How Long Does Purple Mattress Need to Expand?

After your purple mattress has been delivered to your home, the first thing that comes to mind is trying it. However, purple mattresses often need some time to expand. As you unwrap it, you are probably thinking – how long do you wait for a purple mattress to expand?

The good news is that purple mattresses begin expanding immediately after removing it from the packaging. The expansion can take a few hours ranging from 24 to 48 hours. During this period, the mattress inflates and assumes its normal size.

There is no exact duration when a purple mattress will expand to its normal size. However, it shouldn’t take more than two days. In most cases, the bed is usually adequately inflated after 4 or 6 hours. Purple mattresses are very common. If you are getting one, this article will share more information about how long it will take to expand and other useful information you should take note of.

Do Purple Mattresses Need Time to Expand?

Before we can get to the specifics, we must answer the above question. Upon delivery, a purple mattress should be given time to expand after being removed from the package. If it’s not given time to expand, the bed may not be as comfortable as advertised. Also, it may not be supportive enough.

Purple mattresses come packaged in a tight bag. The reason they need time to expand is for the materials to decompress and assume their original size.

Inflating a purple mattress is a simple procedure that doesn’t require any tools or equipment. You only need to remove the package and place the bed in an open area. It should expand on its own and reach the desired size. The materials of the purple mattress are designed to expand on their own. Expansion is a normal part of setting up a bed in your home. If you have never done it before, there is a first time to everything. Since the mattress’s comfort and support is dependent on the expansion, it’s a critical step that can’t be skipped or ignored.

How Long Does Purple Mattress Need to Expand?

A purple mattress needs at least two days to expand fully. Please note that the expansion occurs exactly after it’s removed from the package. You should also know that a significant part of the expansion happens in the first few hours. For instance, 70% of the expansion should be achieved within 6 hours of unpackaging. The remaining 30% should be completed within two days. When the mattress expansion period lapses, the bed should be comfortable and supportive.

Is It Okay to Sleep on a Purple Mattress If It Has Not Expanded?

If you skip the inflation process, you will find the bed uncomfortable to sleep on. Through expansion, the mattress returns to its original position. The one it had before it was packaged and delivered. If you don’t give the purple mattress time to expand, the features of the bed won’t be fully utilized. Quite often, sleepers will wake up experiencing discomfort. You may even rush to return the mattress, thinking it’s not good.

When a purple mattress is delivered to your home, give it some time to expand. If you have another mattress to sleep on for that night, we advise you to give it a day or even two. After 24 to 48 hours, the bed should have fully expanded, and you can comfortably sleep on it and compare various features. The bottom line is that a purple mattress that has not been expanded shouldn’t be slept on.

What If My Purple Mattress Doesn’t Want to Expand?

In case the mattress is being delivered to a distant location, the bed may not expand immediately its removed from the packaging. That is because the materials will have been used to the tight packaging. Nonetheless, the purple mattress should expand fully within 48 hours, even in such a scenario.

A purple mattress that declines to expand after 48 hours should be returned to the seller. The materials could be having an issue, especially the foam. It’s not uncommon for a bed to be delivered with defects. Unfortunately, you should return the mattress to the seller and get a replacement if yours fails to expand. There is, however, a requirement that the bed should be given enough time to expand, which we have already shared with you above.

Is Expanding a Purple Mattress Mandatory?

For your own sake, you must expand a purple mattress before taking it to your bedroom. No one will force you to expand a purple mattress. But if you want to reap all the benefits and features of this bed, you better let it expand to its required size. A fully expanded purple mattress will relieve pressure points and support your body. If you don’t expand it, prepare to have the most uncomfortable night in your life.

A Quick Guide on Expanding on a Purple Mattress

Not that expanding a purple mattress is hard. But we had to include a quick guide in our article so that we could direct those who have never tried this before.

Step 1 – Remove the mattress from the packaging. This should be pretty straightforward. Any plastic covers should be stripped off.

