IKEA Mattress Reviews (Updated 2023)

Although many people associate Ikea with meatballs and flat-pack furniture, the home furnishings retail giant actually sells a wide selection of affordable and comfortable mattresses. So, this allows customers to kit out their entire bedroom from one place, even including the mattress.

If you decide to shop for a mattress at Ikea, you’ll be able to choose between spring, hybrid, all-foam and even latex mattresses at price points significantly below the industry standard. However, Ikea beds are not the most durable options and are likely to have a shorter lifespan than many of their competitors. If you’re looking for a long-lasting mattress, we recommend checking out our top-rated product, the Puffy, which offers great durability for an affordable price.

In this article, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about the Ikea mattress range, including construction, comfort, shipping and returns. This will arm you with the knowledge you need to decide whether to head to Ikea for your next mattress.


Ikea mattresses come with a good range of benefits which could make them the right fit for you and your bedroom. These include:

  • Highly affordable prices
  • Wide variety of options
  • Simple returns process
  • Generous 365-night sleep trial
  • Long warranty period
  • Less durable than some comparable brands
  • Reduced range of sizes available
  • Limited firmness options

Ikea Mattress Range and Construction

One of the most impressive things about the Ikea mattress range is the wide variety of types and feels on offer. Shoppers can test out a large selection of different mattresses in-store, and there should be one to suit most tastes and budgets whether you’re looking for a traditional innerspring or a more modern memory foam option. In this section, we’ll give you a brief introduction to the mattresses currently being sold through Ikea’s website. However, you should be aware that some stores may stock additional models not available for sale online.


The Håsvag is an innerspring mattress with a supportive base layer made from Bonnell springs. This is cushioned by a layer of polyfoam which provides additional comfort and support.


This mattress also has a supportive innerspring base, and the coils are contained within individual pockets. A top layer of polyfoam helps to give extra cushioning.


The Häugsvar has an almost identical construction to the Haugesund innerspring mattress. However, it features a greater overall thickness and denser polyfoam in the top layer. This provides additional support and makes it a more suitable choice for people with higher bodyweights.


Ikea’s Hesstun mattress has a base layer made from individually pocketed innerspring coils. This is followed by a layer of mini coils and a top comfort layer made from polyfoam. This comfort system helps to provide additional pressure relief and cushioning for your joints.


The Hjellestad is one of Ikea’s two hybrid mattress options. The base layer is made from pocketed coils to provide good support and stability. This is followed by comfort layers made from mini coils, polyfoam and soft, adaptable memory foam. This top layer can closely adapt to the shape of your body and reduce pressure on sore and aching joints. Therefore, it could be a good choice if you want the strong support and bounce of innersprings with the conforming ability of memory foam.


The Holmsbu is also a hybrid mattress with a similar construction to the Hjellestad. However, it uses gel-infused memory foam in the top comfort layer. These gel particles can move heat away from your body during the night, helping you to stay at a comfortable and neutral temperature. Unlike other Ikea mattresses, it has a highly breathable cover made from a polyester-cotton blend. Therefore, the Holmsbu is one of the best Ikea mattresses for sleeping cool.


Matrand mattresses get their support from a base layer of very dense polyfoam. Customers can then choose between a comfort layer made from memory foam or one made of latex. Both are highly adaptable materials that can mold to your body and relieve joint pressure. However, latex is more breathable than memory foam, so it may be the better choice if sleeping cool is important to you.


The Meistervik mattress is one of Ikea’s most basic all foam-models. It comprises a single layer of dense and supportive polyfoam.


The Minnesund mattress is another all-foam mattress with an identical construction to the Meistervik. However, its overall thickness measurement is a little lower.


The Morgedal has a two-layered, all-foam structure. It features a dense and supportive polyfoam base layer followed by a comfort layer made from responsive polyfoam. Therefore, it does not have the deep, sinking sensation that you would associate with more adaptable foams such as memory or latex foam.


The Myrbacka has a supportive base layer made from dense polyfoam followed by a polyfoam transitional layer. However, customers can choose between two options when it comes to the top comfort layer. You can either choose memory or latex foam, both of which can adapt to your body shape. This helps to take pressure off your joints during the night. People who struggle with sleeping hot may be better off plumping for latex foam as it sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam thanks to its increased breathability.

How Much Does an Ikea Mattress Cost?

One of the main advantages of Ikea mattresses is their reasonable and affordable price points. This makes them a very good option for people on very tight budgets as you can buy a comfortable mattress for less than $200. The price you pay depends on the model of mattress and the size you select. To give you a rough guide, the most basic Ikea mattress sells for $179 for a queen size and the most expensive comes in at $999. Having reviewed the Ikea range, our experts believe these prices are pretty fair given the quality. However, there are more durable options out there at the same price point if you are considering one of Ikea’s pricier mattresses.

