How To Get a Free Mattress from Amazon?

Amazon can give you free music, books, cloud storage and shipping. But when it comes to mattresses, that’s where they draw the line. Depending on the seller’s policies, the much you can get from an Amazon mattress is a discount or free shipping. The reason beds can’t be handed out for free on Amazon is because they are generally expensive. Even if a bed is labelled as affordable, it contains materials that cost money, and the manufacturer needs to get a return on investment.

Anyway, when chatting with friends or scrolling through social media, you may come across discussions on how to get a free mattress from Amazon. You have to understand that there is no such thing as a free mattress. You must offer something in return. This article will look into some of these methods of getting a free bed from Amazon and explain whether they are worth trying.

Method 1 – Buy a Mattress and Requesting for a Refund

This has got scam written all over it. Buying a mattress and requesting a return or refund without any valid reason is morally wrong. Even though some people do this, it’s not one of the best methods of getting a free mattress from Amazon.

This method entails ordering a mattress on Amazon, sleeping on it for a few nights and then returning it before Amazon’s 100 days return policy expires. Since Amazon doesn’t accept opened mattresses, they will donate the mattress or send it to the manufacturer for recycling and refund your money. The idea here is that you will have slept on the bed for a while and gotten your money back.

It may seem like an excellent method of getting a free mattress from amazon, but it has its drawbacks. First, just because Amazon doesn’t accept used mattresses doesn’t mean they will refund and let you keep the bed. There is a good chance that they may send one of their delivery agents to pick it up and send it back to the manufacturer or donate it. You will be left without a bed and will have to buy a new one at the end of the day.

Secondly, you must provide a valid reason why you no longer need the mattress. If you are yet to open the packaging, you can return the bed to Amazon and get a refund even without a reason. But if it’s opened, you will need to specify the reason for the return. If you cite damage as your reason, the manufacturer will examine the bed and provide feedback. If you had lied, things could take a different turn quickly.

Finally, this is something you can only do once or twice. If Amazon detects that you are requesting many returns, they may terminate your membership and stop delivering to your address. Buying a mattress from Amazon and intentionally requesting a refund may seem like an easy way of getting a bed, but it’s usually a hit or miss. It also turns you into a scammer, and should Amazon discover your intention. They are allowed to sue you. It’s best to avoid this method by all means.

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Method 2 – Make Use of Mattress Trial Periods

If you are looking for a less illegal method, you can try this one. For those shopping for mattresses on Amazon of late, chances are you have come across brands offering trial periods. The trial periods range from 30 days to 180 days. A trial period aims to enable the sleeper to test the mattress and see if it’s perfect for them.

Mattress trial durations can help you get a free bed from amazon, but there are pros and cons. There are certain skills you need to possess. You must have the money to buy a mattress. The second requirement is that you must have the patience to deal with mattress returns. If you tick these two boxes, you can order a bed on Amazon. You need to make sure it has a considerable trial period. Pay for it and have it delivered. Before that trial period lapses, you can reach out to the seller and inform them that the bed doesn’t meet your expectations and that you want to return it.

It won’t be very easy because the seller can recommend that you buy a mattress topper or upgrade to one of their other mattresses. The reason why you must have the willpower to deal with returns is because of this. You can stand your ground until you and the seller settle on a refund. If the brand is reputable, they will heed their promise and refund the money. However, if you deal with a shady manufacturer, you can say goodbye to your money.

Even though this method is slightly different from the above, you will be doing something wrong at the end of the day. Imagine if you were a mattress manufacturer and people did this to you. Definitely, there is a high chance of going bankrupt. Once again, this isn’t a recommendable method of getting a free mattress from Amazon.

Method 3 – Register as a Mattress Tester

Becoming a mattress tester can also grant you tons of free mattresses as long as you are good at writing reviews. As you scroll through social media, you probably have come across groups interested in hiring mattress testers. Most of these groups will provide you with a free mattress from Amazon and ask you to write a review about it.

Since today most brands are interested in creating a positive reputation, the free mattress from Amazon can be used as an incentive to get a positive review from you. Therefore, do not be surprised when you are asked to lie about the mattress’s comfort or features.

Even though mattress testing is a legitimate business, some people have turned it into a money-making scheme. The fake reviews you post for the free mattress you have received will hype the product and boost sales.

If you consider becoming a mattress tester, your reviews must be genuine and not biased. That will ensure other interested buyers are fully aware of the mattress’s pros and cons before buying it. The other problem with becoming a mattress tester to get free beds from Amazon is that it’s a highly competitive field. Such gigs are rare to come across, especially those that are legit.

Method 4 – Launch a Mattress Blog

One of the most legitimate methods of getting a free mattress from Amazon is starting a mattress blog like Sleepaim. On paper, blogging may seem easy. After all, you only need a website and a passion for writing or creating content. But before you start counting your chicks, it’s essential to understand that it will take a lot of time and effort for your mattress blog to be recognized.

Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of mattress blogs out there. Manufacturers and sellers on Amazon won’t just send free mattresses to any blog. You must prove your worth and show why you deserve to be given a free bed to test and review.

Launching a mattress blog to get a free mattress doesn’t make sense because the amount of time and resources you will use in building your blog is worth buying tens of beds. Therefore, if your main goal is only to get a free mattress, it’s best to look into other methods because starting a blog will need a lot of resources.

Is There Such a Thing as a Free Mattress from Amazon?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as getting a free mattress from Amazon. Occasionally, Amazon may have a giveaway. This, however, will consist mostly of cheap items. Remember, Amazon is a company that aims to make profits. Therefore, there is no way they can give out mattresses for free. It would cost them a lot of money.

As you can see from all the above methods, there is no sure way of getting a free bed from Amazon. You either give something in return or turn into a scammer. Neither of which makes sense and nor is it worth it.

What Alternatives Do I Have?

Since you can’t get a free mattress on Amazon, you should consider financing one. Mattress financing enables sleepers to buy a mattress on credit and pay the remaining money in installments. One of the main reasons you may be looking for a free bed from Amazon is that you don’t have the funds to buy one. If that’s the case, you are an excellent candidate for mattress financing. Even if you have a bad credit score, certain brands offer no credit check mattress financing.

Instead of resulting in dubious methods of scoring a free mattress from Amazon, financing enables you to acquire a quality mattress and pay for it in installments. This is the best alternative to all the above options. It’s a safer, reliable and convenient way of getting a mattress without paying hundreds of dollars at once.


Q: Does Amazon give items for free?

A: When you subscribe to some of their programs, such as Amazon Prime, you can enjoy free shipping and entertainment. Rarely will Amazon give you free products without giving them something in return.

Q: Can Amazon refund a mattress without return?

A: Amazon does refund some items without asking for returns. For instance, if the cost of the product is less than the shipping fees, they can refund without a return. When it comes to mattresses, it’s a different story. Amazon may come for the bed and get rid of it as they see fit or send it to the manufacturer before offering a refund. This is a grey area, and if you are banking on Amazon to give you a refund without returning their mattress, you may be in for a rude shock.


The idea of getting a free mattress from Amazon can be tempting. However, none of the different methods shared above is worth investing your time and resources in. Some of them are even illegal and can land you in trouble. If you currently don’t have the money to invest in a mattress, but you urgently need one, consider the mattress financing option.

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