is embracing you. If you are a heavy sleeper and prefer the hugging feeling of memory foam, the comfort layer of the Nectar will relieve pressure points and promote proper spinal alignment.

3. Transitional Layer 

This is a feature that distinguishes Nectar from other basic memory foam mattresses. The transitional layer comprises 1.75 inches of high-density memory foam. The purpose of the transitional layer is to prevent the mattress from sagging as your body lays on it.

4. Support Layer

The last layer on the Nectar mattress is the support layer. It entails a 2.2 PCF high-density polyfoam which has a thickness of 5.25. This particular layer is mostly beneficial to heavy sleepers because it’s the one that offers support.

When you look at the four layers in a Nectar mattress, you will understand how this bed can balance comfort and support. The top layers are mostly in charge of comfort and relieving pressure points. The bottom layers, which contain the transitional and support layer, give the Nectar mattress its medium level of firmness.

Is the Nectar Mattress Only for Heavy Sleepers?

Heavy side sleepers aren’t the only ones that can benefit from this mattress. Before we list other types of sleepers that will enjoy a goodnight’s sleep on the Nectar, it’s worth mentioning that this mattress features a slightly more than medium level of firmness. It is conducive only to heavy sleepers who appreciate memory foam’s hugging sensation. If you are a heavy sleeper that prefers an extra firm mattress, you should explore other options.

With that in mind, here are the experiences different types of sleepers will have on the Nectar;

  • Average sleeper – An average sleeper will have a great time on the Nectar. It will offer adequate support and moderate sinkage. It won’t sag, and the motion isolation will be impressive.
  • Lightweight sleeper – For a lightweight sleeper, the Nectar bed, with a firmness level of 7/10, will be too firm. Unlike heavy sleepers who will experience a hugging sensation, lightweight sleepers may experience minimal sinkage.

How to Determine If the Nectar Mattress is Right for a Heavy Person?

Even though our review has touched on all aspects of the Nectar mattress that make it good for heavy sleepers, you may still have some doubts. The good news is that this bed comes with a one-year trial duration. This is a very long duration for you to answer the question – is the Nectar mattress good for fat people? A mattress with such a lengthy trial gives you peace of mind knowing that you can always return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Which Sleeping Positions are Suitable for the Nectar Mattress?

As much as weight plays a critical role in determining whether the Nectar mattress is right for you, your favorite sleeping positions are also a key contributor. We have already seen that the Nectar mattress can accommodate heavy sleepers. Let’s see which sleeping positions are most comfortable on a Nectar bed.

  • Side sleeper – Since the Nectar mattress provides adequate sinkage, side sleepers will enjoy maximum pressure relief. This will happen when the shoulders and hips sink into the mattress. Because of these capabilities, the Nectar mattress is best for side sleepers.
  • Back sleeper – The Nectar mattress is supportive enough for light back sleepers. It’s unfortunate that it can’t adequately support heavy back sleepers. Because of the gel memory foam, heavy back sleepers will feel as if they are trapped inside the mattress.
  • Stomach sleepers – This is the worst mattress for stomach sleepers. Because it’s soft, it will sink around the stomach area, putting your body in an unhealthy posture. If you regularly sleep on your stomach, go for a firmer mattress.

This bed is best for heavy side sleepers. Stomach, back and combination sleepers may have trouble sleeping on the Nectar mattress. Besides that, this mattress is great for couples. It features excellent edge support and motion isolation, ensuring you and your loved one sleep comfortably without any interruption.

What’s It Like Sleeping on a Nectar Mattress?

As mentioned earlier, the Nectar mattress has a level of firmness slightly above medium. On the firmness scale that measures from 0 to 10, the Nectar mattress can be ranked at 7.

Plus-size sleepers are encouraged to sleep on a bed with a firmness of 6 to 8, the latter being the firmest level for heavier sleepers. The Nectar mattress can be categorized as the entry-level option for heavier sleepers because of where it falls on this scale.

A Nectar mattress gives you the feeling of sleeping in a mattress instead of sleeping on it. It is firm enough to accommodate the weight of a plus-size sleeper. But it will sink slightly deeper into the surface. The Nectar mattress is a great option for heavy sleepers who appreciate memory foam’s hugging feeling. It’s not like those extra firm mattresses where you feel like you are lying on a rock.

The Nectar mattress won’t be as comfortable as described on the first day. That’s because this bed requires some time to breathe after setup. It is advisable to set up the Nectar mattress in the morning so that it expands and reaches the ideal thickness and height by evening.


Q: What firmness level does the Nectar mattress have?

A: The Nectar mattress has a medium firmness level of 6 out of 10. It’s enough to support your body without sinking deeper into the mattress.

Q: Is the Nectar mattress foldable?

A: It’s not just the Nectar mattress, but all beds shouldn’t be folded. When you fold a mattress, you weaken its structure. Doing so may void your warranty.

Q: What is the maximum weight capacity of a Nectar mattress?

A: according to the manufacturer, a Nectar bed can withstand a weight of 650 pounds. It’s a clear indication that this bed was designed for heavy sleepers.

Q: How heavy is a Nectar mattress?

A: It weighs around 40 to 80lbs. it’s not very heavy. You can set it up all by yourself.

Q: Is the Nectar mattress flippable?

A: The Nectar mattress offers comfort and support on only one side. If you flip it, you will be sleeping on the support layer, not the comfort layer.

Bottom Line – Is the Nectar Mattress Good for Heavy People?

In summary, this bed is only suitable for heavy side sleepers. It provides adequate support and pressure relief which is beneficial to heavy sleepers. Secondly, the mattress is made using durable materials, and when you compare its price tag, the Nectar guarantees value for money. If you have been considering getting the Nectar mattress and you are worried about being too heavy, the above review should clarify your concerns.

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