How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last?

Sleep Number is a popular mattress brand. Even if you have never owned one, you have come across their commercials on TV. This brand makes many mattresses, even those for kids and RVs. Their beds feature advanced tech, which is one of the reasons behind their popularity. If you are interested in a Sleep Number bed, there is one important question you need to ask yourself – how long do they last?

Recently, there have been many reports of mattresses sagging prematurely. To avoid falling victim to such, you should determine the durability of a mattress before buying it. Today, we will be focusing on the lifespan of a Sleep Number bed.

How Long Does a Sleep Number Bed Last?

The Sleep Number beds can last for up to 10 years or more. There is also a 15-year limited warranty for the products. You can check the details to know more about it. You have to look for the signs and decide when it’s time to change your mattress.

Check for the signs like:

  • Sagging.
  • Lack of lumbar support.
  • Air loss.
  • Noises

Sleep Number offers a 15-year warranty on their mattresses to back up their claims, just like Saatva, an award-winning mattress, which is also supported by a 15-year warranty. This means that you can sleep soundly and have peace of mind knowing that your mattress is covered for many years to come. This warranty will cover any repairs or replacements during the first year. From there, you will be asked to pay for these services.

From the above, Sleep Number beds seem like an excellent choice for any sleeper that wants to get value for their money. But before you make an order, it’s important to hear what this brand’s customers have to say.

Sleep Aim looked into various reviews on different platforms, and we obtained the following data. Most reviews mentioned that Sleep Number beds last for several years on Quora. For instance, a certain user had comfortably slept on a Sleep Number bed for seven years without any problems. Another person talks about owning a Sleep Number bed for more than ten years.

The reviews on Quora were quite positive, but our research didn’t stop there. We headed over to Site Jabber, where we came across some negative reviews.

Different users had varying opinions about the Sleep Number mattress lifespan. For instance, a post shared in February 2023 mentioned the Sleep Number bed broke in a year.

Beneath that post is another claiming that they have owned this brand’s mattress for 12 years. When you continue reading the reviews, you will see that there are also complaints of the mattress deflating within two years.

There are a lot of mixed reactions about the durability of Sleep Number beds. After digging deeper into the manufacturer’s claims and the reviews posted online, Sleep Aim concluded the following;

  • With a Sleep Number bed, either it serves you for several years or breaks down during the first two years. The above raises some red flags because you can’t be sure about the experience that awaits you in the future.
  • Secondly, Sleep Number beds don’t last for more than 15 years as they claim. No one mentions owning this mattress for more than 15 years. The longest lifespan we have seen is 12 years.
  • Thirdly, to prolong the lifespan of a Sleep Number bed, you will have to work closely with the manufacturer. If a problem arises, you can send the bed to them for repairs or replacement. Please note that these services are available for free only during the first year of the warranty. From there, you will have to pay for everything.

If you are comfortable with the above terms, you can buy a Sleep Number bed. But if you aren’t, keep reading to learn more about this mattress’s durability.

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Durability Issues Associated with Sleep Number Mattresses

Even though there are reviews claiming that Sleep Number beds last for more than ten years, others claim the bed breaks down within a year or two. Below, we have compiled some of the durability issues that Sleep Number mattress owners have frequently posted.

  1. Sagging – This issue affects Sleep Number and all beds in general. Since Sleep Number mattresses have two adjustable sides, sometimes, the bed can sink in the middle. In the mattress industry, this is referred to as the trench effect. You can send the mattress to the manufacturer for repair or replace it altogether.
  2. Air Loss – If you look at the design of a Sleep Number bed, you will see air chambers beneath the foam. These air chambers can begin losing air due to problems with the chamber itself or the hose that supplies the air. If your Sleep Number mattress is experiencing air loss, the comfort will be compromised.
  3. Technological Malfunction – This is a general problem with Sleep Number mattresses. Because these beds incorporate high-tech, parts such as the remote or pump can malfunction, affecting your sleeping experience. Even though Sleep Number has done a commendable job educating its clients on using these mattresses, not everyone is tech-savvy. Also, after some time, the technological aspects are bound to fail.

Does Sleep Number’s Total Protection Mattress Pad Help Prolong Its Lifespan?

Sleep Number beds are often sold alongside a mattress pad. The manufacturer says that this pad creates a line of defense against stains and other things. Though true, the role the mattress pad plays in prolonging the lifespan of this mattress is minimal. Yes, it may add a few months to the life of your Sleep Number mattress. But don’t expect the bed to last for three or four more years because you sleep on a mattress pad.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sleep Number Mattress?

Having established that Sleep Number mattresses don’t last for more than 15 years, as an interested buyer, you may wonder how often I will have to replace this bed. According to our expert analysis, a Sleep Number mattress can last from 2 to 8 years. The maximum period a Sleep Number mattress can last is 12 years.

Therefore, after every decade, you may have to change your Sleep Number mattress. You may be forced to replace a Sleep Number mattress sooner than the above-provided estimate when it starts showing the above problems. For instance, if this bed starts to sag or the chambers start losing air, you can either send it to the manufacturer for repairs. Or get a new one. The best time to buy a new Sleep Number mattress is during special occasions such as national holidays and black Fridays.

How Do I Fix Sagging of a Sleep Number Mattress?

One of the most common complaints launched against Sleep Number beds is sagging. It mostly occurs after a few years. On their website, Sleep Number has recommended some methods you can use to fix the sagging. The procedure entails opening the mattress cover and shaking the foam to distribute it evenly and on parts that may have formed dips. This procedure is more of a temporary fix, and if the foam layer is extremely worn out, Sleep Number advises you to reach out to them for replacement.

Even though they may send you another layer of foam to install in your bed, for how long will you have to keep up with such? There are plenty of durable mattresses that you can sleep on for more than a decade, and you will never have to deal with sagging. If you are looking for a mattress resistant to sagging, here are some durable options worth exploring.

Does Sleep Number Honor Their Warranty?

Sleep Number does honor their warranty. The problem is that it’s only available in the first year. From there, the warranty is pro-rated up to the fifteenth year. The meaning of a pro-rated warranty is that you will incur some repair or replacement costs. You won’t pay 100% for a repair or replacement of a Sleep Number bed, but you will have to pay something at the end of the day.

The bottom line is that Sleep Number honors its warranty, but not many people are pleased with pro-rated terms. If you are yet to buy a Sleep Number bed, you should consider a lifetime warranty mattress that will last 10 to 20 years. Unlike Sleep Number, which won’t fully cater to sagging and other problems, brands such as Saatva and Puffy have a lifetime warranty. These brands have straightforward terms, and they will honor their warranties without hesitation.


Q: Do Sleep Number mattresses alleviate back pain?

A: From most testimonials, these beds can indeed alleviate back pain. It’s mostly because of the firmness adjustability feature.

Q: Is a Sleep Number mattress worth spending money on?

A: That will depend on the features and how long it serves you. If these mattresses lasted for the 15 years the manufacturers claim, they would be worth spending money on. However, if they only last for a year or two. It would be a total loss.

Q: Are Sleep Number beds great for couples?

A: They are perfect for couples because they come with two air chambers. Therefore, everyone can adjust their preferred firmness settings.

Final Thoughts

Sleep Number mattresses have got tons of interesting features. First, they allow you to adjust the bed’s firmness by inflating or deflating it. This feature ensures you sleep on a comfortable bed. Secondly, these beds have tracking features that can help promote quality sleep. However, despite what the makers say, Sleep Number beds don’t often last for more than 15 years. The longest a Sleep Number bed can last is 10 to 12 years.

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