How Much Does a King Mattress Weigh?

A king-size mattress weighs 130 to 180 pounds. King beds are the second largest and heaviest mattresses after the California King. If you are considering installing or moving one, you will need the help of at least one or two people to get the bed in position. Considering the weight of a king mattress, not unless you have super strength, moving it around on your own will be challenging. Besides being heavy, a king bed is perfect for couples because of the decent amount of space it offers. Here are more things you should know about the weight of a king bed.

Why It’s Important to Know the Weight of a King Mattress?

Most people aren’t usually interested in the weight of a king mattress. However, it’s crucial to know the weight of a king bed because of the following;

  • Setting up the mattress – If the brand you are buying from doesn’t offer white glove delivery or you don’t want to pay extra, you will need to know the weight of a king bed. If you live alone, setting up such a mattress will be hard. Knowing the weight enables you to make arrangements, such as asking for help from friends and neighbors to set up the bed.
  • Decoration purposes – If you love changing your home’s aesthetics, you will often move the bed to a different position. Knowing the weight of a king bed will help you determine whether this will be a possibility.
  • Rotating the mattress – To prolong the life of a mattress and prevent the formation of indentations, it should be reported at least once per three months. To do this, you will need to know the weight of your bed so that you can also plan on how to execute such a move.
  • You already own a bed frame – It’s not always when a sleeper will buy a mattress and a bed frame at the same time. You may already have the latter. Therefore, before bringing in a new mattress, you have to confirm if the current bed frame can accommodate the weight of the new mattress. Without knowing this information, the mattress weight can be too much for the bed frame to handle.

Should you be concerned about the weight of a king mattress? Even though weight won’t affect durability and quality, this information will be valuable in the above scenarios.

How Much Does a King Mattress Weigh in Kgs?

For those who prefer to use kilograms instead of pounds, you should know that a king mattress weighs from 58 to 82 kgs. Even though the size that measures 76 inches by 80 inches may remain the same, the weight is often subject to change depending on the materials used. Please note that weight doesn’t always affect quality. It’s possible to find a lighter king mattress but made with quality materials. Therefore, you shouldn’t always link weight with quality and durability. To determine if a bed is quality or durable, you must examine the materials used.

Do All King Mattresses Weight the Same?

Not really. The type of mattress heavily determines how much it will weigh. For instance, a king latex mattress will weigh more than a king memory foam mattress. Even though each mattress appeals to different types of sleepers, you will have a hard time moving a king latex compared to a king memory foam.

The same can also be mentioned for king innerspring mattresses. They are also as light as memory foam beds. Innerspring beds only contain a thin pillow on the surface and a steel coil system. Therefore, it’s not very heavy. King hybrid mattresses aren’t as light as memory foam and innerspring. They can be as heavy as latex beds. It’s important to know that all king mattresses don’t weigh the same. Also, the type of mattress plays a critical role in determining the overall weight of the king bed.

Does Age Affect the Weight of a King Mattress?

Another factor that is often overlooked is the relationship between the weight of a king mattress and its age. Did you know that a new king mattress is lighter than a five-year-old? (When the brand and model remain constant)

The longer you sleep on a mattress, the more it absorbs sweat and dead skin cells. After some time, these elements increase the king mattress weight. Therefore, if you want to invest in a king mattress, you need to know that it will become heavier as time goes by. You shouldn’t be alarmed when you lift your mattress after a few years and find it heavier than it was.

King Mattress Weight and Safety

After reading the above, you know how much a king mattress weighs. But there is a good chance your family members aren’t aware of this information. It would be best if you educated them on the weight of a king mattress. This will help promote safety amongst household members. If somebody attempts to move the mattress on their own, they can easily harm themselves. To ensure safety, mention this when you finally bring that king mattress home.

How Much Weight Can a King Mattress Hold?

We have already seen that a king mattress weighs 130 to 180 pounds. But how much weight can such a bed hold? For those who didn’t know, mattresses have a weight limit. You must confine a mattress to the required weight limit. Otherwise, the bed structure can get damaged, and the sleepers won’t be so comfortable.

Most king mattresses are designed to accommodate couples, unlike twin mattresses which are light and can accommodate the weight of a smaller person. Since these beds are designed to be slept on by couples, they can accommodate a more significant weight of around 500 to 1000 pounds.

How Much Does a Frame of a King Bed Weigh?

The weight of a king mattress doesn’t include that of a bed frame. These frames can weigh from 50 to 200 pounds. That will depend on the material of the frame.


Q: How many people do I need to set up a king bed?

A: You will need at least three people to set up a king mattress comfortably. You can’t set up a king mattress by yourself.

Q: How do I know the weight of my king bed?

A: Check the label or mattress description. You should see the weight written in pounds or kgs. If that information is not present, you can ask the manufacturers.

Q: What affects the weight of a mattress?

A: The materials used determine the weight of a bed.


A king mattress is the epitome of luxury and comfort for many sleepers. They grant you and your partner enough room to sleep on. Familiarizing yourself with the weight of a king bed is quite important when it comes to setting up the mattress or moving it around. If you are having trouble choosing a comfy king-size bed, here are some of the most affordable king-size mattresses in 2022.

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