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They make hybrid, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses

The Enso brand strives to manufacture mattresses sustainably

Mattress shoppers who are on a budget


There is no trial period

These beds mainly offer initial comfort

The edge support weakens with time

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Even though they have been around since 2010, Enso isn’t a famous mattress brand. This bed-in-a-box brand sells affordable mattresses which have some great reviews online. Unfortunately, there is no trial period.

Enso is a lesser-known mattress brand that could be worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable mattress that incorporates advanced sleep technology. Enso started in 2010, and the company aimed to create comfortable and affordable beds to make sure everyone can afford a good night’s sleep.

Enso makes mattresses in three categories: Bonnell innerspring, memory foam and hybrid mattresses. It also makes a range of additional sleep products, including memory foam pillows, bed foundations and adjustable bases. Enzo uses natural processes and products wherever possible, helping to ensure that its mattress range is safe and healthy to use. However, Enso mattresses are sold exclusively through third-party dealers, so you won’t be able to buy directly from the manufacturer. If you want to buy an affordable memory foam bed directly, we recommend checking out our number one rated product, the Puffy mattress. This mattress is one of the highest-ranked memory foam beds available to buy online and combines superior comfort, pressure relief and support all for a great price.

In this honest and detailed Enso mattress review, we will tell you everything you need to know about Enso’s range, from Enso Dreamweaver mattress reviews to Enso mattress prices, construction and firmness ratings. So, read on to find out whether an Enso mattress is the right choice for your needs and budget.

  • Wide range of constructions and types available
  • Engineered to sleep cool
  • Affordable price tags
  • Limited durability
  • Only available through select third-party retailers

Enso Mattress Range and Construction

Enso makes mattresses in three different construction types: innerspring, memory foam and hybrid. All of its mattresses come with bed in a box shipping. This type of transportation means that the mattress can be tightly rolled and compressed inside a plastic wrap, which can then fit into a surprisingly small and compact box. This makes Enso mattresses cheaper and quicker to ship. However, you should also be able to fit any Enso mattress inside a standard family car if you choose to buy in-store because of the bed in a box packaging style.

In this section, you will find comprehensive Enso sleep systems reviews. We’ll give you a full rundown of all Enso’s mattresses in detail, from Enso memory foam mattress models to its more advanced hybrid collection.

Memory Foam

Enso makes memory foam mattresses in two collections: the Advantage and the Edge mattresses. Both beds feature Certi-Pur certified foams to reassure users that they are safe and healthy to sleep on. Although the Advantage and Edge mattresses have certain features in common, there are several critical differences that you need to be aware of when making your choice. So, read on to find out how the Enso memory foam mattress range stacks up in terms of construction and what this means for your sleep experience.


The Advantage mattress has an all foam construction and an overall profile of 8 inches. This measurement is somewhat thinner than average for a memory foam mattress, making it suitable for sleepers with light to average body weights, children and teenagers. However, sleepers with higher body weights may need a thicker mattress to get the support they need.

This mattress features a 6-inch-thick base layer made from high-density foam. This layer provides a high level of back support while giving the bed a stable foundation. The Advantage mattress’ base layer has ventilation holes, which means that air can circulate inside it more easily. This additional ventilation makes the bed more breathable and helps it to sleep cool, going some way to solving the problem of overheating, which is so prevalent in memory foam beds.

The Advantage mattress also features a top comfort layer made from 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. This layer also allows additional airflow, and it contains beads of cooling gel to wick away body heat while you sleep. Therefore, you should find that the Advantage mattress sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses you may have tried in the past. This top comfort layer can also conform closely to the shape of your body, providing a comfortable sleep surface with a deep hugging sensation and relieving pressure on your joints.

The Advantage mattress features a breathable and cool polyester knit cover. The cover can be removed via a zipper to allow for seasonal cleaning. It also has quilted borders and an anti-slip bottom panel to prevent it from moving around on your mattress foundation.


The Edge memory foam mattress also has an all foam construction and has an overall profile measurement of 10 inches. This measurement is around the standard thickness for memory foam mattresses, so it should feel comfortable for most body types. However, individuals weighing more than 250 pounds may need the support of a thicker mattress than this.