Ikea Mattress Firmness

Ikea makes mattresses in a range of firmness options, so you’ll probably be able to find one that suits your taste and sleep needs. However, you should be aware that Ikea only sells mattresses that are rated as medium or firmer. This shouldn’t be an issue for the vast majority of people because Ikea’s firmness options cater to the needs of most sleepers. However, if you are specifically looking for a soft mattress, you won’t find one at Ikea.

Mattress firmness is measured on a scale from 1 (soft) to 10 (firm). Here are the firmness ratings for all the mattresses in Ikea’s online range in ascending order:

  • Häugsvar: 5 (Medium)
  • Hjellestad: 5 (Medium)
  • Håsvag: 6 (Medium Firm)
  • Haugesund: 6 (Medium Firm)
  • Hesstun: 6 (Medium Firm) or 8 (Firm)
  • Matrand Latex: 6 (Medium Firm)
  • Morgedal: 6 (Medium Firm) or 8 (Firm)
  • Myrbacka Latex: 6 (Medium Firm)
  • Matrand Memory Foam: 7 (Firm)
  • Holmsbu: 7 (Firm)
  • Meistervik: 7 (Firm)
  • Minnesund: 7 (Firm)
  • Myrbacka Memory Foam: 7 (Firm)

Is an Ikea Mattress Right for my Sleeping Position?

Most people should be able to find an Ikea mattress to suit their sleeping position and body type because they come in a wide range of firmness options and materials. To help you choose the right model for you, we’ve created this handy guide explaining which mattress type suits which sleeping position.

Side Sleepers

Most side sleepers are best off choosing a medium Ikea mattress, preferably one that has conforming comfort layers such as the Hjellestad. These mattresses can conform to your body and have enough ‘give’ to prevent pressure from building up around your hips and shoulders. However, side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds may find a medium mattress too firm, in which case you will need to find another retailer that offers soft options.

Front and Back Sleepers

Front and back sleepers usually need firmer support to help keep their spine in a healthy alignment. Otherwise, too little support could cause pain to develop. Most people who sleep in this position will find a medium firm mattress provides the right balance of comfort and support. However, people with back pain or with high body weights may find that a firm mattress feels more comfortable. As there are plenty of medium firm and firm Ikea mattresses, front and back sleepers should find it pretty easy to find one that suits them.

Couples and Combi-Sleepers

Finding the right mattress for combi-sleepers (someone who changes position in the night) or couples can be challenging because you will need to find a mattress that accommodates two or more sleeping positions reasonably well. The best solution to this issue is often to choose a medium firm mattress, often known as universal comfort. This is because a medium firm mattress feels comfortable for most people in almost any position. Fortunately, Ikea manufacture a wide range of medium firm mattresses including the Haugesund and Hesstun.

Do Ikea Mattresses Sleep Cool?

Not all Ikea mattresses sleep cool, but there are plenty of options available if temperature control is a key factor for you. As a rule, we recommend choosing an Ikea mattress with an innerspring support system because this type of base contains air spaces that make the mattress more breathable.

However, if sleeping cool is one of the most important factors to you, the Ikea Holmsbu mattress is probably the most temperature-neutral option. It combines a breathable innerspring core with gel particles in the comfort layer, which allow it to conform to your body while wicking away heat in the night. Its cover is also more breathable than the rest of Ikea’s range.

Where to Buy

You can buy Ikea mattresses in one of their many brick-and-mortar stores nationwide and through their website. However, you may be able to buy mattresses not currently sold online if you shop instore, although local availability can vary. Some Ikea mattresses are also available through the third-party retailer Amazon.

Shipping Information

Ikea mattress shipping depends on which model you buy. Ikea uses bed-in-a-box shipping for its foam mattresses, which means that they are tightly rolled into compressed packaging. The Haugesund and Häugsvar models also use compressed shipping. Ikea’s other innerspring and hybrid mattresses require home delivery, and the handlers will move your mattress into your bedroom for you as long as it is easily accessible. If you buy instore, you can choose to transport your new mattress home yourself or use Ikea’s delivery service.

Ikea offers delivery to anywhere in the contiguous United States but are unable to deliver items weighing 70 pounds or more to Alaska and Hawaii. It does not currently offer a white glove delivery service or removal of your existing mattress.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Ikea offers its customers a very generous 365-night sleep trial, which is one of the longest available in the industry. If you aren’t satisfied with your mattress, you can return it at any point during this time for a full refund or exchange it for a different model, although Ikea encourages its customers to allow themselves to adjust to their new mattress for at least a month before returning. However, please note that you won’t be refunded any delivery fees. Ikea only accepts returns if the mattress is in good condition.


Ikea mattresses come with a 25-year warranty, which is significantly more generous than the standard 10-year period which is most common in the industry. This is particularly impressive given the low price point of Ikea mattresses. This entitles customers to a replacement or repair of their mattress if they discover a manufacturing fault.

