Ikea Mattress Warranty – Compare To Other Brands

While Ikea may conjure images of flat-pack furniture, it also stocks a wide range of own-brand mattresses. Ikea’s mattress range includes innerspring, foam, hybrid, and latex models, all for very affordable prices. It offers a wide range of choices, and there should be an Ikea mattress to suit most tastes, sleeping styles, and wallets.

One of the most critical factors to look out for when you’re shopping for a new mattress is the warranty length and terms. A warranty protects you in case of a manufacturing defect, so it’s essential to make sure that you’re happy with the policy before parting with your hard-earned money. So, how does the Ikea mattress warranty stack up? In this article, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about Ikea mattress warranties to help you make your decision.

Are you unsure whether an Ikea mattress is right for you? The Puffy range is our favorite alternative to an Ikea bed. We recommend checking out Puffy’s affordable, comfortable, and durable mattresses before making a final decision.

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Ikea Mattress Range

There are 14 different mattresses in Ikea’s range, including spring, foam, hybrid, and latex beds. These mattresses mainly have polyester and rayon covers and come at very affordable prices.

Ikea Innerspring and Hybrid Mattresses

There are six innerspring and hybrid mattresses in Ikea’s range.

  • Hasvåg: This mattress has a Bonnell coil support system with a comfort layer made from polyfoam.
  • Haugesund: The Haugesund mattress features individually pocketed coils in the support core and a polyfoam comfort layer.
  • Haugsvär: This mattress has the same construction as the Haugesund, except the profile is thicker, and the foam comfort layer is denser.
  • Hesstun: The Hesstun mattress has a support core made from wrapped innerspring coils and a layer of microcoils above for cushioning. It has a polyfoam comfort system.
  • Hjellestad: This hybrid model has a support core made from pocketed innersprings topped with a layer of cushioning microcoils. The comfort system features fiberfill, polyfoam, and adaptable memory foam.
  • Holmsbu: This hybrid mattress has a pocketed innerspring support core with two layers of microcoils above for cushioning. The comfort system features fiberfill, polyfoam, and gel-infused memory foam. It has a breathable cotton and polyester blend cover.

Ikea Foam and Latex Mattresses

Ikea makes eight all-foam mattresses featuring polyfoam, memory foam, or latex.

  • Minnesund: This mattress is made entirely from polyfoam with a dense support core and no comfort system.
  • Meistervik: This bed is a thicker version of the previous model.
  • Morgedal: The Morgedal mattress features a dense polyfoam support core and a polyfoam comfort layer.
  • Matrand: The Matrand mattress has a dense poly foam support layer. You can choose between a memory foam or latex comfort system.
  • Myrbacka: This mattress has a support core made from dense polyfoam and features lamb’s wool. You can choose between a memory foam or latex comfort system.
  • Morgongåva: This mattress features layers of both natural and synthetic latex. It is available in-store only.

Ikea mattress firmness settings range from medium to firm. Ikea will deliver to the contiguous United States, although many of the mattresses come rolled up and can fit inside a regular family car. There is no white glove delivery available or mattress removal service.

One of the stand-out features of the Ikea mattress range is its sleep trial. The trial is a whopping 365 days long, significantly longer than average for the mattress industry, and you can return the mattress at any time during this period for a full refund. However, bear in mind that your bed must be in a hygienic condition, so we recommend covering it with a mattress protector to keep it clean.

However, Ikea mattresses aren’t as durable as some more expensive options, which is expected given their low price points. There is also a limited range of size options, and there are no medium soft or soft models. If you need a less common size or a softer bed, you may be better off shopping elsewhere.

Ikea Mattress Warranty Length

All the Ikea mattress models listed above come with a 25-year limited warranty. This is significantly more generous than the average policy in the mattress industry, which is just ten years. The warranty is entirely non-prorated, which means that Ikea won’t charge you any fees to repair or replace a defective bed. Although the warranty term is relatively long, Ikea recommends getting a new mattress every 8-10 years to maintain comfort and avoid a build-up of allergens.

