How Much Does a Queen Mattress Weigh?

A queen mattress isn’t only more spacious than its smaller versions, but it’s heavier. This bed can weigh from 120 to 160 pounds. Queen mattresses are often close to king beds in terms of weight. The key difference is that they measure 60 inches by 80 inches, whereas the king measures 76 inches by 80 inches. If you are interested in learning more about the weight of a queen bed, you’ve come to the right place.

How Heavy is a Queen Bed?

The average weight of a queen mattress is around 140 pounds. It can be as less as 120 pounds or as heavy as 160 pounds. That will depend on the materials used and the type of bed in question. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a queen mattress is heavy. That’s because queen beds closely follow king mattresses in terms of size. Therefore, you can expect a queen mattress to be slightly lighter than a king bed.

What’s the Weight of Queen Mattresses According to Type?

The type of mattress plays a critical role in determining the weight. Below is an order of queen mattresses from the heaviest to the lightest. Before starting our list, you should know that the mattresses below will range from 160 to 120 pounds.

1. Latex Mattresses

These beds are popular for providing quality support and are very durable. A queen latex mattress should be the heaviest type on this list. Organic latex is generally heavier than foam and spring. Therefore, if you are interested in a queen latex mattress, prepare to find a bed weighing almost 160 pounds.

2. Hybrid

Closely following after latex is queen hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are known to offer the best of both worlds. They include either coil support and latex or coil system and memory foam. Since they contain more materials than a typical innerspring or memory foam mattress, these beds weigh more. A hybrid queen-size mattress can weigh around 140 to 150 pounds.

3. Memory Foam

Memory foam beds are the most popular in the market. Most people love these beds because of the hugging sensation they provide. Generally, memory foam is a lightweight material. It’s why a queen memory foam bed is lighter than a hybrid and latex mattress. Though light, a queen bed requires a decent amount of memory foam. That’s what makes it weigh around 130 pounds.

4. Innerspring

It’s the lightest out of the four common types of bed. To create a bouncy feeling, innerspring mattresses use a coil system with a thin pillow top. Since there aren’t many materials other than coil springs, this mattress can weigh around 120 pounds. There are instances when you can find a queen mattress below the 100 pounds mark.

How Many People Are Needed to Install or Move a Queen Mattress?

Considering that the weight of a king bed is around 140 pounds, it will need at least two people to move it around. If it were a twin or a twin XL, you could easily move it from one point to another. However, a queen bed is heavy for one person to lift on their own. If you are a bodybuilder, you could give a queen mattress a try. But for the average adult, you will need an extra set of hands.

How Many Kgs Does a Queen Mattress Weigh?

The weight of a queen mattress in Kgs ranges from 54 to 73 kgs. A clear indication that this is one heavy mattress. You should know that the weight in kilograms is affected by the type of mattress and materials used.

How Does the Weight of a Queen Mattress Affect You?

The weight of a queen mattress may affect you in the following ways;

1. Shipment and Delivery

It is much easier to transport a lighter mattress. That’s a fact. Therefore, if you want a queen bed, the delivery may be complicated. Not unless you are buying the queen mattress from reputable brands, you may run into shipment and delivery issues.

2. Cost

A queen-sized mattress isn’t only heavy but will cost more than its smaller versions. When you look at the cost of a queen mattress and compare it to a twin mattress, the price of the former will be higher. The above scenario applies to mattresses from the same company and model. Since a queen mattress contains more materials and is why it weighs more, you will be charged more.

3. Movability

Earlier, we mentioned that moving a queen mattress will need extra help. When you buy a queen bed and want to move or re-organize your room, you will have to sweat it out or ask for assistance. Moving such a bed by yourself will be challenging. If you buy a queen bed, prepare to always ask for help when moving it.

Should You Avoid a Queen Mattress Because of the Weight?

Absolutely not! Every mattress comes with pros and cons. The con of a queen bed is that it’s heavy. That, however, doesn’t mean it’s a terrible mattress. Queen mattresses are one of the best bed sizes on the market. It’s spacious and perfect for couples. It’s a mattress that you can roll from one corner to another without limitations. If you have always wanted to sleep on a big mattress and are tired of the tiny twin mattresses you used to sleep on at your college dorm, a queen bed can be an excellent upgrade.

You should know that just because a mattress is queen-sized, it doesn’t mean it’s durable. You can still buy a queen mattress that will sag after a year. If you want a durable queen bed, here are some options worth considering.


Q: Why are queen mattresses so heavy?

A: It’s because of the materials used to make them and their size.

Q: Is a queen mattress hard to move around?

A: Unfortunately, moving a queen mattress is challenging. If you are interested in a traveling mattress, go for a twin instead.

Q: Can I rotate a queen mattress?

A: Though heavy, a queen mattress can be rotated. It’s just that every time you want to do it, you will need an extra set of hands.


Now that you are aware of the weight of a queen mattress, you can make arrangements on how this bed will be installed in your home. If you don’t have anyone to help you move a queen mattress, you can always ask for white-glove delivery. This will ensure you don’t break your back carrying a queen bed to your room.

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