The Enso Edge mattress features a support core made from 6.5 inches of very dense polyurethane foam. Like the Advantage mattress, this layer has ventilation channels to promote breathability and prevent overheating at night.

Next comes a one-inch layer of resilient comfort support foam that can conform to the shape of your body while increasing the support of the mattress. Finally comes a 2.5-inch layer of gel memory foam. This layer provides excellent pressure point relief while cooling you down, thanks to the heat wicking gel particles.

This mattress has a breathable polyester knit cover that sleeps cool and is removable for seasonal cleaning. Like the Advantage mattress, it features quilted borders and an anti-slip bottom to prevent movement at night.

Bonnell Innerspring

This collection features two innerspring models: the prestige and the regal mattresses. These mattresses Are probably the best option for you if you prefer a traditional pocket sprung feel, although they contain advanced features that are less traditional as well.


The Enzo Prestige mattress has a soft and luxurious pillow-top finish, allowing your body to sink in comfortably while providing the familiar support of a spring mattress. This soft finish should feel especially comfortable for side sleepers. The Prestige mattress has an overall thickness of 11 inches, so it should provide enough support for most sleepers.

The Prestige mattress begins with a 6-inch support base made from steel springs. Each spring has its own pocket and a felt topper to prevent excessive movement. This layer provides a high level of back support at an even level across the mattress surface. It also contains plenty of air spaces, which make the mattress highly breathable and helps to prevent overheating at night.

Above the spring support unit comes a thin layer of Comfort Support High Resiliency Foam to increase the level of support the mattress offers. This is followed by another layer of highly dense polyurethane foam that provides cushioned support without the deep hugging sensation that you’d associate with memory foam. This layer features ventilation to make it more breathable and prevent heat build-up during the night.

The pillow top finish is made from comfort foam and one inch of gel-infused memory foam. These layers provide pressure relief while wicking away heat during the night, so you shouldn’t find yourself overheating on this mattress. The mattress features a breathable knit cover featuring quilted borders and an anti-slip bottom panel to stop it shifting around.


Like the Prestige mattress, the Regal bed has a soft and comfortable pillow-top finish. However, it is somewhat thinner with an overall profile measurement of just 9 inches. So, the Regal mattress should suit people with light and average body weights, including children and teenagers, but it may not be thick enough to support people who weigh over 250 pounds.

The Regal mattress features a 6-inch thick support base of pocketed steel springs that provide an even level of support across the whole bed. Each spring has a felt cover to prevent it from shifting around. The base unit is covered with a layer of high-density polyurethane foam for extra support and cushioning. This foam features ventilation for extra breathability. The entire perimeter of the mattress is reinforced with a foam border to increase edge support. So, you can sleep right up to the edge of the bed without experiencing a roll-off effect. This additional edge support also improves durability and prevents the mattress from sagging.

The Regal mattress has a breathable knit cover with quilted borders and an anti-slip bottom panel to stop it from moving around.


There are three Enso hybrid mattress models: the Bering, the Heath and the Lynx. These mattresses combine supportive spring base units with the pressure relief and adaptability of various foam layers. Therefore, they give you the best of both worlds between the support of a pocket spring mattress and the hugging sensation of memory foam.


The Enso Bering mattress combines a supported spring base with gel-infused memory foam. It has an overall profile thickness of 12 inches, which makes it supportive enough for most body types.

This mattress features a base layer of dense and supportive polyurethane foam to improve the bed’s durability and make it more stable. Next comes a 7-inch-thick layer of wrapped steel coils. This layer provides zoned support in three key areas, including additional support in the lumbar region, to help ease and prevent lower back pain.

Above the base unit is a 2-inch layer of Quick Recovery Convoluted Foam. This foam gives you additional responsive support, while its wavelike shape encourages additional airflow to help you sleep cool and comfortable. Next comes with gel-infused memory foam. Gel memory foam can adapt your body to provide a hugging sensation and deep pressure relief while wicking away heat during the night.

The mattress also features foam reinforcement around the perimeter to increase its edge support, preventing sagging and making the bed more durable. This also means that you can lie or sit right up to the edge of the mattress without causing damage or experiencing a roll-off sensation.