Ikea Mattress Warranty Validity

The Ikea mattress warranty doesn’t cover sofa bed mattresses, mattress toppers, Jömna mattresses, and crib or children’s mattresses. Although the warranty document doesn’t specifically mention frames, we recommend placing Ikea mattresses on a supportive, stable frame as most mattress warranties are invalid if you use improper support. Ideally, the frame should have a central support leg for a queen-size or larger.

While Ikea doesn’t mention that poor hygiene will invalidate the policy, we recommend taking steps to keep your mattress in a clean condition. Most mattress companies stipulate that you can’t claim under warranty if a bed is dirty, for example, if it’s stained with bodily fluids, for health and safety reasons. As Ikea states that you can’t return a mattress under the sleep trial if it is unsanitary, the same terms may apply with the warranty.

The policy only covers domestic use. Although not explicitly stated, this means that it’s unlikely to cover commercial use such as in a hotel or institution use, for example, as a hospital bed.

The Ikea warranty document recommends several measures you can take to keep your mattress in decent condition. We suggest following them to make sure that the warranty remains valid.

  • Use a mattress topper or protector to keep your mattress hygienic
  • Close the zipper before laundering the cover
  • Vacuum your bed to get rid of allergens
  • Remove stains using an upholstery cleaner
  • If your mattress is double-sided, turn it every three months to prolong its life
  • Avoid folding the mattress

Please note that the warranty will be void if you can’t produce your original proof of purchase. Therefore, we recommend keeping this somewhere safe.

Ikea Mattress Warranty Coverage

The Ikea mattress warranty covers faults related to mattress materials or workmanship. The policy doesn’t contain much detail about what’s covered and the depth of indentations or sagging. It applies to:

  • Springs in innerspring or hybrid mattresses
  • Foam cores
  • Latex cores


The Ikea mattress policy excludes wear and tear or damage caused by accidents or impacts. It doesn’t cover damage caused by improper use, such as cuts and scratches. It also excludes damage caused by inappropriate cleaning methods, improper storage, or placing the mattress outdoors or in humid areas.

As we mentioned above, the Ikea mattress warranty doesn’t cover certain sleep products, children’s mattresses, or beds used in non-domestic settings.

Replacement Terms

If you decide to claim under warranty, Ikea will examine your mattress to determine if it falls under the policy’s terms and conditions. This decision is at Ikea’s sole discretion. If it decides that the bed is defective, it will either repair or replace your mattress at its discretion. The company will pay all the associated costs as long as you make the mattress readily accessible. It will not pay for work unauthorized by the company.

If your mattress is discontinued, Ikea will replace it with the closest comparable product available. It is entirely up to Ikea which product you receive as a replacement.

Ikea Demo and Floor Sample Warranty

We were unable to find information about warranties for Ikea demo and floor sample mattress models. However, mattress warranties typically don’t cover these models.

Making an Ikea Warranty Claim

If you want to make an Ikea mattress warranty claim, you should contact your local store for assistance. Remember to retain your original receipt as the store will ask you to produce it.

Ikea vs. Puffy Mattress Warranty

Before you buy an Ikea mattress, it’s sensible to compare the warranty with other products to decide whether it’s a good deal. The Puffy mattress range is our favorite Ikea alternative, and we recommend taking a look before you buy an Ikea bed. So, how do the Puffy and Ikea mattress warranties stack up?

The most apparent difference between the Ikea and Puffy warranties is the length. Puffy’s warranty term is more generous, offering Lifetime coverage. Therefore, you can claim for a warrantied floor at any time as long as you keep the mattress. Ikea, on the other hand, offers a 25-year time. This is still significantly more extended than the industry standard of 10 years. Whichever you choose, both mattresses have a warranty much longer than the expected lifespan of your bed.

While the coverage of the Puffy and Ikea mattresses is broadly similar, Puffy provides far more detail on what is and isn’t covered. Therefore, you may get more peace of mind from the Puffy mattress warranty as there is no doubt about what constitutes a warranted defect.

