How To Return a Mattress to Amazon? 

Mattresses generally cost a significant amount of money. Therefore, when you buy one, and it doesn’t offer the comfort, support, or pressure relief promised by the manufacturer, that experience can be heartbreaking. However, the good news is that many mattresses sold on Amazon have a return policy. If it doesn’t meet your expectations or it’s damaged, you can always return it to the seller. How do you initiate the return process? Keep on reading to find out.

Can I Return a Bed I Bought from Amazon?

The first question we have to answer is whether Amazon accepts mattress returns. Fortunately, they do! In 2022, Amazon allows buyers to return a mattress within 100 days of receipt of shipment for any reason. Sounds great, right? But there’s a catch. Amazon only accepts mattresses that are in their original packaging and are not opened.

If you have opened a mattress from the packaging and even gone to the extent of expanding it, Amazon will not accept that mattress. Amazon also won’t accept full beds. Nonetheless, you can qualify for a refund. If the mattress has a warranty, Amazon encourages the buyers to get in touch with the manufacturers or sellers for further assistance.

How Do I Return a Mattress to Amazon?

There are several methods of returning a mattress to Amazon.

  1. You can navigate to the shopping history section in your Amazon account. There you will find orders that you have made. Click on return or replace the item to initiate the return process.
  2. You can also communicate with the seller and explain why you would like to return the mattress. You can agree on how to go about the return process.

It’s important to mention that there are two scenarios for returning a mattress to Amazon. The first scenario touches on returning an unopened mattress to Amazon. The other is for those who have already expanded the bed and unboxed it. We will go through both options so you can better understand each process.

Let’s start with How to Return an Unopened Mattress?

Assuming your mattress has been delivered and you have changed your mind. Perhaps you want another brand or something better. You can always return such a mattress to Amazon. An unopened bed is the easiest to return. Provided you haven’t exceeded the 100 days. You can initiate a return. There won’t be any packaging required. You will have to reach out to Amazon and make that information known.

Amazon should handle the return process. Alternatively, depending on the seller’s return policy, you may be asked to ship the mattress back to the seller via UPS or FedEx. You will pay for the shipping costs. That will be a small price to pay than sleeping on a mattress you no longer want.

If the mattress is to be returned via Amazon, make sure you tick the Heavy-Bulk option. Amazon will send one of their employees to pick up the bed from your address. When the mattress is sent back to Amazon, the shipping can take up to 25 days. It could also take 2 or 3 more days for the seller to check for defects on the mattress. If everything checks up, you should get your refund. If there is a problem, the support team will let you know.

Returning an unopened mattress is an effortless procedure. It will require patience because the bed has to be sent back to the seller, who will check for damages before issuing a refund. If the mattress in question is made by Amazon, such as the Amazon basics, its returns are much simpler and take a shorter duration. It’s more complicated to deal with a third-party seller since they may have a complex return policy. But don’t worry. Amazon ensures that all sellers have customer-friendly policies.

How to Return an Opened or Expanded Mattress to Amazon?

Most of the time, buyers usually want to return mattresses that have been opened and expanded to Amazon. As mentioned earlier, Amazon doesn’t accept expanded and unboxed mattresses. But the buyer can get a refund. If you have already opened a bed and found a defect, you can always report that to Amazon’s customer service, and they should help you get a refund.

The other thing you have to know about returning an opened and expanded mattress is to check if the seller has a trial duration. Most sellers these days have a mattress trial duration. During this period, the mattress manufacturer allows you to test the mattress, and if you are not pleased with it, you can return it to them. A mattress trial duration will enable sleepers to try out a bed before deciding whether they want to continue sleeping on it or should continue shopping for something else.

If you have expanded or opened a mattress and wish to return it to Amazon, here’s what you should do;

  1. Reach out to the seller – Since many sellers offer trial durations, you can let them know your reasons for wanting to return the mattress. If their policy accepts mattress returns or the beds have a trial duration, they will ask you to ship the bed to their warehouse. Or one of their sales agents will come and pick up the mattress.
  2. Ask for a refund from Amazon – Even though Amazon will not accept an unboxed and expanded mattress, they can give you a refund. But you must explain the reason why you want to return the mattress. If it’s in line with Amazon’s return policies and those of the seller, Amazon can come and pick up the mattress for disposal or donation.

Reasons You Can’t Return a Mattress to Amazon

So far, you have seen that returning a mattress to Amazon is an effortless procedure. The only hiccup that may arise is if the bed has been expanded and the seller doesn’t accept returns. This shows why it’s crucial always to buy a mattress with a warranty, and you should always go through the return policy before purchasing. Anyway, some reasons make it impossible to return a mattress to Amazon. It would help to familiarize yourself with these reasons to avoid disappointment when requesting a return.

Reason 1 – The Return/Trial Period Has Lapsed

If you sleep on the mattress for more than 100 days after receipt of shipment, Amazon won’t accept the mattress return. It’s crucial that you take note of the return duration Amazon gives its buyers. The other thing you need to take note of is the trial period. Various sellers have different trial durations. If it’s 60, 120, or 180 nights, don’t exceed that period.

Reason 2 – You’ve Damaged the Mattress

If the mattress was damaged during shipment or arrived with a particular fault, Amazon will accept the mattress return and give you a refund. But if you are responsible for damaging the mattress, Amazon won’t accept the return. That’s basically how return policies work. Amazon will not be liable for damages done by the buyer.

Do I Have the Right to Return a Mattress to Amazon?

The idea of returning a mattress you have slept on may seem odd or even weird to some people. But you need to understand that it’s your right to do so. When online mattress shopping became popular, brands had to devise ways to ensure their customers get value for their money. One of the ways how they achieved that is by introducing sleep trials. You can buy a mattress on Amazon and enjoy a sleep trial for a certain number of days. If you like the mattress during that period, you can keep it. But if it doesn’t meet your requirements, you can return the bed to the seller and get a refund.

Amazon won’t accept the return of used mattresses, but certain manufacturers will. Before buying it, you must first understand a mattress’s return and refund policy. However, if you have not unboxed the bed, you have a right to return it and get a refund.


Q: What to do if Amazon doesn’t accept a mattress return?

A: You can sell it on peer-to-peer online marketplaces. You can also sell it on Facebook. The other option is to live with the mattress the way it is until you find money to buy another one. Or donate it.

Q: What does Amazon do with returned mattresses?

A: They are shipped to manufacturers who either recycle or donate them.


The process of returning a mattress to Amazon is relatively simple. You have to understand Amazon’s return policy on mattresses and determine if the seller offers refunds. When returning a bed to amazon, two parties are involved; Amazon and the seller.

If the mattress delivered isn’t the one you ordered, it’s the wrong size or has some defects. You can return it to Amazon within 100 days and get a refund. Should it be opened and expanded, Amazon won’t accept the return, but they can give you a refund depending on the seller’s policy. You will have to get in touch with customer service, who will confirm if you are liable for a refund.

The bottom line is that Amazon’s return policy favors unopened mattresses. Beds that have already been expanded can’t be accepted, and the possibility of getting a refund depends on the seller’s policy. If you are interested in buying a mattress online and are uncertain about Amazon’s return policy, here are the top mattress brands that also sell online and offer a stress-free return policy. Amazon isn’t the only online store. It’s even better to deal directly with the manufacturers who provide sleep trials.

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