Step 2 – Place the mattress in an open area. Look for free space in your home. We would advise that you avoid the bedroom because most of the time it’s packed. Also, it would be best if you placed the mattress away from water since that can promote mold growth.

Step 3 – Leave the mattress there for a few hours. If possible, leave it overnight. You should find that the bed has expanded to the original size when you come back. You can then take it back inside and install it in your bedroom.

Does Off-Gassing Occur Simultaneously with Expansion?

As your mattress expands, it will also off-gas. Even though your bed expands faster than it off-gasses, these two will occur simultaneously. Placing your mattress in a well-ventilated area will ensure it expands without difficulty and also releases any gasses from the materials. You will be killing two birds with one stone. Remember to keep the room well-ventilated during the first few weeks. That will ensure the gasses released don’t pose a hazard to sleepers.

How Long Do Purple Mattresses Take to Expand According to Redditors Feedback?

If you are still having doubts about the purple mattress expansion duration, you should hear the experiences of other purple mattress owners. On Reddit, there is a post inquiring about how long a purple mattress should be given to inflate.

The answers provided are the same as those we gave earlier. From all the feedback provided, users recommend 12 to 48 hours. Some even said that their purple mattresses achieved something closer to the final form as soon as they removed it from the cover.

To emphasize our point. Your purple mattress should be expanded within two days. It may achieve its final form within the first two hours or six hours. The deadline for a purple mattress full expansion is 48 hours.

Besides Reddit, we also came across another post shared on Den Garden whereby they claim their purple mattress was fully inflated within 30 seconds. Even though this sounds like the expansion occurred quickly, that only proves that purple mattresses don’t take very long to expand.

Can You Damage a Purple Mattress by Sleeping on It Too Soon?

The only thing you may hurt is your back. There will be no damage to a purple mattress if it’s slept on too soon. However, if the bed hasn’t fully expanded, you need to be mindful of how uncomfortable it will be. When it comes to expansion, the quality of the materials determines how soon it happens. For instance, high-quality memory foam will expand faster than low-quality memory foam. Therefore, going for a quality bed will determine how long the purple mattress takes to inflate.

How Can I Speed Up Purple Mattress Expansion?

Assuming your purple mattress has been delivered a few hours before dusk and you have no other bed to sleep on. To ensure you enjoy a comfortable night, you will need to speed up the expansion. How can you do this? Here are three ways;

  • Improve air circulation – For the purple mattress to expand, it will need all the air it can get. Open up the windows, or place the bed in a well-ventilated room. You can also put a fan next to it.
  • Bring in some heat – If the weather outside is cold, the temperatures may have affected the mattress materials. Taking you back to high school science, do you remember the topic on heat and its relationship with expansion? When you warm up the room, the materials in the purple mattress will expand faster. This method requires a lot of precision because excess heat will burn the bed and void your warranty. Make sure the room is heated up slightly, especially if it’s cold.
  • Squash the mattress – Sometimes, you will have to get physical. Squash the bed with your hands and legs. That will promote airflow on the mattress and make it expand faster.


Q. Is there fiberglass in Purple mattresses?

Yes, the Purple brand includes fiberglass in its mattresses. We have discussed purple mattress fiberglass in this article.

Q: Do purple mattresses have a break-in duration?

A: According to the manufacturer, these beds will need twenty-one days to adjust to your body. In the first week, you may wake up feeling odd.

Q: Can I sleep on a purple mattress right away?

A: Even though you can, it’s not recommended. Give it a few hours to expand.

Q: Will a purple mattress sag?

A: Unfortunately, purple mattresses sag easily. If you want a more durable bed, here are options worth considering.

Final Thoughts

A purple mattress should fully expand within two days. Thanks to our guide, you should be able to inflate your purple mattress without difficulty. Also, if it declines to expand, you can always return the bed and make a complaint.

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