The Enso Bering mattress has an innovative Arctic Touch cover engineered to sleep cool while conforming to the shape of your body. Like all Enso mattress covers, it features quilted borders and an anti-slip bottom panel.


The Enso Heath hybrid mattress could be a good option if you’re looking for a high-profile bed, as it has an overall thickness measurement of 14.5 inches. This additional thickness makes it suitable for people weighing 250 pounds or more and those with mobility issues who find it easier to get in and out of a higher bed.

The Heath mattress features a one-inch base layer of high-density polyurethane foam to increase stability and durability, followed by a 7-inch layer of pocketed coils. Unlike the Bering mattress, this unit provides no fewer than seven individual support zones to give extra support in the lumbar region with more pressure relief and softness where you need it. Therefore, the Heath mattress could be a great choice if you’re looking for a bed that can help treat or prevent back and joint pain.

The base unit is supported around the perimeter with foam encasement. This prevents sagging and helps the bed to last longer while increasing the surface area of the mattress that you can lie on. Therefore, you can lie right up to the edges without causing damage or rolling off the bed.

Next comes a layer of quick recovery convoluted foam that provides additional support while promoting airflow to help you sleep cool. A one-inch layer of microcoils follows this. These microcoils make the bed more supportive while hugging your body and relieving pressure. Next comes a layer of gel-infused memory foam to help wick away heat while you sleep, followed by a final top layer of MemoryTex foam. This foam can contour to your body to provide a cradling sensation and deep pressure relief but has the more responsive feel of latex foam.

The Heath mattress features Enso’s Arctic Touch fabric cover to provide maximum breathability and keep you cool during the night.


The Enso Lynx mattress has a 13-inch profile and begins with a one-inch base layer of dense polyurethane foam to provide additional support and stability. This layer also helps to make the mattress more durable. Next comes a 7-inch layer of wrapped springs arranged into five support zones. This layer provides a high level of back support while allowing for additional softness and pressure relief where you need it. The spring layer is topped by two inches of support foam. A reinforced foam perimeter provides edge support, durability and prevents roll-off.

Next comes a one-inch layer of microcoils. This layer provides additional support while giving deep pressure relief and a hugging sensation. Finally, a comfort layer made from 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam offers body conforming pressure relief while keeping you cool and comfortable.

The Lynx mattress has Enso’s Arctic Touch fabric cover.

Do Enso Mattresses Sleep Cool?

If you tend to oversleep at night, finding a mattress but sleeps cool and comfortable can feel like searching for the Holy Grail. However, Enso’s mattress range does provide various solutions to help keep you at a neutral temperature while you sleep.

As you can tell from reading our Enso memory foam mattress reviews, Enso foam mattresses tend to sleep cool because they feature ventilated base layers to promote additional airflow and allow heat to escape during the night. Gel-infused comfort layers also help to wick away excess body heat during the night. Therefore, Enso memory foam matches generally sleep cooler than many comparable products thanks to intelligent engineering.

Like most similar mattresses, the Enso spring and hybrid mattress collections also tend to sleep very cool. This is because they feature breathable spring base units that allow air to circulate and heat to escape. However, they also contain specially engineered foam layers, including ventilated high-density foam and gel-infused memory foam. Therefore, if you’re looking for a hybrid or innerspring mattress that sleeps cool, Enso is a brand that’s well worth considering.

Enso Mattress Prices

Enso mattress prices vary depending on which retailer you buy them from. However, Enso has designed these mattresses with affordable pricing in mind. Therefore, you should find that they sit towards the budget end of the market. Most Enso mattress models retail for less than $1000 for a queen size.

Where to Buy an Enso Mattress

Enso mattresses are not sold directly through the company website. Instead, you can buy Enso mattresses from various online and brick and mortar third party retailers. You can find your nearest Enso dealer by following the link here: https://www.ensosleep.com/s/Enso/stores

Enso Mattress Shipping Information

There is no specific Enso mattress shipping policy because the company does not sell directly to customers. However, all Enso mattresses can be sent using bed in a box shipping, so you can expect shipping costs to be reasonably affordable. Alternatively, if you prefer to buy your mattress instore, you should find that an Enso mattress in its packaging can fit easily inside a standard family car. This means that you don’t necessarily need to pay shipping costs for your Enso mattress. If you prefer to have your bed sent to your home, you should defer to the shipping policy of your chosen mattress store.

