Is Lull Mattress Good for Heavy People?

Lull has an article titled the best mattress for all body types. Here, they discuss how their beds are designed to meet the sleeping needs of every person irrespective of their body weight. However, as a plus-size sleeper, you are used to such claims, only to be disappointed when you finally get to sleep on that mattress. To ensure you don’t fall victim to such claims, Sleep Aim took the initiative to research whether Lull mattresses are suitable for heavy persons. Keep on reading to find out what we discovered.

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Should a Heavy Person Sleep on a Lull Mattress?

Sleep Aim looked into reviews posted on different platforms to determine whether Lull mattress claims are true. We started with the most popular ecommerce platform, Amazon. Here, we came across tons of positive reviews regarding the Lull mattress being excellent for heavy persons.

The first review, made by an individual weighing 280 lbs, complimented and recommended Lull beds for heavy folks. The reviewer praised the Lull mattress for being supportive and providing a decent amount of hug. The review was posted a week after the purchase.

There was also another review on Amazon that was posted by a 260 lbs sleeper. He also recommended the Lull mattress and pointed out how comfy it is. This particular sleeper had been sleeping on the Lull mattress for two weeks.

The research team at Sleep Aim was almost convinced that its true Lull mattresses are good for heavy people. But the thing that drew our attention was why these reviews are only posted by sleepers who have owned the mattresses for one or two weeks. As a mattress review website that has been in this game for many years. We know that to understand a mattress’s capabilities fully, you must sleep on it for several weeks. A week or two isn’t enough for you to make a conclusion about a certain mattress.

Because of the above doubts, we headed to Reddit, where we found conflicting information. A certain sleeper weighing 183 lbs had noticed an indentation in the middle of the bed a month after sleeping on a Lull bed. This particular Lull mattress customer was furious and decided to return the bed.

The Reddit review confirmed our doubts that Lull mattresses are great for heavy sleepers within the first few weeks. However, after some time, these beds form indentations commonly known as sagging, making them not ideal for heavy sleepers interested in long-term support and pressure relief.

Let Us Examine the Lull Mattress Construction

Reviews aside, the construction of a mattress can help you determine if it’s suitable for a heavy sleeper. Below is a brief overview of a Lull mattress construction.

The Lull bed has a seven-inch foam base layer. This is located at the bottom. It is then followed by a one-and-a-half-inch transition layer made of blended foams. Next is a comfort layer that measures one and a half inches. It comprises a memory foam layer. The comfort layer is responsible for the hugging sensation, and it is wrapped by a polyester and rayon cover.

You need to understand that memory foam isn’t the best material for a plus-size mattress. Due to the additional weight, memory foam cannot retain its structure for very long. This is why such beds tend to sag sooner when a heavy person sleeps on them. If it were latex which is stronger than memory foam or innerspring, there would be more resistance to the pressure exerted by the plus-size sleeper. Therefore, other than reviews, the construction of a Lull mattress isn’t designed for a heavy sleeper. Indeed, if it were, there would be more support.

What is the Weight Limit of a Lull Mattress?

According to Lull, their mattresses are constructed to accommodate a total weight of 500 lbs. This means that each mattress will accommodate the weight of two people, each not weighing more than 250 lbs.

Using these figures provided by Lull themselves, it makes no sense how such a mattress will support a sleeper weighing 280 lbs. In the first few days, you may not notice any problems. However, after a month or two, that’s when the issues will kick in.

Even if you are 200 lbs, it means that eventually, this bed will be unable to support your weight because you are close to the limit. After six or twelve months, the mattress could sink. The sagging will be more serious if you and your partner are plus-sized and don’t rotate the mattress.

Is There Any Other Issue Heavy Sleepers Should Know about Lull Mattresses?

We came across a YouTube review in our quest to find out whether Lull mattresses are comfortable for heavy sleepers. This review doesn’t discuss anything about Lull mattresses and heavy persons. But there’s one thing you will appreciate knowing. The reviewer mentions that Lull mattresses sleep hotter than most beds.

