Editorial and research policy

Sleep Aim is dedicated to bringing you the best mattress reviews, tips, and buying guides on the internet. We have an editorial policy that governs how we develop content and publish. To ensure that our readers have access to quality content, we operate under stringent standards.

Let’s look at how our Editorial and Research Policy Works

Sleep Aim’s Editorial Policy

Ten fundamental principles govern our editorial policies. They dictate how we publish content. These principles include;

  1. Factual – Our content is accurate and true.
  1. Value – Every piece of information that you will find on our Sleep Aim pages will benefit you in one way or another.
  1. Extensive – If you look at our mattress reviews, we cover a broad range of sub-topics and ensure we have extensively covered all you may need to know.
  1. Concise – When creating content, we go straight to the point and avoid filler or fluff.
  1. Unbiased – We look at all mattress brands equally. We do not have a favorite. Our objective is to publish facts.
  1. Authenticity – Our reviews result from thorough research and testing. Therefore, everything we post is original.
  1. User-centred – The Sleep Aim website was created for mattress shoppers. We focus all our efforts on our visitors.
  1. Professional – As a mattress review site, we follow a professional approach which entails creating plagiarism-free content.
  1. Verifiable – Sleep Aim cites relevant sources for confirmation for any claim posted.
  1. Enthusiastic – The team at Sleep Aim is passionate about mattresses. That’s how we can give you the best reviews since this is a niche we are passionate about.


After going through our website, if you feel like a post doesn’t follow these ten principles, please let us know. We are open to criticism, and if your claims are valid, we will take the necessary measures to correct that issue to the best of our abilities.

Our Research Policy

As stated earlier, the above ten principles do govern our research policy. To meet these standards, this is how Sleep Aim goes about its research process.

Step 1 – We Look for Unanswered Questions in the Mattress Niche

Unlike most websites that directly copy what others are doing, Sleep Aim prefers to follow a unique strategy. We research questions that don’t have a lot of answers or those that lack adequate information on the internet. This is an attribute that makes us stand out from others.

For instance, the issue of fiberglass mattresses. Not very many websites discuss this issue in detail. We, therefore, took the initiative to come up with an article on the best beds without fiberglass.

Step 2 – Then Come Up with Valuable and Informative Content

After finding out some of the queries that lack enough answers, we create content that extensively covers the topic in question. Please note that research is a fundamental part of our content creation. Sleep Aim goes the extra mile of actually buying a mattress with our funds and trying it out so that we can give accurate opinions. We also get the views of industry experts and other user experiences. Through this extensive research, we can provide valuable and informative content.

Step 3 – Ensure that We Satisfy Our Readers Intent

The main reason you research a particular mattress question is to find answers. When you read our articles, that’s precisely what you will find – in-depth answers! We don’t stop there. Our solutions are laid out in a manner that makes content easier to consume and understand.

We also expound further into the topic so that you never have to research a particular question again. A good example is about mattresses and back pain. Many people spend years searching for the best mattress for back pain. In our article about the best mattresses for back pain, we don’t just list the various mattress brands that meet these requirements. We dig deeper into features, reports, and personal experiences. As a result, by reading the article, all your questions are answered, and you can make the right choice.

Research Policy about Mattresses

Because we are a mattress review site, this is the product we primarily focus on. Mattresses are a significant investment. This is something you will be sleeping on for the next couple of years. Therefore you should ensure you get every detail right.

Mattress shopping can be a bit complicated. There is no universal mattress that suits all types of sleepers. Buyers have to engage in thorough research to find a bed that meets their preferences. This is where we chip in. Sleep Aim often uploads a roundup of the best mattress for various purposes ranging from back pain, fiberglass-free and factors such as durability. Our research policy entails the engagement of the following strategies when writing mattress reviews;

  • Actual Testing

Despite the high costs of mattresses, specifically the high-end options, Sleep Aim does buy beds for testing purposes. With a mattress on our hands, we get the opportunity to physically try it out before writing an honest review about it. At times, financial constraints may not allow us to buy and test every mattress out there, so we use other techniques, which we will discuss below.

  • Analysis of Features, Pros, and Cons

In mattress matters, Sleep Aim boasts of years’ worth of experience. By looking at a mattress’s features, pros, and cons, we can generally estimate the bed’s performance. Even without the actual mattress at sight, our experts can gauge how this bed will suit varying sleeping positions, body weights, and other mattress preferences by evaluating the features.

For a professional mattress tester, features give a similar insight to testing a bed. That’s not all we rely on.

  • Customer Reviews and Feedback

In making general estimations of a bed from features, we also evaluate customer feedback. The reviews other people make about mattresses contribute immensely to our final opinion. Even though a person’s mattress review can be biased, a pattern usually arises from these reviews quite often. Let’s say a particular mattress brand receives praises from more than one hundred customers about its ability to relieve pressure points. That’s proof that this bed excels in this specific area.

