Is Layla Mattress Good for Heavy People? 

The Layla mattress is the first of its kind. It features a flippable design, with each side having a different firmness level. On one side, it’s soft, and on the other, it’s firm. As a shopper looking for a new bed, it’s easy to gravitate towards such a mattress. However, if you are plus-sized, it’s essential to take a step back and evaluate whether this bed is made to suit people of all body sizes. As you may already know, most mattresses are made to accommodate average-weight sleepers. If you buy a regular bed, there is a huge chance you won’t be comfortable.

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Can a Heavy Person Sleep Comfortably on a Layla Mattress?

Even though the Layla bed wasn’t made exclusively for heavy sleepers, it can offer them the support they need to enjoy a cozy night. Please note that this only applies to the firm side. Heavy sleepers will sink much deeper into the soft side. Therefore, if you are more than 200 lbs and buy a Layla mattress, you should always sleep on the firm side. You can sleep on the soft side on rare occasions when you need to experience pressure relief from memory foam’s hugging sensation.

How did we know that the Layla bed is great for heavy sleepers? If you are one of our regular readers, you can testify that Sleep Aim is very keen on research. Before arriving at the above conclusion, we analyzed plenty of reviews and user feedback.

Our search for whether Layla mattresses are suitable for heavy persons started on Amazon. Here we filtered only through the reviews that touch on plus-size sleepers. The first review was posted by a lady who mentioned how much she and her husband love the mattress. You should know the husband is more than 240 pounds and suffers from joint issues. They have owned the Layla mattress for a year, which has served them well. The husband no longer wakes up with sore joints.

We also came across a similar review of another Layla mattress on Reddit. The owner weighs 190 lbs and suffers from minor hip and shoulder issues. This particular client has also owned the Layla bed for a year and is very happy.

What is the Weight Limit of Layla Mattress?

Many standard mattresses have a weight limit of 500 lbs which translates to 250 lbs per person. However, the Layla bed has a higher weight limit of 400 lbs per person. That adds up to 800 lbs. This explains a lot when it comes to why these beds can support heavy sleepers.

With a higher weight limit, a Layla mattress can support a heavy sleeper weighing up to 300 lbs. If you were considering buying a Layla bed, you should know that it is suitable for heavier persons.

Layla Memory Foam vs. Layla Hybrid – Which is Better for Heavier Persons?

Technically, Layla isn’t a plus-size mattress. It was made for average-weight sleepers. It’s only that the firm side of this mattress can support and offer comfort to a heavy sleeper. We have some great options worth considering if you are interested in a bed made explicitly for heavy sleepers.

If you look at the Layla brand, you will see that they make two types of mattresses; foam and hybrid. The latter features additional pocketed coils. We will offer a quick overview of both options so that you can choose which is best for a plus-size sleeper.

• Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Undeniably, Layla is one of the most popular memory foam mattresses. It has two firmness levels. The soft side can be rated a 4/10 on the firmness scale. The firm side can be rated 7.5/10. The Layla bed construction is pretty interesting. The top layer is made of three-inch copper-infused memory foam. This isn’t the typical memory foam. It bounces back really fast. Beneath that is a two-inch transition layer that resembles an egg crate foam. Its purpose is to soften the mattress, so it’s not as firm as the support layer, which measures four and a half inches. At the bottom of the bed is a one-inch comfort layer that belongs to the firm side.

• Layla Hybrid

The Layla hybrid isn’t very different from the memory foam option. It has two and a half inches of soft memory foam that adds some cushioning to the soft side. There is a soft transition layer that borders the support core. The support layer comprises pocketed coils responsible for the mattress’s bounce, spring, and responsiveness. These coils are much stronger than the poly foam used in the above Layla bed. After the support core, there is a film transition next to the firm comfort layer containing an inch of copper-infused memory foam.

Between these two, the best Layla bed for a heavier sleeper is the Layla hybrid. The reason for this is that the hybrid uses pocket coils. Unlike memory foam, pocket coils are more supportive and durable. If you are familiar with memory foam, it losses strength after a while. Even though the Layla memory foam can serve you for several years, it will eventually bow down to the pressure exerted by your weight. Coil springs, on the other hand, are more resistant to pressure. If you choose the Layla brand, opt for the hybrid.

How Does the Layla Mattress Feel When a Heavy Person Sleeps On It?

One of the benefits of mattress shopping at a store is that you can have a feel of the bed and determine if it’s right for you. However, of late many mattress brands prefer to sell their beds strictly online. Layla is an example of one of these brands. Since you cannot test a mattress when you buy it online, we will give you an overview of how it feels to sleep on a Layla mattress if you are a heavy person.

Because Layla has two sides, there are two types of experiences you can expect. A heavy sleeper will sink deeper into the foam on the soft side. The excessive sinking can be uncomfortable unless you like the hugging feeling of memory foam. Heavy sleepers are advised against sleeping on this side.

The firm side of the Layla mattress is where the magic happens. The coils or dense foam will support your body, depending on the Layla bed you are sleeping on.

The firm side of the Layla balances both support and comfort since it has a layer of memory foam. That layer will allow moderate sinkage into the mattress and relieve pressure points. As a heavy sleeper, you may not notice much response from the bed. The reason for that is because the Layla is made using memory foam.

Is the Layla Mattress Durable?

Layla beds are expected to have a lifespan of around ten years. However, as we all know, that’s a marketing gimmick. The longest a Layla mattress can serve a plus-size sleeper is five or seven years. As much as mattress manufacturers hype their products, shoppers must be realistic. Memory foam can’t be referred to as a durable mattress material. After some time, it will wear out and lose its shape.

The likelihood of this happening is even higher if you are a plus-size sleeper. Remember when we said these beds aren’t technically made for heavy sleepers? When choosing a Layla mattress, you must understand that you may have to replace it after a while. Certain sleeping habits such as sleeping in one spot/side and failure to rotate the mattress can cause the Layla mattress to sag faster. Sagging is more rampant in Layla memory foam than in the Layla hybrid.

The Edge Support is Below Average

The Layla bed has got tons of great features. However, there is one drawback that any plus-size sleeper needs to know about before buying this mattress. The edge support is poor. When you sit on the edge, it sinks deeper into the mattress. For a plus-size sleeper, this can lead to several issues in the future. For instance, getting in and out of bed will be a challenge. Also, you won’t be able to utilize the entire mattress.

You Can Make Use of the Layla 120-Night Trial Period

Layla offers its customers a 120-night trial period. During this time, you can test the mattress and determine if it’s ideal for a heavy sleeper. It will take a few weeks to try the bed. If you have no time or patience to test the Layla mattress, you should buy a mattress made explicitly for heavy sleepers.


Q: Is Layla a good mattress?

A: From the many positive reviews we have seen online, Layla is a good mattress brand.

Q: How long does a Layla mattress last?

A: It can serve you for five to seven years.

Q: Is the Layla hybrid flippable?

A: Both the memory foam and hybrid Layla mattresses are flippable. They have a firm and soft side.

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The Layla bed has wowed many people with its flippable design. Unlike most memory foam mattresses, it has proven capable of supporting a plus-size sleeper’s weight. However, it’s not durable and may serve you for a short period. If you weigh more than 200 lbs and want to sleep on a flippable Layla mattress, it’s best to choose the hybrid.

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