Both the Puffy and Ikea mattress warranties are non-prorated. Therefore, neither company will charge you fees to remedy a warrantied defect. However, the resolution offered varies slightly. Ikea will repair or replace your mattress at its discretion, so you won’t have the option to choose which you prefer. However, Puffy will replace your mattress with a new bed if you claim successfully.

Overall, we prefer the Puffy mattress warranty over the Ikea mattress warranty as it has clearer terms and a more extended coverage period. However, both warranties are far better than average and provide generous terms.

Ikea vs. Idle Sleep Mattress Warranty

Idle Sleep is an excellent alternative to a latex Ikea mattress, and we often recommend it to our readers. You should compare both brands carefully to figure out which will suit your needs best. Let’s take a look at how the Ikea and Idle Sleep warranties compare.

Just like Puffy, Idle Sleep offers a Lifetime warranty, the longest term available in the mattress industry. Ikea’s is shorter at 25 years. However, as we mentioned above, both warranty terms are far more generous than average and should cover you for the entire lifespan of your mattress.

The remedy offered by Ikea and Idle Sleep is identical. Both companies will repair or replace your mattress at their discretion. Although Idle Sleep provides far more detail about warrantied defects in its documents, the coverage is also similar. Both warranties are non-prorated, so you don’t need to pay any charges to claim under warranty.

Overall, there’s not much to separate the Ikea and Idle Sleep mattress warranties. However, we slightly prefer the Idle Sleep warranty because of the lifetime policy term and more explicit documents.


Do you still have questions about Ikea mattresses and warranties? In this section, we’ll share our most common Ikea mattress FAQs and our expert answers.

Q: Do Ikea beds have a warranty?

A: All Ikea mattresses come with a 25-year non-prorated limited warranty. This is more than double the length of the average mattress warranty.

Q: How long does an Ikea mattress last?

A: Ikea mattresses should last roughly 8-10 years if you care for them properly. You can find advice on how to look after an Ikea bed earlier in this article.

A: How often should you change your Ikea mattress?

Q: Ikea recommends replacing your mattress every 8-10 years, although all its beds come with a 25-year limited warranty.

Q: Can you return an Ikea mattress?

A: You can return your Ikea mattress once during the 365-day trial period as long as it is undamaged and in a sanitary condition.

Q: Are Ikea mattresses any good?

A: Ikea mattresses are generally good for the low price you pay. They provide a good level of support, and there are plenty of models to choose from. However, Ikea mattresses tend to be less durable than other, more expensive models.

Q: Does Ikea give refunds?

A: Ikea will refund your mattress purchase if you return it within 365 days. However, your bed must be undamaged and clean.

Q: How long does it take to get an Ikea refund?

A: Ikea usually completes refunds within seven business days to your original payment method.

The Bottom Line

Ikea mattresses can be a great choice if you want to get a high-quality, supportive mattress on a tight budget. The range offers an excellent amount of choice for consumers, and there should be a model to suit your sleeping style and body type. The company offers a generous 365-day trial period, during which you can return your bed for a full refund. This is significantly longer than average and is a significant advantage of mattress shopping with Ikea.

However, there are some downsides to Ikea mattresses that you should be aware of. The main drawback is limited durability, although this isn’t unreasonable given their fair and affordable prices. While there are plenty of options for people who want a medium bed or firmer, there is no medium soft or soft option. Therefore, it may not be the right brand for you if you need a soft bed, for example, if you’re a very lightweight side sleeper.

Overall, we are impressed with the Ikea mattress warranty. Although some companies like Puffy and Idle Sleep offer lifetime warranties, Ikea’s 25-year term is significantly better than average. We feel confident recommending the Ikea range to our readers in terms of the warranty.

Before you purchase a bed, you should take time to make sure you’re buying the best possible product for your requirements and budget. We suggest comparing a few different models and manufacturers to see which one best suits your taste and sleep needs. It’s also sensible to read expert and real-life user reviews to check that your chosen brand lives up to the hype. Besides quality and features, look for a decent warranty and sleep trial to make sure you’re protected if something goes wrong.

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