On the negative side, if a bed receives many complaints about sagging. We consider that to be a red flag. Combining the feedback we get from customers and the features of a mattress, we can come up with a comprehensive and factual mattress review. Here is an example of an article that incorporates this approach.

Sleep Aim’s Criteria for Creating Mattress Reviews

In our reviews, we use the above research policies to identify mattress features such as;

  1. Temperature Regulation – Some individuals sleep hotter. If you are one of them, the ideal mattress for you should provide cooling capabilities. Alternatively, the mattress design should be able to dissipate heat.
  1. Support – This is a critical factor. Our mattress reviews will describe the level of support a mattress can offer you, depending on your body type or weight. Regarding support, we also discuss if it extends to the edge of the bed.
  1. Body Type and Weight – Still on body weight and type, mattresses suit people of varying body weights. There are beds for light and heavy sleepers. Considering your body type, there are particular mattresses that may be comfier for you. We discuss this as well in our reviews.
  1. Hypoallergenic Properties – Sleepers with allergic issues such as asthma and eczema require a hypoallergenic mattress. You should know which beds have such properties.
  1. Certifications – These indicate if a mattress is toxic-free and safe. There are many types of mattress certifications.
  1. Build and Construction – A mattress design is the first thing that determines whether it’s right for you. Sleep Aim reviews hybrid, polyfoam, latex, and memory foam beds. This feature also extends to durability and adjustable bed features.
  1. Comfort – You shouldn’t be sleeping on a mattress if it’s not comfortable. Because of this reason, we take time in our reviews to look at the features that make a bed cozy.
  1. Country of Origin – All mattresses reviewed by Sleep Aim are made and sold in the US. Occasionally, we may mention brands made from other countries.
  1. Firmness – Similar to support, firmness is a critical feature that contributes to the level of comfort a mattress offers. We use a firmness scale in our mattress descriptions, which ranges from soft to firm.
  1. Presence of Toxins – The certifications prove that mattresses don’t contain toxins. In today’s market, you can never be too sure. That’s why we look at the fire retardants used and check for the presence of PBDEs or fiberglass.
  1. Motion Isolation – If you are buying a bed for two, you must significantly consider motion isolation. There are people who even the tiniest bit of movement can disrupt their sleep. As we research motion isolation, we also check if the mattress suits couples.
  1. Materials Used – Our reviews won’t be complete if we don’t identify materials in various mattresses. Before buying a bed, you should know what’s inside.

Additional Details Our Research Policy Looks Into;

  • Ease of cleaning
  • The type of frames a bed is compatible with
  • Off-gassing duration
  • Noise
  • Anti-sagging properties
  • Delivery and shipment (some mattress brands offer white glove delivery)
  • The sleep trial periods
  • Thickness of the beds
  • Available sizes
  • Provision of warranties
  • The best places to buy beds

What’s So Special about Sleep Aim?

There are many mattress review sites on the internet. You can testify to that. That being the case, you may be left wondering what’s so special about Sleep Aim. Well, there are a couple of things that make us stand out from our competitors.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t just review the common topics that you find on every website. Our approach is slightly different. We discuss questions or queries that have no answers or the ones that are there are inadequate or inaccurate. Our goal is to feed you relevant and authentic information about mattresses and their manufacturers.

Besides doing the above, we point you in the right direction if you are shopping for a mattress. Unlike other websites that try to promote a specific brand, we only list the facts and include some pointers to help you make the right decision. We believe that the clients need to make their own choices when shopping for a bed since preference plays a critical role. By reviewing only the best mattresses in the market, it shouldn’t be hard for you to settle on a particular brand.


As much as Sleep Aim dedicates its efforts and resources to bringing you nothing short of quality, human beings are bound to make errors. We may experience the following limitations.

  • Some mattresses may not be appealing to everyone – The perfect bed narrows down to preference. Your body weight, type, sleeping positions, and other factors determine the ideal mattress for you. Even though we consider all these factors in creating a roundup of the best beds, some may not suit all of our readers. It is imperative that you remember, what may not be appealing to you may be excellent for another. Also, we often list several beds in our reviews. You can be assured that you will find one that meets your expectations.
  • Some information will be outdated after some time – Mattresses are constantly being innovated. If we write a review today, there will be specific changes that can render some information outdated by next year. Every year, we do update our content. By chance, if we fail to update some things, please remind us to do so.
  • Mistakes are part of living – Despite being professional mattress testers and researchers, sometimes it can get a little bit overwhelming, and mistakes may occur. This can happen either during content creation or writing. We have a team of skilled editors that look into such matters.

Affiliate Disclosure

If you go through our full affiliate disclosure, you will see that Sleep Aim partners with several affiliate programs. Through these partnerships, we earn commissions from sales made through our website. We are very clear that these partnerships do not in any way affect our content. All our reviews are free of bias and favoritism.

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To facilitate content production and finance other expenses, we allow some brands to feature on our site. Before agreeing with these merchants, we thoroughly check to ensure the products being advertised are of high quality.

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