The Ikea warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage caused by owner misuse such as tears, stains or burns.

How do Ikea Mattresses Compare to Other Brands?

We always recommend that our readers check out as wide a range of mattress options as possible before settling for one brand. In particular, it’s important to compare key factors such as support, durability and price to make sure you’re getting the best option you can afford for your sleep needs. To make this easier, you can click on the links below to find our expert reviews of beds that are similar to those sold in Ikea.

Alternatives to the Ikea Mattress Range

Ikea mattresses can be a great option for people looking for a very low-cost mattress who want a wide range of choice. However, they may not be the most durable options. So, we urge you to check out a few different brands to make sure that an Ikea mattress is the best choice you can get for your budget.

In particular, we always recommend checking out our three top picks: the Puffy, the Novosbed and the Nectar. These are some of the best affordable memory foam mattresses in 2020 and provide an excellent combination of comfort and durability.

Puffy Mattress

Many people ask us why we’ve chosen the Puffy as our #1 choice for those looking for a low-cost foam mattress. The answer is simple. The Puffy mattress gives sleepers the right balance of support and pressure relief and uses advanced sleep technology to help you sleep cool. Its adaptable memory foam comfort layer and medium firmness make it an ideal choice for side sleepers.

Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed comes in three firmness settings and can be further customized, so almost everybody should be able to find a firmness that suits them perfectly. Its conforming memory foam top layer cushions your joints against painful pressure without compromising when it comes to support.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is a supportive memory foam bed that feels more responsive than standard memory foam, offering sleepers a little more bounce while still providing deep pressure relief. It features breathable, open-cell foams that help to keep you cool and comfortable at night. The Nectar is medium firm, also known as universal comfort, so we recommend it especially highly to combi-sleepers and couples.


Do you still have questions about the Ikea mattress range? We’re often asked about whether Ikea mattresses are the best option for our readers. To clear up any doubts you may have, we’ve collected our top Ikea FAQs to help answer your burning questions.

Q: Are Ikea mattresses good for side sleepers?

A: Ikea mattresses can be a great choice for side sleepers. This is because Ikea makes a wide range of medium mattresses featuring adaptable comfort layers that are ideal for relieving pressure in this position. However, side sleepers with very low body weights may need a soft mattress to sleep comfortably. At this time, Ikea only makes mattresses that are medium or firmer.

Q: How firm are Ikea mattresses?

A: Ikea sells a range of mattresses that are medium, medium firm or firm. However, there is currently no soft Ikea mattress model.

Q: What are the thickness measurements of Ikea mattresses?

A: Ikea mattresses come in a range of thickness measurements from just 4.75 inches right up to 17.75 inches thick.

Q: Do Ikea mattresses sleep cool?

A: Some Ikea mattresses sleep cooler than others. The coolest option from the Ikea range is the Holmsbu mattress, which has a breathable innerspring core and heat-wicking gel particles in the comfort layers.

Q: What type of mattresses do Ikea make?

A: Ikea makes innerspring, hybrid, latex and all-foam mattresses. Its hybrid options have supportive innerspring base layers, and customers can choose between a comfort layer made from memory foam or gel foam.

Q: Are Ikea mattresses durable?

A: Ikea mattresses are less durable than some other mattress brands, although you can extend their life with proper care. This isn’t surprising given the very low price point of Ikea mattresses. If you are looking for a very long-lasting mattress, you should consider other brands such as the Puffy, Novosbed and Nectar mattresses.

Q: Do Ikea mattresses smell?

A: Ikea mattresses feature foam layers, which means that they release an off-gassing smell at first. However, this is harmless and shouldn’t stick around any longer than a few days. You can help the smell to disappear quicker by allowing the mattress to air out completely before you sleep on it.

Q: Are Ikea mattress returns simple?

A: Returning an Ikea mattress is pretty simple, and Ikea offer a 365-night sleep trial with all their models. This means that you can return your mattress at any point during the first year for a refund. However, it’s a good idea to allow at least 30 days to adjust to your new mattress.

Q: What frame should I use with an Ikea mattress?

A: Ikea mattresses are suitable for most bed frames and foundations, and you can buy a range of bases to go with your new bed from an Ikea store or online. However, there’s no reason you can’t use your existing frame as long as it is the correct size and in decent condition.

The bottom line

Ikea mattresses may be a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable mattress and want to try it out instore before you buy. Ikea mattresses come with an excellent sleep trial and warranty which help to give shoppers peace of mind. However, it’s important to bear in mind that Ikea mattresses aren’t as long-lasting as some other options, which is hardly surprising given their low prices.

Mattress shopping can be confusing, but you can help take the mystery out of the process by consulting the experts. Our knowledgeable team here at Sleep Aim has created a wide range of in-depth mattress reviews and buying guides to help make buying a new mattress as painless as possible.

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