When you look at the size of the reviewer, she seems to be less than 200 pounds. Heavy sleepers struggle a lot sleeping on a bed that doesn’t have advanced temperature control. The reason is that the bodies of heavy sleepers rest a bigger surface area on the mattress. Therefore, a significant amount of the mattress is covered. If there is no heat dissipation mechanism, you will most likely wake up drenched in sweat.

If an average-weight sleeper is complaining of sleeping hot, imagine how uncomfortable it would be to sleep on such a mattress as a plus-size individual. As you ponder whether Lull mattresses are good for plus-size sleepers, it’s crucial to know that this bed isn’t the most breathable. The presence of memory foam worsens the situation.

Dangers Associated with a Heavy Person Sleeping on an Unsupportive Mattresses

So far, it’s clear that Lull mattresses only offer initial comfort to heavy sleepers. After some time, the beds will start to sink, and as if that’s not enough, indentations may form. Why should heavy sleepers avoid sleeping on an unsupportive mattress like the Lull?

• Discomfort

During the first few days, you may never want to get out of your Lull mattress because it will offer you a decent amount of hug and exceptional support. However, the bed won’t be comfortable when the memory foam loses its strength. You won’t be comfortable because your weight won’t be evenly distributed. Therefore, your body won’t be naturally aligned on the mattress.

• Body Aches and Pain

If you think spending a night on an uncomfortable mattress is terrible, wait till you wake up with a sore back, hip or shoulders. Since your body isn’t supported, excess pressure will be applied to sensitive points such as the back, hips and shoulders. If you don’t know that the unsupportive mattress is to blame, you may endure a lot of suffering treating the wrong diseases.

• May Worsen the Symptoms of Certain Ailments

Do you have arthritis or any other pain-related problem? An unsupportive mattress will worsen the symptoms. If you are living with any pain-related condition, your body must receive adequate support and pressure relief when sleeping. As a heavy person sleeping on a Lull mattress, you won’t get either.

• Can Lead to Insomnia

When you pile up weeks of body ache and discomfort caused by your unsupportive mattress, you will have difficulty falling asleep. Even if you do, you will always wake up because of the discomfort or pain. As a result, you may turn into an insomniac.

• An Unsupportive Mattress Will Make You Less Productive

Sleep is important for productivity. If you are not getting much of it, then there is a good chance that you will be less productive. You may be lazy at work or start dosing off in the afternoon.

Considering these risks, you must find the right mattress strictly made for heavy sleepers. Even though the Lull mattress has a decent price tag and offers the hugging sensation of memory foam, it’s not ideal for heavy individuals. If you are shopping for a firm and supportive mattress, we have a comprehensive review of the best mattresses for heavy persons, according to Consumer Reports. In this review, you should find some excellent choices.

You Can Always Utilize Lull Return Policy

In case you have made up your mind about a Lull mattress or have already bought one, it’s never too late. Thanks to Lull’s three hundred- and sixty-five-night return policy. You can try the Lull mattress and determine by yourself if it’s conducive for a heavy sleeper. Should you run into the issues discussed above, you can return the bed and get a refund.

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Q: What is the lifespan of a Lull mattress?

A: These beds can last for up to five years. The problem is that there are reports of sagging occurring within a year or two.

Q: Should the Lull mattress be installed in a box spring?

A: Though not mandatory, a box spring can prolong the lifespan of a Lull bed and prevent sagging.

Q: How firm is the Lull bed?

A: The Lull has a medium firmness rating that ranges from five to six out of ten. Most people, however, find it softer.


Sleeping on a Lull mattress feels like you are on a soft cloud hugging your body. For a heavy sleeper, the sinkage is often deeper than that of an average-weight person. Therefore, the support will be compromised, and you may not be comfortable. There is also the issue of sagging which occurs after some time. If you weigh more than 200 lbs, the Lull mattress shouldn’t be your top pick.

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