How Long Does Zinus Mattress Take to Expand?

A Zinus mattress will inflate to its full form within 72 hours or three days. Knowing this information is vital as it educates you on the duration your new bed will take to expand to its proper form. Without this knowledge, you may assume that your mattress is faulty and make a rash decision to return it to the seller. Zinus is a popular brand, and it’s why Sleep Aim has taken the initiative to educate sleepers about its mattress expansion duration.

How Long Does It Take for Zinus Mattress to Inflate?

Even though you can sleep on a Zinus mattress on the first night, it is advisable to give it 72 hours to expand fully. When these beds are packaged for delivery, they are first compressed, flattened, and rolled to ensure efficient and safe shipment. Thanks to this compression, a Zinus mattress can retain its functionality and not get damaged during shipment. However, compression is a double-edged sword. It keeps your Zinus mattress safe during shipment and makes it uncomfortable to sleep on during the first few nights.

Because of the above, Zinus mattresses need to be given some time to decompress. After 72 hours, you should be able to gain full access to the mattress features. It should also have inflated to the ideal height, width and length. Also, it’s only after decompression that you can evaluate the condition of the mattress and check for deformities.

When a Zinus mattress is delivered to your home, it is advisable to unbox it immediately. Remember, the sooner you remove the Zinus bed from the package, the faster it expands. Even if you are busy with other things, make time to remove the Zinus bed from the package. Even if you won’t take it to your bedroom right away, open it up and let it inflate in an open area. That will ensure it starts to expand immediately.

How Soon Can I Sleep on a Zinus Mattress?

A Zinus mattress will inflate fully in three days. However, by the end of the second day, the mattress should have inflated by almost 90%, and you can sleep on it comfortably. If you are eager to sleep on your new Zinus bed, the soonest you can do that is after 48 hours. By that time, the bed will have inflated almost to full capacity, and it should be comfy enough.

Can I Sleep on a Zinus Mattress the Same Night It’s Delivered?

If you don’t have another bed to sleep on as you wait for the Zinus mattress to expand, you will have no option but to sleep on it on the first night. Even though you can sleep on it during the first night, your experience with the mattress won’t be so good. You may find the bed to be very firm, contrary to what Zinus mattresses are known for. Also, you may not get adequate pressure relief. If you often suffer from back issues, be assured of waking up with a sore back after sleeping on the Zinus before it expands.

The best advice for sleeping on a Zinus mattress after delivery is that you should give it two or three days to inflate. That may sound like a long time, but it’s better to sleep on your old mattress during this duration until the Zinus is fully inflated and capable of offering you the comfort you deserve.

While we are still discussing sleeping on a Zinus mattress the same night its delivered, there is one more thing you need to note, and that’s off-gassing. Being a memory foam mattress, Zinus should off-gas as soon as it is removed from the package. Make sure that the room is well ventilated. This will ensure the chemical odors are dissipated faster.

How Can I Make a Zinus Mattress Expand Faster?

If you have just bought a Zinus mattress and want to expand it as soon as possible, there are certain tips that can speed up the inflation process. They include;

1. Unbox the Mattress Immediately It Arrives

It can be tempting to unbox the mattress later on during the day or when you are about to sleep. However, it will take your mattress much longer to expand when you do that. The best option is to unbox it immediately after it is delivered. It doesn’t matter how busy you are. Make the time to unbox the mattress and place it in an open area, even if you won’t take it to your bedroom right away. The sooner you unbox, the faster the mattress inflates.

2. Play Around with Your New Mattress

Before delivery, the Zinus mattress is vacuum compressed. Therefore, the materials are usually intact when unpackaged. The best way to free up these materials is by playing around with the mattress. You can sleep, roll or make as many movements on the mattress. If you also do karate, you can turn your mattress into your new dojo. Playing around with the mattress encourages the memory foam to expand.

3. Increase the Temperatures a Little Bit

Do you remember when your science teacher taught you about using heat to expand molecules? Well, the same can be applied to a mattress. If the materials are compressed, heating the room can encourage a faster flow of molecules, thus enabling the bed to expand faster than it would have. You can turn up the heat in your bedroom and leave the mattress to expand.

If it’s extremely cold, you can introduce steam into the room. Steam performs the same job as heating the room. It forces molecules to move and expand. When using steam, ensure that you don’t soak up the mattress since that may lead to mold development.

4. Be Patient

If you have tried the above three methods, you need to be patient and wait for the mattress to inflate. Even if you don’t implement the above techniques, your Zinus mattress will expand in 72 hours. The only thing you can do is be patient. Understandably, not all of us have the patience to wait for a mattress to expand. If you happen to be impatient, you can sleep on your old mattress in the meantime and wait for your Zinus to expand.

Will Sleeping on a Zinus Mattress Slow Down Expansion?

Contrary to what you may think, sleeping on a Zinus mattress does the opposite. It speeds up the inflation process. If you don’t mind sleeping on a firm bed, you can sleep on your Zinus on the first night. By morning, you will have realized a significant change in how the mattress feels.

What Will Happen When I Sleep on a Zinus Mattress Before It Expands?

A couple of things will happen when you sleep on a Zinus mattress that is yet to reach its full form. First, you can forget about comfort. Because your bed wouldn’t have attained its original position and structure, the bed should be very firm. You may wake up feeling tired and sore. Also, if you suffer from back pain, the situation will be much worse.

The bottom line is that you will have a tough time sleeping on a Zinus mattress that is yet to expand fully. Considering that it only takes three days to expand fully, it’s worth waiting. The discomfort and pain aren’t worth enduring. If you have an old mattress, seek refuge in it before your current bed inflates to its full form.

Why Does a Zinus Mattress Need to Expand?

A Zinus mattress needs time to expand because it’s compressed before being shipped. The compression enables the mattress to be transported without risking damaging the components. Upon delivery, the mattress can’t be used when it’s compressed. This is why it has to be expanded.

The inflation of a Zinus mattress is designed to occur on its own. However, you can speed up the expansion by playing around with the mattress and exposing it to heat from a distance. Even if you don’t do anything to the mattress, it should fully expand within 48 to 72 hours.


Q: Can you sleep on a Zinus mattress while it’s expanding?

A: That is the best time to sleep, roll and even step on the mattress. Any movement made on the mattress encourages air to infiltrate the bed’s spaces and boost expansion. The only problem with sleeping on a Zinus mattress as it expands is the discomfort.

Q: Does a Zinus mattress contain fiberglass?

A: Unfortunately, Zinus mattresses contain fiberglass. It would be best to avoid opening or damaging the cover since that can result in fiberglass contamination.


If you have just bought a Zinus mattress or plan on doing it, it is important that you know the period it takes to expand. As mentioned earlier, a Zinus mattress will expand fully in 72 hours. It can be slept on the first day, but it won’t be comfortable. Therefore, it’s best to give the mattress some room and time to expand. If you are in a hurry, we have listed some of the techniques you can use to speed up the expansion of a Zinus mattress.

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