Enso Sleep Trials and Returns

Enso does not have a specific sleep trial or returns policy because it does not sell directly to the public. Instead, you should refer to the sleep trial and returns policy of the store you bought your mattress from.

Enso Mattress Warranty

All Enso mattresses come with a 20-year limited warranty, which is double the standard length in the mattress industry. This provides you with a high level of protection if you discover a manufacturing fault in your mattress that affects its function. However, please be aware that the mattress cover is not included in the 20-year warranty. Instead, Enso covers come with their own one-year guarantee.

How Do Enso Mattresses Measure Against Other Brands?

Enso mattresses could be a good option if you’re looking for an affordable innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid bed that contains innovative sleep technology. However, there are concerns about the durability of these mattresses. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider some other comparable products as well before you make your decision, so you can be sure whether or not an Enso mattress it’s the best model you can get for your budget and needs. You can click on the links below to check out a range of comparable mattresses to the Enso bed range.


If you’re still unsure whether an Enso mattress is right for you, check out our Enso mattress FAQs. We’ve given our expert answers to a range of Enso mattress questions to help clear up any remaining queries.

Q: Are Enso mattresses good for side sleepers?

A: Enso mattresses can be a good choice for side sleepers because they feature adaptable foam comfort layers that can mold the shape of your body and relieve pressure. This helps to avoid tension in your hips and shoulders, which is a common problem when you sleep on your side. However, it’s essential to make sure that you choose the correct firmness for side sleeping. Most side sleepers will find a medium mattress feels the most comfortable.

Q: How firm are Enso mattresses?

A: Enso mattresses come in a range of firmness options. However, comma and so does not publish the individual firmness ratings of its matches on its website. So, you should check the firmness of your chosen mattress with your retailer before you buy it.

Q: How thick are Enso mattresses?

A: Enso mattresses come in a wide range of thickness measurements from just 8 inches thick to 14.5 inches. This means that there should be a thickness option to suit most people.

Q: Do Enso mattresses sleep cool?

A: Enso mattresses sleep relatively cool because they contain various sleep technologies that make them more breathable. For example, many models feature gel-infused memory foam, breathable convoluted foam and cooling Arctic Touch covers.

Q: What type of mattresses does Enso make?

A: Enso makes affordable memory foam, gel and hybrid mattresses.

Q: Are Enso mattresses durable?

A: There have been concerns raised about the durability of Enso beds. While many people are satisfied with the durability of their mattress, it’s essential to check the returns policy of your chosen store and warranty information before you buy it.

Q: Do Enso mattresses smell?

A: Like most mattresses with foam components, Enso beds are likely to release a harmless off-gassing smell when you first unpack them. While you may find this unpleasant, it should disappear quickly if you air the mattress out for a couple of days.

Q: Is it easy to return an Enso mattress?

A: Enso does not have a mattress return policy because it does not sell directly to the public. So, you should check the returns policy of your chosen Enso retailer carefully before you buy it.

Q: What frame should I use with an Enso mattress?

A: You can use an Enso mattress with any frame or foundation as long as it is the correct size and provides excellent support. If you use an unsupportive frame, you could damage the mattress and void the warranty. Enso mattresses are compatible with adjustable bed frames. Enso recommends buying a frame from its range to go with your new mattress, but it is not necessary to do so.

The Bottom Line

An Enso mattress could be a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid mattress that sleeps cool for an affordable price. This brand produces a wide range of choices for consumers, and you should find its models comfortable and supportive. However, as Enso mattresses may not be as durable as other brands, it’s a good idea to check out a few alternatives as well.

Here at Sleep Aim, we help to make the mattress buying process as simple as possible by publishing a wide range of honest, unbiased mattress review articles. Be sure to check out our great sleep resources to find out how to choose the perfect mattress for you.

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