How To Move a Purple Mattress?

Moving a Purple mattress isn’t something sleepers look forward to. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving it from one room to another or moving it to your new home. Both entail a lot of work, and if you don’t know what you are doing, there is a huge chance that you will waste a lot of time and energy. To ensure moving your Purple mattress is a stress-free procedure, Sleep Aim has compiled the following comprehensive guide on how to move a Purple mattress like a pro.

Before starting the guide, sleepers need to know that moving a Purple mattress mainly depends on the size. If it’s a twin mattress, you should move it easily because it’s light. However, if it’s a queen or king, you will sweat it out and need help. The other factor contributing to how tedious moving a purple mattress can be is the location. If the purple mattress is new and you are carrying it from the door to the bedroom, that won’t be as tiresome as moving the mattress to a new home. Irrespective of the scenario you are facing, there is no other option if you must move the bed. Here is a guide that will simplify the moving process.

A Guide to Moving a Purple Mattress

1st Step – Gather the Following Items

Certain items play a critical role in helping you move a Purple mattress. Before you get started, make sure that you have the following;

  • A plastic bag – The purpose of a plastic bag is pretty straightforward. It protects your mattress from damage when moving it. Not unless your home is very spacious. Getting the bed from point A to point B means that it will touch walls, doors, and many other things. Without a plastic bag, the mattress won’t be protected from damage, dirt, and contamination. If you are moving to another town or city, it doesn’t matter whether the bed will be tied to your carrier or in a van. It will still need protection from dust and contamination.
  • Straps – These are used to secure the mattress in position. Straps come in very handy during transportation. They secure the mattress at the front and the end. For those using their car’s carrier, make sure that you strap the bed firmly. Otherwise, it can easily fall during transportation and get damaged. Or worse, cause an accident.
  • Duct tape – You will need duct tape to seal the plastic bag. Also, duct tape will securely hold the mattress in a dolly or hand truck during transportation. The other way you can creatively use duct tape is to protect the corners of your mattress from getting torn when the bed is being moved within the house. The edges can often be caught by doors that may tear the covers or damage the bed structure.
  • Moving pads – These should be placed under the car or trolly, which is being used to move the mattress. If placed over bare metal, the mattress can get scratched. Moving pads prevent that from happening.
  • Mattress boxes – If you are moving a mattress from one room to another, you may not need a box. But if the distance is fairly long, a box will come in handy. If you still have the original box your Purple mattress came with, that would be better. Don’t worry if you don’t have it because you can always get a new one at a nearby store.

The above are the main things you will need to move your Purple bed. There is also additional equipment that will come in handy such as a pair of scissors, ropes, a hand cart, and a sandwich bag. Even though we can’t categorize this as a tool, it’s a necessary requirement. You will need the help of at least one or two people if you are moving a big mattress such as a king or queen mattress.

2nd Step – Move Obstacles Along the Way

Not unless you are moving the mattress within an empty house, you will need to clear the way. These obstacles pose a risk of injury to yourself, those helping you, and damage to the mattress. Obstacles can be anything from rugs or furniture. Make sure that the path you will be following is clear. Also, it’s wise to figure out how you will turn the mattress in corners and areas such as stairs. With all obstacles removed, you are ready for step 3.

3rd Step – Put the Purple Mattress in a Plastic Bag

Earlier, we had already mentioned the use of plastic bags. It will keep the bed safe and protected from damage and contamination during transportation. To put the mattress in a plastic bag, you can seek the help of your friend or family member. Work on opposite ends of the mattress. That will be the easiest way for you to slide the bed into the plastic bag. If it’s not a sandwich bag, you will need to seal and wrap it using duct tape. Make sure that the entire mattress is packaged in the bag.

4th Step – Load the Mattress onto a Handcart

With the mattress bagged, it is ready for transportation. Even if you are moving a mattress to the next room, a handcart can make transportation very easy. All you have to do is push it, and it doesn’t need a lot of energy.

Since handcarts or trollies aren’t common equipment in most homes. Sleepers usually result in using their hands to carry the mattress. As we said earlier, if it’s a twin, you can carry it by yourself. However, if it’s a queen or king, do not hesitate to ask for help.

If you decide to move the mattress via hands, ask for assistance. The more people available, the better. When lifting, use your legs and not your arms. That will prevent you from straining your back. Take as many breaks as you can. Moving a mattress is no easy task, so everyone will understand. You can switch positions if you are moving downstairs. Make sure that your shoes are tied and non-slippery. These are safety measures to protect you from accidents.

5th Step – Load It onto a Truck or Strap It on Your Car

There are two options here. Either load it onto a truck or strap it on the roof of your car. You have probably seen cars carrying mattresses on the roofs on the highway. It may have seemed funny or odd, but now it’s your turn. You will not need a truck or car if the mattress is being moved to another room.

With a wrap in place, you have got nothing to worry about. Load the mattress in the van and ensure it’s carried upright. That’s the best way to avoid compressing it. If you are moving the mattress using your car, set up the straps and secure the mattress. To ensure the bed is well secured, you can also use ropes.

When moving a mattress by car, it’s best to drive slowly. This applies more to mattresses that are being moved strapped to a car. The bed will receive a lot of resistance from the wind. You need to drive carefully. Avoid sharp turns since the mattress can lean to one side if it’s heavy. When you finally arrive at your destination, unload the mattress and carefully carry it to your new bedroom. It won’t be an easy journey, but as you sleep on your Purple mattress, you will enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Should I Fold a Purple Mattress When Moving It?

Folding a mattress is an excellent way for you to reduce its size and make it easier to move. However, Sleep Aim doesn’t encourage the folding of mattresses. When you fold a mattress, you interfere with its structure. For instance, can you imagine what will happen when you fold the Purple hybrid? Folding mostly applies to memory foam mattresses. For instance, you can fold the Purple foam bed before moving. It’s easier to move a folded mattress, but it has many disadvantages.

Can I Reuse the Bag My Purple Mattress Was Packaged In?

There is a reason why you should never throw away the packaging of your Purple mattress. You never know when you may have to move the mattress. If you still have this packaging, you won’t have to dig into your pockets and buy another plastic bag. Also, reusing plastic bags is an eco-friendly move. You can also use a plastic bag to store the Purple mattress if you no longer intend to use it.


Q: Can you fold a Purple mattress in half?

A: Yes, you can fold it in half. But it’s not advisable as it may alter the structure of your bed, especially if the mattress is going to be folded for a long time.

Q: How heavy is a purple mattress?

A: That will depend on the size. A Full Purple mattress weighs around 81 pounds, whereas the California King weighs 140 pounds. If a bed seems too heavy to carry by yourself, ask for help.

Q: Should I give a Purple mattress time to decompress after moving out?

A: Not unless you compressed the mattress during packaging, there is no need for you to let it inflate. Mattresses need time to expand when they arrive from a manufacturer. You can sleep on it the same night it has been moved, and it will be comfy.


There comes a time when you have to move a Purple mattress either into another room or home. There is no need to panic when you find yourself in such a scenario. Using the tips and guidance shared above, you can move the mattress comfortably and safely. If you are not certain about your ability to move the mattress on your own, you can always hire a professional movers company. They will package the mattress, carry, transport, and unpackage it in your new home. Hiring a movers company is crucial if you have back issues since they will handle all the heavy lifting.

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